tagMind ControlFourteen Day Program Ch. 02

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 02


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a fantasy, nor reality. The story contains discussions of sex outside of marriage and unprotected sex. It concerns a woman who volunteered to be conditioned to enthusiastically enjoy all things sexual for her husband. Please do not read it if you are bothered by these topics. If these subjects interest you, enjoy, and thanks for reading.

If you haven't read part one, you might need it to appreciate part two.

Part One seems to have struck a chord with a number of readers. (Thanks, all.) I am comforted to know that those who disliked part one will not be back, so I'll address some of the issues raised in the comments. Please remember that Liz VOLUNTEERED for the treatment, knowing full well what would happen to her. Tom TRUSTED Darla, they've been friends for years. And Tom will likely spend the next few parts of this saga finding out how lucky he is. I have not written the story far enough for him to be dissatisfied. Yet :-)


"That should do it," Liz said. "Sorry, but it's the rules."

Tom sat in the passenger seat, blindfolded again. The Organization had loaned them a car; Liz would drive to the garage where Tom's car was, they would lock the keys in the loaner, and drive home in their own car. He relaxed in his darkness, trying to be content with all that had happened this day, and eager to return home with this new, sexier and adventurous version of the woman he loved.

They were silent until he felt the car leave the long driveway and enter the road.



"I love you."

"I know you do, Tom, and I love you. More than anything."

They were silent again, for a time. Tom spoke, hesitatingly. "Back there, at the, uh, place..."

"Are you having second thoughts?" He felt the car slow.

"No," he insisted, "not at all." His mouth was dry. Why was he nervous? "It's just... it seems so impossible. Too fantastic to be real." He paused. "Is it real?"

"Don't you believe what you saw?" The car had resumed driving speed.

"Of course, and I loved it. I loved seeing you so passionate, so open and relaxed, so willing. I loved watching you suck my dick." He considered a moment. "I loved seeing you love sucking my dick. You seemed to really be enjoying it."

"I did. It was great. It was even more exciting because you were enjoying it, and people were watching me blow you. But just having my mouth filled with hard cock is great."

"I could tell you liked it, I could see it in your face, and I felt it in the way you sucked me. It wasn't, like,..."

"Like before, like I used to. I know. I used to lick, and play with it, and caress it and kiss it. I know, I remember. I used to think that was how a good girl does it. All that sensitive caressing has it's place, of course, but I know now it's only a part of a good blow job. Now I let myself enjoy it, to like having my mouth filled with cock, what I used to think only bad girls did." She paused. "It took a lot of effort to understand that doing that doesn't make me bad, that it's not bad, that it's sexy and fun, and that I'm still the same person, a good person, even when I'm sucking cock. That liking sucking cock is okay. That I'm okay to enjoy it, when I'm really working it for maximum pleasure, to get that cum shooting into my mouth, or my face. I can't tell you how much I've learned about myself in two weeks, how my thinking has changed."

"Or your language," he laughed, and she joined him.

"Yeah, I guess I sound a little salty, compared to before!"

"It's kinda hot," Tom chuckled, "hearing you talk so dirty. A little shocking at first, but I think I can get used to it. Fast."

"Oh, so you like it?"

"I don't think I want to hear you use it in front of our family and friends, or at work, but with just us... yeah, I like it a lot!"

"I'll try to keep it toned down when we're not alone," she kidded, "unless you tell me different."

He paused again, and returned to his previous question. "So, back there. Seeing you so involved, so passionate. It's always been a turn-on for me to see you getting off." He was hesitant again, almost afraid to continue. "Today was the most excited I've ever seen you, I think. Watching you do those things..."

"What things did you like?"

"Hold that thought, okay? I need to ask this." He swallowed, steeled himself, and spoke. "I've never seen you that passionate before, with me. Seeing you with Darla, and then Jason, you were so, well, so involved. So into it." He paused. "I guess I'm a little nervous. I mean, was that just with them?" He turned to her, even though he couldn't see her. "Will you be that way with me? With just the two of us? Or is that how you like it, with other people?" He heard her start speaking, and spoke over her. "I'm serious; I'm a little nervous. You said you had a lot of sex, with a lot of people, men and women. You did a lot of things you've never done. Than means 'never done with me'. You tell me you'll do them with me. Then I watch you have better, hotter sex than we've ever had together, or at least in a long time, only it's not with me, it's with Jason, and Darla for goodness sake, and it's hot to watch, sure, but it's still a little unbelievable. How could it be true?" He was rambling now, the words pouring out. "Why doesn't it piss me off to think of you fucking and sucking other men for two weeks? Why does the idea of you sucking cum out of your friend's pussy get me hot instead of making me angry? Seeing you suck Jason's cock clean, right after cumming in you." He took a breath. "You are my wife. I love you. You've always been a warm, wonderful person. Caring, and loving."

