tagMind ControlFran in Service Day 02 Ch. 01-02

Fran in Service Day 02 Ch. 01-02


Part 1


Fran woke several hours later. She was dazed and confused. Her mind had been racked with flashes of weird dreams and she shook her head trying to clear it. She remembered Jane leaving the bag with the stories and knew that part of her dreams were as result of them. Images of Jane coming over and yelling at her appeared in her fogged mind, as well as having sex with Jane. Confused, she tried to get up and got dizzy. Making it to her feet she looked at her bed and realized that she smelled of sex. Staggering, she made her way into the bathroom and relieved herself. Her clit burned as she urinated. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a mess and felt like her body had been violently used, like the woman in the story she thought. She debated taking a shower but decided coffee was the best thing for her. Naked, she staggered into the kitchen and placed a cup of coffee into the mircowave.

Shoveling the instant coffee into the steaming water she noticed the porn stories still on the counter next to an empty bottle of wine. Could she have consumed the bottle of wine, read the stories, and masturbated herself into her current condition she wondered. Sipping the steaming coffee she tossed the wine bottle in the trash can and looked at the stories on the counter. Strangely, even the thought of the stories was making her horny. She could feel her pussy tingle as she thought about the captive woman and debated returning to the bedroom for her vibrator. Fran could not have known that the strong doses of the drug would stay in her system for days. She decided to return to the bedroom and entertain herself, so picking up the papers she gulped the coffee and headed to the bedroom. She grabbed a vibrator, laid on the bed, and began to play with her pussy. She closed her eyes and once again returned to the dirty mattress. She thought she heard a noise in the house but discounted it as coming from the outside since she was alone and no one else had a key. She returned to her pleasure. Several minutes later, she opened her eyes and saw Jane standing at the foot of the bed, staring at her and smiling. Embarrassed, Fran dropped the vib and attempted to cover herself. Jane just laughed and informed Fran that she was not concerned about covering up several hours ago.

Fran was very confused. Jane handed her a robe, helped her to the kitchen, and gave Fran her version of the past events. She told Fran about the staring incident which embarrassed her further and then about joining the club with an abridged version of the "service" requirement. She then told Fran she had become so excited about the prospect of joining the club that she insisted she masturbate in front of Jane to prove that she could fulfill the "service" requirements. Fran became more embarrassed as Jane described her actions. They sounded exactly like what she did to get herself off and was actually stimulated at the idea of having Jane watch her. Jane thought about showing Fran the edited version of the tapes but decided to hold them in case she needed them later. Jane assured Fran that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that she had actually enjoyed the show. She offered to console Fran with a glass of wine and a hug. Fran reluctantly accepted both. Jane returned from the kitchen with two glasses, gave Fran a hug, and sat down on the couch next to her. Jane raised her glass and downed the wine, Fran did the same. Fran felt the wine and a dose of the drug enter her system. This time Jane had given Fran a small dose so she could encourage her to take the next step. She explained to Fran more about the club, its privileges, the members, and told her that the service requirement was not that bad and that all the women had done it including herself. She reminder Fran that she could quit at any time and would not have to do anything she did not want to. Inside her mind, her dark side was laughing as she realized that Fran was buying everything she said. Jane then told Fran there was a party in a few hours and this would be her first chance to be exposed to a number of the members, exposed was the operative word in the sentence she thought. Fran agreed and Jane offered to help her get ready.

The women went into Fran's bathroom and started the shower. Fran stepped into the shower, bolstered by the drug's effect and began to wash. While Fran showered, Jane stepped into the bedroom and looked through Fran's dresser removing a pair of panties and a sun dress from the closet. As Fran stepped out of the shower Jane helped dry her off, apply a modest amount of makeup, and do her hair. She then helped Fran into the pair of panties she had selected. Fran stood in front of the mirror in a pair of very shear bikini panties with lacy trim. They were not completely transparent but upon inspection anyone could determine that Fran's pubic area was shaved. The panties hid just enough to make Fran appear more sensual than if she had been totally naked. While Jane helped Fran get into the sun dress, she told her that at the party she would be expected to serve drinks so the members would get to know her. Fran thought that the request was not unreasonable.

By the time the women had finished getting ready it was dark and almost time to leave. Jane suggested another glass of wine and told Fran that she would probably not get the opportunity to have one at the party. Fran agreed and Jane prepared a glass for her and one for Fran with a another dose of the drug. They toasted Fran's success, drank their wine, and proceeded to Jane's SUV. On the way to the party, some fifteen minutes from Fran's house, Jane reminded her that she was to do whatever she was asked to and not question anyone. She went on to tell her that the members evaluated candidates at each event and those that did not perform to expectations were not asked to continue, guaranteeing they would never become a member in good standing. With the drug now surging in her veins, Fran assured Jane she would do whatever was asked of her and almost begged her to make sure that she was asked to continue and eventually made a member.

