tagMind ControlFourteen Day Program Ch. 04

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 04


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the fourth chapter of the story of Tom and Liz (an imaginary couple). Liz submitted herself to a secret organization to remove her inhibitions to her husband's sexual desires, in an effort to attain what she felt was lacking in her sexual attitude. This chapter has them inviting their friend Darla, also a client of the Organization, to their house for a threesome, just a week after coming home.

If you enjoyed the first chapters, please read on, and know that chapters 5 and 6 are in the works. If you found fault with the previous chapters, then I am sure you'll find more suitable entertainment elsewhere on this fine site.


It was Saturday, and Darla was coming to visit. Tom and Liz had spent the week as they usually did, working, eating dinner at night, but with a few exceptions. They had sex almost every night, some their normal lovemaking, others hotter. The only night they missed was the one Tom had to work late. The next morning he told her to blow him during breakfast, and she sucked him till he came, swallowing his load, and going to work "with cum breath," she told him. The toys arrived Thursday, and they experimented with the multi-purpose vibrator, Liz giving herself multiple orgasms as Tom jerked off in her face. They tried the butt plugs Friday, Liz taking the medium size, and pushing the beginner into Tom's ass. Afterwards she gave him advice on prepping himself for anal.

They groomed in the morning, removing any hair that had grown since last week. Liz went shopping, and returned with groceries, wine, and enemas. She advised him to do one now, and another later, right before Darla arrived. He took her advice, and spent some time alone, rinsing out his bowels. What should have been an unpleasant event had unusual arousing undertones for him, as the purpose was not far from his mind. She did the same when he was done.

They busied themselves, pretending nothing was different as the afternoon progressed. When Tom was setting out the wineglasses, he found himself frozen in mid step, unable to remember what he was doing. He was going to have sex with his wife and another woman. A dream as far back as he could remember, but not one he had ever entertained as possible. And now it was happening. He looked up to see her staring at him.

"I'm having a hard time concentrating," he confessed. "I'm a little preoccupied."

"I know," she replied, a little sheepishly, "me too."

"It's like we're pretending we're not going to have sex in a couple of hours."

"Hot sex," she replied.

"A threesome-"

"With our friend-"

"Our woman friend-" he reminded her.

"Two hot pussies..."

"Tits and asses..."

"A nice hard cock..."

"Toys. Dildos."

"Hot cum ..."

They were kissing suddenly, his hands were on her ass, on her tits, between her legs, feeling her heat. She was groping the front of his pants, finding his hardness. They broke suddenly, breathing hard, trying to calm down.

"We should save that," he managed. "For later."

"We're going to have a lot of fun," she said. "But I guess it's no use pretending, eh?" She smiled at him, and he laughed.

"No, I don't suppose it is," he chuckled. "We may as well get it out in the open. We're not having a dinner party." He paused, thought, and continued. "I want to watch you lick her pussy."

"M-mm, yeah, I want you to see me, sticking my tongue inside her, licking her juices out. I want to kiss you, tasting like cunt."

"Nasty girl," he kidded, putting out the wine glasses. "I want you to put my dick in her cunt, and tell me to fuck her."

"I want to see your cock sliding into her pussy, giving her a good hard fucking. I'll suck it clean when you're done."

"I want her to fuck you with the strap-on while I fuck your ass."

"Nice," she replied, "a Liz sandwich". She was cutting vegetables and melon for later. "I want to fuck her, too."

"I'd like to see that," he told her. "What else do you want to do?" She didn't answer. He thought a second, and added, "Tell me what you want to do."

"I want to suck her tits with you, she has such beautiful breasts, tasty nipples. I want to suck your cock while she licks my pussy and you lick hers," she said, chopping. "I want to lick your asshole while she sucks your cock. I want to share your cum with her, with both of you."

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking dirty to each other. When Tom brought up that they might not have time for everything, she told him that Darla was staying the night, and probably part of Sunday.

At six o'clock they were done preparing, and took a second enema each. "Hygiene is important," she joked. "Don't want to have a stinky mess!"

At seven, they were in robes, naked underneath, when the bell rang. "Right on time, that's Darla!" Liz said, and they both went to the door. Liz opened it, and Darla stepped in, wearing a beige raincoat, pulled tight, carrying an overnight bag. She kissed them each on the cheek, and stepped into the living room, dropped the bag and opened the coat, letting it slip from her shoulders to the floor.

