tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFox and Guests Pt. 04C

Fox and Guests Pt. 04C


Sarah Palin stood before the camera at Fox and Guests, she looked awesome as always, but she looked nervous. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen my name is Sarah Palin and what you are about to see was one of my many fantasies. This one more or less fell into my lap. Just to set the scene, the first part you will be seeing was recreated. After the real fantasy started, we had to go back and film the past that led to the fantasy so you could all see how it occurred off camera. Bristol, Willow and I were on a cross-country book tour last October for my new book, "Good Tidings, Great Joy!" We were on the last leg now in California. We just finished a stint on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We were rushing around the hotel rooms getting ready for Good Morning LA and we were running late, so without any more of my speaking here is the fantasy that fell into my lap and boy am I glad it did happen!"

The screen came alive and the Palin women were running around in the hotel room getting ready for the morning show. Bristol placed her hand on her bare hips; "Hey mom, after this morning show, how many more stops do we have till be head back to Wasilla? I'm so fucking horny I may just jump Willow and you tonight! Look at mom Willow, you can tell she's horny!"

Sarah was sitting on the bed smoothing her black thigh-hi stockings on her slim, shapely legs. She stopped and looked up at Bristol; "You cannot, but if you could, what's my tell?"

Bristol elbowed Willow on her naked large, full D sized tit; "She always wears her hair down when she's horny and when was the last time you saw her in thigh-hi stockings?"

"Mmmmm, I think you're right Bristol, I think the last time was my eighteenth birthday bash and she sure was horny and she really took care of that didn't she?"

Sarah stood up and let out a little giggle as she pulled her tight thigh-hi pencil skirt to just below her stocking tops. "Well Bristol, you are right, I am horny as hell, but with only stops in Frisco, Portland and Seattle, we'll be home soon enough and then I'll be jumping Track and Todd's bones, are you two going to join me?"

Willow let out a little degusted laugh; "Well in the words of an ex-Alaska governor used to say; "You Betcha!"

Bristol slapped Willow on her panty clad ass; "I'm in too, but we better get our asses in gear or we're going to be late!"

Sarah finished buttoning her cranberry satin blouse, covering her black lace bra and slipping into her matching black jacket turned to Bristol and Willow; "Leave it to Bristol, our human alarm clock, you both better get hurry!" She sat on the bed and slipping into a pair of strappy black high-heeled shoes, she once again slid her hands up her black stocking and tugging at the upper bands, stood and turned to Bristol and Willow.

They were both putting on their heels, Bristol was pulling her button-up soft cashmere beige sweater over her fitted jeans, her extremely long chocolate brown straight hair was hanging down, it was draped over her huge D sized tits.

Willow was putting the final two pins in her tight French twist, her even longer light brown hair left her sexy neck bare. She was wearing a thick bulky knit sweater, it was draped over a pleated black skirt, and it showed her legs off perfectly.

Both Willow and Bristol slipped into high heels and opened the door for the valet to take their bags down to the waiting limo. They piled in and Bristol turned to her mother; "Mom, Willow and I were thinking, after the morning show, we don't have to be in Frisco till morning. What do you think about renting a convertible, catching a light lunch in a diner I read about in Canoga Park and then shooting over to the PCH and headed along the coast?"

Sarah looked over at her excited daughters, they were great with her on the book tour and was eager to give them something back; "Sure, why not! Hop on your cell and reserve a convertible."

Bristol did that and after the morning show the limo driver dropped them off at the car rental agency and they headed north. They arrived in Canoga Park at the height of the lunch crowd and when they finally got a table and ordered, they had time to look around. That is when Willow spotted the large office building across the street from the diner they were in. The building had a large sign on it; "Wicked Films"; "Hey Bristol, look over there, isn't that the porn studio that made the parody on mom. I think they even made the mommy and me movie about you and mom isn't it?"

"Yeah they made the parody about mom, but Devil Films made the one about mom and me! Remember Nick Manning at your party, now that porn star could fuck!"

"Mmmmm I just loved Nick, but I'm partial to Lexington Steele, he has it all, a firm muscled body, a big cock and to top it off, he's black!"

Sarah stopped the two of them; "Not so loud you two someone may hear you! Oh my god look who just talked in!"

Bristol and Willow turned towards the door and they let out a gasp. Standing there waiting for a table were Sean Michaels and Lisa Ann, the female porn star who played their mother in the porn parody.

Bristol looked at her mother; "Well mom, Willow likes Lexington Steele, but just looking at Sean, I think he'd do, what do you think? Mom, mom did you hear me?"

