tagLetters & TranscriptsFran Johnson Ch. 09

Fran Johnson Ch. 09


I made my husband, Bill, his favorite dinner. We ate mostly in silence, as the events of the past 24 hours were weighing heavily on both of us. Against my better judgement, my he had convinced me to have sex with another man so that he could watch. It had been his fantasy for years.

When dinner was finished, I handed him the envelope containing this letter, then stood and left the table, going upstairs to get ready for my evening.

Dear Bill,

For the past 26 years I have always tried to be a good and faithful wife and friend to you. I have cooked your meals, cleaned your house, and have always tried to be loving and accommodating to your needs. There were times when the kids were little, and I was working outside the home to help make ends meet plus caring for them, and I would be so tired at the end of the day. As tired as I was, I always made myself available to you if you were "feeling the need" as you used to say.

I have always tried to accommodate your sexual needs, which were greater than mine. I cherished our sex life together, and I cherished you as my husband. In the past few months, you have asked more and more of me sexually. As always, I have tried to be accommodating. I didn't really want to flash those men on the bus, but you were insistent, so I did it for you. I really didn't want to flash Trevor while I did my housework, but I did it for you. Then you pushed and pushed. I told you I didn't want to have intercourse with another man, and even though you knew that, you offered me to Trevor And when I was telling Trevor no, you were sitting right there telling him to put it in me.

Well, he did put it in me, and as I feared, now things have changed. They didn't change exactly as I thought they might, but my world changed after I discovered the joy of Trevor's magnificent cock. Please remember: I said we couldn't do that, and you prodded him, and me, into it. Now you will have to live with the consequences. To put it simply, I want Trevor's cock in me every chance I get and you are just going to have to live with that. Trevor will go back to college in about two months. Until then, I will be his, not yours.

I always enjoyed our sex life. Even with your small penis, sex with you was like a very pleasant ride at Disneyland. The ride would start, and it would be a pleasant journey that made me feel nice, usually with a little thrill at the end, like the car you're riding in swooping down and splashing through the water. Then the ride was over, and everybody agreed we had a very nice and very pleasant time.

Unfortunately for you, the ride with Trevor is very different. The ride starts with a big thrill, and the thrills never stop all the way through the ride. In fact, they get better and better as the ride goes on, and they actually get better and better the more times you go on the ride. Trevor's ride is a gut-wrenching, thrill-a-minute barn burner. Yours is more like a kiddie ride, safe and sane. I want to ride on Trevor's ride for as long as he'll let me on it.

You wanted me to cuckold you. You said so yourself. But you wanted to be cuckolded, yet stay in control of me and the situation. That's not the way it works. You have been cuckolded, and you have no power to control anything. That is the very point of being cuckolded. I went back onto those websites and studied about cuckolding, learning all I could about it. So now, my husband, you are my cuckold. Trevor is what is called "The Bull". The Bull is the master of the house and holds all the power. You hold no power, for you are a lowly cuckold. Had you not pressed me into being with Trevor, I would have still thought your puny little wiener was "average" size like you told me it was. It isn't average, it's tiny. And it doesn't truly satisfy a woman.

I have outlined below how things will work from now on. When Trevor goes back to school we can sit down, discuss our options, and decide where to go next. Until then, these are the rules:

1. When Trevor stays here overnight, your place is in the guest room. Trevor will sleep in your spot, and he will fuck me where you sleep. On the nights that he is not here, you may elect to stay in the guest room, or you may choose to sleep in your regular spot. It is your option whether you wish to launder the sheets or sleep on the dried cum stains from our lovemaking.

2. When Trevor is here, you will be respectful to him at all times. You will defer to him at all times, checking with him before you do anything in the home. Your job is to serve us and to make sure that we have everything we need to enjoy our time together. Your needs come a distant second to our needs.

3. Tomorrow you will purchase a bra, panties, and woman's nightie in your size. This will be your uniform when Trevor is in the house, or at any other time of my choosing. If Trevor wishes, you will also wear makeup and paint your nails. You have become a sissy wimp, and you will dress like a sissy wimp.

4. You will not masturbate without my permission. I reserve the right to cage your cock at any time. It is currently not my intention to do so, but any disobedience on your part will be punished, and such punishment may include a cock cage for you and your loss of ability to masturbate even with my permission. I believe they make cock cages small enough to fit your tiny little penis.

5. When Trevor is here, you will cook all meals, do all laundry, do all housework, and serve as my butler and Trevor's valet.

6. You may not initiate sex with me at any time.

7. You may be in the room while Trevor and I have sex only by invitation. When you are invited, you may speak only when spoken to, and must be as unobtrusive as possible.

These are your rules. As with any set of rules, there is punishment for breaking them, but there are also rewards for following them. Should you choose to follow the rules, I will do my best to provide the following:

1. Because you are my husband, you may have intercourse with me once per week, at a time of my choosing. You must wear a condom, and you should try to make it as fast as possible. The week shall run from Monday to Sunday.

2. From time to time, I will need to be cleaned. When I am overfilled with Trevor's cum, I will need to have it removed. You will use your tongue to do so, at my request.

3. During times that Trevor is not with me, I will attempt to have as normal a relationship as possible with you under the circumstances. I will share duties in the home, and treat you as a husband. However, you are still forbidden to initiate sex, even during these times.

4. So long as you are a good little cuckold, I will make every effort to have Trevor allow you to watch us every once in a while. You must understand, though, that he is the master of the house now, and if your presence makes him uncomfortable, you will not be allowed to do so.

So these are the rules. As I said, I will make every effort to represent your best interests to Trevor, so long as you follow the rules.

As I stated before, Trevor will be going back to college in early September. At that time, we can sit down and discuss our options. Here is what I see are the three possible outcomes:

1. You remain a cuckold, and all rules remain the same. In this event, you will be required to assist me in finding a new suitable Bull with a very large cock.

2. We decide to try to go back to the way things were before this, as a normal married couple. In this event, there will be no flashing, no cream pies. We will try, and I stress the word "try" to revert to being a normal couple. We may have to buy you a large strap-on, however.

3. We decide to split up. Then I would be free to remarry a man who could truly satisfy me.

If you decide that this arrangement is not suitable to you, or that you cannot abide by the rules, I will use part of our savings to rent an apartment for the rest of the summer so that I can be with Trevor. Should that be the case, when he goes back to school we can decide where we want to go from there.

I am upstairs right now bathing, shaving myself, and putting on my new negligee for Trevor. I'm meeting him at his house a little after 11 for another night of non-stop sex. I can hardly wait to feel his huge cock inside me again. I've missed it today. I never missed yours.

I will be there until approximately 5:00 am, at which time I will return while it is still dark. If you choose to abide by the rules above, you will let me know by not speaking to me or bothering me when I get home, but instead remaining in bed silently until I wake up. When I wake up and tell you to do so, you will clean my pussy with your tongue, then get up and make me breakfast while I shower and get ready for my day. We will miss church tomorrow, as I will be too tired from a night of vigorous fucking to wake up in time to go.

Should you bother me when I get home, I will take that as a sign that you cannot or will not abide by the new rules, and will immediately begin looking for an apartment.

I still love you, and still want you as my husband. It was you who brought this on, and I hope that you can live with the new order of things, and that we can remain a married couple, although a very different one than we were before.

Your loving wife and new Mistress,


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by Anonymous

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by ScorpioJJ07/15/17

What do you mean Trevor didn't show up at college?

He just disappeared, what a shame. never to be heard from again. Fran cried when she heard the news from one of her former neighbors, now a regular John on her street corner.

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