tagMind ControlFourteen Day Program Ch. 03

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 03


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a fantasy story of a wife who has volunteered to have her sexual inhibitions removed for her husband. This section could have been posted to the Anal section, but I felt it really belongs here, due to the process that took them here.

In this chapter they continue to explore her new openness, including porn and anal sex. If this isn't for you, feel free to move on to another story. If you've enjoyed the first two chapters, then welcome back.

Chapter 3

Back on the highway, on the final leg of their trip home, Tom glanced at the dashboard clock, and saw it was past three already. He'd never had a Saturday like this, he grinned, noting for about the hundredth time the cum drying on his wife's blouse. She had wiped the drips off her chin with a finger that she licked clean, after licking what she could reach with her tongue.

"By the time we get home," he commented, "we could start thinking about dinner."

"M-mm, yeah. What time is – whoa, I had no idea it was that late already. Yeah, I'm hungry already," she confessed, "I'll be starving by five."

"I confess I didn't make anything."

"Oh, you're kidding," she teasingly pouted. "You didn't prepare a feast before you came to get me?" She stuck out her bottom lip, but then laughed.

"Oh, yeah, this morning. Like I really had my head on straight!" he laughed with her.

"It was pretty straight in the parking garage!"

"Not that head," he grinned, and chided, "you evil temptress! Is that all you can think of?"

"Sorry, it was on my mind. And chin! And my clothes, since you asked!" She rubbed at one of the spots, but it only spread a little.

"Maybe," he suggested, "we should take a few minutes to clean up when we get home, you know, change and all. Before we go out to eat."

"Hmm, good idea," she agreed. "What do you want to go out for?"

"Cause there's nothing at home, and I'd rather we didn't start cooking ..."

"No, I know, I agree, and thanks. What food, I meant." She touched his arm as they drove, just a nonchalant touch. "What food do you want to have?"

"Keep it simple, I guess. Maybe just pizza. Not fast food."

" 'kay," she confirmed, looking out the window. From the corner of his eye he watched her lean into the seat back, turning a little to relax. He drove on in silence for a time, reflecting. Then, "Hey, Liz?"


"What's it going to be like now?"


"Us. Regular us. Going out for pizza us. Regular life things."

"I guess it'll be what it always was. We're the same people. You're the same, right?"

"Yeah," he agreed, "I guess".

"And I'm the same." He started to make a noise, and she shushed him with her hand. "No, not that. Clearly, that changed; that was the goal. But that's not our whole life. It's a big, important part, for sure," she smiled. "But that's the only part that changed. The rest of me is the same. We're still in love, and we still both like and dislike the same things we did before. I'll still bug you when I interrupt your stories, and you'll still bug me when you answer questions with a question." She slapped his shoulder playfully.

"Hey, I'm driving," he pretended.

"Tough guy."

"We could've crashed."

"Stop it. But there, you see, that's just us, the same way we always are, no different. Tonight we'll go out, have some pizza, have a few laughs, you'll tell me about work and stuff."

"It sucked last week, work."

"I bet. We'll see some folks who make us laugh, we'll have a couple of chuckles at their expense, like we always do." She touched his arm again, that connected meaningful way. "You'll make fun of the way someone talks, and I'll make you do that all night." She sat back. "Like we do, usual."

He nodded, agreeing silently, driving. Thinking.

When they got home she called the shower first, and he agreed. She always needed more time after the shower, and he didn't think the last fourteen days had changed that. He picked out clothes. He walked the house, looking at the bedroom, the den, the living room. He thought about the evening ahead, and about tomorrow, about going back to work Monday. About going back to normal. When Liz got out, Tom took a slow, hot shower, and considered further. About Monday, about normal life. About the time until then.

Would they be the same? Would the decision she had made for her, for him, really not affect the non-sexual parts of their lives? For the first time, it seemed, he considered the emotional impact of what she'd done. Sure, she would enjoy the sex, and so would he. And she'd be open to just about anything. (He reminded himself that she had already DONE just about everything, without him, and he was instantly afraid of that realization, and buried it.) She would enjoy pleasing him, no matter what he asked of her. "Your wildest dreams are about to come true." Is that what they had said? Something like that. But after sex, in between sex, there was love. Love was why they were married, why they sacrificed for each other. Sexual urges was the reason they had sex, but love was why it was special, with each other. Her love for him was the reason she'd made this decision. Was it still there? Would it still connect them in their everyday lives?

