tagLoving WivesFran Johnson Ch. 06

Fran Johnson Ch. 06


When my alarm went off the next morning, Bill was already up and gone to his office. The day before slowly came back to me as I lay in bed, clearing the sleepy cobwebs from my head. I remembered sunbathing on our private deck, exposing myself to our 20 year-old neighbor, Trevor. I remembered asking him to put the suntan lotion on me, and feeling his warm hands running all over my body until they found the warm, wet place in the center of me. I remembered having a hard orgasm as he fingered me, and then stroking Trevor's huge cock until he shot gobs and gobs of sperm all over my hands, arms, and tummy. And I remembered asking my husband, Bill, when Trevor would be coming back to do more gardening.

Friday! Only two days away, now. I was torn, though. On one hand, I couldn't wait for the thrill of showing off my body to Trevor again. I couldn't wait to be rewarded with his gentle touch. I couldn't wait to have another orgasm as powerful and addicting as the one I had, and if truth be told, I couldn't wait to see that giant penis of his again; to get my hands around it, to feel it pulse as it squirted copious amounts of white, gooey semen. On the other hand, I was married and it was very improper of me to be doing such things. But then again, my husband had not only condoned it, but had urged me on towards it. Oh, fiddle! It was all so confusing!

I got up and readied myself for work, and had an uneventful day at the store. I couldn't get Trevor's huge thing out of my mind, and I was distracted all day. One of my co-workers even asked if I was alright. When work was over, I made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up something to make for dinner, and when I drove down the street, I saw that Trevor was in his driveway, playing basketball with a couple of other young men. He had his shirt off, and I could see his lean, muscled body. I got a little shiver, and drove on past his house and turned into our driveway. I hadn't needed to see that!

I brewed some tea and sat in the living room to wait for Bill to get home. I needed to talk to him about what had happened the day before. I needed some guidance from him about where this all was going. Soon I heard his car pull into the driveway, and then saw him as he walked past the window to the front door.

I stood and greeted him with a kiss when he entered. I told him that we really needed to talk. We sat together on the couch, and I just poured out my feelings. I was really worried about all the things that were happening. I was afraid that our marriage would be irreparably damaged by my unfaithfulness. I almost told him about my afternoon with Father Mick, but thought better of it. I told him that I loved him, and even though I had enjoyed myself with Trevor, and that part of me wanted to do it again, it was more important to me that our marriage remain strong. I began to cry.

Bill listened, letting me pour my heart out until I was finished. Then he very simply told me that he loved me, that he wanted me to be happy, and that me being made happy by Trevor made him happy. He said that if we love each other, and we are both being made happy, what can be wrong? He explained that our marriage would always come first, but that it was time to have fun and cut loose before we got too old. That made me afraid; I didn't want him to cut loose and be with someone else, and I told him so.

He responded by telling me that he had no desire to be with anyone else; it was his desire for me to be with someone else and for him to watch and be with me afterwards. It was all so confusing to me. Bill told me that he wanted to be cuckolded. When I asked him what a that was, he told me he'd show me some websites on the internet later that would explain it, but that it was kind of like the movie we had seen where the husbands watched their wives have sex with other men, then licked them clean afterwards.

I moved over and hugged Bill, and told him again how much I loved him. After a moment, he asked me if I was going to sunbathe again on Friday.

"If you want me to, I will," I told him, looking down at my lap. Secretly, I was hoping he would want me to.

"I do want you to," he replied. "And I want you to enjoy yourself with Trevor. As much as you like. I'll tell him he didn't get much done last time, and I want him to go finish what he started in the private garden."

I felt elated. Bill had eased my mind about what I had done with Trevor, and I was excited by the prospect of getting to do it again.

"But I won't let him go all the way with me, Bill." I looked him right in the eye. "That's only for you." He smiled and patted my hand.

"Whatever you feel comfortable with is okay with me, sweetie," he said. I got up and started dinner, excited for Friday. Later that night, Bill showed me websites that explained about cuckolding: how the wife would humiliate the husband by taking a lover right in front of him, comparing the good loving she was getting from the lover to the pathetic efforts by the husband. Bill explained that for some reason, he wanted to be cuckolded. He said the idea of it was thrilling to him. We read stories together about wives cuckolding their husbands with younger men, black men, all with big penises. Bill started fooling around with me, and I was pretty excited about what we had read. told him he could screw me with his little penis. We did it right on the floor by the computer, and I told him he was so small I couldn't feel a thing. He loved it, and I actually enjoyed saying it as well, even though it wasn't true. It actually felt quite good with his small penis.

