tagSci-Fi & FantasyFox Hunt Ch. 02

Fox Hunt Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The American Dream
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The restraints creaked and groaned as the voluptuous young blonde writhed against their oppression, her skin reddened and bloody from the effort. Butterscotch Fox lay naked on a reclining metal chair, bound at the wrists, ankles and neck by Diamentium cuffs. One arm was hooked up to an IV drip, replenishing her as a two hoses suckled at her breasts, draining her precious milk. The days had blurred together, but with a large countdown clock on the wall, Butter could easily keep track of the hours. She was nearing the end of another eight-hour session, with only minutes before her release - and not a moment too soon. Sessions with the milk extractor were arduous and humiliating, but throughout the tortuous hours, one thought sustained her sanity; that of her sister Regan's safety.

The blonde Fox steeled herself with recollections of their childhood, and images of her sibling flooded her mind. Butter was Regan's elder, but not by much. She reminisced about that round-faced little girl with the red hair and freckles, her blue eyes peering out from behind glasses. Butter had always looked out for her little sister, and now she was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for her sake.

Butter's reminiscing was cut short as she heard the slight "whoosh" of the sliding door, followed by the click of Gucci boots on the steel floor announcing the arrival of Dr. Vanessa Payne.

"And how are we today, my dear?" the evil genius cooed from the shadows. Vanessa emerged from the darkness with one hand in her jacket pocket, hips swaying fluidly. She wore her usual black pantsuit and latex rubber arm gloves, and her brunette curls dangled around her shoulders. "Nearly hit our quota for the day?"

A vein throbbed on Butter's forehead as she clenched her jaw- clenched so tightly she thought her teeth would break. "I can...take anything you...can dish out, Vanessa" the heroine grimaced, "But...my milk....why so much of it?"

Vanessa's thin red lips curled up into a smirk as she knelt down beside the metal chair so that she and her captive now sat face to face. "I've got big plans, Butter" said the villainess, "when I take on the Institute, I'm going to need muscle. With your bio-matter I've collected, I can clone all the muscle I need! Imagine- ButterClones filling up the front line...!"

Butter's eyes widened as she gasped "Cannon fodder!"

"Exactly!" grinned Vanessa. "And what's more...when we're in control, those Clones are going to ruin your good name! Imagine the outrage when the great Butterscotch Fox steals, kills, and terrorises- hell, we might just get a photo of you going down on Osama Bin Laden!"

With her legacy threatened, Butter's mind raced and she stammered for the words "Why?" she pleaded "what could you possibly gain?"

"I'll be doing this world a favour!" snarled Vanessa, "No little girl is going to grow up with you for a role model! You're an embarrassment to the Institute and to my work! You-"

A loud tone rang out, breaking Vanessa off mid-sentence. The timer on the wall had reached zero, and Butter's shift on the milk extractor had ended for another day, the machine already winding down to a halt. Relieved, Butter released the tension in her body and slumped her head back in the chair. Sore, exhausted and short of breath, her mouth curled up into a weak smile.

"Saved by the bell" managed the heroine, "Looks like you missed the show."

With a wicked grin, Vanessa's eyes lit up and she reached into her jacket pocket, removing a small device. "Did I?" she giggled, "Don't be so sure, princess..." with a click of a button, the timer on the wall reset to its starting point of eight hours. It only took moments for the horrible realization to dawn on Butter.

"NO!" the busty heroine shrieked in despair, "You wouldn't...I'm just...I was FINISHED!"

The sadistic Brit could not suppress the toothy grin spreading up her beautiful face as she gleefully snatched Butter's hope away from her.

"Oh come on, Butter..." the doctor chided, "Those aren't the rules. If you don't want to participate, I can think of a little redhead who I can play with..."

"NO!" cried Butter as Vanessa stood up to leave. "I'll do what you want! I'll be good!"

"Well that's not good enough anymore...now you have to ask me!"


"Now you have to ask me to pump your fat tits!"

Butter's eyes filled with shame and her lip quivered as she forced herself to ask for the unbearable. "Please..." she eked, "Please turn the machine back on."

"I don't know" the doctor said doubtfully, "I don't think you really mean that..."

"I mean it! Please turn it on!"

"I don't know..."

"Do it!"

"I'm not sure...are you sure Regan wouldn't rather-?"

"Pump my fucking tits!!!" screamed the golden-haired Amazon.