He realized he was standing in the shower motionless, lost in thought. It had been less than twenty-four hours since he'd heard the story, learned what she had done, for him, for THEM, together. He wondered how long it would take for him to get used to the idea. He finished showering.

They dressed, and talked, but Liz did most of it, as usual. Happy, cheerful, she chatted amiably as she dressed and they went out. In the car on the way to eat, Liz commented on his mood.

"You're awfully quiet," she said as they pulled into the parking lot. They had selected a Pizza restaurant not far from home.

"I was, uhm, thinking, I guess," he said, distractedly. He looked over at her as he turned off the car. She was gazing at him, a small smile on her face, her eyes danced with mischief, allure, and playful seduction. As he had so many times in their relationship, he fell in love with her all over again. He grinned foolishly, and thought about after dinner, and tomorrow. All the time before Monday morning.


"Well, what?" he asked. He took the keys and opened the door, got out. She did the same, and he found himself looking over the top of the car at her.

"Well," she said, still smiling, "are you going to tell me what you were thinking?"

"Actually, I was thinking of what we might do after dinner, when we get home." He came around the car, took her hand. "I have some ideas. But maybe I'll just play it by ear."

"That's a good idea, I like that," she replied. They went inside.

They ate, they talked about work and home, about usual life stuff. It was uneventful, and special for them, because it righted their relationship, put their non-sexual connection back on track. He found that he could disregard the two missing weeks, could set aside his imagination, her story, and relate to her as a person, still; as a wife and partner, and not just as a sexual accomplice.

Afterwards, they stopped in a liquor store, grabbed a couple of bottles of wine, and one of champagne. "To celebrate," he told her, "a new chapter in our lives." She smiled, and they got back in the car, but she asked him to pull into the Drugstore. They went in, and she said she had to get a few things. He looked around, picked up some vitamins, some men's supplements. When he met her at the register she was checking out, and he took a quick inventory. Intimate lube, several douches, razors and shave cream, depilatory cream, vitamin e oil, and enemas. He looked at her. She checked out as though she bought this stuff every day.

Back in the car, he had to ask. "I understand most of it, and agree, although I don't get the razor and the hair remover-"

"Oh, it's easy to shave you pussy," she interrupted, "but the cream is easier on your ass."

"But- well, thanks for that, but what I really don't get is the enemas."

"For anal, silly. You mentioned that you want to try it. A lady has to prepare."

"Really? I just figured..."

"No, you don't 'just', unless you want a dick covered in shit. You prepare. Diet is important, cleaning is critical. They showed me how at the center."

He thought about that as they drove home.

When they got home they put away the stuff, opened the champagne, and toasted to the new 'them', and all it would bring. On a whim, thinking of their discussions of his fantasies, he asked if she might invite Darla over for some fun. Confessing them out loud made them hard to ignore.

"Not this weekend, she working an event, she won't be home till Monday," she said, matter-of-factly.

He was silent a second, remembering his commitment. "You'll have to do that too, when they call."

"Yes." She looked at him. "Does that upset you?"

"I don't know. Maybe a little. I'm not sure how I feel about it."

"We should talk it through, then, and soon. You seemed okay seeing me today, when you picked me up."

"I was there, I participated." He thought. "Not that I have much choice. I'll get past it. Maybe if you tell me about it afterwards?"

"I could do that." She thought, then added. "We could try a practice run, see how it goes."

"A practice run?"

"Sure. You send me out, alone, or with Darla. I come back and tell you about it, see how you react."

He wondered why he wasn't angry or jealous that his wife had just suggested that he send her to fuck strangers. But he wasn't, and said so.

"Good, see? It's actually kind of hot, isn't it?" She grinned. "Should we try next weekend?"

"Maybe the one after," he replied. "Maybe next weekend Darla can come over."

"O-oo, okay, a better idea."

She came to him, and they held each other. Then they poured the end of the champagne and went up to the bedroom. They spent the rest of the night making slow love, enjoying regular sex, although he noted she was much more adventurous. At one point she got on top, facing him, and played with her nipples while she rode him, telling him how good it felt. He told her to turn around, and she did, showing him her ass as she rode his cock. He touched her ass, something he'd never done, and she squirmed.

