Foxy Grandma Ch. 02


Danny had his head in his hands, completely baffled. His grandmother was evil. And sick. He could never go along with her perverted incest fantasies. But he was so terrified of her at this moment. He had never been around a woman like her. He didn't know what she would do to him if he tried to resist. He decided he would just go along with her, and listen to her sick ideas as long as he could, before declining her offer.

"Are you a virgin, Danny?" Janice asked. He looked at her and nodded.

"Do you want to lose your virginity to an uptight bitch like your pathetic fiancée? Or do you want to lose it to a woman who knows what she is doing? A good mother who knows how to care for you? An older woman who knows how to drain your balls? A foxy grandma who wants your fat fucking cock." Janice started. Danny's head was still in his hands. Giving away your virginity is a huge deal, Danny thought. If you lose your virginity to your true love, it would mean that you would have a life full of love and happiness. He looked forward to losing his virginity to LeAnn. But, what if you lost your virginity to an older woman? Not just any older woman, but your own grandmother? If a young man were to lose his virginity to his own grandmother, it wouldn't lead to a lifetime of love and happiness. If a young man lost his virginity in an incestuous affair with his dominant, hot-bodied, sexy grandmother, it would lead to a lifetime of rough, nasty sex. A lifetime of unthinkable sex acts. A lifetime of servitude.

"Does the fact that its incest scare you? You shouldn't be scared. I know it's rare for a young man like you to be so consumed by thoughts of incest. It often takes a strong woman to bring those feelings to the surface. I've known a few women who've had some incestuous affairs. I've known two women who fucked their son-in-laws. A woman that fucked her sister's husband. I knew a mother who fucked her son. And each one of them said it was the best sex of their lives. They said it was so good, it was addictive. MILF's like me are well aware of the fact that incest is a very viable option for sex. MILF's like me will understand what you're thinking. Older women understand that incest is one of the highest levels of sex. What are the odds of a grandmother and grandson both having a fixation on incest? I've dreamed of having a young man like you around the house. And I'm about to get my wish."

Danny was baffled at how easily she could throw around the possibility of incest. Danny had never heard anyone talk about incest the way she was. Whenever someone mentioned incest, someone would say how sick it was. How disgusting it was. They would say "How could anyone do that?" But Janice said there were people out there who were into incest. People who got turned on by incest. People who had had incestuous sex and loved it. Who became addicted to it. How could people get turned on by something so sick, so disgusting and forbidden? How could the sex be good? Were there people out there who decried incest in public, but privately enjoyed it greatly? Could the forbidden nature of incest add to the pleasure? Was fucking a hot-bodied, female relative the top possible tier of sex? Were young men wasting their time meeting girls at school or at parties? Should they have been looking for sex partners at family reunions? Just the thought of incestuous sex seemed so wrong. So nasty.

"Just think of your life when we become a couple, Danny. Most will look at us and see a young stud that is clearly into mature women, since he's in love with such a sexy, mature woman. A select few will know the truth. They will know that you're with your own grandmother. Those few will know what a sick fuck you truly are. "

Danny couldn't help but imagine this. He was imagining himself walking down the street, holding his grandmother's hand. He would be dating his own grandmother. He would be in a relationship with his grandmother. He would be in love with his own grandmother. And people would see them. People would know he was into older women. And some people would know he was in a relationship with his own grandmother. People would know he was fucking his own grandmother.

"I bet you've dreamed of having a mother like me in your life. You've hated and resented your mother for years. You've known she was terrible, but you said nothing, like a good son. A good son deserves a good mother. I'll be that mother for you. I realize now why you've had so much trouble calling me by my name. It's because it's not the name you want to call me. You want to call me 'Mom'." Janice explained, pausing.

Danny loved his mom. Sure, he had some complaints about her. Any son would have complaints about their mom's. She was kinda uncaring about some things that would bother most moms. She let him date. She let him be out late. She let him be in control of his own life. He had always been satisfied by her as a mom, though. He loved her, even though at times, she was too hands off. He would ask her questions, but she would give non-answers. But that wasn't that bad, was it? He didn't want a new mom.

