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Frankie's Story Ch. 05


(This story interlocks with each chapter so if you come into this story other than the beginning, then you may well scratch your head at some of the comments within this chapter. I've tried to make this a glimpse into the lives and lifestyle of three people. They chose to keep there lives private, isn't it strange how life never lets that happen.)

I could see the anxiety growing in Samantha as I continued to pace the room and every time she opened her mouth to speak I would stop her. Finally, I sat down and offered my hand. She looked at it or more like grabbed it as if it was a life line.

"This status I have given to Red. Your being here hangs on me giving you the same status, doesn't it?"

She lowered her head and paused before she nodded.

"Yes, I'm sorry but yes. My father plans to retire in two years when I will take over. We would have that time to figure out how to make this work between us but I can't be with you full time."

"You listened to Red's questions and you answered them."

Again she nodded her head. The grip she had on my hand started to make my fingers turn blue.

"I meant every word. The gift you would give me would be returned tenfold. It is not a condition of your acceptance but as a mark of both respect and honor to you and your trust."

"How long has your father allowed you to be here?"

For the first time Samantha was confused about how to answer. In the end she answered honesty whispering, "My father and mother agreed that he would cover me for up to a month if required. Should I need longer then I was to phone him." I almost didn't hear her, she spoke so quietly, almost afraid that if she spoke any louder it would break some spell.

At least the grip she had on my hand had lessened.

"You have decided. I can see it in your eyes."

I ignored her. I withdrew my hand from hers as I looked at her and pointed to the collar on the table.

"That comes with conditions. In your case, or rather as a consequence of the status you want, it comes with almost intolerable conditions. I just hope you understand that."

Without a moment's hesitation the smile burst forth and out tumbled her answer, "I agree. I will do it."

Slowly shaking my head I sat down next to her and told her what the cost truly would be for her to wear that one small piece of ribbon.

"Samantha, you have to be careful what you wish for. What you see in Red is a finished product. For months after I gave her the status you wish for she had doubts. Many times she would phone us and talk wondering if she had done the right thing. Shannon and I were supportive of her because we both knew she had goals she needed to achieve and a life to live. Red can see her freedom just as she can see her submissiveness."

I paused and almost instantly Samantha's head came up to look closely at me once again.

"There is a 'but' in this isn't there?"

I smiled and continued.

"More like self imposed rules. I own that body. You simply look after it for me so that I can use it whenever I wish. That means no men or women in your life. You cannot seek relief from anything other than with your hands. You will use pads rather than tampons from now on. The only male that gets his hands on your body other than me is Doc Kellerman."

She paused momentarily then smiled, "Can we include cuddles for daddy and my brother?"

She felt the pain before her mind reported the movement of my hand. I pulled her head back by her hair harshly. The yelp was the response I was looking for.

"I seem to remember we were talking about your life here. Perhaps your undivided attention would come in real handy."

The veins on her now exposed neck throbbed and she started breathing in short shallow breaths.

"I'm sorry. I'm using humor to try to camouflage my nervousness."

I gave her hair one last pull before I let her go. My hand went to her jaw and held her tight as I moved so close I could see the perspiration seep from the pores on her forehead.

"Learn very quickly to stop doing it. You are your emotions. If you hide them from me then you are denying me what is mine."

My other hand came into her line of sight and the discomfort she was in was soon forgotten as Shannon's old collar came into view. I placed it around her neck and securing the clasp. I've seen it in all the girls I have collared the swell of their breast as their shoulders go back in pride at knowing this small piece of ribbon is much more than just that.


The girls came in about ten minutes later. Both noticed the collar around Samantha neck and smiled. This was the time I had been both dreading and needing to get to. Once they had gone and changed returning in their own collars I sat all three down.

"Samantha, You mentioned a time you regarded as a turning point for you. You had a very difficult night and when you woke your mom was in the room with you. I need you to talk about the dream you had."

The color drained from her face. Her eyes darted between both girls and me. More than once her mouth opened yet her voice refused to come out. For some time both girls simply looked at her... waiting. Frankie's head turned to me a small smile danced its way across her lips before she stood and walked over to Samantha and knelt in front of her. Her hands rested on her face and both girls moved towards each other and kissed.

Frankie held the kiss for a few moments before moving back to a kneeling position, finally her hands once again rested on her legs.

"I choose to give you a piece of advice given by my sister. I have lived by this same advice ever since."

