tagLoving WivesFragments Ch. 05

Fragments Ch. 05


Please be aware that this set of written fragments will have very limited appeal. Many of my stories are in fact like that. These stories are written for those few who might appreciate them.

Just for the sake of clarity, the stories below feature:

  1. Very cruel, very attractive, and very sexually aggressive wives
  2. Emasculated and humiliated beta-male husbands, who are hooked on their wives machinations and cruelty
  3. Stud boyfriends, who are really able to deliver the goods in bed.

I make no apologies for my stories. My cuckolding tales are primarily about female domination and the grab for more and more pleasure and power. The husband always misses out.

Please look elsewhere if you believe in the sanctity of marriage or a husband's rights - my wives are loving, but they never love their husbands.

I am assuming this set of story fragments will receive a low score and many negative comments. Oh well, such is life.

If you like them, then send me an email. If you don't like them, then no need to bother.


Bryan turned this way and that. He sighed unhappily as he tried to find a comfortable position on the banana lounge. The day was just too hot and his pale skin was burning. The banana lounge was too hard and the reflection from the pool hurt his watery eyes.

Bryan shook his newspaper aggressively. The edges of his paper fluttered gently in the soft warm breeze, causing the peevish Bryan to grow even more infuriated. He lay there uncomfortably on the hard lounge trying to relax and trying to read his newspaper. He was unhappy. The news he tried to digest was just a watery blur.

Keep a stiff upper lip, Bryan thought to himself. The heat and sunburn didn't matter. The discomfort didn't matter. The noise from the pool didn't matter either. Bryan was on his honeymoon and he was determined to enjoy himself no matter what.

Bryan shook his newspaper again. He placed his eyes on the start of a new article about the state of the federal deficit and began reading. He struggled valiantly with his watery vision, but his concentration was broken again. He tried to ignore their soft voices. He tried to blot out their gentle laughter. It was impossible.

Should he turn and look in their direction, Bryan asked himself. The two of them were right there in the very next banana lounge. He could have turned. He did do that before, but the two of them had just ignored him. Bryan fumed. He suddenly folded the newspaper up and dropped it to the floor. He grew red faced. He snatched up his drink. It sloshed and then spilt and he whined with displeasure.

There was a pause in the drone of soft words coming from the lounge next to him. Then there was a sigh.

"Are you okay Bryan," his wife Jodie asked patiently.

Bryan turned and glared at Jodie. His beautiful new wife lay stretched out on her lounge, her delicious body just covered by her tiny bikini. Jodie's soft blonde hair flashed in the sunlight, her full red mouth was hard and tight. Her large blue eyes were narrow and cold. She wore an annoyed expression on her beautiful features.

"I just spilt my drink," Bryan said petulantly.

"Yes, I can see that Bryan," Jodie said as if she were speaking to a child. "You should be more careful, shouldn't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"Bryan, please you're embarrassing me. Just deal with it like an adult. And stop being so jealous and petty as well."

Bryan dropped his eyes. Once again Jodie had made him feel like an envious little boy. She had made him feel like an unnecessary inconvenience, if not an outright intruder in her personal life.

Bryan tried to ignore the powerful looking black man who sat at Jodie's feet. The black man was taller than Bryan. The black man was younger than Bryan. The black man was sexier than Bryan. He seemed to fill Bryan's field of vision with his size -- his muscular body was almost monstrous.

"You should have a swim bro," the black man said with a dismissive tone and a triumphant smile. "Help you cool off."

"Thank you very much Jamal, but I'm fine," Bryan replied crisply, sitting up and dropping his glass on the table next to him. He began dabbing at the sticky drink with a tissue.

"His name is Darryl," Jodie said, just as crisply. She glared at her husband.

"Yes, Darryl," Bryan muttered, briefly looking into the black man's beautiful brown eyes. "I should remember -- sorry."

"Yes, you should remember Bryan."

Jodie looked in Darryl's direction and broke into a wide grin. The sexy black man beamed back at her. Jodie considered her husband again for another moment. She then sighed, stretched her spine and her pretty toes and turned her attention back to Darryl. Bryan slipped effortlessly from her thoughts.

Bryan couldn't help but listen. He was still peeved, but he wanted to watch his new wife and this guy talking together. It made him intensely annoyed to hear their soft words. He was so jealous, but was unable to intercede.

"Yeah beautiful - I'll take you out to the islands later today when it cools off. I have a jet boat."

