tagBDSMFragments Ch. 03

Fragments Ch. 03


Author's Note: It is recommended that you read the first two chapters first because it will help to solve any confusion you may experience.

I find myself inside a very dark parking garage not knowing how I got here or if even one of these cars is mine. I stop and look into a rear view mirror so that I can go try to answer one of my most important questions...what do I look like? The mirror, however, does not help for it does not want to give off my reflection. I know it is not broken because I can see the walls of the garage behind me in the reflection but it refuses to show me.

"Damn," I shout and slam my fist onto the top of the car.

"Jake..." I hear a voice hiss at me from a few yards away. "Will you be quiet!"

I hear the echo of my impact echoing through the garage as the new figure steps forward.

I am pleased to see that it is the woman from the beach house dream a few days ago. She is clothed all in black. I look over my wardrobe and realize that so am I.

"Jake, "I begin. "Jake. Is that my name?"

She looks at me, "Of course it is, stop playing around!"

She looks nervously around and leans forward. "Do you have it?"

I stare at her not knowing what to say. What am I supposed to have, I think as I pat down my body.

She groans and places her head in her hands.

"It doesn't matter anyway."

The female voice takes us both by surprise and we look at an approaching figure. She steps into the path of a moonbeam and I find myself looking at the brunette. I look at the other woman and can spy a look of anger in her eyes.

The moment is tense. I can hear my heartbeat in the quiet darkness. The woman looks at me and winks. I see her mouth silently say "Now" and she begins to run.

I try to follow but the brunette tackles me to the hard pavement. I feel a needle poke my neck and her voice whispers in my ear. "Don't fight, Jake. It's for your own good."

Drowsiness overcomes me and the last thing I hear is gunshots before darkness engulfs me.

As I waken, I expect to see the white room that has been my prison but blackness greets me. I feel a cool breeze caress my skin and I shudder. I look around at my surroundings.

Once again I am in an empty room. I am also naked but no longer mobile. I find myself suspended in air, my hands bound together by rope that ascends into black nothingness above me. I look to the ground and notice that I am only a few inches above ground. I try to stretch my toes but it is useless.

"Welcome to the living."

The deep male voice echoes through the room.

I jerk my head to try to get some indication as to the voice's origin but I see nothing.

The speaker laughs.

"Nice try."

"Who are you," I scream into the blackness.

No answer.

"Where am I?"


I hang my head low and whisper..."Who am I?"

I hear muffled conversation and then the speaker turns his attention back to me.

"What can you remember?"

I decide to lie.


"That is unfortunate," replies the speaker.

"What is going on," I ask, pleadingly.

The speaker clears his throat. "All I can say is that you have a secret. I am a procurer of information and I need that secret."

His voice becomes harsher.

"I will have that secret!"

A spotlight clicks on and I can see the four women who take turns bringing my meals.

"Enjoy your.....exercise time. Good day."

I hear a door open, then close and I am left with the four women. They say nothing as they stand in the light and stare at me. My memories of the fuck sessions I have had with them spring into my mind and my cock begins to rise. The women smile but they do not move. I stare at them and I notice they all are wearing very skimp, very revealing white nurses outfits. No obvious bra is wore by any of them and very likely no panties.

I hear a door open and the sound of footsteps approach me. A spotlight descends upon me and I can only watch as the brunette walks up to me She stops only inches before me and I look her over. She too is wearing the same nurses outfit as her companions. Whoever the speaker is, I think, he does like to keep himself surrounded by beautiful women.

She glances at my stiff cock and grins.

"You are a healthy man, "she says as she touches it. A bolt of electricity shoots up my nervous system. "How many times have you cum in the past few days," she purrs. "And you still get erect when you see us.."

She cups my balls and squeezes them. Pleasure is replaced by pain.

She releases and walks around to my backside. She slaps my ass a couple of times. She leans to my ear, grabbing my ass as in her hand, and whispers..."Did that hurt my little, bitch?"

