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Frankenstein, the lost journals.

Hampton-on-the-bay, Dec. 18, 18---

It is with much foreboding and dread that I set these words to paper. For many years since my encounter with the mad man, Victor Frankenstein and his abominable creation in the frozen North, this story has weighted heavily on my soul and tugged on my sanity. But this is the story as it was originally told me by Doctor Frankenstein, shortly before his passing, Rest For His Soul. I had thought the tale too sorted to sent down in my original manuscripts, so certain events related to me by the dying man were revised for the sake of all that is decent. However the story he told to me has left pictures of the unfortunate events seared into my mind, to the point of insanity.

Those few who have read my previous epistles may well remember how my ship and I, marooned in Northern ice, were chanced upon by an Englishman, a doctor, Victor Frankenstein and his murderous creation, the creature he had animated from dead flesh.

Both ultimately ended their miserable existence in the icy sea, but not before Frankenstein had imparted his tale of dread to me. He related how in an act of vile murder the creature had strangled the betrothed of the doctor, and how he had pursued the monstrosity across the world and finally into that frozen wasteland, where we discovered them and I was told his grim tale. This the is the actual tale related by the dying man, which I have carried these many years, may God have mercy on my soul.

Robert Walton

Well did I remember the creatures threat, “I will see you on your wedding night.” and I did not expect to live the remainder of the eve. Elizabeth and I took lodging in an hotel not far from the piers and prepared for our first night of wedded bliss. My darling cousin! How she made my loins turn to fire! In spite of my dread, I felt myself responding to her playful flirting as we settled in for the night. I was insistent that the doors and windows be bolted and locked, which she made much fun of.

After checking my precautions not once, but twice, I felt at ease enough to join my beloved cousin on our bed. Elizabeth was undressed and covered by a single sheet as I removed my breeches and blouse. My heard was pounding in my chest as I gazed upon her beauty. Her hair was like spun gold and her eyes the color of the clearest sky. The milky white flesh of her neck and shoulders flowed down to abundant breasts, also of the lightest complexion. Her rapid and deep breathing caused those breasts to rise and fall under the sheets, beckoning to me, summoning me to my paradise. All thought of the vile beast that pursued me was gone from my head. I had thoughts only for her, my beloved Elizabeth.

I had removed my clothing and was rewarded by a gasp from my prone lover as my erect manhood sprang into view. I bent over her and kissed her, brushing the sheets from her chest with my hand. I slide atop her and started to enter her body.

Suddenly I felt a presence in the room and heard a gasp from Elizabeth. As I started to look up, A hard blow struck my head and I was rendered unconscious.

I regained my senses a short time later. How long I have no way of telling, save that it was long enough for me to be tied setting up in a chair, my hands bound behind me and my ankles pulled back and lashed to the back legs, my genitals exposed. As my vision cleared I saw the horrible, misshapen form of my misbegotten creation, setting on the bed. Elizabeth was there with him, tied to the four corner posts by stout cords. The fiend was holding her head up and giving her drink from a wine bottle. He noticed my alert state and, setting the bottle down on a small table, walked over to where I was tied.

“I promised you, my creator, that I would see you this night. Tonight I will take more from you than your pathetic life! You refused to make me a mate so I will take yours and use her as my own. Even now, the strong aphrodisiac that I prepared for her is having its effect. Soon she will be mine and you shall have the miserable fate of watching her be taken.” The huge head, with its white teeth and black lips withdrew from my sight, and I hear the monster walk across the room to the bed where Elizabeth lay in a state of near senselessness. I saw him towering over her, gazing at her naked form as he released her bonds. Freed, she made no effort to flee, only gazed up at him with a vacant stare. Oh my beloved! If only I could save you from you fate!

The creature then removed his cloak and blouse, revealing his massive deformed torso, covered by that green-gray skin and rippling with vein and muscle. I felt horror run through me as the hideous beast then removed his trousers, his penis already hardening.

The size of a man’s forearm, and throbbing with a life of it’s own, it stood nearly straight out from his rippling abdomen, pulsating with lust for my new bride. I could scarce stand to look upon the scene, yet was powerless to look away.

On to my wedding bed, he crawled, parting my Elizabeth’s thighs with his huge hands, caressing them as he moved his over sized body onto her petite form. I found myself near to vomiting with fear as he guided his penis towards her tiny pink womanhood. My setting position had been well chosen as no detail of the horrific events before me was to hidden from my view. I saw how his lust flowed from the tip of his penis and hung in strings to my beloved’s tender pubes. The creatures cockhead, nearly the size of a large apple, touched the lips of her vagina, drawing a moan from Elizabeth, the first sound I had heard from her. Hunching his hips, the fiend drove forward, attempting to drive his huge length into her. As he pushed, I heard a noise begin to issue forth from my cousin’s throat. It started low and soft and quickly built to a sobbing cry as the creature battered at her opening. Unable to enter her, he withdrew and settling onto his haunches, inserting instead a finger, longer and thicker than my penis. Instantly, Elizabeth’s legs parted, giving the probing digit access to inner most parts. I watched, horrified as the vile creature plunged his finger in and out of her increasingly wet hole.