She stood and faced them with her hand on a jutting hip, one leg stretched out to the side, and flung her other arm over her head in a vampish pose. She was wearing a black and red corset that held her breasts up and out, making them look larger and fuller, although they were not small. She wore black gloves to her elbows and matching black fishnet stocking that ended four inches from her hips, held with straps to a black lace garter belt. Her legs had always been a little chunky, but the four-inch heels elongated her leg, and the pose accentuated it. She wore no panties, and her pose opened her thighs, exposing her shaved pussy, bare but for a delicate 'V' above her hooded clit. She had dyed it a bright red, in contrast to her dark, near-black hair, which fell in luxurious waves past her shoulders.

Tom drank in the sight of her. He'd known her for years, they were best friends with Darla and Dave, and until last week, when Darla had brought him to the Organization to retrieve his wife, had never seen a hint of her sex drive. He knew now that Darla had steered Liz there after listening to her complain that she felt she was too 'conventional', and that Darla had a vigorous sex life that didn't include Dave, and that Dave didn't know about. Last week she'd participated in Liz's 'release session', sucking Tom's cock while Liz licked cum from her pussy and ass and was fucked, in front to Tom. And now this, this vision of sexuality, this presentation of unadulterated female sexual desire, was standing in front of him, for him and Liz to enjoy and share. His cock grew to full mast almost instantly.

"I knew I underdressed," Liz joked, and dropped her robe, naked underneath, and approached Darla, and kissed her, full on the lips, mouths open. Darla broke her pose and embraced her, and Tom watched as they made out, seeing Darla's gloved hands reach around his naked wife, stroking her back, caressing her soft, pliant ass. Liz held Darla's face as they kissed; he saw her hips press to her friend, her leg work it's way between Darla's stockinged thighs. It was so passionate, so intimate; it was almost as hot as watching her lick Darla's pussy. Almost.

The broke the kiss, but before they separated, Darla groped Liz's breasts, fondling and hefting them, and giving the hard nipple a squeeze. She looked at Tom then, and noticed his cock tenting his robe. She motioned to it, and Liz turned to see.

"He's happy to see you," she smiled, and added, "so am I," and kissed her cheek. She casually snaked an arm around her friend's waist.

"Tom, lose that robe, sweetie. I haven't seen your cock in a week." Tom shrugged it off, and Darla cooed. "Nice, all shaved and pretty." She turned to Liz. "Is that your work?"

"Yes, you like it?"

"I love it, you know I do." Then to Tom, "there's nothing like sucking a shaved ball sack," she grinned. "Turn around," Tom turned, and listened as they commented on his ass. "Nice and baby smooth, well done."

"He wants me to lick his ass," Liz said.

"You'll have to push me out of the way, honey." Then, "Hey, I brought toys."

"We bought some, too. Tom, go get the toy bag."

Tom retrieved the toy bag, and returned to the room to find Liz and Darla examining a double-headed dildo, at least two feet long, and fat. Darla took out a harness that held a vibrator on the inside of something that looked like panties. "It's to wear when you're getting ass fucked, so you have your pussy and clit stimulated also."

Tom opened their bag, and spilled out the contents. They talked as they examined each item, and what they could do to each other with them. They were all kneeling and sitting on the floor, like kids on Christmas. Abruptly, Darla stopped.

"Tom, stand up. If I don't suck your beautiful hard cock soon, I am going to bust." He dutifully stood, and stepped around the toy pile to her side. She opened her mouth and took his head inside, swirled her tongue around it, eliciting a groan from him. She hummed as she took him deeper, pushing her lips down the shaft, stroking the underside with the flat of her tongue. Her gloved hand reached up and grabbed the base; the feeling was unusual, but he was distracted by hands pushing his feet apart. Liz had gone behind him and was nudging his feet to the side. He gingerly adjusted his position, not wanting to dislodge himself from Darla's oral attention. He resettled, and focused on the sensation running up his cock, her other hand now cupping his balls, when he was distracted again. He felt hands on his ass, then a face, a nose, pressed between his cheeks. And then a tongue trailed down his crack to his sensitive rear hole, and he gasped in shock and delight.

He felt Liz tickle his little knot, then tease it; the wet tip circled his ring as Darla slurped his cock, the sensations from front and back driving through him, jerking his hips back and forward. Then the firm wet pressure at his ass pushed harder, slipping inside, and he groaned, and his legs nearly gave out. Darla pulled off his shaft with a pop, chuckling.