"Oh wow Darryl," Jodie whispered. "That sounds so good. I can't wait."

"Yeah baby. We can go just before sunset, when the sky is fiery and the sea is golden."

"Oh Darryl, I can't wait. I can't wait."

The two of them broke into more soft laughter.

Bryan finished drying his chest and lay discreetly back. He watched his wife and the black man out of the corner of his eye. Darryl was gazing down at Jodie with a grin, drinking her in and Jodie was leering openly up at the sexy black man. Darryl gently reached out and placed his large dark hand on Jodie's knee. He stroked her skin with his thumb. Bryan tried to keep his breathing in check, he kept his cool. Jodie just kept laughing.

"And there's a great place to eat on the beach. We can have dinner there beautiful."

"That sounds perfect Darryl," Jodie responded softly.

There was more laughter.

"And then what Darryl," Jodie asked with a grin and sparkling eyes.

There was a moment of silence. Bryan turned his head and openly watched the two of them. His new wife was flirting with Darryl in the crudest way. Bryan waited for Darryl to say something.

"We can go dancing," the black man suggested.

Jodie broke into fresh laughter. The sweet peals taunted her husband. Bryan felt fresh pangs of jealousy grab him, but was also aware of the embarrassing bulge growing more uncomfortable in his swimmers.

"Do you want to come with us Bryan," Jodie asked in a serious tone, looking in her husband's direction.

Darryl watched and waited for Bryan to respond.

"Well, we are on our honeymoon Jodie," Bryan stated. "The first night of our honeymoon, so I think we should..."

'Bryan," Jodie interrupted, "Darryl has offered to take us out to see the islands in his boat and take us to dinner."

"I know Jodie, but I ..."

"Look Bryan, I'm going to have dinner with Darryl tonight. You can come if you want. Darryl wants to show me the islands and I want to see them."

Bryan nodded sharply. He crossed his arms and fumed. His face grew red and he really did look like a spoilt child. Jodie watched her husband. Suddenly she turned towards the table at her side, picked up a tube of sunscreen lotion and offered it to Darryl.

"Can you rub some of this on me; I don't want to get burnt Darryl."

"Sure beautiful," the black man said, taking the tube from her.

Bryan gasped and his heart began to pound. He watched wide eyed as Darryl unsnapped the lid on the tube, squeezed a stream of fluid into his hand, rubbed his palms together, placed his hands on Jodie's body and began to rub the sunscreen in.

Bryan couldn't believe it. Jodie was married to him. They were together, and yet this sexy black male had stepped in between Bryan and his new bride. Darryl had invaded Bryan's marriage. Bryan could see it all so clearly in an instant: this big black man was going to fuck Jodie before the day was through. And to Bryan's surprise and wonder, Jodie, his beautiful new bride and the love of his life was perfectly willing to let Darryl have her.

"Jodie, I...," her husband hissed, sitting up, his eyes fixed on his wife.

Jodie shooshed her husband with a smile.

It was mesmerising to watch: Darryl's large dark hands ran slowly along Jodie's thighs, leaving her golden brown skin streaked with glowing oil. The black man's thumbs and palms curled carefully around Jodie's hips and then travelled up her sides

"Oh my God Jodie," Bryan whispered. "Don't let him do that."

Jodie shooshed her husband again: she then sighed, stretched like a cat and closed her eyes.

Bryan couldn't help but run his eyes along Darryl's crotch. He felt uncomfortable doing it, but he had to gain a sense of the black man's size. Bryan believed the sexy young black man had a large cock, maybe even a huge cock judging by the slowly growing bulge.

On occasion, Bryan thought Darryl was going to take Jodie's bikini bottoms in his fingertips and peel them off. Bryan could imagine it so clearly in his mind - those dark fingers would pinch the soft red material and just ease them over Jodie's golden hips, down her shining thighs and off. And Darryl would drop the bikini bottoms to the floor.

And then Bryan imagined Darryl pulling his swimmers off. Then that big cock would spring free. And then the sexy black man would do it with Jodie in front of everybody there. He would fuck Jodie in front of all those screeching shrieking swimmers just six feet away from them. And Jodie would be grinning up at the black man, inviting him to do her hard, with her bright eyes and her crude leer.

Imagine it, Bryan thought. Darryl would move between Jodie's slowly spreading legs, her pussy golden and gleaming in the blazing afternoon sunlight. And Bryan would see the blunt black knob of Darryl's cock aiming at the soft spot between Jodie's legs.