"You've wanted me to become the mother you never had. You've always a mother who was strict, and guided your life in the manner she thinks is best. You didn't want a mother who was a free spirit and let you do whatever you wanted. You wanted a mother who told you what to do, who had you under her thumb. You always heard stories about boys whose mothers were complete bitches. Mothers who made their sons bend to their will. Mothers who never let their sons date anyone. Those boys hated them. But you didn't. That was the type of mother you wanted. You wanted a mother to dominate your life, and honey, you found her. I'll be the mother you have always craved. I'll run your life the way you desperately need a mom to run it. You'll bend to my will. You'll do whatever the hell I want you to. If you cede all control of your life to me, the rewards will be worth it. If you agree to become my slave, you will get to fuck me. You will get to fuck your own grandmother. A lot. Quite frankly, you'll get to do nasty, disgusting things with me. Things that you'll never be able to do with any other woman. And you'll do these things for one very simple reason: because I'll tell you to." Janice said.

Danny thought that she expected him to cower before her dominance. He had never talked to a woman as assertive as her. Also, he never liked to let anyone down. And Janice would be let down if he didn't agree to become her sex-slave. He would have to let her down. He couldn't become her sex-slave. It was unnatural and wrong.

"So are you man enough to do it, Danny? Are you man enough to admit your burning passion for older women? Are you willing to admit you have a little crush on your own grandmother? Our maybe... a big crush? A passionate, burning crush? Or something more? Is it love, Danny? Are you in love with me? Are you in love with your own grandmother? I'm flattered, Danny. It's not every day a young man admits he has an incestuous crush on his own grandmother? It's pretty fucked up shit. I didn't realize how depraved you are. Are you ready to admit that you want a new mother? Are you ready to admit that you want me to be your new mom? Your new mommy? Are you ready to kiss your new mommy? Are you going to slip your new mommy the tongue? Are you gonna cop a feel of my massive breasts? Are you gonna tweak my nipples through my shirt? Or go under my shirt, and cop a feel, skin to skin? Are you gonna suck on your new mother's pussy? Are you gonna bite your new mother's clit? Are you gonna suck your new mother's ass? Are you gonna suck your new mother's tits? Are you gonna stick your massive dick in your new mommy's pussy? Or maybe even...her ass? Are you desperate to do these horrible things to your new mommy?" Janice said.

Janice knew she almost had him. His mind was fighting it, but he wanted it. He was gagging to be taken. And she could prove it.

"I don't trust you to make the right decision. Your mother's brainwashed you with her idiotic thoughts. So here's what we'll do. You're gonna take off your pants, and show me your cock. If it's soft, then clearly I was wrong. I'll drive you to the airport and send you home. You'll never see me again. But, if that dick is rock hard, like I know it is, then that means that everything that I've said about you is true. That you want me to be your new mom. That you want to become my sex slave and do whatever I want. That you want to dump your fianceé... abandon your mother... and shack up with your grandmother."

"So I want you to pull down your pants, and show me your cock, Son. I know you're massive. I got the message you were sending me. And when you pull down your pants, and show me your cock, you just have to do one more thing to become my slave. You have needed discipline your entire life. You have needed a firm hand to guide you. So to become my slave, I want you to bend over my lap, and take the spanking you have always needed. " Janice asked, with an evil smile.

Danny just sat there, stunned, as he reeled from his grandmother's disgusting speech. She expected him to agree with it. How could she be that arrogant?

"I'm not showing you my penis. I'm not going along with this." Danny said.

"Yes you will. Either way, you are dependent on me. If you refuse, you have no way to get home. I have your tickets. I am your ride. So if you want to leave and go home, you still have to show me your cock." Janice replied, raising her eyebrows.

Danny realized she was right. She was willing to hold him hostage in order to see his penis. He shook his head. He had to do it. He couldn't just run out of the house. He had nowhere to go and he had no money. He would just have to show his grandmother his penis. What's the worst that could happen?

