tagMind ControlFourteen Day Program Ch. 05

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 05


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is Chapter 5 of the saga of Tom and Liz Raines. Most of it will not make sense unless you have read at least the first chapter. Thanks to all who have stuck with the story, and for the comments and encouragement.

As always, if this subject matter appeals to you, read on, and I hope you enjoy their tale. If not, please select another story by another fine author on this site.


The few days after Darla's visit their lives returned to normal, working and living as they had before Liz had herself 'adjusted' (as she had taken to calling it), and their lovemaking returned to normal as well. Tom appreciated these resets, as it gave his life balance; the wild things they had done and enjoyed were so far outside of his norm, that he felt he needed to take a step back from the precipice afterwards. Their regular routines during the week reassured him and settled him, and he defaulted to pursuing his more extreme satisfaction to the weekends, when they had time to play.

Not to say that their sex on weeknights was all tame and missionary, although some of it was. He tried not to ask her to do anything, attempting to have his former life and wife back, and allowed her to enjoy the sex without his direction. But at least once during the week he'd get an urge, and tell her he wanted to fuck her ass, or cum on her face, or in her mouth, and she'd grin devilishly and do it with enthusiasm. He was starting to believe he had the best of all possible worlds.

This weekend he would indulge his newest fantasy, the video camera. Liz had given him the idea when they had looked at porn on the internet a few weeks ago, and he'd thought of how great it would be not just to remember what she'd done, but actually see it, re-live it. He'd bought the camera last weekend, and had spent some time on the controls during the weeknight evenings. On Thursday evening he prepared for Friday night and his first video. He imagined the scenario in his head, telling Liz to perform for the camera, to talk to it, to say the nastiest things in the filthiest language. He imagined her eyes lighting up with excitement, spreading her legs for the camera, fingering herself, fingering her ass, sucking her fingers, excited and thrilled to be doing it for him. He imagined his cock slipping into her shaved cunt, and watching it later, seeing her cum, hearing her call out her climax, begging for his cum. What a collection he could create!

On Friday morning she announced that she had her period. Neither of them had ever been a fan of doing it while she was menstruating, and he had no desire to tell her to do that now. But on the way to work, he changed his plan, and decided that she could suck his cock instead. He imagined facial videos, cumming on her tongue, smearing it on her face with his cock, watching her lick it off his balls. He saw her face in his mind, looking into the camera, her mouth stuffed with his cock, telling him how much she wanted to swallow his hot cum. He was nearly giddy with excitement, and the day seemed to last forever.

During dinner it was all he could think of, anticipating the moment when he showed her the camera, seeing the thrill on her face as she agreed; no, as she leaped at the opportunity. He helped her clean up after the meal, and they settled into the den. He opened a bottle of wine, gave her a glass, and told her he'd be right back. He went to his home office to retrieve the camera, and came back to the den, grinning like a child with a new toy, hiding it behind his back.

"What are you up to?" she asked, smiling slyly, sharing the excitement in whatever surprise he was about to spring. He loved that look, and his heart leaped a little. He loved her. "You know I have my period. Don't tell me THAT'S one of your fantasies?" she grinned.

"No, not that. I want you to suck me off."

"You got it," she said cheerily, putting down her wine, and slipping off the chair. "How would you like it? Slow and sensual? Fast and nasty?" She got on her knees, and beckoned him to her, but he didn't move, yet. "You want me topless? You want to cum in my mouth? Tell me how you want your dick sucked, baby."

He took the camera from behind his back. "I want it on video."

Her grin disappeared, and her face went blank. "I don't think so." She said flatly. She began getting up as Tom became flustered and frantic at how this had so quickly parted from his imagined scenario.

"But ..."

"I don't think I can do that."

"But we watched those...on the internet, the ones you showed me ..." he stammered. "I thought that..." He wondered what happened. She was supposed to agree, to do it enthusiastically. Isn't that what the 'adjustment' was all about?

"It's too dangerous," she said, "they could end up on the internet."

"Liz, honey, I'm not going to post them on the net. They're for me, for us. No one will ever see you, you don't have to worry about that."

"Too risky, I think." She looked at him with no expression. "I don't think they'll allow it."