"Oh yeah Bristol, Sean does look good, but believe it or not, I'm more interested in Lisa Ann, my god, I know she looked good in the videos your dad has, but seeing her in person, my god, she's captivating. Maybe if I stand up and wave to her, maybe I can get her to join us, what do you think?"

"What if you do, what then mom?"

She let out a nervous laugh; "I haven't thought that far ahead yet Bristol, I guess I'll wing it!" She stood and after catching her attention, she waved them over.

Lisa Ann had a startled look on her face, she leaned over and whispered something in Sean's ear, he smiled and they headed over to their table. Lisa and Sean stood before the seated daughters and the standing mother; "Well hello Mrs. Palin, I feel a little awkward here, you must know I did a sexual spoof about you several times, but I do admire you and even though I'm an actress in the adult film industry, I consider myself a conservative and love most of your views!"

"Well thank you Lisa Ann, believe it or not, although I'm a strong conservative I, along with my family, are very liberal when it comes to sex and your industry, we just try and keep that part of our personal life quiet. Come sit with us, we just ordered, you can add what you two would like to our order."

Sean and Lisa Ann took a seat, ordered and they began talking with the three Palin women like they were old friends and were surprised just how personable they were.

Willow spoke up; "Does Nick Manning still work here?"

Lisa Ann smiled wickedly at her; "Ah yeah he does, but he isn't around today. I believe he's on a shoot down the coast, why do you ask?"

"Well he was a special guest at my eighteenth birthday party couple of years ago; I was hoping to see him."

"I know he's really close with Tommy Gunn and he's here maybe he can tell you what he's up to today!"

Soon they were finishing their meal and after Sarah paid the bill, telling Lisa Ann she had an expense account while on the book tour, Lisa Ann stood and looked at the three women; "Would you ladies like to come and take a tour of our facility?"

The three women jumped at the chance and Sarah spoke up; "We'd love to, we don't have to be in San Francisco till morning, we have all day, right girls?"

Willow and Bristol agreed and soon the five of them were headed across the street to the large studio where the videos spoofing her family were made! The three Palin women were surprised how professional everyone was at the offices. Lisa Ann led them down several halls into the studios, all were sectioned off into specific sets, and some of them were very intriguing. They entered a large livingroom set and sitting there was Randy Spears, and Sarah sucked in her breath in surprise.

Randy had a huge smile on his face as Lisa Ann introduced Sarah to Randy; "Randy Spears, meet the real Sarah Palin! Sarah this is Randy Spears, he played Dave Letterman in the parody."

He took her hand; "It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Palin, although we did a spoof about you, I really admire you. I hope you don't hold that film against either of us!"

"No, not at all Randy, please call me Sarah! Todd and I watched that video countless times, it both made us laugh and also turned us on to no end. It's really an honor to meet you both. If either of you even knew half the fantasies I've had about both of you after watching that video, well!" Sarah blushed and turned to look at Bristol and Willow; "I saw the plaque of Nick on the wall, too bad he isn't here to show you two around!"

Just then Tommy Gunn and Lexington Steele came walking into the studio and when Lisa Ann saw them spoke up; "I thought the two of you had a shoot right after lunch, what happened?"

Tommy looked the three Palin women up and down and smiled; "My partner got caught drunk driving and it was delayed till they find a replacement. As for Lex here, he was surprised when his co-star, well how do I put this gently, well she started her time of the month, if you know what I mean."

Lisa Ann laughed out loud; "It's okay to say Tommy, she started her period. So Lex, what are you going to do?"

Lexington Steele, stood a good six foot eight and as black as coal, dressed in a large terrycloth robe; "I didn't want to fuck up my uniform, so I slipped out of it till they find a replacement, want to take her place Lisa Ann? I'd love to see you in a tiny flight attendant uniform!"

"Sorry Lex, I did my scene this morning and I'm done for the day. I told Randy I'd go over a couple of scenes with him, and no they are not sex scenes. What about you Tommy, what are you going to do?"

"No Lisa Ann, I'm not wearing a flight attendant uniform or work with Lex!"

Lisa Ann giggled like a school girl; "No I know that, I wanted to know what you're going to do about your scene, what was it by the way?"

"We were set up in the livingroom set, I'm playing a step-dad and my step-daughter comes home after school dressed in a Catholic School uniform, interested?"

Lisa Ann shook her head; "No I don't think so, I wouldn't be very convincing as a school girl, especially a Catholic school girl!"

Bristol whispered to Willow and they both started laughing. Lisa Ann looked over at them; "My, my young ladies, what's so funny?"