"All right! All right!" conceded Vanessa, a smile splitting her face, "You don't have to yell!"

With the touch of a button, the milk extractor began humming back to life, and the timer resumed counting down for another eight hour term. Butter's entire body clenched as the pain returned to her breasts, and tears of despair began to well up in her green eyes. Vanessa knew just which emotions to manipulate and had played Butter like a violin. Her body quivering from exhaustion, she pled one last time to the sadistic Englishwoman.

"Why?!" Sobbed the heroine "Why me?! What have I done to deserve this?!"

Her eyes pouring over Butter's agony, Vanessa slid her gloved hand along the edge of her lapel, allowing one latex finger to glide its way down her cleavage. She tingled at the cool, rubbery digit as it traced its way across her milky skin before remembering herself. "You'll have to take that up with my employer" she said matter-of-factly. Smoothing out her clothing, Vanessa turned and strode into the shadows.

With the swish sound of the sliding door, Butter turned her head towards the darkness to see Vanessa step out of a hatch, and into a lit hallway. In the hallway, Butter could just make out a figure waiting to meet the doctor. Clad in a red hooded cloak, their features were obscured. One thing was clear however; Butter could tell that the figure was staring right at her. With another swish the door slid shut, and Butterscotch Fox was alone in the darkness with only her memories to comfort her.


The light poured into the darkened room as the cell door slid open. The sudden illumination stabbed at the young woman's eyes, having adjusted to the darkness over several hours, and American Fox grimaced, unable to bring her hands to her face. The manacles which bound the heroine's hands behind her back clinked as she twisted in her seat, pointing her head towards the open door. Her black locks tumbled over her face and down onto her naked breasts as her slumping head peered up to behold a pale, petite, elven-faced young woman dressed all in black standing in the doorway.

Tall, heavy boots clomped on the steel flooring as Ebon Fox, the Evil Foxes' resident psychic strode into American Fox's holding cell. The young goth's hips pivoted to one side as her head tilted likewise, her one arm holding the other behind her back as she struck an innocent-little-girl pose. "Hi" came the words out of thin black lips, her tongue playing with the two snake-bite piercings within her mouth, "I hope you're feeling better".

"Better?!" scoffed the shackled heroine, "You forced my teammate to knock me cold, you little mind-witch! When I get my hands on you I'll--" The words became trapped in the Princess's throat as her entire body suddenly seized up. She could feel an invisible spike jammed into her mind like the world's worst brain freeze. Her eyes clenched as she hung her head back and managed only the tiniest squeak from her gaping mouth.

The Goth villainess brought one pale finger to American Fox's pillow lips as she shushed her captive. "None of that" she purred, "there's no need to be rude. Soon we'll be the best of friends..."

"You're insane!" American Fox shot back, "You're a sad, sick little girl- and if you've deluded yourself into believing that I'm going to make nice and-"

"But Deborah" Ebon cooed, using the heroine's true name, "We've known each other for so long...shared so much!" The dark young woman slinked closer to her bound prey and sank down to sit in American Fox's lap. "Why, don't you remember...?" she asked, bringing her fingers up to the heroine's temple, "I was your first..."

American Fox could feel Ebon's fingers creeping into her mind as she said the words. Her body tensed as she could feel the image of black lips and dark eyes creep into her memory. Her hands clenched into fists as began to pull on the chain which bound her hands. Images grew more vivid as American Fox began to remember the smell of Ebon's hair, the softness of her skin, the cool grass on her back as she tasted Ebon's mouth for the first time.

Refusing to accept the memory that Ebon had written for her, American Fox cried out as the chain of her manacles snapped. Her hands now free, she grabbed the psychic villainess by the arms and shoved her away with all her strength, sending Ebon crashing into the steel wall behind her before sliding down to the floor. Realizing that this may be her only chance at escape, American Fox dashed out the open door of her cell and ran. Having no idea where the corridor would lead her, she simply ran for dear life until she reached a metal hatch at the end of the hallway. Her survival instinct driving her onward, the heroine flung open the hatch and hurled herself through in one quick motion. Emerging from the hatch, she escaped the corridor...

...only to tumble into a pile of trash cans. Befuddled and face down in garbage, American Fox scanned her surroundings to find herself in an alleyway. Attempting to pick herself up, her body groaned painfully and her muscles trembled. She was back in her star-spangled uniform, but it was in tatters, as if just emerging from battle.