The hours in the next day went by agonizingly slowly. All I could think about was Trevor, Trevor, Trevor! I felt like a young schoolgirl, excited for a first date. Bill made love to me that night again with his small little penis. While he was doing it to me, I was telling him that Trevor was much bigger than he was, and that Trevor's cock could fill me up like his never could. This got Bill really excited and he shot his small load of sperm in me, then immediately went down and started licking me. Remembering the stories we had read, I told him that he'd better get down there and clean Trevor's sperm up and give me an orgasm with his tongue, because he sure couldn't give me one with his tiny little dick. This really made Bill go crazy, and he licked and sucked everything out of me while I ground my vagina against his face. I had a nice little orgasm, then told him to make sure he got everything. I wanted to be nice and clean for Trevor the next day.

I got up extra early, and took a shower, shaving myself down there. I even douched, afraid that I might be a bit smelly from Bill the night before. I asked Bill what time Trevor was starting this afternoon, and he told me that he'd be there about 1:00. Plenty of time for us to get home from work just after noon and get into position.

The minutes dragged by all day at work, and right at noon I rushed out to my car to drive home. I was getting nervous, and as soon as I got home, I went pee, then washed myself down there again. I made sure I was still nice and smooth from the shaving I gave myself in the morning. Bill came home and caught me in the bathroom checking myself. He wanted to feel it, too, but I told him, no. I didn't want it to get dirty before Trevor played with it.

About a quarter to one, I made my way out to the private deck. Bill was waiting out in the garage for Trevor to show up. He'd tell Trevor to go work again on the private garden, and that he had to run into town for a while and then leave in his car. He'd park around the block, and once Trevor was in place, sneak back into the house and upstairs to the window to watch.

I took off my robe and laid the towel down on my chaise. I had brought an extra hand towel for Trevor's mess, and laid it on the other chaise with the sunscreen next to it. I put on a good songlist on my iPod and laid down on the chaise, as naked as the day I was born. I tried to read, but I was way too excited. I just closed my eyes and lay there waiting. I told myself that I wouldn't let it go too far. I just wanted to get my hands on that giant cock again, and that would be it. We would pleasure each other with our hands, and that was enough. I could feel my vagina kind of tingling with excitement. Tom Petty sang "The waiting is the hardest part". He didn't know how hard it was.

Then I heard the back gate open, and soon Trevor walked into view. He was wearing only a pair of cut-off jeans and sandals, and didn't look at all surprised to see me there. I think he was probably expecting it. His tanned muscular torso shone in the sunlight.

"Hi Mrs. J," he said brightly. "Lookin' good today!" I thanked him, and he stood for a moment looking at my body. I put my book down and looked back at him. He didn't look away, he just kept looking at me. Our eyes locked, and we both knew why we were there.

"Is there something you want?" I asked. "Don't you have work to do?" He didn't say anything, just swallowed and kept looking at me.

"Is it lemonade you want?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Is it soda pop you want?" I asked again. Again, he shook his head no.

"Is it this you want?" I asked, and I spread my legs wide, showing him everything. I had become so naughty!

He nodded.

"Not until you get some work done," I told him. I wanted this to last, and I knew that Bill probably wasn't upstairs yet. "You can look, but you need to earn what Mr. Johnson is paying you. Then maybe I'll reward you." I couldn't believe how sassy I was being.

Trevor shrugged his shoulders, and simply said, "Okay," and started in to work, trimming the heavy shrubbery that surrounded the garden. I pretended to read my book and he pretended to work, but I couldn't concentrate and he couldn't take his eyes off me. I shifted on the chaise often, opening and closing my legs. I brushed my fingertips across my breasts from time to time. When I knew he was looking, I let my legs fall way apart, and reached down and played lightly with the lips of my vagina.