Willow was blushing and looked at Bristol who smiled back at her and nodded; "Well we were saying we could do them. We saw how interested mom is in spending sometimes with you and Mr. Spears. I wouldn't mind trying out the flight attendant part and Bristol, I know loves dressing up like a school girl!"

Sarah had her hands on her hips; "Are the two of you insane? Do you know what that would entail?"

Bristol stepped forward; "Sure mom, we'd be on a Wicked Film and we'd be fucking and sucking. Don't tell me you wouldn't want to spend the afternoon with Randy and Lisa Ann?"

"Well how about the trip up the PCH and San Francisco?"

Willow chuckled; "Fuck the PCH, we can head back to LA, turn in the car and take the redeye to Frisco tonight or early tomorrow morning. What do you think mom?"

Sarah looked at Lisa Ann and Randy; "I don't know Willow, what do you think Lisa Ann? Would Bristol and Willow be okay doing the scenes with Lex and Tommy?"

Lisa Ann stepped over to Sarah and whispered in her ear and Sarah broke out in a grin from ear to ear. Sarah stepped over to Lex and Tommy; "Tell me guys; would you like to do a scene with a Palin daughter, they are pretty good?" Turning to Randy she bushed up against him; "Would you like to try practicing a scene with Lisa Ann and me Randy?"

Lex and Tommy nodded and Randy pulled her to him and just before kissing her whispered; "Oh fuck yeah Sarah, let's go!" Taking her into his arms he covered her lips with his own. She groaned into his mouth and felt his cock already growing.

Pushing him away slightly she looked over at Lisa Ann; "Are you okay with this Lisa Ann?"

"Mmmmm yes Sarah, I would love to taste that pussy of yours, would you like to try mine?"

Sarah giggled; "YOU BETCHA! Okay what do Bristol and Willow need to do?"

Tommy took Bristol by the hand; "Follow me, both of you and we'll set you up with your costumes!" Turning back to Randy he gave him the thumbs up sign; "Have fun Randy, you lucky bastard! Nick told me what a great fuck all of the Palin women were, maybe after I'm done I'll come out and join you three!"

The four of them disappeared and Lisa Ann took the slender hand of Sarah's; "Come on, I think there's a bedroom set up down the hall!" The three of them headed down the hall and turning the corner came into a cubicle with a huge bed in powder blue satin sheets and dimmed lights.

Randy hit a couple of switches and the room was bathed in a soft glow, but bright enough for filming. He approached Sarah and she came into his arms. With his arms wrapped around Sarah, Lisa Ann came and took a seat on the bed beside the standing couple. Dressed in a flowing silky navy blue wrap-around dress, it fell from her full thighs and the plunging neckline barely contained her huge DD tits.

Randy backed Sarah up to the bed and she found her legs pressed against Lisa Ann's spread thighs. He slid his hands inside her unbuttoned jacket, sliding his hands up to her shoulders he slid the jacket off and she felt Lisa Ann tug it off her arms and off her body. She looked back at Lisa Ann and smiled down at her. She let out a gasp when she felt Lisa Ann's hands on her shoulders as she urged Sarah down to her knees.

Lisa Ann slid beside her and turning her head slightly, she planted her lips to Sarah's puffy lips. Her tongue wormed out and painted back and forth across Sarah's blood red lips. Urging them apart, she was met with Sarah's tongue at the entrance and they danced back and forth. Lisa Ann heard Randy's zipper being drawn downward and felt his pants fall against her exposed chest and settled around his feet. She worked her mouth deeper against Sarah's and she knew Randy was busy removing his pants and shirt. When she came up for air she followed Sarah's gaze and they both were staring at Randy's stiff cock. As far as porn stars are concerned, he wasn't overly endowed, but Lisa Ann definitely knew how to use what he did have. She also liked the size, she was able to deep throat it, unlike a number of the larger cocks in the business now.

Sarah reached out and gripped his cock in her soft dainty hand. She stroked it several times as she looked up at him with those dark brown eyes. She looked especially seductive with those sexy glasses on. A smile broke out and as her lips parted, she leaned forward and flicked it out back and forth, up and down the leaking head. She was nudged aside as Lisa Ann dipped below her and flicked her larger, wet tongue back and forth across his swollen balls. She sucked one ball into her mouth and when Sarah saw this, she opened her lips and enveloped the head of his cock. She let a large drool of saliva flow from her mouth and her hand caught it and began to pump his cock up and down faster. Her mouth followed as she took about half of his cock into her mouth and Lisa Ann met her mouth with her own.

