tagGroup SexFourth of July Surprise!

Fourth of July Surprise!


July 4th and it is 6:30 in the morning. Marco was sleeping, smiling, dreaming about his wife Alyssa and his business partner, Laura. The dream was so vivid, and yet his mind had never consciously thought about Laura to this degree. The playful flirting on occasion, but he flirted with all women. Every once in a while he would steal a glance at her at work, but she was his partner, so he would immediately focus on his work. Now those damn dogs started barking and woke him from this vivid dream. Marco was starting to feel guilty as he never had thought of Laura quite this way, but then again, it was a hot threesome sex dream. Having a dream is not wrong, at least he tried to convince himself of that.

Marco let the dogs out, waiting for the morning wood to go down. Was this because of the dream? Of course not, he always woke-up with a hard cock! Marco decided he might as well stay up. Today is the Fourth of July and he and Alyssa were having a BBQ and pool party for close friends. Just a party with a few of their swinger friends and other close friends who did not know of their "hobby". Let Alyssa sleep, he thought, and he could start getting things ready for the party.

Marco set up the tables outside, started prepping the side dishes, and now he needed to fill the ice chest with beer. Alyssa came downstairs and in a happy mood. She wore only a tight fitting tank top and no underwear as she descended the stairs. Her long legs and blonde hair never failing to entice Marco. Maybe the ice chest could wait because Alyssa had that look on her face, and the morning wood suddenly flared back. He went to the bottom of the stairs and began kissing her, and caressing her, then letting his hands drift down her back and up her thighs. Two swingers in love, but each other they treasured most. The heat too much for these two, and no time to find a location. Time to fuck on the stairs, and in so many different ways.

Hot as the sex was, he kept drifting in thought to his business partner, Laura. She would be coming to the party, bringing her kids, and hopefully not her uptight new boyfriend. Marco did not have a good feeling about him, but he kept this to himself. Alyssa once mentioned that it would be nice to have a threesome with her. Marco casually agreed but at the time his mind started to drift into fantasy but he pulled out of it. Besides, Laura's new boyfriend would never tolerate this. Laura was one of the few people who knew they were swingers and she was interested. Interested to the point they were working with investors on establishing a swinger's web site and hosting events. They were going to take her to a swinger's party so she could see what it was like. There was no doubt she wanted to try, but then the new boyfriend came along and interfered. Yet still at work as they discussed the new business ventures, there were those stolen glances and traces of flirting between the two of them. Marco just dismissed this as playful flirting as he knew Laura was not interested in him.

Steamy sex on the staircase had to stop as suddenly the start of the party was coming rapidly. Alyssa went upstairs to shower and came down to help Marco with setting everything up. Slowly the group of friends began to arrive. The food was outstanding, the swimming great, laughing and having a great time with friends as the beers and margaritas flowed freely. Yet Marco could not keep his mind off the hot sex with Alyssa in the morning and the anticipation of Laura's arrival. He spent more time in the pool trying to hide and find relief for his cock that would not go down. Then Laura came in - she had her own key - and brought her children in. Marco noticed her immediately, she had dyed her thick luscious shoulder length hair black. Had she lost weight? Maybe, but her curves in her jeans were perfectly accentuated. Marco was trying to hide his expanding cock, gave her a brief kiss hello, then jumped into the pool to hide his obvious arousal. Why was he reacting this way to her?

Food and drinks were running low and Marco left to get more beer from the garage refrigerator. He did not realize someone had entered behind him. Laura was standing behind the now closed door. Their eyes locked and there was the brief moment of speechlessness as they could not stop their gazes. She walked over to Marco, pressing her perfect body against his against the garage door, and without using her hands, she gently nibbled his ears and gently kissed his neck. The connection too strong to be denied any longer and the guests in the backyard faded to a distant memory. Laura was clearly wanting him and he could no longer hold back. They began kissing, gently at first, then with each kiss grew an intensity, and their arms wrapped around each other in tight embrace, pressing their bodies as close together as they possibly could. His hands drifted slowly down her slender back, and she was so entrancing in her bikini that he could touch and caress so much of her soft skin. He had never seen her in a bikini and he could not resist. Then suddenly Rob banged on the door demanding more beer. Laura hid in the garage and Marco came out with another case of beer to add to the cooler. Yes, he definitely ran into the pool again to cool off his burning excitement, and guilt.

