It is the year 1746. Daniel de Grosmembre is lord of the manor at Le Bit, a large estate several kilometers outside Paris. He has 2,000 hectares of land, farmed by a number of families that have been on the land since the days of his grandfather.

Daniel is married to Cynthie, the daughter of a neighboring Lord. She was a spoiled girl, but the parents arranged the marriage long before the bride and groom were of age. Upon the death of Cynthie's father, the entire whole of the estate will nearly double the lands controlled by de Grosmembre. Cynthie is willful, and has a sharp tongue that has frequently caused her problems in the past. In spite of the protestations of her mother, the belt of her father had been applied to her hindquarters upon many an occasion.

When she and Daniel married, Cynthie portrayed the picture of love and light. Her tongue was sugared and very, very tame. After only a few months of marriage, she began to let slip the mask she had donned to cover her real emotions.

As was the custom in those days, Daniel was openly allowed -- even expected -- to keep several lovers, both before and after marriage. Cynthie was expected to keep herself to Daniel. One of Daniel's lovers was the fifteen-year-old daughter of his groom, Angelique. A short, redheaded wench, Angelique usually serviced her lord in the stables after he had returned from a ride. As a rule, Daniel rode on Saturdays. This coincided with market day. Angelique's father served to carry the household staff to town for the marketing. This left Angelique free for any use the Lord chose to make of her.

One Saturday, after Daniel and Cynthie were married, Daniel left his young bride behind and rode out to the forest. Whatever he did there was always a mystery. But he always returned with a hard cock and quickly fell upon Angelique in the stables among the horses and the hay with great vigor. This particular Saturday was no different than any other with one exception. When Daniel rode in, dismounted and turned the horse over to the stable boy, his entrance into the Groom's quarters was observed secretly by his wife, Cynthie.

She watched as Daniel led the maid to her chambers and caused her to disrobe. He then made her straddle his calf and pull off his tight leather boots, the other foot was always applied to her bum to assist in the removal of the tall boot between her naked legs. Daniel, Cynthie noticed, made sure that the stem of his boot made intimate contact with the parts of Angelique's bare crotch. When she had removed the first boot, the operation was repeated with the second, the difference being that Daniel's shin was the object pressing into her tender folds.

When his boots were tossed aside into the hay, she turned, still kneeling, to catch his discarded jacket, shirt and stock. Then she was schooled to use her teeth and lips to open and remove his breeches and smallclothes. When Angelique gripped the waist of his linen smallclothes in her tiny white teeth, Cynthie, peeking through the cracks between the boards of the stable wall, brought her hand to her own mouth. She bit the back of her hand and felt a warmth between her thighs.

Angelique pulled and tugged, finally baring the erect member springing from between Daniel's thighs. It stood out, red and angry looking. Daniel's hands were on his hips, in an equally proud stance. His expression, while enflamed, was still as haughty as Cynthie had come to know as his usual attitude.

With the under clothing discarded, Cynthie's gaze took in her husband's form. She had not been allowed to observe him this openly, since the tradition at the time was for married couples to join their bodies in the dark, and to couple only for the purpose of procreation. She saw what she'd only known before by touch: He was very hairy and his penis was long and thick. The sack of balls hung heavy underneath and swung back and forth as he now strutted around the girl in a complete circle. His hindquarters stood up tight and proud as they jiggled across the range of Cynthie's view. Marveling at their roundness, she was surprised to find her own hand beneath the layers of skirting and underclothes and sunken deep inside herself.

She watched as Daniel came to a stop before the petite Angelique once more. He waited as she raised her face in supplication. She leaned forward a bit to take the tip of his hardness between her lips. Cynthie had wanted to do this, even tried one time. But Daniel spurned and scolded her efforts to please him, saying that was NOT something a proper wife would stoop to do.

Now as she watched, his length sank slowly and completely into the mouth and throat of this...this Stable girl! Her motions beneath her skirt increased in speed and she felt the familiar feeling begin to mount inside herself.

After a few minutes of this oral attention, Cynthie watched as her husband raised the girl from the straw covered stable floor. He bent her over a pile of hay in the corner. Reaching for a nearby crop hanging on the wall, he began to punish the tender backside of the young girl. With each stinging stroke, Cynthie felt a heat deep inside herself responding. This was what she desired! This kind of punishment was her central need! The courtly treatment of a Lord for his Lady was well and good. But Cynthie knew that she would respond with greater heat to her husband if he would treat her in the manner she watched him treat the girl that day in the barn.

Cynthie watched until all the activity was finished. Angelique lay sweating and oozing the Lord's seed in the loose hay of the stable floor as Daniel, clad once again in his riding costume strode proudly from the shadows into the midday sunshine. Cynthie crept out then, to comfort the girl and cradle her abused naked body in her own lap. She kissed the tears from the small round face, all the while knowing that the young thing was as a rabbit, caught in an inescapable trap. She had reassured the girl, and had kindly spread a soothing lotion over and around her punished buttocks. A few times during this operation, Cynthie had let her hands stray down and into the secret places between the girl's legs and buttocks. By the time she had finished, both women were flushed and gasping.

