tagErotic HorrorFrankenstein Gets a Penis

Frankenstein Gets a Penis


Victoria entered the sickroom carefully, carrying the tray of medicines. The room smelled of impending death. Grandfather wouldn't live through the night.

She set the tray on the small table next to the bed and started mixing the powders. Grandfather watched her, his eyes eager and fierce. But his voice was querulous and his words negative.

"No, Victoria. It's too late. Never again." Still, he watched greedily as she stirred and measured.

"This will cure you, won't it?"

"Yes, perhaps," the dying scientist confirmed. "But it is a different form of death. I stop being me when I take the serum. I disappear. It's like dying."

"A temporary death," Victoria reminded him.

"Maybe not. I haven't the strength to fight him any longer. He has grown so strong. I cannot survive that battle again. He will live and I will die."

But the potion was ready. And the elderly man had neither the will to resist nor the ability to turn his head when his granddaughter held tight to his chin. She forced the funnel between his grey lips and poured the serum into him.

He coughed and sputtered, but Victoria held his lips shut. Not a drop was spilt. The old man swallowed it all.

"It tastes different," he said, his voice already stronger and firmer.

"I added 2% more sulfur to the mix," Victoria boasted. "But I burned it first in a hydrogen flame."

The old man sat up, thinking furiously, visualizing the changes she'd made and calculating the results. "That would nearly double its potency," he marveled.

"Yes. I think so."

The scientist threw off the blanket and came off the bed. "This is terrible!" he said in alarm. "I will be lost. There will be no way back now."

"Very true," his granddaughter agreed. "This will make it permanent."

"What have you done?"

"I have followed your example, Grandfather. From my earliest memories, I knew that nothing was more important than those foul-smelling chemicals and the effects they had on the body. You had me as your lab assistant when I was a mere toddler. And Mother married a man just like you. Now it is my turn to make the experiment."

Grandfather was trembling with fear and rage and the painful spasms of his improved formula. Thick, dark hair replaced the wispy white threads that had decorated his pate for so long. His thin, ropy arms swelled with healthy muscle. His very bones thickened and grew longer. It was hard to tell with that white nightshirt on, but Victoria dearly hoped he was growing thick and long between those meaty thighs as well.

As she watched in fascination and horror, Doctor Henry Jekyll's emaciated body became young and powerful. His wizened visage became brutish and ape-like. A pained howl emerged from that tortured, expanding throat.

And then, the transformation was complete. The beastly figure grinned at the girl he saw before him. "Victoria," he said with a sneer.

"Hyde," she said in acknowledgment.

"It has been a few years," the monster noted.

"A few. Yes." Victoria tried hard to quell the old panic and dread this creature dredged up in her. He was bigger than he'd ever been, nine feet tall, almost three feet wide at the shoulders. She'd once seen this thing rip a man in two with his bare hands. He was even stronger now.

"You're looking good," Hyde remarked, leering at her, feasting his eyes on her tits and the span of her hips.

"I grew up," Victoria answered.

"You're old enough to fuck, I think," the monster said.

"I'm your granddaughter," Victoria scolded.

"I am a man without limits," Hyde roared at her. "I have no morals. I have no conscience. Your grandfather chose to weaken and kill those sad little self-judgments. And now, I'm thinking my granddaughter's all grown up and I want to fuck her."

"You'll get your chance," Victoria promised. "But I swear you won't enjoy it."

"You let me worry about that," Hyde gloated. "I will take my pleasure in your skinny little body whether you want it or not."

But Victoria had prepared well. The potion flowing through her grandfather's veins had more than one surprise in it. A strange, strained expression came over Edward Hyde's twisted face as his heart started skipping beats and a chill sweat broke out on his skin.

Eight strong men had been strapped down and tormented. She'd climbed on top of them and massaged them with her tits. She'd crouched over their heads and wiggled her pussy just inches from their faces. She'd covered their dicks with light, feathery kisses.

When the men were raging in their frustration, writhing in their bonds, desperate for relief, Victoria had carefully extracted their adrenaline, concentrated it down to a powder, and added it to the Jekyll formula. Combined with the opium powder she'd also added, Hyde's heart was tearing itself apart.

"What have you done?" he howled in pain.

"You're only my grandfather," Victoria reminded him. "I was never more than a tool in your laboratory. I owe much more to my father."

"Your father is dead!" Hyde screamed, falling to his knees and clutching his chest. "I killed him myself!"

"My father is Victor Frankenstein! And his legacy will continue."