"Maybe you want to try that tomorrow?" He came in her, just from the thought. After she climbed off, before reaching for a towel, she showed him her shaved pussy, leaking his cum, and she suckled his cock clean.

The next morning Tom woke late to find himself in bed alone. He pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and made his way to the kitchen where he found Liz making eggs. He kissed her on the back of her neck.

"There's coffee," she said, "Good morning. I heard you getting up and started your eggs. I ate already." She turned, gave him a peck on the cheek. "Sit." He poured a coffee and had a seat. There was nothing different about his life. Nothing had changed. Except, he thought, my beautiful wife will fulfill any sexual fantasy I have. Of course, to do that, he remembered, she had sucked and fucked countless men and women, dozens of times, over the last few weeks. Not for the last time he wondered why that didn't bother him more. Or was it that he just wouldn't let it?

Liz brought his eggs and they chatted while he ate. When he was close to finishing, she asked him if he would clean up the dishes while she got in the shower. She kissed him, and said she might be a while.

He watched some of the Sunday news shows, but lost interest after a while, and drifted to the den for his computer. Sex was on his mind, his dick kept getting hard and soft, up and down, tenting his sweats. He checked some email, but couldn't concentrate on that, either. Finally he relented. He searched for adult sex toys, and found what looked to be a few reputable sites. He settled on one, and started looking through the offerings, selecting some to his wish list. He didn't hear Liz come in.

"Well, what are you looking at?" she asked over his shoulder. He smelled her, clean and fresh, and felt her warmth at his shoulder. "Oh, nice," she commented at the oversize dildo he had on the screen.

He felt himself grinning, a little embarrassed. "I was checking out some toys, you know," he explained, "for us."

"I see," she answered. "Are you ordering anything?"

More relaxed, since she seemed okay with it, he answered, "Not yet, I was just saving ideas in a wish list." He waited, hesitant. "Want to see so far?"


He clicked on the link, and pictures and descriptions came up.

"That's a lot of wishes!" she chirped.

"I'm not ordering everything," he defended, "I just wanted to compare." He felt a hand on his neck, stroking lightly.

"So, let's look." He heard a smile as she spoke. "If you want my opinion, that is."

"You know I do."

They looked at dildos and vibrators, and picked out a few; a slim dildo, an oversized one; a small bullet vibe, a giant fancy multi-function, and g-spot vibe. There were nipple toys; Tom selected some suction toys, Liz picked the clamps. They picked out some straps and ties for light bondage, a harness and a padded positioner. Tom showed her the anal toys, and they selected a variety of plugs in different sizes, and some vibrating anal toys for men. "Trust me, you're going to like it," she told him. They added lube and a melting candle. It was expensive.

"We get free shipping," he joked.

"And free DVD's, she added, hitting him playfully. "Oh, wait, one more thing." She grabbed the mouse, found strap-ons and harnesses, and added those. "For when we have company," she said. After ordering, she told him to go shower and come back down. "But don't get too dressed, just wear a robe. I have something for you."

Thinking it was sex, he hurried and returned to find her watching porn. "I was just getting some ideas, some stuff we can watch, you know, to stimulate our imaginations."

"Cool," he replied, and slipped his hand down the front of her shirt. "What do you have for me?"

"Not that, yet," she told him. "Let's go upstairs." She led him up, and into their bathroom, and told him to strip.

"I just showered," he questioned.

"I know, and now we're going to groom you." She reached into the closet, and took out shaving gear. "You like my pussy shaved," she told him, "and I want your balls shaved. He was stunned, and didn't move. "Well, let's go." Still nothing. "Honey, you want me to lick your ass and suck your balls, right? And I want to do those things. But I want to lick skin, not hair."

He undressed.

She used an electric clipper to trim, then hot towels and shave cream, and began shaving him, removing all the hair around the base of his cock, and shaving his balls. She made him turn around, and smeared lotion on his ass, then his shoulders, back and upper arms, then made him wait a few minutes, then undressed, took him into the shower, and rinsed him off. When they were done she showed him how he looked. He had to admit, it was pretty sexy.