"Wh-what happened?" The heroine wondered aloud. She could smell something burning, and looking up, she could see black smoke pouring into the sky. "Wait..." she started "I-I think I remember..." closing her eyes, she listened to the sounds in the distance. Sirens echoed throughout the afternoon air, and emergency workers shouted directions over a megaphone. "Of course..." stammered the exasperated Fox, "The Keelix attack! I was thrown blocks away by the blast, but we stopped it!" American Fox exhaled deeply as she reassured herself. The blast must have knocked her for quite a loop. Her ordeal with the evil Foxes was nothing more than a trauma-induced hallucination.

Remembering herself now, American Fox held her broken ribs as she staggered haphazardly to her feet. Leaning on a dumpster for support, the heroine panted as she tried to collect her thoughts. She was greatly weakened from the ferocious battle and needed medical attention. Her head was swimming as she tried to think of how to signal her teammates when the sound of shuffling debris roused her.

"Well lookie what we got here..." a gruff voice croaked. Lifting her throbbing head, American Fox beheld a half dozen men- civilians- making their way down the alleyway.

"You...you need to evacuate" grunted the heroine, "...this area is still..."

"Well we were about to" interrupted the civilian dressed in a mechanic's uniform, "but when we saw you layin' there all defenceless, we couldn't just walk away..."

"That's very considerate" American Fox said, dismissively, "But I can take care of mys-"

"Oh we wouldn't hear of it" the mechanic interjected, taking hold of American Fox's arm, "I think it's us that's gonna take care of you..."

Sensing the gang's insincerity, American Fox decided that these men needed to be set straight. "I think it's time you moved along" the heroine declared as she placed a hand on the mechanic's chest. To her alarm, she found that pushing him away was not the simple task it normally would, for in her weakened condition her arms felt like lead, and her whole body trembled at the exertion. The near-death battle with the Keelix had left her greatly depleted, and these men knew it.

The grimace on the heroine's face elicited a smirk on the mechanic, as he grasped the hand on his own chest and pulled it away with little effort. With little warning, two men, frat boys, each grabbed one of American Fox's arms and dragged her down to the back wall of the alley.

"Now," said the mechanic, "we're gonna have us some fun!"

"No!" cried the heroine, meekly twisting in the men's grasp, "How could you?! After I just...I saved you! All of you! I risked my life to-"but her words were abruptly cut off as the mechanic reached up and pulled the top of her uniform down- revealing her magnificent tits for all to see. Licking his lips at the sight of her, he then quickly backhanded the captive heroine, sending her head whipping back. The two frat boys followed up in the assault by forcing American Fox down to her knees.

"Yeah, you did..." snickered the mechanic as he reached down and unzipped his fly, "and now we're gonna thank you for it..."

Gripped by terror, American Fox shouted her protestations and shook her head, trying desperately to slip free of her captors iron grasp. With the last of her strength, she flailed back and landed...

...On a soft mattress. Alarmed by the abrupt change in venue, her eyes darted around the room to find that she was in a hospital of some sort. Attempting to leap to her feet, she suddenly jerked to a halt, and found that she was bound to her bed with straps at the wrists and ankles. Despite considerable effort, American Fox could not break her bonds- which was curious, as they were plain simple leather. Spying her own reflection in the window, she discovered that she was now dressed in baby blue pyjamas, and her hair was cut short in a pixie 'do.

"Welcome back." came a melodic voice from a corner of the room. Startled, American Fox whipped her head around to behold a woman that had not seemed to be there a moment ago. She was dressed in a nurse's uniform, plain white, yet somewhat form-fitting. Dark, auburn hair was pulled back into a bun that rested neatly under her white hat. "And how are we feeling this morning?" she chimed.

"Where am I?" demanded the heroine, "What is this place?"

"You're back in your room" answered the nurse, "You had yourself another episode."

"Episode?" American Fox scoffed "What are you talking about? Who are you?!"

A look of disappointment spread over the nurse's face as she silently tut-tutted. "Come on now, Deborah. You need to stop doing this... it's me- Drew."

"Drew?" repeated the heroine, perplexed "What is going on? One minute I was in a cell with Ebon Fox, and the next-"

"Oh god, Deborah..." chided Drew, throwing her hands up in frustration, "I thought we were past this! Look, I know you've had some terrible things happen in your life, but you can't keep escaping into this fantasy of yours. It's not healthy!"

