tagLoving WivesFrank and Shayleen Ch. 02

Frank and Shayleen Ch. 02

byJust Plain Bob©

Shay was silent for most of the ride home. About five minutes from the house she said:

"Did you really mean it when you said what happened is going to have a major impact on our marriage? I didn't do it. I stopped. I didn't go through with it Frank."

"You didn't go through with it, but you intended to. You willingly went to his room intending to do it. You got naked for him because you were going to do it. You took his cock in your hand and stroked it because you fully intended to do it. You fully intended to take another man into the body that already contained my child." I hesitated and then asked:

"It is my child isn't it?"

Her face went ghostly pale, but before she could say anything I went on.

"The fact that you did not go through with it does not erase any of it."

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know Shayleen. I honestly do not know. Glenda cheated, Gloria cheated and you were going to cheat. I can't help but believe that I would be better off without a woman in my life. I do know that if you weren't pregnant with what I hope is my child I would already be gone."

"That's not fair Frank. I didn't do it. I stopped. I said this is wrong and I can't do it and I stopped."

"That time. But what about the next time you are away from home doing an audit and decide that I'll never know?"

"Damn it Frank; you know I'll never do it again. The same thing that stopped me with Travon will keep me from doing it again. The important thing is that I stopped Frank. I realized that it wouldn't be worth losing you and I stopped. And what is with the doubt that the baby is yours? You know damned well that it is."

"Do I? I don't have the same level of trust in you now that I had last week. I don't know that you haven't been doing stuff like this on all your trips and the only reason this one is out in the open is that Travon got stupid."

"I guess I asked for that attitude by being stupid and doing something that I should have known not to do, but I've never done it before and I didn't do it this time. I didn't do it Frank. I swear to god I didn't do it. I stopped. I said it wasn't worth it and I didn't do it."

"Let me put it in a way that may help you understand. If I walk into a bank and stick a gun in a tellers face and tell her to give me all the money and while she is taking the money out of the drawer I suddenly say "This isn't right. I can't do it" and I turn around and leave the bank. Would the police not come after me because I changed my mind and didn't rob the bank? You know damned well that they would be after me. I might not have robbed the bank, but I had intended to so I would still have gone down for attempted robbery.

"In your case you did not engage in adultery, but you damned sure intended to. You can say you didn't do it all you want to, but you went into Travon's room with the full intention of cheating. Adultery isn't a crime, at least not in this state, so no cops are going to come after you and punish you by sticking you in jail. No; your punishment gets left up to me. It may sound like a stupid analogy to you, but that is the way I see it and unfortunately for you the way I see it is what counts with me."

"I love you Frank. That's why I couldn't go through with it. That's why I could never do it again. That has to count for something Frank. The fact that I love you has to count for something/"

"Maybe it will Shayleen. I just don't know right now."


The next day I took a half a day off work and went home at one. I needed some time to myself to think about my situation with Shayleen. The first thing I had to know was just how honest had Shayleen been with me. The material that we had taken from Travon's place was still locked in the trunk of the car and I took it all into the house.

Travon has labeled everything so I had no trouble in finding the disc that Shayleen was on. I put the disc in the player and watched it. Shayleen had been mostly truthful, but only mostly. Things played out as she had described up to the point where she said that she had broken away. According to her story she bolted when Travon started to push her down to her knees.

On the screen I watched as Travon gently push her down to her knees in front of him and then I watched as she leaned forward and started to suck his cock. I watched as her hands gripped his ass and pulled him to her and I watched as she deep throated him. It was at that point that she had her sudden change of heart. She pulled off him and he said:

"The bedroom is back there" and he pointed.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do this. I love my husband and I can't do this to him. I thought I could, but I can't."

She reached for her clothes and Travon said, "Oh no you don't" as he grabbed her arm. "You got me started and you will damned well get me off. Pussy, mouth or ass; I don't care which, but you aren't leaving until you finish what you started."

"Let go of my arm."

Travon started to pull her to the bedroom and that is when she kneed him in the stones. He let go of her and she stepped back and kicked him in the crotch and as he doubled up she yelled at him:

"No means no asshole."

She dressed and by the time she had her shoes on Travon had somewhat recovered and he tried to stop her and she kicked him in the nuts again only this time she had her pointy toed high heels on and he screamed, grabbed his package and fell to the floor.

"Fuckhead" Shay muttered and then she left.

Then curiosity got the best of me and since I had worked at Apex and knew a lot of the people who worked there I looked at the other discs. It was eye opening to see women who I knew were married bouncing around on Travon's bed.

It was apparent to me that several of then (not all) were being blackmailed and were on his bed reluctantly and it gave me an idea. I was pissed over what Shay had done and even more pissed that she had lied to me even when she confessed, but I did love the stupid cunt and it did appear that she loved me.

I decided that even though she hadn't gone all the way with Travon that I had to do something to make her hurt. I had to do something to show her just how much her betrayal had affected me. And make no mistake here; she did betray me. True, she didn't go through with it, but to me the intent was the betrayal.