He stood up in front of his grandmother, and she smirked smugly. It would be the first time any woman would be seeing his penis. He just had to think of this like a doctor examining a patient. Purely clinical. No feelings involved. He couldn't imagine his hot bodied grandmother in the doctor's place though. All these thoughts of incest and being a sex-slave to his grandmother just freaked the hell out of him. It was disgusting. It was horrifying. But his penis would answer the most important question: whether or not it was erotic. Danny nervously reached towards his crotch and unbuttoned his jeans. He started to pull down the zipper, slowly unzipping it all the way. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jeans and underwear and started to pull them down.

The question was about to be answered. If he was a good boy, through and through, then his dick would be soft, not responding to what his grandmother had said. But if his dick was hard, then it would be a different story altogether. If his dick was hard, that would mean that a small part of him was nasty. A pervert. A MILF enthusiast. An incest freak, like his own grandmother. It would mean a part of him responded to his grandmother's nasty thoughts by getting hard. But that's such evil, messed-up stuff. A good young man like him would never respond to MILFs and incest, would he? His pants fell to the ground.

Was his dick hard, or soft? Was he a good boy, or a freak for incest?

The answer should be obvious.

He was an incest freak, of course.

Janice's jaw dropped as she looked at the view her grandson providing. In front of her was her grandson's massive, rock hard cock. And it was literally dripping pre-cum! It was the longest, fattest, beefiest dick she had ever seen. It was as thick as a coke can. It was eleven inches, at least. And it was about to become hers for good.

She knew she almost had him. She knew she had almost tricked him into believing that he actually was into MILFs and incest. She was so close.

Danny hadn't realized that his dick was hard. As shocking as that was to believe, he had been so distracted by Janice's words that he didn't realize he had a throbbing erection. And now it was bared so his grandmother could see.

What did this erection mean? He had been disgusted by her words, but those same words had also made his penis hard. Was Janice right? Was he into mature women? Was he into incest? He had been so horrified at the thought. He couldn't be into any of that nasty stuff, could he? Had he buried those thoughts so deep that he didn't even know he had them? If something made him hard, then that meant he was into that thing. His grandmother had talked about MILFs and incest, and it turned him on. Did that mean he was into MILFs and incest? There couldn't be any other possibility. Maybe he had been giving her signals. Maybe he had been hinting that he was interested in his grandmother. Did he want to abandon his mom and dump his fianceé? Did he want a new mom, one who would dominate his life? Did he want to become a sex-slave to his own grandmother? Was he lying to himself this whole time? Did he really have these crazy fetishes? His grandmother was far more experienced than he was, so maybe she was right. He had always trusted her. Why should that change? His grandmother might be doing him a favor. If she was right, then clearly this is what he truly wanted. And this erection meant she was right. What other reason would he have it? She must be right. She had been right about everything. He had snuck off when he was younger when he had received pictures of his grandmother and did nasty things to himself. He probably didn't remember it because he had repressed it in his memory so deeply, like she said. He had been discreetly showing his grandmother his penis, hoping she would check it out. He had been dreaming about her seeing it, right? He had been trying to get her to seduce and enslave him. It's what he always wanted, right? He had bought her the shirt that said 'Foxy Grandma' because he wanted her to know he thought she was a fox. And he bought her a thong because he wanted to see her hot ass in it. Right? And he had always thought his mom kinda sucked as a mother? What's up with her new-age, hippie bull crap that she always spouted? Didn't she know that a mother was supposed to discipline her son, and teach him the ways of the world? And he had never been satisfied with his fiancée, LeAnn. He thought he was supposed to be in love and married by this point. That's what his mother told him. But she was clearly wrong. He thought he knew what love was about, but Janice made him realize how mistaken he was. Janice had to be right for all of these things to be true. He would have to trust her. He would have to believe her. And there was only one way to thank her.

He walked over to her, stopped in front of her, and bent over her waist.

Janice nearly came as did this. She had done it. She had actually tricked him into believing he had a crush on his own grandmother. She had tricked him into thinking he had a MILF fetish and an incest fetish. She had driven into his head again and again until he started to believe it. He didn't know that a man would respond to any woman with a hot body and a filthy mouth.