I could scarce believe my ears when I hear Elizabeth’s gasping cry of ecstasy. My heart pounded in my chest and in a state of madness a wave of arousal settled over me. I felt my manhood begin to stir as I watched my creation position himself to enter my wife.

I watched with mounting lust as this time her lips spread and allowed his throbbing cockhead entry. My own penis lurched to full erection as I saw his huge tip disappear into Elizabeth’s crotch. A loud moan escaped her lips, of pain, or pleasure, or a mixture of the two. Her breath was harsh and loud, as if she were competing in some great athletic endeavor, and shuddered as the fiend drove deeper into her. From where I sat, I could see their loins locked together, his weapon piercing her core, opening her wider than I would have thought possible. Several inches of his penis were embedded in her belly, and many more were remained unsheathed. My own cock was throbbing in the air with its unholy desire. I was unable to look away as he began to saw back and forth into her, Withdrawing until the over-sized head was nearly visible and then thrusting in as far as she could take him. Her moans were loud and timed to each movement of his length, in or out. I watched with mounting desire as my hideous misshapen creation and the woman I loved coupled with ever-increasing passion on my wedding bed. I heard my brides moans become screams as the truly monstrous cock within her brought her to orgasm. I felt a stream of precum bubble out of the tip of my cock and run down the pulsating shaft. My arousal was complete and my lust demanded release. Bending forward as far as possible, I trapped my hardness between thighs and belly, groaning myself at the pleasure.

On the bed, the hideous coupling of monster and woman was reaching a crescendo. I heard a grunt issue from the creatures black lips, a short, low sound that caused my heart to race. His climax was approaching! I redoubled my efforts at my makeshift masturbation as I heard another moan from his mouth, longer and more forceful than the first. Elizabeth also gave voice to her pleasure as the squeaking of the bed increased in speed. My heart raced as I watched the creature’s buttocks hunch into Elizabeth’s body, powering his penis into areas of her I could never reach. I listened in rapture to her sobbing climaxes, rapid now, and more powerful than any I had ever given her.

Harder and faster, he plunged his huge penis into her open, oozing vagina, nearly half of his horse-like length filling her. I rubbed my swollen cock by hunching by hips back and forth as I bent forward on my trapped member, the intense arousal fueling my need to ejaculate. I could make little movement in the position I was tied in, but only a small amount of friction was necessary. I was being driven to climax by the scene before me.

The creatures gasping grunts now took on a new urgency, as did the breathless panting of my wife beneath him. Cries of “Oh!” and “Awwhh!” escaped Elizabeth’s parted lips as she doubtless felt the immense cock swell within her. I saw a look of disbelieve and intense pleasure-pain wash over her as suddenly the creature shook as spasm wracked his body. I saw Elizabeth lift her tiny ass to meet his thrust as his orgasm over took him. A long beast-like growl issued from the fiend as he emptied his seed into the deepest reaches of Elizabeth’s womb. I saw nearly three quarters of his penis go into her as they pushed together, Elizabeth sharing his climax with one so intense that the creatures sperm and her own juices were expelled in a gushing stream that wet the mattress and filled the room with the smell of her aroused sex.

Having spent himself in her, the creature attempted to withdraw his penis. I watched as he slid back from Elizabeth’s body, but was unable to pull his huge length free of her. Nearly dragging her body down the bed, he grunted and pulled, until finally, with an audible popping sound, his organ, the head now swollen to the size of a man’s fist, pulled loose from it’s fleshy prison. A flood of semen flowed from my beloved’s wrecked cavity. So enlarged was she that, from my vantage point, I could see up into her and could see the opening to her womb. Great quanitities of sperm flowed out to form a puddle on the mattress of my wedding bed.

Settling back, the foul fiend looked with amusement at my beloved Elizabeth. She moaned and reached for the fleshy length that had just violated her. I was shocked to see her take it in hand, rubbing and stroking it’s massive stalk and mushrooming head. Her hands were too small to circumvent it’s girth. Releasing his cock and placing her hands on the creature’s chest, Elizabeth pushed him back to a prone position on the bed. I was again amazed as I witnessed her rolling on top of his huge, shaggy form and guiding the monster’s penis to her mouth. It was far too large to place in her mouth, so Elizabeth kissed and licked her way up and down the length of it, paying special attention to the swelling glans. Mesmerized, the creature lay motionless for a short time and then responded to her oral administrations by thrusting towards her mouth with his hips. When the organ was restored to it’s full nearly inhuman size, Elizabeth mounted the fiend and sank down on his weapon, impaling herself on it with a loud grunt. I watched as the opening of her vagina stretched over the massive head and then slid on down the veiny stalk. When Elizabeth had lowered herself as far down it as she could, a shudder ran through her petite body as another orgasm overtook her. She paused briefly until it passed and then began to thrust back and forth on the huge cock. With each movement, she moaned and sobbed. My own organ, minuscule by comparison, was by this time leaking profuse amounts of precum onto my lap and thighs, but my climax was unobtainable. I was not able in my bound state to apply enough stimulation to gain release.