"Good enough to eat," she told him. "Get dressed, and we'll watch some videos I selected."

Back downstairs, he found her at the computer. He pulled up a chair and sat next to her. "I found a free site, all the videos you can think of, and some you can't. Some are amazing, really."

They watched amateur couples fucking and sucking, girlfriends and wives taking facials, swallowing cum. They watched women masturbate, women having squirting orgasms. There were amateur threesomes, girls licking each others pussies, ass licking, ass fingering. Women taking all three holes, women getting cum baths, men and women eating creampies, women swapping and snowballing cum. Gang bangs, glory holes, ass fucking, bondage, spanking.

He was hard as a rock. All the while she was saying things like, "You like that? You want me to do that? Would you like to do that to me?" At first her comments were matter-of-fact, then seductive, and later, a little breathy and heated. They sounded the way he felt. During one of the anal videos she looked at him and said, "that's what you're going to do to me in a little while." He thought his cock would explode in his pants without ever touching it.

She started another video, a woman fucking another woman with a strap-on, while a man fucked the woman's ass. He opened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, sat back down with his cock sticking straight up from his lap. "Suck my dick," he told her.

She grinned and moved her head into his lap, opening her mouth as she did, and wrapped her mouth around the head, licking around it, wetting the shaft, and then plunging her head down until his cock head was pressed against the back of her mouth. He heard her moaning and felt her breath on his hairless balls. She bobbed her head, and pulled up.

"M-mm, it's nice with no hair, all smooth and sexy."

Tom turned his chair, and spread his legs over the arms, grinned. "Lick my shaved balls, Liz. I want you to suck my balls into your mouth, one at a time, like that girl did in the video."

Her eyes widened and lit up, and she slipped from her chair to the floor, on her knees between his legs. She grabbed the base of his cock, stroking it upwards while she opened her mouth, flattened her tongue, and stroked it wetly up the middle of his ball sack. Holy shit, Tom thought, that's incredible. Then she was teasing and licking each one, making it dance in on her lips, rubbing her face on them. He looked at her, and she looked directly into his eyes and opened her mouth, wide, and sucked his left ball into her mouth. Holding his gaze, she swirled it inside, bathing it with warm saliva, sucking it softly, then harder, like it was a tiny round cock. She pushed her tongue up behind it then, still sucking it, and teased the back of his scrotum, then pushed her head closed to reach the sensitive spot behind his balls.

He moaned out load, and she switched to the other one, giving it identical treatment. She stroked his cock as she sucked, then released his heavy globes and pushed her mouth down over his shaft, until it hit the back of her mouth and triggered her gag reflex. She held it there, shook her head back and forth, and pulled off. She stroked him lightly as she spoke.

"M-mm, baby, your balls are delicious. They feel so smooth and sexy in my mouth." She licked a drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock. "Yum," she smiled.

"You're going to make me cum," he warned her.

"I want you to cum," she said, "so when you fuck my ass you'll last, and fuck me good and long." She grinned, lowered her voice to a throaty, sexy whisper. "I want you to cum in my mouth, fill my mouth with your hot cum, shoot it in me." She licked another drop. "And then I want to kiss you, and share my delicious treat as you kiss my nasty, sexy, cock-sucking mouth."

She pulled his cock forward, pointing it at her face, and opened wide to take it as far as she could, then proceeded to pump her head and hand on it, stroking him with her lips, tongue and fingers. Tom groaned, feeling the surge building; as excited as he was, he knew it would be big, and fast. He wanted to cum, but wanted the blowjob to never end. She caught his eye as she sucked, smirking with a gleam as she coaxed his climax. He was close, he could feel it, he was going to cum in her mouth, something she had disliked intently before, and now she wanted it, was eager for it. He felt something below his balls, and before he could warn her of his cum, he felt her poking a finger between his butt cheeks, finding his tight hole, pressing a fingertip inside, and he exploded.

Screaming, he shot his first blast into her mouth as she continued bobbing her head, smearing the shaft with cum as the second and third salvos fired out. His balls squeezed and pulsed and she stopped bobbing, and held him in her mouth, sucking, and his head became extra sensitive, and he tried to pull back. But she kept sucking, wrenching additional torturous delight from his cock as the last of his cum spilled into her mouth.

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