Victoria watched as Doctor Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde lost consciousness and died. She lifted his robe and used a scalpel to remove his penis and testicles. As she'd hoped, they were prodigious in size. She stowed them in a pouch filled with her father's special preservative solution.

With her prize safely in hand, Victoria left her grandfather's house for the last time.

Eight strong men had been carefully dissected. Victoria Frankenstein had chosen the best parts of each and assembled a superior human being. And now, she had the means to make him supremely male.

Thirty-six hours of surgery, one hundred and thirteen electrodes, and a handy electrical storm later, and her work was finished.

Victoria collapsed on the cot she'd set up in the lab. The subject was incubating. She would know soon enough whether the procedure had worked. Exhausted, she fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up, there was a large, perfect specimen of man standing over her. He had the body of a god and the scars of a seasoned warrior. Every muscle and scar was Victoria's handiwork, but in her dazed, groggy mind, all she could do was gaze in admiration.

And he was gazing right back at her. "Pretty girl!" he enthused, delighting Victoria to no end. Not only does every girl like hearing that she's attractive, especially when the compliment comes from such a magnificent male, but his words were spontaneous and appropriate. Not socially appropriate, perhaps, but they carried a meaning appropriate to the creature's awakening understanding. He was walking and talking. The brain was working well. With a little more use, he would hopefully advance beyond a toddler's vocabulary and syntax.

"That's right," she told him. "Pretty girl. Do you like the pretty girl?"

He nodded and smiled. "Pretty, pretty girl. Like a lot."

The brain was still struggling for full function, but the rest of the body was having little trouble. The right hand had belonged to Simon Hart and the left had once been James Thurgood's. But they were both flexing well and of good color, which meant that Xavier Cooper's arms, Lawrence Willoughby's torso, and Andrew Francis' heart were all connected correctly and the blood was flowing where it needed to go.

And Edward Hyde's penis was growing long and stiff. Good God, Victoria thought, that thing's enormous. His physiology was responding to the presence of the female. Another successful test.

"What's your name?" Victoria asked. But the creature didn't answer. He didn't understand.

"I am Victoria," she tried again, pointing to her chest. "Who are you?"

The creature struggled to remember as his long-dormant brain tried to re-activate old synapses and nerve centers. His expression grew frustrated as the word failed to come.

"It's okay," Victoria soothed him. "It's all right. I'll call you Victor for now. It was my Papa's name. Can I call you Victor?"

The monster nodded, a nonverbal form of language that proved the brain was starting to regain function.

"Does Victor like Victoria?" she asked. Would he remember that name and be able to apply it? Or was she still just "Pretty girl" to him?

Victor grinned. "Like Victoria. Like Victoria a lot." He looked down at his stiff dick and then back at her. He wanted her to see how much he liked her.

"Show me," Victoria demanded.

The monster came toward the cot. Victoria had been waiting for such a moment for years. She had planned and schemed and studied until she was ready. And now, it was time to reap the benefits.

Her creation did not have finesse or patience. He wanted tits and he wanted pussy and he knew where to get them. He grabbed Victoria's shirt and tore it to shreds. She trembled in excitement. This was exactly what she hoped he'd do.

Another rip, and her skirt was a ruined strip of cloth on the floor at his feet.

He fell on top of her, growling his lust. Victoria screamed in pain and pleasure as the monster drove Grandfather's hugely engorged cock into her tight pussy. He didn't remove her panties or pull them to the side. He just tore through them with his dick. "Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, yes!"

She looked up into Liam McLaren's beautiful green eyes staring down at her out of Peter Stone's handsome face. She ran her fingers up the stitches on Lawrence Willoughby's back as Edward Hyde pounded her cunt.

"Fuck Victoria," the monster panted. "Fuck Victoria."

"Yes," she agreed. "Fuck Victoria!"

She remembered the quiet longing in her grandfather's eyes as she tended to him in his sickbed. He'd stared at her ass every time she turned around, and she turned around often just to give him the opportunity. She'd pretend to fall asleep in her chair, just so he could stare at her breasts and suffer his unnatural desires in silence. And she thought about the naked lust in his eyes after his transformation, and the things he'd threatened when the silence was broken.

"You're fucking me now, Hyde," she whispered into the night. Perhaps her grandfather's ghost was nearby, watching the daughter of his daughter get skewered by his still-living cock. "I promised you wouldn't enjoy this."

But the assembled man above her was having the time of his life. His befuddled brain couldn't remember any woman before this one. From his point of view, the sight of her tits and the squeeze of her pussy were the first he'd ever known.

