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Quick Erotica Sex Ed

Everyone who reads these fantasies needs to understand that the majority of people have actually acted out some of their fantasies. My belief is a fantasy is just that, something that excites the mind increasing the pleasure of the sensual experience with your partner, lover or mate.

Most are taboo and that is what makes them so exciting. Many do not know the brain is the most sensitive, erotic organ we own. In your mind you can do anything with anyone without repercussions. Once you decide to take that step to make them real, be ready, accept the consequence of your actions. Be ready, have a plan if you are uncomfortable with the situation get the hell out of it. Do not hurt yourself or anyone else if this is really not something you are 100% comfortable with. We can all sit and say "yeah man I could fuck anyone in front of my mate without a doubt." Be sure you mean it, when it comes time and you decided that is exactly what you are going to do, and your mate walks out? What then? How do fix this? I have no answers my friend, haven't been in that situation and will never put myself in any situation I am not 100% sure of.

~~~Keep reading it gets better~~~

People that write about true stories of a pedophile are just some sick fuckers! I read a few that turn my stomach, no sex with kid's period not even a portion of fantasy. Fantasy is erotica, passionate, sensual, and exciting! Having sex with a ten y/o kid is a perversion very different from erotica. If you feel, you want to have sex with a child I suggest you seek professional help before your ass ends up in jail. Now wearing pigtails and calling your mate or lover "daddy" is not sick, which is two adults playing around notice I say "adults" consenting and mutual role-playing fantasy. Right now some of you may be confused as to the difference. How can it be fantasy and erotica when an adult play the "child" part, does it not mean the perversion exists . . . no I do not think so. All those things we wanted to do as teens, but had the sense enough not to do can be role-played in adult life. When sex is safer, you know how to protect yourself. Sex when a teen is more impulsive and not sensual or erotic, it is just sex lasting little more than fifteen minutes if you are lucky and he can find the right hole. It is fumbling and new. Both are apprehensive, as adults we know what we want, what we like, kids are only beginning to hit the tip of the ice burg.

~~~Here starts the good shit~~~

Ever been in the most sensual seduction of the senses with one man/woman *insert what does it for you here*? There is usually one common factor "caring." Caring about your partner makes the world of difference. If it didn't, it would not be a good seduction that lasts. Ok men, are you understanding this? We may fuck your brains out, but if you don't care about us and show us tenderness, erotic seduction and pleasure you are just a fuck and we know it. But show us those and you must care for us a little. If you don't then you are in for a rude awakening when you never call again. I have heard stories of women hunting men down. That has never been my style, hunt a man down? Get the fuck outta here I do not go looking for someone who is not looking for me. Ok ladies did you get that part. If he is following some fantasy know your role and know that it just may be a one time bang in the bed and don't go looking for love because it sure as shit isn't going to be there.

Know what turns you on, and talk about it. There is nothing sadder than hearing couples not talk about fantasies with each other. If you feel that uncomfortable then you need help or you are with the wrong person. Most would tell you that they are married, and sex is only a small part of life. WRONG! Sexuality is a big part of your life when married, giving of oneself and not using sex as a weapon, with holding or infidelity.

My views are if we were all more open in our sex life with partners we would not have the high infidelity rate or the high divorce rate caused by cheating.

Women listen up quit being so repressed. We need sex as much as men. If you are complaining, "my man doesn't go down on me," you need to figure out why and try something new to get him too even if you have to cover your snatch with peanut butter. "He doesn't know how to finger me," well hell's bell's women show him. Make a night of you two masturbating in front of each other show him exactly what you like and how. In turn he will do the same, besides learning it is one hell of a turn on if you decide to talk and tease each other. Nothing wrong with asking him if he likes what he sees, and definitely nothing wrong with reaching an orgasm and screaming out "I am going to come all over the place!"

Women who don't give head totally blow my mind. Here is a trick; the first couple times do it right after you eat a peppermint. It goes down smoothly and no choking or gagging involved. Don't focus on the come, a focus on the pleasure your man is getting from it. If done correctly your man and you will get pleasure from the experience. Hell, I tend to orgasm so hard from giving head without stimulation from the feel of him. Don't forget to massage or lick his sack, some men like it others don't you won't know unless you try it. The control and power you have right there in your mouth and in your hands. Go for it; make him scream your name to where he damn near sucks the bed sheet up his ass! In your mind you know you are saying, "Who's your mama!"

Men, touching your woman--Please don't take this wrong yeah we love our breast massaged, our nipples licked, our pussy licked, touched and caressed, but from above the breast can be just as erotic to us. Making sensual love to us is like stroking your new car. Look at us stroke and caress our face, neck, and collarbone, even our hair telling us with your eyes how much you desire us. If you are brave enough tell us what you want to do to us and why, and how it turns you on to see us tremble, quiver, and shudder beneath you. Suckle our bottom lip into your mouth like you would our nipples, moan a little, and enjoy the feel of our soft skin against yours. This will get you one hot lady and a night of passionate love making, or she could be so hot you get raw nasty sex. Like I said whatever does it for you.

Dirty or Nasty talking, how to approach it with your partner? If you are open and honest about your sexuality, he or she already knows your likes and dislikes. If not then you should rent a movie with what you like to hear, make comments during the movie of what makes you hot. Something along the lines "How do you feel about the way she talks, or he talks? It turns me on to think of you doing that to me." Never and I mean never unless you know your partner will not take it the wrong way say "She/He is turning me on," always cover your ass by saying "that turns me on to think of you and me doing it."

Reading stories, fantasies, and forum magazine in bed to one, another can lead to a stimulating and erotic evening. You may even want to try to write out a fantasy of your own to share with your mate. You never know where it might lead. Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if you know you would never live out your fantasy that is ok. That is what fantasies are about, but asking your woman if she ever thought of being with another is fine. The same with men, asking him if he ever thought of being with a man. The mind doesn't cheat, the body does and keeping them separate is the key to unlocking the joys of sex, and art of making love to suit each other.

Ever shower together? What an erotic experience that could be, give it a try and find out if it is. Water and sex go well together, a hot tub, spa, pool all are excellent and exciting ideas.

Women - Surprising your lover is one of the hottest acts you could do. Imagine if you will your man lying there, he drifted off to sleep while watching some show. You both were making hot sweaty love earlier, he pumped you full of his seed and your crotch is aching to feel it just one more time. But you must pay homage to the magnificent cock that has pleased you so well.

Snuggle close and begin stroking him while he is sleeping. If he doesn't respond right away don't be alarmed. Most men sleep with their hands near or on their cock for fear of the cock monster taking it away in their sleep (big grin). Stroke him slowly for a few minutes; if he starts to wake then you stop stroking. Get him a little bit hard, slide down under the sheet and begin licking and sucking his cock. He will harden quickly, his eyes will open and a pleased shocked look will light up his face. He is in that foggy half sleep stage where raw passion is born, the half lidded erotic zone I call it. He will say and do what his passion wants, you may hear things you never expected. He may touch you in a way he never has before. Go with the flow and enjoy it.

Men- women are the same way. Wake her gently stroking her clit, watch as she easily opens her legs for you. If she stirs then stop, waiting until you have play enough for her to be very wet. The rest is up to you, crawl between her legs and begin to suckle your lover awake. If you prefer to finger her clit and suck her nipples then by all means don't stop, she will respond with the most unbelievable lust that you have seen. She will either ride your face, hand, or push you over and mount you riding until she is screaming with orgasm. Again this is the half lidded erotic state somewhere between full alertness and sleep. It brings out the wanton female in women who enjoys sex.

This is all interchangeable M/M, F/F, and M/F relations

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