"They-?" he began, and was jolted by her mention of Organization, and the true nature of her adjustment and his agreement. He had given 'them' no thought at all in his pursuit of his fantasies so far and he suddenly felt shamefully short-sighted. They had limits. His chest tightened, and his hands clenched. Them, their secrecy, and their control over their clients, THEY were now going to get between him and his fantasies? With his own WIFE? He cursed their meddling influence over her, at the same time he struggled to regain his goal. "This has nothing to do with them," he denied, "this is about us, about me and you, enjoying ourselves. This is about you-"

"If it gets on the net, someone could see, something could be said," she answered, "they would find out. They are protective of their identity, you know that."

"But I wouldn't do that," he pleaded. "It's only for us."

"You remember what they said, baby," she pleaded in return. "They would take me from you; I couldn't stand that. YOU couldn't stand that."

"I promise. Is that enough?" Tom watched her face, saw it soften. Maybe. "I promise to you, on my love for you, that I will never put this video, or any video, on the internet. Will that be okay then?"

She grinned a little. "It feels better. Wow, it's like the resistance is slipping away. Swear it. Swear you won't."

"I swear I would never post this video or any others of you on the internet, for fear of losing you, the only woman I love."

She smiled broadly, and pulled her shirt off, and dropped to her knees. "Then get that cock over here." She licked her lips, undid her bra. "I can't wait to see the video!"

Tom pressed record, found her in the small screen, and approached her. Fuck! This was going to be great! "Tell me what you're going to do."

He zoomed in on her face as she said, "I'm going to suck your dick until you cum, baby. I love your cock in my mouth." She reached for his pants, opened them, and pulled them down his legs with his boxer briefs. "Mm-m, yeah, that's what I want." He pulled back the zoom, and centered the image as she grasped his soft member with one hand, cupping his balls with the other. She brought her face to it, and gave the head a lick. "Your balls feel like they have a nice load for me. Are you going to cum in my mouth, dirty boy?" She opened, and took the head inside for a strong, luxurious suck, her tongue swirling the head, then pulled off noisily. "Or on my face?"

"Yeah, on your face, I'm going to shoot my hot cum all over your pretty face, just the way you like." He watched her take his shaft into her mouth again, he was half hard already. Her eyes were closed. "Open your eyes, look at me, at the camera, yeah, like that, with my cock in your mouth." She smiled around it, and moaned. Her hand stroked the base. "Tell me how much you like it."

She pulled it out, stroking him, rubbing the head on her face. "Oh, baby, I love sucking your cock! I want to feel it, all hard and hot in my mouth," she cooed to the camera, and opened wide, and lowered her head over the top, slowly pushing her face down, as far as she could take it, then pushed a little until she gagged, all the while staring into the camera at him. She pulled back when she choked herself, her eyes tearing a little. She started bouncing her head on him, taking long strokes with her mouth, using her hand on the exposed shaft. She grunted as she took it in, every downstroke of her hot mouth a passionate sound, a hungry, eager noise.

Tom's excitement was compounded by the view of his wife in the small screen. The feel of the lips and mouth on his dick was incredible, and she was really working it. The image of her on the screen as he recorded her was tantalizing. Together they combined to amplify his pleasure, like watching a really good porn, with a favorite performer, and having really good sex at the same time.

Liz pushed her head down, almost to her gagging point, and shook her head wildly back and forth. Tom felt her entire mouth stimulating his cock, and then she sucked, hard, and pulled back slowly. Oh, the sensation was delicious! She pulled off with a loud wet pop, and rubbed his cock on her face, looking directly into his eyes.

"I want your cum. I want to feel it pulsing through your cock and shooting in my face, come on, give me that hot cum all over my face, I want it, I need it," she intoned.

Tom was finding out that it was harder to video sex than he'd imagined. He was trying to concentrate on the feeling in his cock, and what his wife was doing, and what the camera was capturing all at the same time. The technical aspect served to distract him, and while it was exciting to video his wife begging for his cum, it didn't push him towards his climax. Liz was going to have to work for this one.