"Liz, we better move this boy to the couch before he hurts himself."

"Why don't we take it right to the bedroom?"

They gathered the toys and practically sprinted up the stairs. They immediately sat Tom on the edge of the bed, and Darla pulled his legs up, forcing him to his back, and lay down across him, her head on his stomach, and resumed her blowjob. Liz knelt on the floor between Tom's upraised and spread legs.

"Oh, this is much better," she said, and licked his ball sack with the flat of her tongue, separating the shifting globes, before taking the left one into her mouth, sucking, pulling it away from his body. She let it go with a pop, then sucked the other, before travelling down and resumed rimming and tongue-fucking his tight back door.

Tom, despite his awkward position, could not have been happier. His wife was licking out his ass while their best friend sucked his cock. Then suddenly he realized he could be happier, as Darla adjusted her position, swinging a leg over his head, and dropping her wet, shaved pussy onto his face. He stretched his neck up, taking a long swipe, tasting her arousal and coating his tongue with her juices. Not trying to tease or tantalize, but just to enjoy, he sucked her lips, burrowed his tongue into her hole and sucked and licked her juices out, then moved down to her clit, which was hard and emerging from it's hiding place. He felt her react to the contact, and he flicked it, then circled it, feeling her jump each time he touched her hard button. Then he latched his lips around it and sucked, tickling the tip with his tongue. She groaned onto his cock, and pressed her hips to his face even as she pressed her face to his hips, swallowing more of him, making him arch his hips up to meet her mouth.

He backed off her clit, moved to her slick hole, licking and sucking, when he felt Liz's tongue at his ass leave, to be replaced by a finger, it seemed, a slick finger. Lubed, it slipped easily into his anus, and then found and stroked his prostate. He thought he might explode from the intense sensations coursing through him. The finger slipped out then, then reentered, fatter - two fingers? He felt his hole stretch, feeling the penetration, distracting him from the pussy above his face. They swirled and slowly pumped in his ass, only to depart. He burrowed upwards, slurping Darla's pussy juice, when he felt a different penetration, firm, thin, no, wider, then wider still, and he moaned into his friend's cunt. Liz was putting a plug into his ass. The widest part reached his tight ring, paused, pressed, paused again. He felt the mouth leave his cock, heard Darla say, "I think he likes it!" and then swallow him again. He relaxed his muscles, trying to accept the bulb of the plug, and he called out sharply as he felt it push inside, his muscle gripping it, holding it in place. Fuck, getting his ass filled and his cock sucked with a wet shaved pussy bouncing on his face for him to eat! Juices ran down his cheeks, and he attacked her clit again. And when he thought he couldn't get more excited he opened his eyes to see his wife's face above his; she was kneeling over him, between Darla's legs, and she grabbed the woman's ass cheeks, squeezing and then parting them, and lowering her face to jam her tongue up her close friend's tight ass.

The penetration made Darla suck harder, and the sight drove him over the edge, his cum taking him full force, by surprise, and he bellowed into her cunt as he came, shooting body shaking blasts into her hot mouth. His head spun and he couldn't breathe, and as he almost finished he felt Darla tremble, and shake, and her cum splashed from her hot cunt, into his open mouth, drenching his face, soaking him. He lapped up every drop he could reach. As Darla finished, Liz pulled her friend's hips up, and lowered her face to kiss him, her tongue fresh from Darla's sweet butt, sharing the juices from her husband's mouth. Darla got up, and off him, and then her face was there, too, and Liz broke their kiss to kiss Darla, right above him, as his cum drooled from Darla's lips -- she hadn't swallowed - swirling as their tongues met, dripping onto his face. Impulsively he opened his mouth, caught his own dripping cum, adding it to the taste of Darla's climax. It was a lot, and he swallowed, and more fell onto his lips, his face, and then they were sucking it off him, licking his face, and kissing him, all three of them sharing Tom and Darla's hot cream.

"Fuck, baby, that was so hot," Liz said. Tom kissed her, tasting himself, and Darla's ass.

"YOU were so fucking hot," he corrected her, "you ass licking slut."

"M-mm, you're both hot," Darla interjected, "but Liz didn't cum yet, Tom." She held his softening cock. "Looks like I might have to fill in while you get back up to speed!"