"I used to be exciting, too."

"You're still exciting to me."

"But I stopped being exciting to me."

"So you wanted to be a slut?"

"I want to be your slut." He heard passion in her voice, real yearning and emotion. "Tom, you don't know how it felt to realize that I was holding back our sex. To know that it could be great, that it had been great, and now it wasn't, and it was my fault."

"I never asked..."

"I know, and you never would, you wonderful man. You loved me too much to ask me to change. Well, I love you too much to not want to change." Silence. Then, "I am still the warm, loving caring woman you married. None of that has changed. You'll see. The only thing that has changed is my willingness to enjoy sex a little more."

There was silence. Only the hum of the tires in the background.

"It looked like a lot more," he finally commented.

"Well, okay, fair enough. A lot more.

Another few minutes of tire noise passed before Tom resumed. "There's a lot here for me to think about. I guess that will take me a while to get my head around. In time, hopefully in short time, I'll see that it's just a sexier, more open you. I'm still wrestling with not being angry about you having sex outside of our marriage. I never cheated on you. Did you always cheat on me? I mean, I know you didn't, but it's where my brain goes. And I know that most of my blood was in my dick, not my brain, when I was watching you. And it was incredibly hot. He paused. "I feel like I am supposed to be pissed off, but I'm not. Because it was so hot. Because it was you, hot. You excited, enjoying. Letting go." Another pause. "But in the back of my mind, I feel like I'm supposed to be angry, and get all indignant about you fucking other men. And women. When you're spouse has sex with other people, you're supposed to be angry, furious, demand a divorce. If you aren't, does it mean you don't love them?"

"Oh," she cooed, "listen to you. You're so cute, you think you don't love me!" He heard the smile in her voice, started to say "I'm serious..." and she talked over him.

"I understand your confusion better than you think, honey. Granted, I had help getting through it these two weeks, but I'll help you."

"Sucking my dick helped, I guess." He grinned.

"I'll bet it did, but hear me out first. You're worried about what you believe you are supposed to think. I felt the same way; I know how it tears you in both directions at once. 'I feel one thing' you tell yourself, 'but that's wrong, so I'll deny my personal feelings and force my thinking to the conventional way.' Right?" She paused. "Believe me, I get it. But this isn't world philosophy. This is personal. It's what I feel about me, and what you feel about you, nothing else. It's what we feel about us. There's no 'supposed to be' a certain feeling, there can't be any 'making myself feel the way I think I'm supposed to feel'. You feel what you feel. Denying your feelings just makes it worse." She paused, touched his leg. "If you like watching me sucking cum out of pussies, well, then, we can do that. But don't deny your feelings, or try to shut them out. It's dishonest, and it'll make you crazy. Believe me, I know."

Tom grunted agreement, and Liz continued. "And as for cheating. Cheating is when you are not faithful and honest to your partner. All those years I held myself back, denied my desires, denied your pleasure, that was cheating. That was cheating on us. The sex I had these two weeks was to better our marriage, not destroy it. It has nothing to do with love, with how I feel for you. I did it because I love you, not to deny our love. You'll understand that better the first time you fuck another woman for me."

"For you?"

"Well, someone's gotta fill her pussy with cum, right?"

He was stunned. "I guess..."

"Right, so after you fuck her, and I suck you clean, and then suck your cum out of her, you'll understand how it's not cheating. Because we'll be better."

Fuck, Tom thought, that might be the hottest thing I've ever heard. And she was so nonchalant about it, he added. Once more, the road noise was the only sound, as the words settled in, and they both contemplated what had been said. After a few miles, Tom spoke again.

"It seems fantastic."

"What does?"

"That you'll do whatever I want." He hesitated, then added, "Too fantastic. Like it can't be true. I know I keep saying that. But it's hard to believe."

"Well, it's true. You'll just have to wait and see."


"Anything sexual. Even if it relates to sex, like dressing. There are some barriers in place, common sense stuff."