"Fantasy!" blurted American Fox in disbelief, "This isn't- "but she was cut off as the door behind Drew swung open. In stepped a middle-aged man with thinning hair wearing a white coat- a doctor. He adjusted the glasses on his face as he perused the charts on his clipboard.

"Deborah" he said, not looking up from his notes, "How are we doing today?"

"I'm afraid we've had another episode today" chimed Drew, "this superhero fantasy of hers is persisting."

The doctor pursed his lips as he considered this. "Well, being raised in the environment she was, she would have had to develop a very strong coping mechanism."

"I'm not imagining things!" snapped American Fox, "Don't treat me like some sort of psycho!"

"Deborah," the doctor hushed, "nobody called you a 'psycho'! But when someone is bombarded with the kind of trauma that-"

"I know who I am!" shrieked the heroine as she twisted in her restraints, "I'm American Fox! One of the most decorated members of the Institute!"

"Oh my, oh my" frowned the doctor, "And I thought we were making progress- but the harder we try to bring her back to reality, the greater the relapse. I'm afraid she's simply becoming more agitated. Nurse, Would you see to her...?"

"I'll sedate her and see that she gets some rest, doctor" Drew said with a nod. And with that, the doctor stepped back into the hall, and Drew closed and locked the door behind him. Opening a leather bag on the dresser, Drew pulled out a few items including a small vial and a syringe- the sight of which caused American Fox to tense up. Sticking the needle into the vial, Drew filled the instrument with the medication, collected her things, and came around to sit on the side of the hospital bed.

"Don't- don't you dare!" the heroine's voice trembled as the nurse reached for her arm with cotton ball in hand. Taking hold of her, Drew swabbed her patient's arm with alcohol, and retrieved the syringe. "NO! Nonononono PLEASE! I don't want-"and then a squeak escaped from the heroine's lips as the needle pierced the skin and chemicals spewed into heroine's veins.

A weak and heavy feeling quickly traveled through her body and her struggling slowly crept to a stop as American Fox whimpered through laboured breath. After a few moments, her eyes darted around the room and she anxiously inquired; "What's wrong? Why aren't I falling asleep?"

With a warm smile, Drew reached up with both hands, and unfixed her bun while removing her nurse's hat, allowing her locks to freely tumble down, running her fingers through them to straighten her shining auburn hair. "Nothing's wrong, Honey. What I gave you wasn't a sedative- it was a muscle relaxant."

American Fox's eyes widened at the revelation. "W-why...?"

"Because" grinned the nurse as she slowly unbuttoned the front of her white uniform "It makes this part so much easier..." Slipping her hands down her neckline, Drew pulled apart her collar to reveal her cleavage supported by a red lace bra. Looking down, Drew admired herself for a moment before her eyes rolled upwards to settle hungrily on her patient. Her hands drifting over the heroine's pyjamas, they settled at her neckline and began to slowly undo the buttons.

Realizing her situation, American Fox's anxiety gave way to panic. "Stop!" she cried "Stop this! Y-you took an oath!" Despite her outrage the heroine did not budge, as the muscle relaxant ensured that her body remained deaf to her mind's appeal.

Her round face still beaming with self-satisfaction, Drew swept open her patient's now-open top, admiring Deborah's slim figure and bountiful bosom while her hands groped and caressed the prone body before her.

"Stop it!" cried American Fox with increasing volume, "Stop! Help! Doctor- HELP!"

Chuckling at the effort, Drew leaned over to cuddle Deborah's inert body, swinging her inside leg over Deborah's- resting her womanhood on her patient's thigh. "You're forgetting, Debbie- when you have a fit, you get 'time out' in the isolation room. No one can hear you through the soundproofing. And besides," the nurse continued as she nuzzled into her patient, bringing her full lips within inches of Deborah's ear, "when this is all over, you'll just escape into your fucked-up fantasy world like nothing ever happened. I'm so glad you came back to me, you crazy little bitch..."

"No...this isn't happening..." the captive Fox whimpered as Drew's mouth sucked on her earlobe, "This isn't real! No!" Despite the heroine's protest her body remained as still as the dead, for while a muscle relaxant paralyzes its recipient, it does nothing to impair the sense of touch. Thus, American Fox lay defenceless as she felt every grope, every kiss, every lick- even as she felt the warmth of Drew's hand slide down her soft abdomen, further down, slipping under her waistband and disappearing into her panties.

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