Liz let out a squeal and lay back on the bed as Darla got off and fished in the toy bags. When she stood, she was wearing a strap-on mounted in a harness, a big, fat, angry-looking realistic cock that bounced on her as she climbed back up. Tom thought it might be at least eight inches, and certainly fatter than his own.

"I'm going to fuck that shaved pussy, baby," Darla told his wife, "and your man is going to watch you get good and fucked."

Tom rolled on to his side, as Darla crawled between Liz's legs. She rubbed the tip of her tool against Liz's open hole, wetting the tip in her juices. Tom watched her pussy open, the lips spreading wide, her hole visible, her clit poking out hard from under it's hood. Then Darla lined up, and pushed the fat head inside, and Liz groaned, and then squealed loudly as Darla pushed all the way in, one smooth stroke, burying her 'cock' into his wife.

Darla slipped her arms under Liz's knees, pulling her thighs up and apart, spreading her wide, and began stroking in and out. Tom felt his cock coming back to life, seeing the fat cock emerge slick and wet, only to plunge back in, again and again, making Liz cry out with passion. She was beautiful like this, taken by her desire, enjoying the penetration, and he attacked her breasts, sucking hard on her sensitive left nipple as his fingers found the other, pinching and pulling. He loved her tits, so soft, yet firm; so pliant, so sensitive. He knew it was having an effect on her, and he switched, sucking the other while he roughly pinched the wet nipple he'd just sucked. Liz barked her delight at the onslaught, and Darla picked up the pace, fucking his wife as skillfully as if she'd always had a cock.

Liz's cries picked up speed and intensity, and he knew that she was getting close to cumming. His dick was hard again, but he didn't stop Darla, he let her fuck his wife through her cum, and Liz screamed, shook, and then her mouth was open and no sound came out; she was just staring, wild-eyed, as her body was wracked by a massive orgasm. Finally she exhaled deeply, and Darla slowed, and stopped, and slowly pulled the cock from her.

Tom was in her place in a second, and his cock slipped inside her wet pussy easily, she was soaked in cum, and stretched from the large toy. As he began pumping, Darla moved to Liz's face, feeding the wet toy to her. "Suck my cock, slut, suck your cum off me, taste your pussy on my dick!" Hearing his friend talk so dirty to his wife was enticing, and seeing his wife suck that big cock with abandon was more so. He fucked her hard, pumping furiously in long, angry strokes, smashing his pubic bone against hers, making wet slapping noises. Darla pulled her 'cock' away and lowered her large breasts to Liz's face telling her to suck her nipples. He watched his wife's mouth close around the fat nub, saw her teeth grip it, and pull, and he came again, hard, filling her pussy with his second load. He kept pumping, spurting, and then Liz came again, crying out, letting Darla's nipple drop away. He slowed, and as he pulled out her cunt hung open, filled with his sticky white cream.

"Fuck, that looks too fucking hot," he muttered, and Darla pulled away from Liz to look. She slipped two fingers easily inside, pulling them out, and feeding them to Liz, who sucked them hungrily. In the past, after sex, it was always some version of rolling over, legs closed, and he would get a towel to clean up before she dripped on the sheets. Now this same woman, his wife of over a decade, was laying splayed wide, showing her shaved cunt, red and swollen and fucked open, spilling cum down the crack of her ass. Darla returned her fingers to the hole, inserting them into the slimy mess, and then bringing them to Liz to suck clean.

He had to admit, it was incredible to see, watching her cunt hole open and close as her pussy muscles clenched, seeing his semen oozing out, the wetness drying on her thighs and lips. It was so hot, so nasty, so ... fucked.

"Are you going to stare at it all night," he heard Darla say, her two fingers slipping inside for third trip into the heated hole, "or are you going to do something about it?"

"It's -- I've never seen before -- so hot ..."

"Then clear out, baby," she said, and pushed him aside, crawling between Liz's legs, and cramming her face to the steaming hole, tongue already out, mouth open. He watched her tongue start low, below her pussy, swiping up, gathering the cum that had dripped out, seeing it pool on her tongue. She scooped it into her mouth, swallowed and made a yummy sound, and began licking around the outside, gathering the remnants and splashes from around Liz's pussy, flicking her clit as she passed, before settling her mouth over the opening, and making loud sucking noises as she drew the rest of the syrupy residue out. He wondered if he could ever ... could I lick her pussy after fucking her? Could I eat her creampie?

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