tagMind ControlFran in Service Day 02 Ch. 03-06

Fran in Service Day 02 Ch. 03-06


Part 3

The Auction

Several minutes later, the five candidates were paraded out of the kitchen and on to the small stage. Lights came on, illuminating but blinding the candidates and the senior member from the kitchen began to speak. She thanked the guests for coming and told them the auction would start shortly. It seemed that periodically the club auctioned the services of candidates and funded club activities or gave the money to charity. The drug was in full force in Fran's system as it was in the other candidates. She was not fully cognizant about what was going on although she had a good idea. Her overwhelming desire to join the club plus the effects of the drug were pushing her. She thought the hot lights felt good as she heard the auction begin. The first girl was the young blond. The bidding went quickly and the group applauded the winner. Fran was thrust forward and introduced. She turned to give anyone that hadn't seen her a look. Again the bidding went quickly and the crowd applauded. Soon the auction was over, the lights turned off, and the winners came forward to collect their prizes. Through the fog, Fran saw the man who pulled down her panties and his two friends. She strained to hear and see what was happening. The man paid for her with a wad of cash. The auctioneer received the cash, handed the man a small bottle, a piece of paper, and a key. As he took the items the woman reminded him of the rules and what would happen if the rules were broken. The rules were simply. Winners had the use of their prize for four hours, they could do whatever they wished but were not allowed to physically harm them or leave them scared. Additionally, they were given use of an apartment, two doses of the drug, but were limited to a maximum of four additional participants. The man assured the woman they would comply. Before he could take Fran away, the woman pulled her over and told her to follow their instructions and that she would be evaluated on her performance.

Fran's dress was placed on her shoulders and the trio led her away. Their car was waiting for them when they reached the front door. The man and Fran got into the back seat and the couple in the front. The man read the address and directions to the driver who told him it would take fifteen or twenty minutes to reach the location. The car was a large Mercury widely used for limo service. The back seat was ample and Fran settled into the soft seat more dazed than aware. Once the car left the property, the man next to her opened a compartment and took out two glasses and a crystal decanter. Reaching into his pocket he retrieved the small bottle the auctioneer had given him and split the contents between the two glasses. To this he added about three ounces of the liquid from the crystal container. He handed one glass to Fran and the other to the woman in the front seat. The woman in the front smiled, raised her glass, tossed the contents into her mouth and swallowed. Fran watched the woman and tried to duplicate her actions but it took her three tries to get all the liquid down. Immediately, she felt hot and nauseous, her surroundings were spinning and she rested back hoping not to get sick. She heard the people in the car talking and laughing. She soon felt a pair of hands on her body. They were strong and cool to the touch. The hands pulled her forward and she felt the sun dress being pulled from her shoulders and away from her body.

Fran was left with only her panties to cover her. The seats felt cool on her body and she heard the man next to her talking about her body. She felt his hands groping her. He roughly fondled her breasts and began to kiss and lick her neck. The man's actions plus the drug were beginning to drive her crazy. She was moving about in the seat trying to get comfortable. She was as horny as she had been earlier that day and began to fantasize about the woman held captive by the gang. As her mind withdrew into the fantasy, she was faintly aware of what was going on. The man next to her had turned on the reading light and shined it on her. The woman in the front, also with the drug in her system, turned around to watch. She first saw Fran slumped in the back seat, her legs spread, clad only in her now transparent (from her juices) panties. The man sitting next to her was busy fondling and kissing her. She watched as the man's hand traced down over Fran's tummy to her crotch. Watching her friend play with Fran made the woman very horny and she too began to squirm. As his hand reached her crotch, he commented on how wet she was and that this appeared to be money well spent. A moan escaped from Fran as he traced her pubis and she jumped when he began to fondle her clit and probe her pussy through her flimsy panties.