And imagine: to hear Jodie's soft breath as she exhaled and drew air in sharply, to see the soft pale hair on Jodie's oily body and the gleam on her red lips, to note the striking difference between her body colouring and his as he took her knees in his hands and pushed her legs back and open even further.

Would Bryan's wife be able to keep quiet when Darryl penetrated her for the first time? Would she groan or scream and draw everybody's attention? Would everybody grow suddenly silent, emerge from the sparkling pool and draw in close around Darryl and Jodie to watch the sex? Would Darryl thrust deep and hard? Would he make Jodie's beautiful body rock? Would she scratch him? Would the poolside crowd urge the black stud on?

"Oh my God Jodie," Bryan whispered.

"It's okay Bryan," Jodie said softly and reassuringly. "Just watch us."


'You love watching us Bryan. Just accept it. Enjoy it."


"Oh my God - he's just rubbing some sunscreen on me Bryan, Jesus."

Bryan shook his head as if to clear it. Jodie smiled up at Darryl as he squeezed more sunscreen into his palm. The black man grinned back. She turned back to her husband.

"You like watching us, don't you Bryan."

"Jodie," her husband hissed.

"Admit it Bryan."

"Jodie, please."

Darryl began laughing again. He placed his hands on Jodie's shoulders and his palms slid down her slim arms and over her hands. Bryan watched him apply more glowing sunscreen to Jodie's chest.

"Can I take my top off in here. You can do my tits as well," Jodie asked, ignoring her husband and addressing Darryl.

"I don't think so baby. They have strict rules here."

"Oh, what a bummer," Jodie pouted. "Look, rub some more sunscreen on my back Darryl and let's get in the pool baby."

'Are you coming in Bryan," his wife asked him a few minutes later.

"No, I'll watch you from here Jodie," Bryan said, and then grew red in the face a second later.

Darryl and Bryan's wife smiled at him. They then turned, grabbed each other's hands and leapt into the pool with a shriek.

Bryan sat up. He leant forward, perched on the edge of the banana chair. He gulped from a fresh drink he had called out for. His discomfort had vanished and his desire to read his newspaper had evaporated.

It was his honeymoon. It was the first day of their honeymoon. They had only been married for just a few days. And yet the woman Bryan had made his vows to, the stunning beauty who had dressed in white for him and kissed him softly in front of his family and friends was now in another man's arms, in the middle of a pool filled with thrashing swimmers and screaming divers. Bryan sat and studied the scene -- jealousy, disbelief and intense excitement coursed through him, confusing him.

Jodie's slick blonde hair streamed down between her tanned shoulders and back. The water lay beaded on her cheeks and neck. The sexy black man held her against his large body. She looked so tiny against his heavy torso and locked in his gorilla like arms. He shone from the pool water. He resembled some dark God with a golden child in his arms.

They turned slowly in the water, oblivious to the riot that was erupting all around them. Jodie smiled up at her husband from the water. She then turned her attention back to Darryl and drew even closer to him. He placed his hand gently on the back of Jodie's head and invited her to rest against him as if she really were a child in an adult's arms.

And then Darryl looked up at Bryan. He grinned up at Jodie's husband. Then he looked down at the beautiful woman pressed up against him. Darryl caressed her softly and then he looked back up at Bryan and broke into laughter. The big black man looked so triumphant. He laughed at Bryan and Bryan grew embarrassed, but so excited. And then Jodie opened her eyes and looked up at her husband. Suddenly the laughter stopped.

Darryl and Jodie turned to each other. He ran his hand along her soft jaw-line as she gazed up at him lovingly with passive and inviting eyes. They leant in, opening their mouths slowly and closing their eyes. Their lips met in a first kiss and their tongue slipped together and slid slowly inside.

Bryan gasped. He came in his swimmers as he sat there watching another man devour his wife in front of him, just feet away, in a noisy hotel swimming pool.


It was truly magical. The three of them had taken the speed boat out at sunset. The streamlined hull had gleamed as the bow cut through the fiery rolling water beneath a roof of exploding dying sunlight. The encroaching creeping night drove the blaze from the sky. It settled like a dark blanket across the surface of the sea and unrolled a sweep of stars from one end of the heavens to the other.

The three of them had settled down at a table on the edge of the sand, the surf racing into shore with a soft hiss and pounding like distant thunder against the dark rocks to the north.

The three of them had eaten a beautiful meal and shared two bottles of wine.