Faster and harder they coupled as both once again reached fulfillment. Elizabeth sounded barely human as she shrieked from one orgasm to the next, with barely a breath between them. She thrust down hard on the massive length of cock that stretched her to the point of tearing, the mangy fiend beneath her thrust upwards equally hard as his black lips drew back in a savage snarl. I could hear his ragged breathing become gasps as his organ suddenly spasmed in Elizabeth’s belly, filling her with his sperm once again. I watched as the vile fluid leaked from her, oozing past the thick penis that was plugging her opening with its girth. At the sight of his lust spewing forth, my own penis quivered and shot its fluid forth, nearly causing me to pass out from the force of my orgasm. The white stream shot across the room and landed on Elizabeth’s back as she threw her head back in a convulsion of ecstasy.

Slumping forward, Elizabeth stayed impaled upon his length. I saw how she quivered around it, her intimate flesh pulsating with orgasm after orgasm. Her rippling vagina forced the softening penis from her depths as she continued to experience after-cums. I witnessed the large head being expelled from her, exiting with a pop and a fresh wash of sperm. It appeared as if nearly a quart of the monsters seed was released, so great was the deluge from her. It hung in strings from the stretched lips of her vagina, which were obsenely opened. My beloved Elizabeth! Would my own organ ever serve her again? Surely, the fiend had ruined her for me, so distended was her sex! Yet, at the same time, I desired to enter her, as the creature had done, and release my again growing lust into her.

Laying her head on the creatures massive chest, Elizabeth slid her hands down to her crotch, down to the site of their unholy union, to her reamed sex and its fluid dripping lips, which now were open like a double stable door. She rubbed the opening where the creatures large penis had penetrated her and where his fluids still remained. I saw her fingers slide into her cavity and then back out as if in disbelief at the events that had occured. She rubbed herself again across her mound and then inserted her hand inside her self. As deep as her wrist it went, and with ease she took it. Upon removal, it was coated with the beast’s sperm, which she proceeded to rub into her breats and then, moving her hand to her face, lick. Long strings of the thick fluid hung from her lips as she ate the vile seed of the fiend. He looked at me, his leering grin cutting through my soul like a knife. My wife was his, and his alone.

“As I forewarned, so it is, my creator.” The huge shaggy head was now just inches from my face, it’s leering grin a mockery of my humiliation. “Live and know I have had mt revenge.” With that, the creature, my creation, pulled on his garments and left the room. I listened as his footsteps faded to nothing before I attempted to free myself of my bonds. The ropes were old and supple and yielded very slightly, but my desire to be free of my restraints was great and with much effort, loosed myself. My wrists were scrapped and raw, but I paid little heed. My sole desire was my bride, now swooning and motionless on our honeymoon bedding. I cradled Elizabeth in my arms. She was limp, but moaning softly. I could smell the sex on her, the sharp smell of fresh semen, and her own passionate scent. My lust was still great, and my penis still erect. I laid my senseless cousin on our bed and spreading her legs, crawled between them and entered her. Her sex was dilated and offered no resistance to my entry. I plunged full in, and felt the great space within her that I could not fill. My only sensation was the incredible heat radiating from her orifice and the slippery ooze of the fiends fluids, which dripped from her sex. I exploded into her as soon as I was completely in. Her eyes snapped open as my penis expelled it’s lust within her, drenching her cavernous cunny with my load, miniscule though by comparison with the ones delivered prior. Her eyes locked on mine and with horror I heard her rasp these words, “Your seed is useless to me for I am already with child. The child of your creation grows within me. I am no longer yours, dear husband.”

With that, Elizabeth pushed me away and rolled to her side and resumed her seemingly senseless state. I was overcome with dread at what had transpired, and knew that she had spoken the truth. My creature had taken the ultimate revenge, cuckholding me on my wedding night and impregnating my wife. At this thought, an even deeper fear overtook me. His child! The godless fiend had sired a child. It must not be born! For the sake of future generations, I must end the demonous gestation. Nearly senseless with rage, I threw my self upon Elizabeth, hands circling her white throat, fingers crushing her flesh inward as the life was strangled out of her. In minutes, the deed was done, but still I held on, choking the lifeless body as if I could some how kill her even more. Finally, I regained my senses enough to realize what I had done. Murder! I had to hide her corpse. The old inn had many exits and it was no problem to wrap her limp body in a rug and carry it out a back doorway. I quickly found the waterfront and a rowboat unattended. An hours row and I found some heavy stones with which I weighted the body of my spouse and then rowed to a deep area, where I pushed her remains overboard. I left that night for Genova, swearing revenge on my misbegotten creature, vowing to hunt him to the ends of this earth and on to the next.

This is the tale told to me by Dr. Frankenstein, shortly before his passing and I fear that it is truthful in everyway. The doctor killed his wife not the creature as I had previously written and I believe that that act had driven the man completely insane, insanity cured only by death. And of the creature? Of him there has been no report. Does he live on to this day or did he perish in the frozen waste? God alone knows

Capt. Robert Walton, retired.

Hampton-upon-the-Bay, 18--

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