"Suck my dick, baby, get your hot mouth on my dick and suck me till I cum," he told her, focusing the camera on her smiling face, her opening mouth, and her twinkling eyes as she enveloped his shaft. "That's it, suck my hard cock, you love to suck cock, don't you Liz?" The camera captured her eyes widening, and her head nodding up and down, her mouth stuffed with cock. "Oh, yeah, you nasty cocksucking slut, get your hand and mouth moving on that dick, work it good, make me cum." Her hand wrapped the shaft, and the slid it down to the base, her mouth following, then back up, her mouth creating suction all the way to the head, followed by her slicked hand. The camera held her, watched her bobbing slowly up and down, glancing up, then picking up speed and intensity.

He felt the result in his balls, and let her know. "Oh, sweet fucking jesus, that's it, oh, you suck my dick so good, Liz, you're going to make me cum, I feel it coming soon, you're hot mouth is going to make me shoot my cum for you."

Liz pulled her mouth off, her eyes wild with excitement, knowing what was coming, what she was making happen. "Yeah, give your nasty wife the cum she wants, baby, cover my face with that hot cream!" She stroked his cock with both hands, eyes darting from him to his cock, eager for her reward. "Shoot that hot cum in my cock sucking face! Give it to me!"

She opened and quickly engulfed him again, his dick instantly wrapped in wet heat, increasing his stimulation. Oh, fuck! That was incredible! He tried not to buck his hips; failed, tried harder, knowing it would jostle the camera. He felt it begin, concentrated on the impulses building behind his balls, and checked the camera.

"Here it comes, baby, here comes my cum for you, tell me how much you want it, tell me how it feels when I shoot in your face!" She pulled off, stroked him, aiming his cock at her face, just inches from the tip of her nose. She looked in the camera, and began a soft, sweet monologue as her hand caressed his slick shaft.

"Oh, yeah," she began, "I feel your cock getting harder, it's close." She licked the tip. "I want it to shoot on me, I love it when your cum is shooting on my face. I like to see it shoot out, I like seeing my white gooey treat shooting out of your hard cock, feel it pulsing through your shaft, it makes me so hot."

And then Tom felt it; the freight train began inside his pelvis, and ran full speed up the rails, crashing through the barriers, and exploded out of him. The camera framed her face, and caught the first large blast as it shot out onto her nose, splashing to the side, and hanging off.

"Oh! Here it is! Oh, yes, give me that hot cum, fuck, cover my face with cum!" She talked hotly through the rest of his ejaculation, moving the cock to her cheek as she spoke, taking the second and third blasts there, then aiming at her mouth, taking smaller shots on her moving lips as she continued. "Yeah, all over me, I love your cum on my face, your hot cum, on my lips, mm-m, I can taste it, fuck, it's covering me like a hot slut."

Tom's climax settled, and receded, and finished, his cock propelling the final dribbling drips of cum up his shaft. Liz opened her mouth, flattened her tongue, and rested it under the tip of his cock, where the last of his cum pooled as she hummed her delight, then made a show of swallowing the small load, smiling.

"Mm-m, how do I look, baby? Do I look hot and slutty with your nasty cum on my face?" Tom, his climax passed, was able to concentrate on his filming. He centered her face, tracked her finger as it smeared his cum, pushing it from her cheeks to her smiling mouth. "Oh, that was a big load for me baby, I must have done a good job sucking your cock." Her other hand rubbed the head of his cock on her face, smearing the cum, and then she opened and sucked it off. "Oh, I love to suck your cum from your cock, it's so hot." She licked her lips, then stretched her tongue to reach the drip from her nose. "Mm-m, yummy." She released his cock, and used both hands to slowly smear the cum on her face, coating herself evenly with semen, careful not to get any near her eyes. She licked her fingers.

She smiled for the camera. "Mm-m, delicious. I love cum."

Tom turned off the camera and grinned at her. "Holy shit, that was incredible!" He put the camera down, and helped Liz to her feet, then took her in his arms, squeezing her with delight. "You were fabulous! Like an experienced performer, only better, because it was all true!"

She hugged him back. "You know it is." She looked up at him. "It was fun. And you gave me a nice big load to play with!" She smiled broadly, genuinely happy.

Tom leaned in impulsively and kissed her, disregarding the smell of cum, the slight bitterness and slick coating on her lips. She kissed him back, her hands slipping to his neck, his chest, touching him as she always had, feeling the comfort of his body next to hers, his arms around her. She pulled back, looked at him.