He held her down and buried himself deep in her body. Over and over and over again. She was crying in joyous pain as he bottomed out in her pussy and hit up against her cervix with every savage thrust. He was too big for her. He was too big for any woman. But Victoria begged him to fuck her harder.

"Hurt me," she cried. "Damage me. Stab me with that thing until I scream for mercy, then fuck me even harder."

But the monster was too close. And the pussy felt too good. And it had been too long. Neither the brain nor the penis had known a woman in over ten years. Victoria's creature didn't remember ever having one before. And he wasn't expecting the orgasm. He was fucking her hard, driving his massive cock deep, pulling almost all the way out, and shoving back into her again and again. He was striving for some elusive goal, some promised Nirvana. Then, suddenly, he was there.

Victoria cried out in pain as the monster grabbed her hips and shoved himself as deep as he could into her. He stabbed her cervix with his dick and unleashed a flood of sperm. She welcomed both the pain and the sperm. And she had been taking a special new hormone she'd developed that caused a woman to orgasm instantly when a man came inside her. Any semen contacting her vaginal walls would trigger the climax. More semen meant a stronger orgasm. Hyde's balls were the size of a bull's, and Victor emptied them into her cunt, so Victoria's orgasm was like getting struck by lightning during an earthquake.

He rode her through the crisis, filling her with himself. And Victoria blessed him for it. The cock that had started her mother's life was filling her with the same potent seed. The cock she'd stolen from the brute was brutalizing her pussy. The cock she'd brought back to life was pumping her full of life-giving seed.

When he was done, he rested, still buried in his creator's nethers. And his pounding heart sent blood and adrenaline through his brain at a fast, driving pace, replenishing the starved cells with life and power.

The monster raised himself up and looked down at the woman who'd given him life. His cock was twitching inside her, almost ready for another go. But he had recovered himself.

"Victoria?" he asked.

"Yes, my darling creature?"

"Is it true? Did you do it? Am I truly alive again?"

"Papa?" Victoria asked hopefully, searching Liam's eyes for a sign of the brilliant brain she'd installed in Peter's skull. "Do you know me?"

"You are my beautiful daughter, Victoria," he answered. "Please tell me I didn't just fuck my daughter. Please ease my conscience. I have lived my life as a depraved and immoral man, but I cannot have crossed that barrier."

"No, Papa. You did not," Victoria reassured him. "My father was Victor Frankenstein. But Victor Frankenstein died thirteen years ago, murdered by Edward Hyde."

"That bastard," said the creature.

"I saved the best part of you, Father, but your penis has been rotting in a grave for more than a decade. It is not possible for you to have fucked me."

There was logic to her words, but his brain was working now. Victor could remember forcing himself into Victoria. He could remember her cries and screams. He could remember the utter ecstasy of coming inside her. And she was still naked beneath him, his dick filling her pussy.

"I avenged you," Victoria continued. "And I put an end to that savage cult Hyde started. Eight brutal men donated their bodies to make you live again."

She'd been busy, Victor realized. And she was as brilliant as he was. "So whose dick am I sporting?" he asked.

"It belonged to the man who killed you, dear father," Victoria gloated. I ended Mr. Hyde for what he did to you."

"Victoria, no!" Victor was aghast. "We never told you, but Mr. Hyde was..."

"My grandfather," Victoria finished. "Yes, I know. I used to watch him experiment on the early versions of his serum. I forced him to take it one last time and then reaped the results. He promised to fuck me against my will. This is my revenge. He gets his dying wish, but he didn't live to enjoy it."

"You are truly a member of this family. You are as brutal as your grandfather and as soulless as your father."

"But my purpose is all for the good," Victoria defended herself. "The world has lost several murderers and regained a brilliant scientist. But you need a new name."

Victor considered that for a moment. Then another concern came to his mind. "Did I hurt you? Hyde was not a normal-sized man. If I am using his penis, that could be dangerous."

Victoria only smiled. "Yes, you hurt me, Papa. You stretched me out and forced me open. It was utter agony. I can still feel you like a spear inside me, forcing all my vital organs out of your way."

Victor jumped up off the cot, but his daughter clung to the brawny frame she'd constructed. She'd anticipated his action. Her arms were wrapped tight around his shoulders. Her legs were wrapped tight around his hips. And Hyde's mighty cock was lodged deep in her body. That solid peg held her in place against him when he rose to his feet.

"Papa, you hurt me terribly," she whispered in his ear. "Do it again."

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