"Trevor," I called to him. "I don't think its fair that I have no clothes on, and you do. Don't you think you should take those shorts off?" He turned and faced me, unsnapped his shorts, pulled the zipper down, and stepped out of them. His large penis was already hard and sprang to attention. "Okay, back to work, young man!"

I watched his naked muscular body as he went about his chores. The muscles in his butt were spectacular as he moved around. I let my hand drift back down to my vagina and began playing with myself again. I was very wet. Trevor went about his work, turning in profile to me. I could see his penis, sticking straight out, bobbing up and down as he did his chores. Oh, how I wanted to get my hands around that monster! He would look at me from time to time, see my hand caressing the lips of my vagina, and he would grab hold of his penis and rub it gently up and down a couple of times. I thought that Bill must be having a fit upstairs, watching Trevor and I tease each other.

Finally, I couldn't take it any more. ""Trevor," I said. "I need you to put some sunscreen on me. Would you mind?"

He came right over and I told him the sunscreen was on the other chaise lounge. He picked it up and sat down on the chaise, his young hard penis pointing right at me.

"I think I need some on my breasts," I told him. "They don't get a lot of sun, and I'm afraid they'll burn." He squirted some lotion on his hand, and leaning forward, began to rub it into my breasts. My nipples were erect, and it felt wonderful as he gently massaged my breasts with the lotion. He began to run his thumb over each of my nipples, first one, then the other. I told him that it felt good when he did that. He continued to run his thumbs over my nipples and I turned my head and looked at his beautiful penis. It was hard, and pointing right at me. I reached out and gently took it in my hand. It felt wonderful. So much bigger than Bill's.

"Now pinch my nipples gently, please," I cooed. He pinched my right nipple very lightly and it felt exquisite. Then he did my left. I began softly stroking his penis, letting my fingertips lightly tickle the sides of it, up and down.

"Pull on them just a little when you pinch them," I asked. He complied by pinching while gently pulling on my nipples. It felt unbelievably wonderful. I gave his giant cock a squeeze and felt it twitch in my hand.

"Now roll my nipples between your fingers," I told him, beginning to pant. Again, he complied by gently rolling first one, then the other nipple between his fingers.

Now you can go back and forth between doing all those. I gave his huge penis a tug and closed my eyes as Trevor tried all his new tricks on my breasts. It felt heavenly.

"Trevor," I said after a while of his glorious treatment of my breasts. "I'm afraid my hips and tummy will get burned where my suit usually is. Why don't you put some sunscreen on down there. You really did quite a good job on my breasts. That felt very, very good."

Again, he squirted more sunscreen on his hands and began to rub it onto my lower tummy, just above the tuft of my pubic hair, and down the fronts of my legs. I was dripping with anticipation of a replay of a few days earlier. I looked over at his rock-hard penis, and began giving it little tugs as he began rubbing the lotion on my inner thighs. His balls were full and round, tight against his body. Again, I spread my legs apart to give him access to my waiting vagina. And again, he would rub right up to it, but not quite on it.

"Trevor," I asked. "Please don't tease me anymore. I need you to touch me there." He ran his hand up the inside of my leg, and this time didn't stop when he got to my vulva. He gently ran his fingers up the outside lips and then slipped a finger right down the middle and into my slippery hole.

"Mmm," I murmured, as I felt his finger slide right into me. I lightly tickled his balls as he pleasured me with his finger.

"Trevor, take your finger and run it up to the top of my..." I paused. "My cunt." There I said it out loud. He did what I asked.

"Do you feel that hard little spot there?" I asked. He answered yes, he did.

"That's my....." I paused again. "My clit." He found the exact spot. "That's where it feels really, really good on a woman. We like to have that spot paid attention to." He began rubbing little circles around my clit. It felt so, so good.

"And if you reach over with your other hand, and pull the skin up right above it, it will pop right out." I spread my legs and began moving my hips in time to his ministrations. He was a very good student, and he took his other hand, pulled up the hood, and applied direct contact to my clit.

"Not too much at first, Trevor, " I counseled. "Start very lightly and work your way up to it. And you can put your finger back in me from time to time; that feels really good, too.". My pussy was very wet, and what Trevor was doing to me was making it wetter. I suddenly remembered Bill upstairs, and said in a voice loud enough for him to hear, "God, Trevor. Your cock is so much bigger than my husband's." I thought Bill would like to hear that as he was being cuckolded. "And you rub my pussy so much better than my husband does," I added for good measure.