From her the question sounds very seductive as she digs her fingernails into my ass. She releases her grasp and the four women giggles. She walks to where they are standing and pulls a chair into the spotlight. She sits down and spreads her legs so that I can see that she has no panties under her skirt.

"Our boss," she begins, formally, "has already told you that he requires information. Information that only you have. Our job is to extract that information."

She snaps her fingers and the four girls stand at attention.

"So far we have found that the gentle power of persuasion has not worked so we must, unfortunately move to stronger methods."

She points to the women.

"This method is going to be quite severe. The only pleasure I will grant you is to pick the one who will give it to you."

I look at her and she grins. "No, you can't pick me. The reason for that will become obvious very shortly."

I stare at the four women. They are all gorgeous beyond belief. Each of them was wonderful when we fucked so who do I pick?

Most guys would probably go for the supermodel. Long, golden, blond hair, thin waist, 36 DD breasts, slick shaven pussy but she was actually my least favorite of the four.

I look at the young woman who had been dressed as a schoolgirl. Another fantasy for guys, a young girl just turned nineteen, tight pussy, small breasts. Again, I pass her up.

The woman who had just showed up naked with my food and fucked me has a nice body. Her firm tits were nice to touch and suck but she was too quick for me, too quiet.

My last gaze goes onto the conservative one. Short red hair that ends right at her neck line, a pair of 34 c's that she begged me to tongue. A nice little triangle of hair covered her pussy but it was nicely trimmed. She had passion. If I can't have the brunette...

The brunette sees me staring at the red head. The red head grins and steps into the blackness.

"Good choice," comments the brunette as the red head pushes a small metal cart into the light. On the table lies several objects. The distance is such that I can not make out what those items are but I doubt they are friendly, based on the tone of the conversation.

The red head licks her lips as she picks up what looks to be a whip. She begins to walk towards me and I notice that is indeed a very long whip. She walks up to me and smiles.

"Hi," the greeting is very sexy. "Do you remember me?"

She reaches down to my dick and squeezes it. "It looks like he does."

She bends down and kisses its' tip, licking off a small drop of precum, and walks behind me.

"Aww.... Look at what she did," the red head comments as she rubs the spot where the brunette had scratched me with her nails.

"We can't let that be left unattended, can we," she asks.

I hear the crack of the whip and feel the sharp stinging pain as it connects on my bare ass. I shiver and the brunette raises her hand. The red head sighs.

The brunette speaks.

"That, is only a taste of what's to come. Now, who are you?"

She would ask the one question I think I can answer but decide to lie.

"I don't know."

The brunette snaps her fingers.


I yell in pain and the three women giggle. I tell myself I have to be strong.

"Who are you?"

The brunette stares at me.

"I have no memory."


The brunette holds her hand up.

"That, sir, was your second lie to me. The third lie will get you three hits, the fourth will get you struck four times. I think you get the general idea."

I nod.

"Good," she comments. "Now, who are you?"

"I don't know, "I begin. The brunette begins to snap but I continue. "I really don't know. I think my name is Jake but I am not sure."

I do not get struck. I guess that is correct.

"Where are you at?"

"Again, I don't know."

No hits.

"Who do you work for?"

"I have no fucking idea. If I don't know who the hell I am how would I know hat?"

Three lashes strike my ass.

"That," she says "was for lying to me. This," she snaps her fingers, "is for talking back to me."

Four quick lashes and I let out a whimper. I try to deny the pain.

"Say that you are sorry," the brunette commands.

I am silent and am rewarded by five hits.

"I'm sorry," I say as I fight back tears. I have no more answers for her so I will be struck again and again so I might as well do what I can to avoid the punishment.

"That's better," responds the brunette. "Now, this may help your memory. She rises, walks to the table and picks up a syringe. She walks to me and I try to swing away from her. The red head stops me and holds me in place. I try to kick at her but stop when the other three women reach down to their feet and brings up small pistols.

The brunette looks at me and smiles.