Frankie turned to look at me and then at Red who smiled and nodded her head in understanding of what was about to be said.

"My sister, look at the man in front of you and ask yourself this question. Does that man completely own you, heart, mind and soul? If you have even the slightest doubt about that then take off your collar and leave now. All that you are is his, all that you think has to be directed towards him, all that is in your heart you give freely to him. It is the way my sister. Your Master has asked a question. The answer should have left your lips a fraction of a second after your ears heard that question."

A great sadness seemed to come over Samantha. Her body shook for a moment before she could take control of it. She then nodded her head towards Frankie mouthing the words 'thank you.' Frankie resumed her place alongside Red. Samantha's eyes grew distant as she both absorbed what Frankie had said and searched for a way to tell us of that night.

"The torch went out the day he broke my arm. To me it was an experiment with that part of my life that ended in disaster. I was just grateful that I got the heck out of Dodge when I did and I was still alive to tell the tale. My research into you threw up some inconsistencies so I investigated more thoroughly. I didn't realize the torch had ignited again until the evening of the headache."

Samantha quickly explained to both girls about how her headache had caused her to read a page of the report six times yet not understand one word. In the end she closed the file and told her mother she was going to bed. She had tossed and turned for a while. She even thought about getting up and starting in on the report again. Finally, she wore herself out and sleep took her.

The nightmare of having her arm broken came to her again. Reliving the horror in her dreams sent sympathy pain shooting up her arm and into her mind. Disembodied giggles interspersed with her voice chanting "Master" breaks through her haze of pain. The giggling and chanting wouldn't leave her dreams. Pain again shoots through her body and she would gasp hoping for some relief. Two identical Samantha's sat across a table from each other. One would try to shout the other one down claiming her self-mastery and the other would just giggle and continue chanting "Master" which would send pain through her body. This in turn would incense the twin to scream louder pounding the table harder claiming that she is her own master.

Finally, beaten down by the pain the hysterical self begins losing her strength. The pain was becoming too much for her and she burst into tears. The other twin reached across the table wrapping her arms protectively around her. With one more giggle the twin simply said to her sister that it was for the best and she would always protect her but her master and pain will always win out.

"It was then I woke up screaming and burst into tears. It took me a few moments to realize my Mom was in the room. I had left the file on the table when I went to my room and Mom had read it all. She knew everything and had watched over me all night as my nightmare played itself out."

Both girls sat mesmerized by the tale Samantha had just told. The tears went unchecked streaming down there cheeks. The mental battle within her must have been excruciating as the submissive and hardnosed Samantha battle for dominance over her life. All three girls where emotionally exhausted and we all needed sleep so I sent Frankie and Samantha to shower and sleep in their room. They quickly nodded and stood both hugging Red and I before saying goodnight as they headed for the shower.

Red stood and came over to me sat on my lap snuggling close.

"Do you ever feel old?"

"Every damned day, it's only you girls that push it back. When Shannon, you and I sat in the collage canteen and worked out our lives and the logistics of living together I would never in my wildest dreams have thought I would ever hear someone like Samantha or Frankie talk like that. What we started was for our benefit. We had no desire to open our relationship up to anyone else and now look at us."

I'm sure Red already knew what I was about to ask her. But she was Red and I had to tell her. We both knew she would but never on her own.

"She needs to know the rules Red. I will need you to work with her over the next two days. You have the status that she is fighting so hard for. Work with her while Frankie and I are at the office."

"She is young. I wonder about her tolerance to celibacy while she it not with you."

"As with you, I took it on trust that you understood and you did. She has to know of the consequences of her actions if she breaks that rule. My instincts tell me that she will be okay about it but she has to know and fully understand all the rules that come with the status you have so she can finally decide for herself."

Red nodded her agreement. She stayed silent as we both listened to the girls finishing their shower chatting as is sisters their age wont. The events of these last couple of days made me realize something and I cursed myself for being so thoughtless. I called Frankie back into the day room and waited for her to collar up and join us.

"Once again I have found myself dividing my attention and not seeing to the needs of the individuals amongst us."

I spotted Samantha just inside the door. She had not been called to me so she wasn't sure if she should enter. My attention returned to Frankie but I knew Samantha could hear me.

"You and Samantha will sleep together tonight. You both have been under some stress these last couple of days and some relief will be helpful. You will take to bed only what you have on and in you both and enjoy each others company. Do you understand?"