Cynthie knew she had to find a way to get her husband to treat her the way he had the girl in the stables. finally she came up with a plan......


“How do you stand him,” Angelique wanted to know.

“ It was arranged. Not my choice. He is too old for me, “ Cynthie answered “You poor thing,” Cynthie said, drawing the girl close to her and cradling her.

Angelique curled up into her arms feeling safe. Cynthie rubbed her bum as she leaned on her side allowing this to continue and her cheeks to part. One foot was on the ground, bent high at the knee and the other pressed into Cynthie. Angelique pulled her hair behind her shoulder and allowed her hand to land on Cynthie's left breast. Cynthie did not pull away and Angelique began to caress it bring the nipple to erection. Both were taken by surprise by their feelings. Both had been taunted by Daniel and were aroused.

Cynthie leaned down to kiss Angelique's forehead again and again. Angelique bared the breast and took it into her mouth, sucking and nibbling. Cynthie felt the nerves that connected her breast with her most private parts. She moaned and began to caress Angelique's rear passage and the girl's vagina with her other hand. Rubbing faster and harder. Both were entering into a world they knew nothing of but that they wanted to explore.


Cynthie slipped Angelique's blouse from her thin shoulders. The girl was now completely naked. Cynthie noticed that, except for the size of her breasts, they were similar in appearance. Her plan would work, she knew. But then she forgot about her husband and devoted herself to the delectable morsel before her. Angelique helped her mistress remove her own clothing, caressing each new part as it was bared for her.

When Cynthie was as naked as the girl, they moved together into each other's arms. Kissing and fondling, they made love in silence for a while. When their breath became labored and their cheeks were flushed, Angelique stood and pulled the lady to her feet. Taking her by the hand, she led her across the stables to the small door in back. They entered the groom's quarters, where Angelique and her father lived.

Crossing the small sitting room, Angelique pulled her into her bed chamber. The bed was small, childlike, since Angelique was little more than a child -- but a child who knew much of the world.

Turning the woman, she pushed her back so she fell onto the bed. Cynthie flopped down and watched the girl kneel before her, just as she had done with Daniel. The girl parted Cynthie's knees and moved her thin body between them. When she dipped her head down and began to pleasure Cynthie with her lips and tongue, Cynthie let out a high wail and spread her legs wide, lifting them high to give Angelique complete access to everything she had.

Cynthie had overheard the servants at times whispering about oral pleasures, but this was the first time she had experienced them herself. What a wonderful world she had been missing! When her orgasm washed over her she screamed, never thinking about being overheard. Angelique crawled up the mistress's body and lay her small head between those round, warm breasts. Cynthie cuddled the girl to her and rested.

While she rested, she was trying to work up the courage to return the favor this child had given her. The memory of her husband pounding his manhood into the girl from behind gave her the boost she needed. She rolled the girl off her and asked her to straddle her head. The aroma made her head spin. The natural juices, combined with the smell of semen from her husband, and the sweat from the work the girl had done that morning. It was all a perfume that could never be duplicated. Gingerly, she ran her tongue over the hair covered flesh. Then she wiggled the tip between the folds of Angelique's vagina. The taste was as the smell, only there was a sharp tang to it. It was delicious! Cynthie gripped the cheeks of Angelique's ass and pulled her tightly to her face. She drove her tongue deep into the hidden recesses and sucked at the tender flesh. She let her fingers knead the girl's ass and slip in between the cheeks to press and poke at that tiny puckered hole there. Angelique gasped and was soon writhing and moaning through her own orgasm.

When it was over, the two rested once more. Cynthie explained her plan. Angelique giggled and added a touch here and there. Finally they had polished it so it could not fail. To see them there would have been a dream. The woman, pale, blonde and buxom, her hips broad and sturdy. Beside her, the thin, waiflike girl, slender boyish hips and without breasts to speak of -- certainly less than would fill a hand. Angelique's skin tone contrasted with the Lady's, having been exposed to the cruel sun and browned to a turn. But the girl's bottom was pleasantly rounded, giving a hint of the woman she would become. Still, there were no eyes to see, other than their own. The plan was for Cynthie to steal to the stables early the following Saturday, while Daniel was out riding. There, she would dress herself in a similar fashion to Angelique.

There was no possibility that the Lord could confuse the two, but the hope was to impersonate a relative of the groom's daughter and thus trick the man into using his wife as he did the serving women. All that was needed was for Cynthie to keep him from recognizing her face. To that end, Angelique helped her to smear mud and ashes around her rosy cheeks. The blonde hair, likewise was dirtied and tousled. A loose-fitting cloth cap was used to further hide her identity. Cynthie stood for examination before her accomplice. Angelique smiled as she pronounced the disguise perfect. All that was needed now was the entrance of the Lord. In the distance they could hear the hoofbeats of his horse approaching......

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