Looking at the pile of material I had taken from the trunk of the car I had the germ of an idea. I put everything back in the trunk and then went upstairs to the guest bedroom to take a nap. I'd moved into the guest bedroom the night Shay had confessed to me. Shay wasn't happy about it, but I flat told her I wasn't in the mood to have her touching me even fully clothed so having her roll over and snuggle up next to me while sleeping just wasn't going to happen.

I set the alarm to wake me a half hour before Shay was due to get home. When the alarm went off I got up and drove to the Waffle House and had a cup of coffee and a piece of pecan pie. I killed time until it was my normal time to go home. I didn't want Shay to know that I'd been home early and had a chance to look at the material in the trunk.

She was there when I got home and I told her to have a seat at the kitchen table and then I sat down across from her.

"I spent most of the day thinking about what to do. On the one hand I want to call the lawyers and get things over with, but on the other hand I want to be a full time father to my child and a divorce would prevent that. The problem with that is that there isn't any way I could live with you and sleep in separate rooms until the child has grown up or gone out on its own. For us to try and put things back together I need what these days they are calling closure. What I call it is punishment or maybe even revenge.

"To put it bluntly I need to hurt you. I am incapable of harming you physically, but I still need to cause you some pain and I believe that I have come up with a way to do it. You are free to refuse to do it, but know that the refusal ends any chance for us to try and repair the mess you caused."

"I'll do what ever I have to do Frank."

"We will see Shay. What you have to do is go out to the car, get all the material and bring it into the house. You will destroy the material he had on you. I do not wish to see it. Not ever. Them you will go through the material and make a list of every one he had material on. Once we have that list you will go to each of those women, give them the material that Travon had on them and tell them that they are free of him if they chose to be."

"If they choose to be?"

"There is always the possibility that not all of them are being blackmailed. Hell! There is even the possibility that none of them are being blackmailed. If they ask where you got the material, and they most likely will, you will tell them that he tried to blackmail you and that you told me and that prompted me to go and have a "Come to Jesus" session with him and that meeting led to my recovering the material. Then you will ask them to call me and verify that you did actually see them and give them their package."

"I can't do that Frank. What will they think of me?"

"The ones being blackmailed will think that you were just as stupid as they were when they got involved with the asshole, but they will be happy to know that he no longer is holding a sword over their heads. The ones not being blackmailed will be embarrassed that you know what they have been doing. They will probably be unhappy to know that there were tapes and DVDs of their activities in existence, but glad that you told them and gave them what there was."

"Damn it Frank; I have to work with those people. How can I face them every day after doing what you want?"

"Not my problem Shayleen, but if you want any chance at all of making a life with me is what you will have to do."

"Please Frank; don't make me do it."

"I'm not making you do anything Shayleen. What ever happens it is strictly your choice."

I stood up and said, "I'm going to the bar, drink some beer and shoot some pool to give you some time to think about it" and I left. Shay was in bed when I got home so I went into my room and sacked out.

Shayleen was up and had the coffee made when I came down in the morning and as I poured my self a cup to go Shayleen said:

"I thought long and hard on it Frank and I just can't do it."

"So much for your statement that you would do whatever you had to do, but no problem. Your choice. Just remember that I gave you a chance and you turned it down."

It was a busy day for me at work and I didn't think about my marriage problem until about three. Things slacked off a bit and I was able to give some thought to my situation. I didn't really like what I came up with, but a wise man once said "What is is."

Shay had dinner ready when I got home and we ate in silence. Once the meal was over and the dishes were in the dishwasher I asked Shayleen to sit down and when she did I slid some papers over to her.

"What is it" she asked.

"A couple of things. The top sheet is how we will split things up around here. It outlines what each of us will do. It lists how our money will be handled and how the household duties will be split."

"How our money will be handled?"

"That's the second sheet. It outlines the cost of running the household. I will set up three new accounts at the bank. One will be called the household account and each of us will deposit half of the monthly total amount into the account and all the household expenses will be paid from that account.

"The second account will be a savings account in the baby's name and we will each deposit ten percent of our take home pay into it. The third account will be a savings account in my name only. I will take half of what is in our joint savings account and put it in my new account and then have the name changed on the joint account to your name only.

"The third sheet is a post nuptial agreement that states that we each can indulge in extra marital sex without the fear of being accused of adultery, but with the stipulation that said extra marital sex can not take place in the family home."

"I won't sign that!"

"I've allowed for that. The fourth sheet is also a post nuptial agreement. It states that if either party cheats on the other the cheater gives up all rights to full custody of the child and agrees to a 70/30 split of assets with the aggrieved party receiving the seventy percent."

"I won't sign that one either."

"In other words you are telling me that you plan to cheat again. It figures."

I got up and walked away from the table and I was heading up the steps to the bedrooms when I heard her tearing up the papers. I expected as much but it was a way for me to show her that our marriage now existed in name only.


The next two weeks went by with Shayleen and I just co-existing in the house. She made several attempts to entice me into having sexual relations with her, but I wouldn't give in. When she tried again on Friday night I told her to give it up.

"I gave you a chance to try and work on saving our marriage and you refused. As a result we have no marriage any more. All we have is a roommate situation and that is all it is ever going to be. I will give you ne more chance to do what I told you that you had to do. I'll give you until Sunday evening to change your mind, but after that the choice will no longer be yours."