I closed my eyes and lightly stroked him as I enjoyed the sensations he was giving me. He leaned over and began sucking the nipple closest to him.

"Oh," I said as I felt him suck my nipple into his mouth and gently bite it. What he was doing to me down there was feeling incredible. 'A little faster now, Trev," I instructed. He picked up the pace on my clit, giving it more direct contact. Every once in a while he would plunge a finger into me and I would gasp. Then he plunged two fingers into me and I groaned and pushed back against him. He took over rubbing my clit with the thumb of the hand pulling up the hood and continued to plunge two fingers in and out of me while sucking on my breasts. I let go of his penis as I felt my orgasm approaching.

"Oh, yes, Trevor," I cried out, loud enough for Bill to hear. "I'm going to come! I'm going to come! Don't stop!" My orgasm crashed over me, and again I held Trevor's fingers in my pussy while I spasmed against them, I came long and hard again, feeling so excited by the entire scenario. He lifted his mouth from my breast and looked at me closely.

"That felt very good, Trevor. You make me come so hard," I said as I gave him a smile. "I lost something, though, where did it go?" I groped around as if I couldn't find his penis. When I finally laid my hand on it, I said, "Oh, there it is."

I turned towards him. "Lay back on the chaise," I told him. He laid back and his erect cock was sticking up in the air. It was amazingly huge. It was as big around as a large cucumber, and had to be at least 10 inches long. I took it in my hand again and began lovingly stroking it. It felt so good, and so big, and so hard. I cupped his balls in my left hand while my right made the long journey up and down his shaft. He reached over and pinched one of my nipples.

"Mrs. J.?" he said, as if it were we question.

"Yes, Trevor?", I answered.

"Would you........" he stopped.

"Would I what, Trevor?" I asked.

"You know, Mrs. J.," he answered. "Would you, like, lick it and suck it?" I hadn't realized how badly I had wanted to do that until he asked. So as my husband watched from upstairs, I put the folded towel down on the deck, and kneeled by the side of the chaise with my knees on it. I took Trevor's massive cock in my hand, and leaning my head over, kissed the very tip of it. I took the mushroom head into my mouth, and began to suck and kiss and lick his hard cock. He played with my nipples as I got more and more into it.

I couldn't get much in my mouth, but I got it nice and wet with my spit and used my hand to stroke it up and down as I kissed, licked, and sucked the head into my mouth. I gave him a few licks down the underside, and twirled my tongue on the sensitive spot that Bill had shown me on his.

I usually didn't really enjoy doing this very much, but with Trevor it was different. He was so big and so hard, and he tasted so good. I was losing myself in sucking his cock, as if there was nothing else in the world: just his cock and my mouth and hand. I picked up the pace with my hand, and was passionately kissing and sucking on the tip. I was really stroking him now, and had the entire head of his penis in my mouth, sucking and moving my mouth up and down on the head while my hand worked like a piston up and down his hard shaft. My whole world became his cock, and I could feel him fucking my mouth, pushing it in and out between my lips as my tongue wildly licked every inch of him I could get in. He pumped harder, my hand went faster, and then he did it. He sprayed a giant load of his cum into my mouth. I felt the first spurt, and rather than pull away as I usually would have, I swallowed and pumped for more. There was another blast onto the back of my throat, and again I swallowed and pumped him up and down, trying to get more of his warm white sperm in my mouth. I was insane with passion as I milked every bit of cum out of him and greedily lapped it up. As soon as he was done, I wanted more. For the first time, I enjoyed giving a blowjob, and enjoyed tasting a man's cum.

I sat back on my chaise lounge, still horny, still feeling a need. I watched Trevor's cock begin to shrink as his erection subsided after his orgasm. I picked up the towel and wiped my mouth, then wiped up little bits of sperm and spit that had fallen onto Trevor. I leaned back down and gave his cock one more little kiss.

"Will Mr. J. be home soon? Maybe I ought to get back to work before he gets here," Trevor said, suddenly feeling nervous.

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