Smiling at his friends in the front seat, the man made an obscene comment and said it was time to see all of what they had paid for. With that he reached over Fran, slipped his right hand inside the left leg of Fran's panties, closed his hand, jerked his arm back, and tore the panties from her body. The panties ripped across the front leaving the elastic band in place around her waist but not much else. He spread Fran's legs as wide as he could and began to finger her pussy sending electric jolts through her. Just after mid-night the driver pulled into a quite upscale complex and announced they were there. The apartment was on the second floor and accessible from an outside staircase. The driver parked the car ten feet from the stairs and turned off the engine. The man next to Fran asked if they were ready to have some fun. He got out of the car, opened the front door, and helped the girl in the front out (she staggered a bit). He hooked his arm in hers and together they moved to the rear door on Fran's side. He tossed the key to the driver and told him to open the apartment door. Then he opened the car door and pulled a heavily drugged, semi-conscious, naked Fran from the car. The man and the woman each grabbed one of Fran's arms and held her up between them. As she stood up, anyone in the parking lot could see that Fran was naked except for torn pieces of panty dangling from the elastic band. The three of them walked together through the well lit parking lot, up the stairs and into the apartment.


Part 4

Let the Fun Begin

As the man and woman entered the apartment, half carrying Fran, the driver was standing there with a digital camera. They closed the door as the driver started taking pictures of the two dressed people with the naked woman between them. Once the man was sure he had enough of that scene he ordered that the girl get undressed. The man easily had the strength to hold Fran by himself. He walked her into the apartment and began to kiss and fondle her again, while the driver continued to take pictures. Using his advantage of size and strength, the man spun Fran around and held her in a variety of positions for the camera. He continued his advances kissing her lips, sucking her breasts, and fondling her pubis. Fran's mind was again swimming as her body reacted to the stimulus. She had begun to transport herself back to the warehouse with the gang members when the man's rough hands stopped. Fran pried open her eyes and saw the girl undressed to her underwear. She was wearing a black half push-up bra, matching garter belt, and black seamed stockings sans panties. Fran noted that the girl was stunning, sporting large breasts, long legs, and a shaved pubis. The man pushed Fran to the girl as the driver took pictures of the women. Holding Fran in her arms the girl leaned out and kissed her full on the mouth. Fran responded as the driver continued to shoot the scene. The men could tell that both of the women were under the control of the drug. Their embrace was passionate as they continued to kiss and rub their bodies together.

Picking Fran up the man motioned the girl to follow and proceeded to the bedroom. They found a king-sized bed with a mirror on the ceiling in the well lit room. He placed Fran on the bed and told the girl to join her. The girl crawled over to Fran and started kissing her again. Both women were aroused as the drugs enhanced their passions. The girl began to explore Fran's body as their tongues darted and danced. The driver continued to take pictures without realizing that there was a video camera hidden behind the mirror. Her hands moved to Fran's breasts and as she gently pinched the swollen nipples, the man began to give the girl instructions. First telling her to pinch Fran's nipples, then to kiss and suck them. As she carried out his instructions, Fran's mind again put her on that dirty mattress as his voice became that of the gang. The girl was no novice and very good at what she was doing. Fran was turned on by her body and her lingerie and enjoyed the care she took with her tender breasts. Fran became more excited, reached down and pulled the girl's mouth to hers and gave her a deep, long kiss. She rolled the girl over on her back and took the dominate position.

After another long kiss, Fran (at the urging of the man) began to nibble the girl's breasts. She kissed down to the top of the girl's bra and over to the other breast and repeated the procedure. As Fran kissed the girl's boobs, her hand found its way to the girls's crotch. She rubbed the girl's pubis making her moan and cry out. Pulling her hand back, Fran pulled the girl's breasts out of the bra. Her mouth found the left nipple as her hand returned to the girl's crotch. As Fran nibbled the girl's nipples, her fingers spread the girl's engorged pubis and began an assault on her clitoris. Fran had no idea of where she had learned to do this but seemed to instinctively know what would pleasure the girl. Now biting the girl's nipples, she increased her attention on the clitoris while alternately probing the girl's pussy. The girl cried out as Fran pumped two fingers in her hot pussy. She pulled out her sex juice covered fingers and pushed them into the girl's mouth. She removed the fingers and exchanged another long deep kiss with her. Now Fran was in control and worked her face to the girl's pubis. The smell of sex was overpowering. The girl's crotch, legs, and even the bed were wet with her juices. Fran wanted to make this girl cum. Placing her mouth between the girl's spread legs, she blew a lung full of air on the girl's clit. The cool air caused the girl to gasp and then Fran attacked her erect clitoris. As Jane had done to her, she sucked the clit into her mouth, bit down on it, and attacked the tip with her tongue. The girl was bucking with excitement and it was everything Fran could do to hold on to her. Sensing that the girl was nearing orgasm, Fran inserted two then three fingers into her steaming cunt and pumped them in and out. As the orgasm approached, Fran inserted her thumb into the girl's pussy, two fingers up her ass, and bit down hard on her clit. The combine assault drove the girl over the edge and she exploded in a massive orgasm. Fran withdrew her fingers, released the grip on the girl's clit, sighed, and placed her head on the girl's tummy completely satisfied with her work.