Jane wanted to encourage Fran and get her excited at the same time so she decided to tell her a story about her service. The club had only been in existence for a few years and there was a much smaller membership she explained. Jane said that during her first "interview" she had been asked to address the "founding" members. She was ushered into a conference room with six women sitting at the table. She was instructed to undress to her bra and panties. As she undressed, she had to describe elements of her sex life and what she would add if able. By the time she reached her bra and panties she was describing in detail her first lesbian experiences. She was then instructed to crawl under the table and "service" the women. Getting on her hands and knees, she crawled under the table and proceeded to lick and suck each woman while they discussed club business. Once each member had been satisfied, she was instructed to stand on the table. Of course she complied. Once on the table, she was told to play with herself and describe her feelings while following their instructions. Jane told Fran that she played with herself for over thirty minutes while the women asked her the most intimate questions about her body and her desires. Finally, they had her remove her underwear and fondle herself to orgasm. Jane told Fran that during the ordeal, she was scared and apprehensive. Looking back on it, she said it was a thrilling experience that opened doors to her desires. Fran was enthralled by the story. It both relaxed her and made her excited as she pictured her friend on her knees under a table eating pussy. Jane could tell the story had its desired effect as Fran began to squirm in the passenger seat, now wet from her flowing pussy.


Part 2

Serving at the Party

Jane and Fran arrived at the party location, a big house in an older suburb. They left the SUV, rang the doorbell and were greeted with a hug by an older lady. They were ushered into the house and into a large dinning room. The room had furniture around the walls and a small raised area at one end but no large table. There were about forty people in the room. Jane took Fran around the room and introduced her to almost everyone although something told Fran she was being selectively introduced. It was quite cold in the room and despite the warmth provided by the drug Fran began to wish she had worn something heavier. As she past a large mirror on the wall, she noticed that the cool air had made her nipples hard and erect and could be clearly seen through the fabric of her dress. Fran noticed a young girl, probably no more than twenty, serving glasses of wine. She and Jane went over and helped themselves to a glass of wine. The girl, who was naked except for shoes and panties, smiled and turned to serve others when Fran noticed a number 1 on her back. Jane leaned over and told Fran that the girl was in service. Fran drank the glass of wine and notice yet another semi-naked serving girl with a number two on her back. Jane told Fran it was time for her to serve and they left the room and headed to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, Jane unbuttoned Fran's sun dress and took it from her shoulders, leaving her in shoes and panties as were the other candidates. A number three was scrolled on Fran's back and she was given a tray. Fran entered the dinning room and the cool air made her nipples stand out farther and caused goose bumps on her skin. She was instructed to move throughout the room and only speak when spoken to. She was ordered to circle the room three times and return even if the tray wasn't empty. Fran was very reluctant and tried to disguise her embarrassment. She had never been naked in public before, not even on a topless beach, but she really wanted to join the club, so she proceeded. The tray emptied quickly and she was surprised that the people she was serving did not even seem to notice her. She returned to the kitchen, as more people arrived, and noticed two more women undressing and preparing to serve. Her tray refilled, she entered the more crowded room with two other candidates - the young girl (number 1) she first noticed who was wearing conservative white cotton panties and number 2 wearing high cut french style panties made from a light blue nylon.

The candidates went their separate ways in the now crowded room. This time people began to take note of her. One woman asked her to turn around while another asked if this was her first function. She slowly turned for the first woman and replied politely to the question of the other. She was forced to rub against some of the guests to make her way through the crowd and as she did she felt a couple of hands touch her body. She was now at the far end of the room when she was confronted by a man accompanied by a couple. The man asked her to put down her tray as the three of them cornered her against the wall partially out of view. They ask her a series of questions and as before she answered politely. The woman commented on her panties and suggested that they made her the most appealing of the candidates. Fran blushed as the woman reached out and cupped her left breast. The man next to her made a comment about the teeth marks that Jane had left on it. He then asked Fran if she enjoyed having someone bite her nipples. Before she could reply, the other man asked her to turn and face the wall. She immediately complied and then felt the man's hand on her butt. He slowly ran his hand over her barely covered ass and down between her legs. A moan escaped from her as he touched her pussy and he commented to his friends that her panties were soaking wet. Before Fran realized it, the man slipped several fingers into the lacy elastic band and pulled her panties down to her knees. She was now facing the wall with her butt uncovered. The man ordered Fran to turn around and spread her legs, reluctantly she turned and opened her legs as far as the fabric allowed. Just as he was reaching to fondle her, one of the members came over and told the man he would have to win the auction to do any more. The man and his friends left Fran standing there, panties down and legs spread. The woman ordered Fran to pull up her panties and resume her duties.

Fran pulled up her panties, picked up the tray, and circled the room. Deep in her mind she wondered about the auction and thought about finding Jane to ask her but before she could act, she was called back into the kitchen. One of the senior members came in and introduced herself and told the candidates what a good job they were doing. She encouraged them, said she looked forward to having them as members of the club, and offered them a glass of wine to toast their success. Her speech made the candidates feel confident and together they drank their glasses dry. As Jane had done, the wine was spiked with a large dose of the drug. Within minutes of drinking the wine, the cumulative effect of new dose and those still in Fran's system hit her. She went from cold to hot. She could feel the blood surging through her system, her boobs ached, her crotch felt hot and wet, and she was forced to grab another candidate just to keep from stumbling. The other candidates were in much the same condition since their preparation had been similar to Fran's.

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