More food was needed so Marco went into the house. He tried not to notice Laura when he was in the pool, yet he could catch her stealing glances at him and smiling. Just as Marco was grabbing food out of the refrigerator, suddenly Laura was pressed up behind him. She said since he was a swinger they should find a place to fuck. Alyssa was nowhere in sight and this was not a swinger's party. His mind flooded with a sense of guilt but an overwhelming need to have Laura at this moment. Too many dreams, too much sexual tension in the office, he could no longer hold back. But he could not do this without Alyssa knowing - they always played as a couple or gave consent ahead of time. To have sex with Laura without Alyssa knowing would be cheating.

Yet the kissing and caressing became so intense and both powerless to stop. Then suddenly Alyssa came into the kitchen and saw what was happening. Marco began to panic as he was not playing within their rules. He never wanted to hurt Alyssa and could not believe he allowed himself to be overcome with lust. Alyssa did not have any expression on her face as she walked toward them. They had quickly pulled apart when Alyssa came in. Rob walked in and they all jumped and Rob commented on why they were so nervous, they just needed to bring out more food. Alyssa grabbed the items and told Rob to take them outside for everyone.

Rob was gone and Alyssa did something so unexpected - she walked over to Laura and moved in close and began to kiss her. Laura began kissing her back, and Marco watched, heart pounding with anticipation. Laura had never actually been in a threesome, or with another woman, and Alyssa was clearly not angry. She in fact suggested they move to a bedroom and lock the door. The guests were busy with the party and no one would notice the three of them missing. The sexual tension between the three of them was too overwhelming and a jump in the pool would no longer suffice, for any of them!

They moved into a bedroom and Marco locked the door behind him. Alyssa took Laura's hand and led her to the bed, and then they sat together again. Marco watched the surreal as Alyssa began slowly kissing Laura again, gently drifting her hand onto Laura's breast, slowly caressing the outside of the bikini, then moving her hand inward. Laura took her slightly shaking hand and began touching and caressing Alyssa's breasts. The kissing became more deep as tongues entered each other's mouths. Alyssa untied the top of Laura's bikini and began sucking her nipples. Laura began to slowly moan and her head tilting back as the pleasure was overcoming to her. Alyssa took off her own bathing suit and slowly slid the bottoms off of Laura's. Alyssa gently guiding Laura to lay on the bed as her fingers gently caressed Laura's pussy, streaming with wetness.

Marco could no longer stand watching. He slid off his swim trunks and laid down on the other side so Laura was in the middle. He and Alyssa were taking turns kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts while both were caressing her pussy with their hands. Marco could stand no more and gave the look to Alyssa meaning permission to fuck her. Alyssa's look back told him he could. Marco slowly moved on top of Laura and she grabbed him and pulled him closer. Her pussy so wet his large clock slid right in. How long he had waited for this moment! He used all his will told hold back from exploding in orgasm. Laura moaned and begged to be fucked harder, yet Marco knew he could only hold out for so long. His stamina great but with Laura, this was unlike the other women in the swinging lifestyle.

Alyssa sensed that Marco only had limited time. She whispered to Laura, and they both were on their hands and knees, bodies pressed together side by side. Marco plunged his cock deep into Alyssa while watching Laura and Alyssa kissing. Then he pulled out, caught his breath, and plunged his cock deep inside Laura. Over and over again and time lost all meaning. The women were cumming each time he entered them and their moans and kisses so overwhelming. Marco pulled out of Laura and exploded all over both their backs. Their backs gleaming with the hot cum and they both pulled forward and laid down on the bed, exhausted and satisfied. Marco grabbed a towel from the adjoining bathroom and gently wiped their backs.

He wanted to lay next to them but there was a pounding at the door. One of the guests said the beer was gone and Marco was suddenly pulled back into reality. How long were they in there? They each put on their bathing suits and tried to exit one by one so no one would notice. Marco grabbed more beer and Alyssa prepared more margaritas while Laura slipped out and back into the pool. Jokes were made why the three were gone so long at the same time, but the three laughed them off, while inside they knew. For Marco, his ultimate vanilla fantasy came true - to finally have Laura for what seemed a late afternoon delight. Yet the sun had gone down when they emerged and as they brought the drinks out, fireworks began over the adjacent golf course. Marco grinned and thought to himself the sheer naughty delight that this was the second round of fireworks that evening.

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