"Like, you can't tell me to say where the Organization is located, or do things that put my life in danger. Or yours. Or could create a public issue that might lead to discovery, like that; like, you can't make me fuck a dog on the front lawn. But you can tell me to fuck the dog's owner, on his front lawn, if he lives far enough away where we won't be known." She chuckled. "Discretion is important."

"But mostly anything?"

"Yep. Enthusiastically."

"Fantastic," he whispered, admiringly. "Unreal."

"Oh, it's real. It's really, really real." He heard her grin through her words. "Hey, tell you what, Tom. We're going to get off the highway in about another five miles, then we have about ten or fifteen minutes to the garage. Why don't you tell me some of your fantasies?"

"I, uh..."

"Come on, honey. We have a few minutes. Tell me the things you haven't said for the last five years."

"Oh, I don't-"

"Better yet, why don't you ask me about them? Or ask me if I would do them? Or how would I like to do them? Then my conditioning will make me answer. And I think you'll like the answers."

"I'm not sure. Not that I won't like your answers. I'm not sure I can tell my fantasies."

"You have them, right? Things that you want to do? Things you want me to do? Right? Things that would be so exciting if we could do them? How about," she paused a second, and then spoke, slightly lower, breathy, "how about things that get you so aroused, but they're so far out you would never consider doing them? How about those?"

"Maybe I'll start off slow."

"Good. Start slow. Hey! Ask me about things we've done that you'd like to do again!"

"Like the Balcony Event?"

"Anything, baby."

"Well, then, how would you like to have sex with me on a hotel balcony, with people watching?"

"Hell yeah, spreading my legs for the crowd so they can see your big hard dick pounding my shaved pussy. Yeah, I'd love to. Watching my tits bouncing, seeing them watch me cum, screaming. M-mm, yeah."

"Nice," he smiled, "sounds even better than the first time."

"Give me another one. Tell me what you want."

"I want you to wear skirts, without underwear."

"M-mm, I like that, keeping my pussy exposed under my skirt for you. My smooth shaved pussy open and wet, and easy to get to whenever you want. Oh," she added, teasing, "what if my skirt is too short, or the wind blows it up, and everyone sees my hot pussy? Is that okay, baby?"

"I want to watch you play with yourself. With your clothes on. Just pull up your dress and finger yourself."

"O-oo, yeah baby, You want that when we get home? Or in the car on the way home? Or do you want me to do that out in public? Maybe under the table in a restaurant? You want to see my fingers in my pussy? You want me to fuck my fingers into my wet cunt, and see them come out all slippery with my girl juice?" She made a yummy sound. "I might lick my fingers, too. Suck my juice off like a cock." He heard her breathing, slightly heavy. "Tell me more. Tell me what you want."

"I want to cum in your mouth."

"Fuck, you're making my pussy wet -- you want to shoot your nasty cum in my mouth? I want it, baby. I want to feel you pushing your hard meat into the back of my throat, I want to feel your balls tighten up, and feel your body jerk, knowing that your hot nasty cum is going to shoot into my mouth. I want to feel it shoot, feel the heat, the slick globs of slimy, nasty cum hitting my tongue, filling my mouth; I want to taste it, feel the texture, m-mm, I want to be your cum slut, taking your hot cum in my slut mouth."

"I want you to show me your mouth filled with cum, like a cum-loving slut, and then swallow it all, except for a little bit that drips down your face."

"You're nasty, baby, I fucking love it! You want to pull your dick out of my mouth, so I can look you in the eye, and open up my slut mouth and show you all the hot, nasty cum swirling around in my cum-slut mouth? You want to see my tongue playing with your nasty cum, making it spill out a little, over my lips? O-oo, yeah, I love my mouth filled with cum, all hot and nasty, and then I'll look in your eyes and swallow it down, feeling all that cum sliding down my throat, coating the inside of my mouth, and my lips, like a good slut. You like that, baby?"

"I want to cum all over your face."

"Can I play with my pussy while you do that? I want my fingers deep in my cunt and rubbing my hard clit while you explode your cock in my face. I want to feel hot globs of cum slapping into my cheeks, and my nose and lips, dripping off me, coating me; I want my face covered in your nasty cum, dripping into my open mouth, baby, a big fucking hot load of cum, all over my face. Licking it off my lips while I fuck my fingers into my pussy and make myself cum while you spray your jizz in my face."