"Would you do it again?" Tom asked.

"Right now? Are you up for that?" she joked.

He laughed, holding her. "No, later. Would you do it again? Suck my dick again?"

"You know I would!" she replied, smiling.

"And video?"

Her smile stayed full and sincere. "And video. As long as you remember your promise." She snuggled her head into his chest, then grabbed his ass, and pulled away, picking up her shirt, saying, "I'll be back, just want to clean up a little," and left him there.

And Tom stood there, pants at his feet, naked from the waist down, his spent member dangling softly between his legs. His arms hung at his sides and his heart beat rapidly, trying to fight the growing hollow feeling in his chest. "Remember your promise," she'd said. To her. For THEM. He was alone in the room, and he should have been getting dressed, but found himself immobilized. Because he didn't feel he was alone. Even as Liz left he sensed their presence; it was them, and after she left the room they were still there with him, and he stood immobile, foolishly trembling, trying and failing to ignore that they would never be far from him, they would always there. It couldn't be denied, or avoided.

He bent for his pants, suddenly feeling like he was getting dressed in front of group of people; a group who would silently judge him and evaluate him, talking softly to each other, out of his hearing, like some sort of laboratory experiment. He zipped up hurriedly, frustrated, and a little insecure.

How could he have failed to consider them all these days? Had he been so blinded by lust and discovery as to not remember? And now that he had them on his mind, he wished he could forget. How could he possibly adjust to this? Could he learn to ignore them? Ever? He would have to endure a constant struggle to obey their control, even as he enjoyed the breadth of their influence in the changes Liz had made. Sure, he enjoyed having his fantasies. Sure, he was thrilled at the renewed vigor and participation Liz showed, and he knew it was her, ALL her, when they had wild and kinky sex. But at the end, they would always be there. She'd never mentioned them, or their rules, until today, he realized, when he said something that approached violating their guidelines. And now they weren't hidden anymore.

He had the best of both worlds, a loving, caring and devoted wife, and a sexual partner who had a voracious sexual appetite and an enthusiasm for anything he wanted to do. And had been given this gift by people he didn't know, who had convinced him to agree to their conditions. It was a double-edged sword, he thought, walking back to his office. He hooked up the camera to his laptop and began downloading the video. He tried to disregard them, to ignore them, but they were there, in the back of his mind. And with the thought of them, was the thing he knew was coming, the thing he had begun to silently dread. The call would come, and they would take her for a time, for what purpose he did not know, and could only guess.

He knew what he would forfeit if he defied them. He would put an end to the pleasure he had discovered with his wife. But more, he would lose her, they would call her and tell her to leave, to come to them, and never return. He couldn't risk that, remembering the pain and loneliness he'd felt for the two weeks she'd left him for her 'adjustment'. The video finished transferring, and he disconnected the camera. They had nearly stopped him from achieving this new fantasy.

But he'd bypassed their warnings, hadn't he? He'd found a way around it. Sure, he'd promised, sworn, to never post these videos, but he really had never had any intention of doing that anyway, so he'd given up nothing. And he'd gotten around the rules. He grinned, congratulating himself on his small victory, allowing this minor achievement to discount his larger anxiety, and he felt the tension ease, slip from his knotted shoulders.

He clicked on the downloaded file, and watched the video he'd shot. Liz was so beautiful, so sexy. And so fucking hot, he watched her, seeing her mouth stretching around his shaft, talking to him, saying all those dirty, filthy things, sucking his cock. He reveled in his victory as the image of her face was covered in his cream, splashing on her face as she delighted in the event. As the video ended, he began constructing a mental list of their next videos.

That night they shot a second video, this time on his back, as she sucked him for a longer while, licking his balls, and holding her mouth over his cock as he came, then drooling it out onto her breasts. In the following days he recorded additional blowjobs; her taking his full load in her open mouth, shooting it all on her tongue, then swallowing; another facial, this one focused on her forehead, so it dripped down her face. One morning he jerked off on her face as she lay in bed. That night she sucked his cock, and he came in a martini glass, and she drank it. Every night, and some of the mornings he shot a video of his wife sucking his dick, eating or wearing his cum. Sometimes they watched prior videos to help stimulate them; she enjoyed them as much as he did.

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