Jodie had sat at the table with its glowing cream cloth and flashing cutlery. Her tanned skin looked deep brown and her eyes looked dark and soft. Both men watched her carefully place her food between her lips and chew gently. Bryan ran his eyes over his wife's glowing hair. He lingered on Jodie's slender neck line and bare shoulders. He stared at her cleavage.

Then Darryl had taken Jodie dancing like he promised he would. He took her by the hand after dinner and led her down a narrow flight of rickety wooden stairs, around a winding path and then down onto the cool sand.

Bryan had followed them like a shadow. He had watched as the sexy black man put his arm around Jodie's waist and drew her closer as they picked up speed, broke into laughter and ran across the dark beach together.

Bryan lost them for a moment - his wife and Darryl had vanished into the night. He turned this way and that, breathing hard. He spun around and around on the spot. But then he picked out their grey silhouettes ahead and his senses became aware of the distant music.

He came upon his new bride and the black man like a wary man finding himself in the presence of two strangers. He discreetly sank to his knees on the grey sand, sat back and settled in to watch. The two of them were in each other's arms, slowly turning to the sultry rhythm of the far away music.

Bryan marvelled at the way Darryl caressed Jodie's body. The big black man ran his hands up and down her body possessively as if Bryan's wife belonged to him and him alone. And the way Jodie clung to Darryl excited Bryan, as if Darryl was the man who offered her protection and love and not Bryan at all. There was a very natural bond between Jodie and Darryl, and Bryan could sense their bond becoming more tangible and unbreakable as he watched.

Then Darryl took Jodie's chin gently between his thumb and index finger. She looked up at Darryl and regarded him calmly. The black man leant in and kissed Bryan's wife on the mouth. Bryan watched his wife slowly melt in Darryl's arms. Their kiss quickly grew intense.

"C'mon Darryl," Jodie whispered up at the black man with a grin on her face, "let's do it right here on the sand."

"Yeah baby," Darryl crooned. "Right here in front of him."

"You better go Bryan," Jodie said, taking her singlet top off and dropping it to the sand. "You're not up to watching this."

The black man kissed Jodie again. She reached out and with fluttering fingers undid his pants and unzipped him. He untied her bikini top and it came off and landed a few feet from where Bryan was sitting.

"Go Bryan, go," Jodie hissed between bouts of passionate kissing.

Bryan sat there as if rooted to the ground. He couldn't help it -- he reached inside his shorts and began to stroke his cock.

The black man was laughing. He undid Jodie's shorts and off they came. He then forced his hand inside her bikini bottoms and Jodie groaned and wriggled. She pulled his shirt open and off. Then his swimmers came off.

Bryan and Jodie gasped at the same time. She took one step backwards after another, her wide eyes fixed on Darryl's large dark cock. She was breathing hard and laughing. The black man stalked her, flexing his big cock. He looked enormous.

"Oh Christ Bryan," Jodie whispered, "look at him."

"Yeah Jodie, such a man," her husband whispered back.

Suddenly Darryl lunged at Jodie. She stood there and squealed as he caught her around the waist and lifted her up into the air.

"Oh my God - he's going to fuck me right here on the beach Bryan," Jodie shrieked.

Bryan jerked his cock in his pants as his wife wrapped her legs around Darryl's waist and threw her arms around his neck. The grinning black man carried Jodie towards Bryan. He carefully dropped to his knees and lay his beautiful naked prize down on the sand beneath him. The couple were just a few feet away from where Bryan was sitting.

"Oh God Bryan," Jodie hissed as Darryl mounted her.

Bryan quickly shifted to his right. He was just in time. He saw the tip of the big black cock nestled in the pool of shadow between Jodie's open legs. Bryan saw Darryl advance. A strange strangled sound erupted from Jodie as the sexy black man broke into her and penetrated her beautiful body with one slow relentless stroke. Jodie grabbed him tight around the shoulders, driving the point of her fingernails into his skin.

"Goddamn it," Jodie said, growing taut and stretching her body.

"Awww beautiful," Darryl said, exhaling slowly.

"Gently Darryl."

Jodie closed her eyes and her jaw dropped slowly. Darryl cradled the back of her head in his hand and stroked her side with his other hand. She chattered at him in bursts. He slowly filled her body with cock.

"Gently Darryl."

"Like that, baby?"

"Oh God, yes, yes like that Darryl."

"Mmmm feels good beautiful, real good."

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