During the "performance" of the two woman, the man had undressed and move a chair into the center of the room. He waited until the girl had climaxed, reached over and placed his arms around Fran's torso, lifted her off the bed, and sat her in the chair. Fran's head was swimming and she thought she was going to be sick from the sudden movement. She landed in the wooden chair so hard her teeth jarred and butt hurt. As she fell forward from the landing, the man pushed her into an upright sitting position. The man looked over to the driver and said that they knew Fran could eat pussy, they would find out how good she gave head! Fran forced open her eyes and looked at the man standing in front of her. He was tall and muscular, but overweight and very hairy. She thought he probably was a retired athlete that had stopped working out. As he moved towards her she was his erect penis. It was rather small for a man his size she thought and was moving directly for her face.

His dick was now mere inches from her face. The man reached down, took his penis in his hand, and began to slap it against Fran's cheek. After a comment she could not understand, she could hear the men laughing at her expense. Her mind was again drifting to the story as she imagined the gang members teasing and making fun of her. In both her mind and in reality, she felt something touch her lips as the man rubbed the head of his penis on them. As he applied pressure, she opened her mouth to accept the organ. The man worked his cock between her lips several times as Fran took over. Although she hated to shallow, Fran gave some of the best blow jobs. Her tongue circled and tickled the cock as she drew the head between her closed lips with a sucking motion. After several minutes of this the man was fully erect and his hips were undulating with her actions. Progressively, Fran drew more and more of the man into her mouth while using her teeth to stimulate the tip of the organ. She was becoming progressively excited as was the man and her mind could not clearly discern her blow job reality from the actions in her fantasy mind.

In Fran's fantasy, she was tied to the chair. Like an out of body experience, her could see herself with each leg tied to the chair, her legs spread, and pussy lewdly displayed. There were four naked gang members standing around her. They were taunting her, pinching her, and poking her face and head with their erections. The gang members were lining up to get access to her mouth. She sucked one after the other. As soon as one dick was pulled out, another took it's place. In the real world, the man was becoming very excited as his orgasm built. He was thrusting his cock deeper into Fran's throat, almost to the point of gagging her. Feeling his excitement, she reached up and began to fondle his balls. Spasms began to sweep over him. In her fantasy, the gang members where cumming. Some came in her mouth or down her throat but the one she was blowing pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load over her face and chest. The real world imitated her fantasy or vise versa. As the man began to cum, he pulled his cock from her mouth and discharged his semen over his face and breasts. The driver continued to shoot pictures.


Part 5

The Fun Continues

As the man stepped back, Fran opened her eyes, surveyed the room and wiped some semen from her cheek. She saw the man's mouth moving but could not hear the worlds. The driver stopped taking pictures, came over to the side of the bed and began to undress. Fran notice that he appeared older than the other man and clearly not in the same shape sporting a pot belly. As he stripped she saw one of the largest penises she had every seen outside of porn movies. The driver's dick must have been greater than eight inches long and it wasn't even hard. She wondered how that would feel inside her and then considered if her small frame could accommodate it fully erect. The man turned Fran's chair to face the bed, stepped over to the driver, got down on his knees, and began to suck the driver off. Fran had never seen this before. She watched in fascination as the man pumped the driver's dick in and out of his mouth till fully erect. She thought it was interesting and to a certain extent stimulating, but quickly decided that two women together was much better than two men. The blow job lasted only a couple of minutes, when the man told the driver it was time.