"Nice try," she comments as she stabs the needle into my neck. I am then rewarded for trying to resist by receiving six strikes from the leather whip.

The drug takes effect and my already cloudy mind becomes foggier. The brunette stands before me and shouts questions at me. I mumble that I do not know anything and the red head continues to strike me. Finally, I break down and tears run down my face.

"I don't know anything," I whimper. "All I know is that my name is Jake. I woke up here and have done nothing but had continuous sex with all of you. My ass hurts! My dick is sore! My mind is cloudy!"

The brunette steps back and is surprised by the outburst. I stare at her.

"And you," I continue. "I cannot get you out of my fucking mind! You have brought me to depths of pleasure and it is damned addictive..."

She snaps her fingers and I get whacked again.

She turns her back to me and faces the darkness.

"The amnesia is real. He doesn't know anything."

The deep voice echoes through the room. I had not head him reenter the room.

"Okay, we do have a backup plan. Return him to his room."

A door opens somewhere.

"Oh, and I realize that big dong of his has got you horny again, why you bitches love a long cock I'll never know, so he is yours again and then return him to his room."

The door closes and the brunette stares at me.

"Play time," she purrs as she reaches down to my still stiff rod. I hadn't even thought of it during my session but I was hard the entire time.

"May I join," asks the red head.

"Sure, you can suck him, "says the brunette as she walks to the table. She picks up what looks to be a dildo and turns back to me.

The red head drops the whip and walks to the front of me. She does not take her outfit off as she begins to lick my shaft. I moan but quickly jerk as her hands cup my tender ass.

"Hold still," she orders as she begins to suck my balls.

I watch as the brunette gets closer to me and begins to disrobe. I watch as she reveals her beautiful body to me once again. I look at the dildo and see that it is a strap on.

She grins.

"Do you like it," she purrs. "It is as long as yours and just as hard."

She rubs the tip along her wet pussy and plunges it into her to get it lubricated.

"Untie him," she orders and the three women approach me.

The red head pulls away and takes one of the pistols as the untie my hands and force me to kneel on the floor.

I can only watch as the red head returns the pistol and slides under me to take my hard manhood in her mouth. I look down at her pussy directly below my face but the brunette breaks my thoughts.

"Don't think about it, Jake. This is not about your pleasure!"

I look at her and see that she has attached the strap on and wastes no time in getting behind me.

"Your poor ass is so red," she mutters and places her lips on my tender flesh. I wince and the redhead grabs my balls and squeezes.

"Stay still, bitch," the brunette whispers into my ear and then she says something that completely surprises me.

"I am sorry about this, Jake. Trust me."

I don't have time to respond as she bends down and licks my anus. I moan but soon the pain returns as the dildo plunges into my ass.

The brunette grabs my hair and pulls my head back.

"How does that feel, bitch," she shouts.

"It...feels...wonderful..." I whimper.

The redhead knows I am lying and squeezes my balls. She removes my cock from her mouth. "Tell her to fuck your ass."

"Fuck my ass," I shout and the redhead lets go of my balls. She resumes sucking me and I feel the pressure begin to rise.

I moan. The brunette picks up her pace and continues to slide the fake cock into my ass. Inch by inch it penetrates me until I feel nothing else.

"Yes," I moan as I cum into the redhead's mouth. She swallows every drop and slides out from under me.

There is as small drop left on her lips and she offers it to me. We kiss and I lick the remaining cum off her lips.

The brunette slowly pulls out and I drop to the floor. She removes her strap on, lies in front of me, inserts three finger into her wet pussy and climaxes right in front of me. When done, she removes the fingers and rams them into my mouth. I suck her juices off and can hear her whisper to me. "This should help, Jake."

As her taste and aroma overcomes me I begin to get drowsy once more. I hear her arise and order the women to bring me back to my room. Darkness overcomes me and I find myself lying on the parking garage floor once again, watching as the bullets that I had heard slice through the woman who had been running away. I want to scream out but cannot as the woman falls to the ground.

Darkness greets me once again.

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