Frank & I Call On Jill & Mary


I could hear Mary murmuring to Frank about how good his cock felt and I could hear Frank responding by telling Mary how hot and wet her pussy was but I was concentrating on getting my cock into Jill's lovely ass. While Jill kept her cheeks spread and I held her sphincter open, I pushed the tip of my cock into the tight hole we had opened up. She sighed with pleasure at the penetration. "George, your cock feels really great in my ass pussy. Shove it all in and I need a really good fucking."

I was glad to oblige because Jill's ass is really delightful and With every thrust of my well greased cock I penetrated deeper into her well-greased hole, until it was all the way in, with my balls bumping against her balls. Jill could feel this and she knew my cock was all the way in. "It's been a long time, George. I need to be fucked really well."

"Fucked really well" also described Mary as Frank was plunging his cock in and out of her and she thrust her pussy back to meet his strokes. Mary was cooing and sighing happily and I could see and smell the fresh juices trickling out of her pussy as Frank slowly stroked his big cock in and out. She really likes it when I eat her pussy and she cums but there is nothing like a big hard cock to stretch her pussy and caress her clit.

While Frank was stretching Mary's pussy, I was stretching Jill's ass and she was moaning her pleasure and urging me to keep fucking her. Apparently, her cock was also hard again because I saw Mary say something to Frank and then they stopped fucking and scooted over so Mary could take Jill's cock into her mouth again. When Jill felt Mary's lips close around her cock, she murmured her delight, and we set up our rhythm. As I drove my cock deep into Jill's ass, she fucked back to meet me, and as I backed my cock out, Jill thrust her cock into Mary's mouth. Frank resumed plunging his cock in and out of Mary's pussy but as long as Mary was sucking on Jill's cock, they couldn't use the missionary position as they had been doing. Instead, Frank had his hands on Jill's shapely hips, partly to support his weight and partly because he liked caressing her there. Frank and Jill took advantage of the proximity of their faces to kiss and nuzzle, and I could see they really liked each other.

I was doing more than just liking Jill's lovely ass. My hands were right on the flare of her hips, so Frank had to caress her around me, as I slowly pounded my cock in and out of Jill's ass, so deep that I could feel my balls bumping against hers. As Mary sucked Jill's cock, she could see my balls, and she reached up and startled fondling them. All four of us were really enjoying ourselves and hoping to continue this way for a long time. Jill was enjoying my cock in her ass and Mary's lips around her cock so much that she joyously announced that she was going to cum.

In order to enhance Jill's climax, I started fucking her ass faster, and she thrust her ass back at me, matching my strokes, with no change in the depth of my penetration. She moaned happily, partly expressing her pleasure at my cock in her ass and partly her pleasure of Mary sucking her off, then she grunted and ejaculated into Mary's mouth. Mary kept sucking on Jill's cock until she had drained out all the cum, then she released my balls and took Jill's cock out of her mouth. After she had licked all the cum off the soft shaft, she and Frank moved back to where they had been before.

Once again, Frank and Mary fucked in the missionary position, with Mary's arms and legs around Frank's back and hips, and Frank's cock plunging deeply into Mary's wet pussy. With every stroke that Frank made, Mary thrust her pussy back to meet him. Frank had enjoyed kissing Jill and fondling her soft, smooth ass and hips but he was deriving so much pleasure from Mary's pussy that he had no objection to moving back to the original position.

Mary had no objection either. After hundreds of strokes of Frank's cock into her pussy, she crooned the happy news that she was cumming. Her arms and legs gripped Frank even tighter and her ass bounced off the bed to meet the strokes of his cock with renewed strength, while her lips locked on his in an intense kiss. Cock and pussy pounded together until Mary's back arched under Frank, and she dug her fingernails into his back as she climaxed. Frank, gentleman that he is, continued to fuck Mary's pussy until he grunted and ejaculated into his condom and the two of them lay, tired and happy on the bed next to Jill and me.

After Jill had cum into Mary's mouth, I slowed the strokes of my cock into her ass because both of us wanted it to last a long time. Jill was now resting the weight of her upper body on her forearms, and thrusting her ass back to meet me. She moaned her delight and implored me to keep fucking her ass hard and deep. There was no need to implore me because Jill's ass is a thing of beauty, and I was immensely enjoying sliding my cock in and out. Although she is tight, the KY Jelly made her slippery enough that my cock had no trouble penetrating her ass to the maximum, pleasurably stretching her sphincter and caressing her prostate. Her soft, smooth skin added to my pleasure as I fondled her with every stroke.

Although I had been fucking Jill's sexy ass with slow strokes from the time she came until the time Frank and Mary came, I could feel my climax building, and I told her "Jill, your asspussy is so sexy that I'm ready to cum." She knew that would mean faster strokes and she was ready. As I increased my speed, plunging my cock into her ass faster, Jill matched me, fucking back to meet me, while she moaned in pleasure. Mary was looking at Jill's cock and I think she wanted to suck on it again, but she would wait until after I had cum. Faster and faster I fucked my cock into Jill's lovely ass and faster and faster her lovely ass fucked back to meet me, until, with a groan, I climaxed, ejaculating into my condom. Jill squealed with delight when she felt my cum because she really likes me to enjoy myself when she is enjoying myself, and she knew that she would be able to suck a lot of cum out on my cock, once she removed the condom.

I slumped forward, supporting my weight on my hands and knees, Jill's sweet body beneath me, with my cock buried in her tight ass. After my cock had softened, I pulled it out of its delightful resting place and lay on my back. Jill removed the condom and took my cock into her mouth to milk out all the cum that was available, and Mary moved forward to take Jill's cock into her mouth again. While Jill enjoyed the taste and texture of the cum she was able to squeeze from my cock, Mary sucked Jill's cock with fast strokes of her mouth, squeezing it tightly in her lips. Even though Mary had sucked Jill off twice already, the long, slow fucking I had given to her ass had gotten Jill aroused enough that after just a few fast strokes of Mary's mouth, Jill ejaculated for the third time, giving Mary another feast of cum. Jill was happy and contented and we were all ready to call it a day, until the next time the three or four of us got together.

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