She was so proud of herself. She had turned this bright young man, so full of hope, into a shapeless pile of clay for her to mold and shape to her liking. She had convinced her grandson to dump his fiancée, abandon his mom, and become her own personal slave. She had quickly and viciously torn him apart. He had been so smart and naively arrogant. But his foxy grandma had a few tricks up her sleeve, and had easily outsmarted him and defeated in him the battle of seduction. Defeated did not quite state how badly she had defeated him. Quite frankly, she had fucking owned him. And it was time to make that ownership permanent.

"Don't worry, baby. Your submission is good enough for me. I won't spank you too hard. I'll just give you a taste." Janice whispered. "Honey, you know you've needed this. You've needed a firm, motherly spanking for a long time. You have pissed me off quite a bit during your visit. I want you to apologize to me. I want you to apologize for being an insolent little shit. I want you to apologize for all the ways you've disappointed me. Once you run out of things to apologize for, I will stop. Clear your conscience, baby."She could feel Danny's hard abs against her thighs, and she could feel his hard cock against her leg. Just the thought of her muscular young grandson being made submissive by her hot body drove her nuts. She reared back, and gave his ass a firm swat. Not as hard as she could, but enough to sting. To give him a taste of what would happen if he disobeyed her. Like a good slave, he just groaned and took it. She could feel his dick throb and leak juices after the spank. He liked it. Janice waited patiently for an apology.

"I'm sorry for using the phone." Danny said. SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not obeying your rules." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not obeying you." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not visiting you sooner." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for lying to you." SPANK!

"I'm sorry about telling you I'm not into older women." SPANK!

"I'm sorry about telling you I'm not into incest." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not realizing what a terrible mother my mom was." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for having such a terrible girlfriend." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for getting engaged without your permission." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not proposing to you first." SPANK!

"I'm sorry about hiding my dick from you." SPANK!

"I'm sorry I didn't send you pictures of my dick." SPANK!

"I'm sorry I beat off about you so many times without asking." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not taking this spanking the second I saw you." SPANK!

"I'm sorry for not bending over your waist at the airport." SPANK!

Janice had never been happier. He was apologizing about more than she could have dreamed of. He was hers now. Janice had never been more turned on. She could hear the gears turning in his head, trying to think of things to apologize for. Janice was satisfied he had cleared his conscience. She had proved her point. She gave him a series of firm swats, like a mother would her disobedient son, before pushing him up to his feet.

"Thank you, Mom." Danny said gratefully

"You're very welcome, Son." Janice said, standing up.

Danny noticed her thighs were wet, evidence of her arousal. She was soaking wet, and her nipples were ready to cut through her shirt.

"Take off your shirt." she ordered. He complied, revealing his fully nude and fit body.

"Okay, Son, tell me you love me. Tell your mother you love her." Janice commanded, circling her prey.

"I love you... Mom." Danny said.

"Tell me you'll do anything I want." Janice told him.

"I'll do anything you want." Danny replied, rendered brainless by his foxy grandma and her hot fucking body.

"You'll dump your fiancée." Janice said.

"Yes, of course." Danny replied.

"Her body doesn't compare with mine. You want a woman with a nice, voluptuous figure, not a twig like her." Janice said.

"Yes." Danny said.

"You'll never see your mother again." Janice told him.

"Yes, I'll never see her again." he replied.

"I'll be your new mommy." Janice said.

"Yes, Mom." Danny agreed.

"You'll be my slave." Janice said.

"Yes." Danny said.

"You'll do whatever I want?"


"Every year you've been alive is a year of servitude you owe me. Got it? You owe me 18 years."

"I understand. You'll get them."

"Or maybe, you'll give me more. I think you'll give me more than that. I think after you experience what I have to offer, you won't simply give me 18 years. You will give me lifelong servitude. Are you man enough for that? Are you man enough to become your grandmother's slave for the rest of your life?"

"Yes, I will be your lifelong slave. But..." Danny started.

"I know what you're thinking. I'm thirty years older than you. Your lifetime will be longer than mine. Don't worry, I'll set you up with someone nice when I'm gone. You'll be fucking whoever I want for the rest of your life." Janice said.

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