"What does that mean?"

"Just what I said. You have a chance to change your mind, but after Sunday you will no longer have that chance."

"I've already told you Frank. I am not going to do it."

I shrugged and walked away from her.

Monday I showed up at Apex at lunch time and Shayleen looked on in horror as I took Melody Schaefer to lunch. Melody was embarrassed as hell that I knew what she had done, but she was overjoyed to find out that Travon no longer had the means to make her meet him at a motel. She gave me a great big hug and a kiss when I took her back to work and I wished her and her hubby well before going back to my office.

That evening I was two hours late getting home from work and Shayleen was pissed because she had dinner ready and I was a no call no show.

"Where the hell have you been?"

"Having cocktails with Helen Deavers. I could have been gone longer because she offered to go to a motel with me and fuck my socks off for freeing her from Travon. I turned her down though. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Dolores Hart and I'll be meeting with your sorority sister Mary for drinks after work."

"My God frank. They know about me?"

"Of course. I had to tell them how I came to be in possession of the material."

"In that case I might as well take care of the rest of them."

"Sorry Shayleen; you had your chance. I told you that come Monday the choice would no longer be yours."

"That's not fair Frank."

"Maybe, but the whole idea behind my telling you what you had to do to get us to where we could try and salvage our marriage was to see just how bad you wanted that to happen. Did you want it bad enough that you would be willing to do something hard and distasteful and the answer was no. You chose how others would look at you at work over trying to save your marriage. Now you get to live with that choice.

"I'm doing what you wouldn't do because those women need to know that they are free of Travon if that is what they want. You could have been the one to set them free and if you had done it do you really think that they would have looked down at you? Hell no! You would have had a friend for life. Even the ones who were doing it willingly would thank you for letting them know they were being filmed. What woman messing around on her husband wants evidence of what she is doing out there that might come to light some day?

"No Shayleen; nothing but good would have come out of your doing it. You chose what people at work would think of you over a chance to save your marriage and now you get to live with that choice."

She started crying and ran from the room.


By Friday I'd met with the nine women on the list that I knew who they were. There were four more who apparently didn't work for Apex and I had no way of knowing how to get in touch with them. Of the nine I talked with six were being blackmailed and all six were overjoyed to be free of Travon.

One was seeing Travon with her husband's knowledge, one was seeing him willingly because her husband had erectile dysfunction and hadn't been able to get it up for two years. He didn't know and she didn't want him to ever know. The third told me flat out that black cock was her major turn on and she was not only doing Travon, but a couple of others also.

All of them were horrified to find out they had been filmed and all were very grateful to me for not only brining it to their attention, but for giving them what I'd taken from Travon. I had more offers of pussy that week than I'd ever had before in my life. I hoped that the day would never come when I would regret turning it all down.

There was one unforeseen outcome from my seeing all of the ladies. Marge Bowman, the woman whose husband knew she was sleeping with Travon, was the wife of Travon's boss. When she told hubby about Travon filming their meetings hubby fired Travon. He couldn't fire him for fucking his wife so what he did was put Travon's expense reports under a microscope and found enough irregularities to warrant caning Travon.


On the home front I co-existed with Shayleen and she became more weepy and despondent as the days went by. She kept trying to get something going between us, but I wasn't having it. Some day maybe, but not any time soon. In my mind she hadn't suffered enough for what she had done. I may be going a little over the top, but it wasn't only the intent to hang horns on me; it was the lies she told.

In her favor was the fact that she refused to be blackmailed and had come to me and confessed. But that very confession was what I was holding against her. That confession was three-quarters truth and one-quarter lies. The truth till she started to go to her knees and lies after that. She was confessing for god's sake so why not tell that last little bit and be done with it? If she had to lie about that what else was there that she was hiding?

She came to me a week after I'd talked with the last woman on the list and told me that she couldn't take it any more.

"I love you Frank and I want our marriage back the way it was. If you don't ever intend to try then we have to end it. I can not go on living this way."

"I won't be the one to end it Shayleen. I will not knowingly deprive myself of being a full time father to my child. Assuming of course that it is my child."

"Damn it Frank! It is your child!"

"Maybe, maybe not. A DNA test when it is born will tell us. If it isn't mine then I'll get the divorce, but if it is mine any divorce will have to be on you."

"God damn it Frank; the baby is yours. Why can't you believe that?"

"The problem Shayleen is that I can no longer believe anything that you say."

"Why not? When have I ever lied to you?"

"The night you told me that Travon was trying to blackmail you."

"I did not lie to you that night. I told you what happened. I told you what I did and why he was trying to blackmail me."

"I was looking into your eyes when you told me that and I could see that you were lying to me. I wish now that I'd never told you to destroy the disc that Travon had of you. I wish now that I would have looked at it. If you could confess to what you did and still be lying there must have been something that you really felt the need to hide. Given that why would I believe anything that you say?"

She was silent for maybe thirty seconds and then she said, "I didn't lie Frank; I just didn't tell the full story. I left out a part that I really didn't want you to hear."

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