As the driver climbed on the bed, the man turned to Fran, told her to watch the show and enjoy. Fran stared at the driver's dick. Now fully erect it was over nine inches long and very thick. It must be bigger than her black vibrator and she could only get that completely inside her on special occasions. The driver, unceremoniously mounted the girl and without any foreplay or preparation, aligned his giant instrument at the entrance of the girl's pussy, and rammed it inside her. The girl screamed as he viciously drove it completely into her. Fran's pussy hurt in sympathy with the girl. The driver withdrew the organ and rammed it in again. Again the girl screamed. The girl had pull her legs as open as she could attempting to make her vagina adapt to the tool's size. Sweat was popping from her forehead and she was gasping for breath as the driver once again withdrew and then reinserted his dick. After fifteen or twenty iterations, the girl's pussy began to more comfortably receive the large organ. Her cries of pain became cries of pleasure and the driver increased the pace of his strokes producing a noticeable response.

Fran's eyes were transfixed on the large organ pumping into and out of the girl. Her ears and head were full of the girl's cries and moans in sync with the man's thrusts. Her pussy was also responding to the show. Her vaginal muscles were contracting and expanding in time with the man's strokes. The longer she watched, the more in tune she became. She could feel her pussy tingle as some of her juices oozed to the chair. The man was also enjoying the show and had recovered his erection. He looked at her, thought a devilish thought, and told to play with herself. Skipping her breasts, Fran's hand immediately went for her crotch and she inserted two fingers into her burning hole. She thrust the fingers in and out of herself in time with the man's strokes. Her pussy was so wet and swollen that the fingers easily penetrated the spasming muscles without resistance. The driver's strokes became more rapid and the girl's cries shallower as she gasped for breath. In time with the girl's cries, Fran withdrew the fingers of her right hand from her pussy and began to fondle her clit. Like the girl, she was breathing heavily and gasping for air.

The assault with her right hand continued as her left hand's fingers found her steaming cunt. She inserted two, then three fingers inside herself and pumped in time with the stroking. Fran imagined the giant dick pumping her pussy. She pulled her legs to the sides of the chair, hooking her feet behind the legs for support. Now spread as wide as she possibly could, she resumed her self rape. The man was standing and observing both shows not knowing which to look at first. He turned to Fran in time to see her insert all four fingers into herself while still rubbing her clit. The fingers pounded into her pussy disappearing all the way to the point where the knuckles meet the hand. Sweat was poured from Fran's forehead and upper body and she was crying out things that were inaudible. Her eyes were still transfixed on the dick screwing the girl. She was close to orgasm when the man leaned over and told her to use her whole hand to fuck herself. Automatically, Fran brought her thumb next to her fingers and plowed her whole hand into her searing pussy. Again and again she plunged her hand into herself as her other fingers beared down on her clit. As the orgasms of both women built, the man reached down, grabbed Fran's left wrist with his hand, and began to fuck her with her own hand. He forced it deeper and deeper into her. Fran exploded just as the man was forcing her whole hand, to her wrist, into her pussy. She yelled out, pinched her clit between her fingers, convulsed, and clamped her legs together on the man's hand while holding her entire hand inside her pussy. His hand locked between Fran's legs, the man could feel the waves sweeping out from her pussy and through her body. Fran blacked out.


Part 6

One more Time

Fran came to on the bed next to the girl. Their legs open and intertwined, the driver again taking pictures. On instructions from the man, the driver climbed on to the bed and placed his semi-erect penis against Fran's mouth. She instinctively opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the tip. The driver's penis twitched as her tongue tickled it and it started to become erect again. She drew the head into her mouth, sucked on it, and continued to tickle it with her tongue. The driver's erection grew and Fran pulled in more of the shaft which still tasted like the girl's pussy. Fran loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth and enjoyed the power it gave her over it's owner. She continued to suck it deeper into her mouth with her teeth biting the head as it past over them. The driver was becoming aroused, his hips pumped the staff into Fran, and his butt muscles tensed as her bit into his tender skin.

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