Lisa Ann popped Randy's ball from her mouth and as her tongue flicked out against Sarah's stuffed mouth and his cock, she planted her fat lips against his exposed cock and vigorously suck it up and down, from his balls to Sarah's lips.

Randy was close to popping and wanted this fantasy of his to last as long as possible. His cock was dripping with the saliva of the two beautiful women. After a good ten minutes, he had to pull away or shoot off. He pulled away reluctantly and grabbed Sarah by the arms and drew her to her feet.

Sarah's legs were wobbly and plopped down on the plush bed. Her lips were swollen; her sexy dark brown hair was disheveled from being between Randy's thighs and Lisa Ann's hands. She reached up and swept the excess saliva from her lips and chin, looked up at the smiling face. She smiled back and tipped her head back as he lowered his lips to hers. While they were kissing and their tongues were flicking back and forth, she sucked in her breath as she felt his fingers begin to pluck the buttons open on her tight satin blouse. She helped by opening the buttons on her cuffs. She let out a tiny shiver when she felt the cool air on her heated flesh as the blouse was drawn off her shoulders and off her petite body.

Randy abandoned her mouth and attacked her bare flesh of her neck and shoulder. He was an expert and he was all over her upper body, feeling as if he had two or three mouths instead of just one. He had Sarah breathing heavy and was moaning as she felt his hands pull the strap of her bra from her shoulders. She let out a gasp when she felt the clasp being released and the bra slacken and fell from her full aching tits.

Sarah opened her eyes and gazed over Randy's shoulder, she watched Lisa Ann begin to disrobe. Her wrap-around dress parted and it fell from her lush body. Sarah sucked in her breath as she looked at the gorgeous body behind Randy. Her mammoth tits spilled out of her sexy black lace and gossamer bra. Gazing lower she saw her slight swell of her tummy and her pussy was covered by a tiny pair of panties that matched her bra and garter belt. Her shapely calves and lush thighs were encased in sheer black stockings. She watched Lisa Ann kick off her heels and when she reached back and popped open her bra, her huge tits nearly leaped from their confinement. Sarah's mouth watered just thinking about sucking on those luscious morsels. She let out a groan when she felt Randy urge her onto her back and suddenly Lisa Ann was on the bed beside Randy, both of them captured one of her own stiff nipples into their mouths.

Sarah arched her back, her dark brown hair was buried in the pillow, the top of her head was flat on the bed as she pushed as much of her tit flesh into the two porn-stars mouths. Her flat belly sucked in and with her hips off the mattress Randy took the opportunity to unzip her tight skirt and they both yanked it down her tight ass and off her body.

Dressed only in thigh-hi stockings and tiny panties, her body was wiggling all over the bed. She was strung tight and was already close to cumming.

Randy reached down and slipped his hand beneath her panties and found her soaking wet. His fingers entered her pussy easily and he slipped two fingers into her down to his palm. He felt her let out a gush of cream on his fingers and her nails dug into his shoulder as he heard her let out a loud moan as she came all over his fingers. As he withdrew his fingers, his hand drew her panties down and off her legs.

Before he could return Lisa Ann saw down between Sarah's squirming legs, her tongue was buried deep in her pussy and her lips covered her entire cunt and she began sucking lightly at first and as Lisa Ann stuffed her tongue deeper into Sarah's bubbly pussy, she sucked harder and harder.

Sarah started cumming harder than she had ever cum before, it felt like her entire cunt was being sucked out through her dripping hole. Sarah was screaming at the top of her lungs as she humped her spasming pussy against Lisa Ann's mouth, she collapsed exhausted and satisfied to the damp mattress.

Randy was stiff as he's ever been. He rolled Sarah over onto her belly and gripping her hips, drew her to her knees. Without giving her anytime to recover from Lisa Ann's mouth, he drove his cock, balls deep into her pussy.

Lisa Ann plastered her lush body over Sarah's. Lisa Ann's pussy was draped over Sarah's forehead and her head. Lisa Ann's huge tits crushed against Sarah's lower back. She began planting hot, wet kisses all over Sarah's tight ass. She spread her ass cheeks and sucked at her puckered hole. She watched Randy's cock drive over and over again in and out of Sarah's pussy. Unable to help herself Lisa Ann reached down and pulled his cock from her pussy and sucked on it. She cleaned all of Sarah's cum off his cock and inserted it back in her pussy and she went back to licking and tonguing Sarah's puckered asshole. She did this four or five times and the last time, she planted Randy's cock at the tight hole and Randy drove into her ass.

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