She paused a second. "We're getting pretty close to the garage, another few minutes." She was panting excitedly. Tom wondered if she was touching herself while she drove. "Tell me another fantasy you want to do with me, I want to hear more."

"Anal. I want to fuck you in the ass."

"Oh, my God, you nasty fuck, you've never mentioned that before. You want to put your big hard dick in my tight little ass?"

"I've always wondered," he told her. "Fantasized about it. I never brought it up because, well..." He noticed a scent in the car, and recognized it. It was the smell of female arousal, the smell of sex. He heard a faint sound, and knew it was Liz fingering her wet pussy. "I want to."

"You want to lube my ass and your hard cock and push it up my back door? You want me on my hands and knees, spreading my cheeks, so you can watch my ass open and take your cock. Fuck, you dirty boy, fuck my ass, my ass wants your dick inside it. I want to feel your big cock opening me up, stuffing me, filling me up." Tom suddenly felt fingers at his mouth, and opened his lips to accept them- they were wet, slick with her juices, and he sucked them hungrily. "Oh, yeah, baby, taste my pussy, see how hot I am hearing about what you want to do with me? You got me so wet." The taste was familiar, but unusual, and it passed his mind that she'd been fucked before they left. "Is your dick hard, baby? Are you as hot as I am right now?" He wondered, briefly, remembering Jason cumming in her, just a flashing image, and then he resumed sucking her fingers. Maybe a little harder. She pulled them out.

"Okay," she said, "we're pulling up to the garage. You should take off the blindfold and sit up." She giggled, saying, "We don't want anyone reporting a kidnapping! But while you fix yourself, tell me something else you want me to do."

"I want you to tongue my ass," he blurted, pulling the wrap from his eyes.

"Nice. Nasty boy."

Tom sat up and adjusted his seat back. "I want to lay on my back while you suck my dick, and then lick my balls." He blinked into the daylight as he opened his eyes. "I want you to suck my balls into your sexy mouth." He looked at her, saw her smoothing her skirt down. She must have had it pulled up, her fingers in her pussy. Fucking hot. "Then I want you to push my legs up, and lick down, under my balls, and then lick my ass, and stick your tongue up my ass, you nasty, sexy girl."

She pulled up to the automatic gate, took a ticket, and they drove up three levels. The third was mostly empty, and she spotted his car easily, and pulled in next to it. "Well, we're here," she said, turning it off. She put the keys up into the visor, and got out, as Tom was getting out his side. He walked to the back of the car, met her as she came around, and grabbed her waist, pulling her into him, crushing her lips with an eager, hungry kiss. She grunted passionately into his mouth as their tongues caressed each other, and her breath was short; quick gasps, broadcasting her excited state. Tom broke the kiss, held her; their faces so close he felt the heat of her skin as she angled her head up to see him, their bodies pressed together. "I love you," he whispered hoarsely, "I always have, and I always will. You have always been sexy and attractive to me. But this change in you, my God, if it's even partly true- I never thought I could love you more, but I do. And I want you, need you. In ways I never dreamed. Damn, girl, you are the hottest, sexiest, nastiest dirty girl I could ever love with all my heart." He kissed her. "And mind." He pulled her into him. "And cock!" He pressed his erection into her belly, and she pressed back.

He broke away, and pulled her to the passenger side of their car. There were no other cars past them. He opened the door, and with his hand on her waist, escorted her into the seat. She sat, but as she lifted her feet to get all the way in, he stopped her. "Hold it," he said, standing in the open door, facing her. She sat sideways, her feet on the ground.

"Show me your pussy."

She smiled at him, and her knees came apart as she pulled her skirt up, exposing her thighs, then her swollen lips, until her legs were lewdly spread, opening her pussy. She licked her lips.

"Spread yourself open and put your fingers inside." She reached down, spreading her lips wide with one hand, and the other pushed two fingers up into her hole. "Fuck your cunt with your fingers. Show me how wet your cunt is."

"M-mm, yeah, baby, my cunt is so fucking wet, and my clit is so hard, I'm so hot right now. Oh, that's so good having my pussy filled, I wish it was a cock instead of my fingers."

"Don't stop," he cautioned, and pulled down his fly, and wrestled his erection out of his pants. "Tell me," he asked, stroking himself in front of her, "did you like Jason's cock fucking you?

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