Frankie instantly nodded her head and smiled before getting up and wished us both a good evening. She hugged and kissed us both and left the room holding Samantha's hand as she passed her at the door.


For the next two days Frankie and I would drive into work while Red would either walk or sit with Samantha and discuss the hidden aspects of the status she had now been given. Once we got home all three girls would change and set off on their fitness regime leaving me alone to unwind and let my mind rest. Doc Kellerman called and told me that the tests were clear and, other than the repeated HIV tests, Samantha was fine. We talked about birth control and decided that Norplant would be ideal for her.

I told him that she would get it done at the clinic close to her home and have the documentation sent over to him once it's been completed. We talked some more and I thanked him. All three girls came banging and crashing into the cabin announcing their arrival as I put the phone down. They were soaked in sweat and pointing and laughing at each other. I don't care what anyone says three women who get competitive with each other on a fitness run do not quietly enter a cabin.

As I watched them enter I saw that familiar evil mischievous smile on Red's face I knew she was up to something. Red's sweat soaked body clung to me and we kissed followed by Samantha and then Frankie. I was intrigued by the order in which they did this and Frankie told me of the bet. The winner got first hug. So, I grabbed Frankie's hand and headed for the shower with me telling her that the loser gets first wash down rapidly followed by 'hey that's not fair' from the other two girls.

Keeping the girls on their toes was an amusing and much needed diversion. Red was due back in Hollywood in two days. Her agitation would come soon. The only reason we hadn't seen it yet was because of her time with Samantha.

The situation with Samantha continues to complicate our lives.

Frankie and I were at work. She placed the phone down and she looked directly at me. The look on her face told me whatever this is isn't going to end my day very well.

"You have a guest. Mrs. Harper is being escorted up."

Moments later security escorted her in.

The photos of her didn't do her justice. I could see where Samantha got her looks. Her whole being exuded an intriguing combination of power, poise and grace. I could also see why Mitchell Harper never strayed. She scanned the room and her smile came naturally to her as she opened her arms.

"Francine McManus, it's so nice to finally meet you."

Bewildered by the situation Frankie's manners automatically clicked in as she stood and hugged Peggy-Sue Harper before offering her something to drink. She asked for water as she sat down in the pre-offered seat. I kept seated and waited as the preliminaries were completed. Frankie left to get the water.

Peggy-Sue sat staring at me before starting, "So, Jack. Have you ever had the mother of one of your slaves sat across from you before?"

"You're here for a reason Peggy-Sue, what is it?"

"Now Jack, that's not being polite."

"If you want polite Peggy-Sue then get the fuck out of my office and my life."

"I can't do that Jack; you have my baby in your care. I'm uncomfortable with the arrangement but she sounds happy so I'm allowing it."

Her smile instantly stopped. Her eyes blazed as she struggled to take control of her temper that simmered just below the surface.

"You're not going to do it to her Jack. I understand you have allowed her more freedom than many masters. But I'm not allowing that one final act before she leaves. It's disgusting and I won't allow it."

For some unknown reason she had turned this into a staring contest since I hadn't replied to her. Finally, I shrugged my shoulders and said.

"I once told your daughter to be careful what she wished for. It seems I also have to tell her Mom as well."

"I personally wished she would marry a senator with a future in the White House. But we can't have what we wish for, can we Jack? You have my baby and I'm allowing that because you're making her happy but you're not going to do it to her Jack. I won't allow it."

Frankie came back into the room with Peggy-Sue's bottle of water and a glass placing them on the table next to her. Peggy-Sue smiled thanked Frankie before she stood and walked out of my office leaving a very confused Frankie in the middle of the room.

"That went well," said Frankie as she took the tray to her desk and helped herself to the contents of the bottle.

I sat back in my chair and decided not to let what had just happened get to me. Then I decided that it already had. Work was useless for the both of us. The visit of Peggy-Sue Harper placed a massive distraction on both of us. In the end I decided I was the boss so we were leaving early. The visit also meant that I needed to make other arrangements. Frankie wasn't going to like what I am about to do but she had little choice. The results of the conversation kept me in the office longer than I wanted it to.

Even the drive back home was in silence. Frankie was too wrapped up in her own thoughts to converse and I was wrapped up in trying to figure out how my private life had only taken eighteen months to turn to shit. Both the girls came out of the cabin confused at seeing us so early.

"Red, take Samantha on a run. Make it a thirty minute one please."

She paused to see if I was to add anything. When I didn't she nodded and went back inside quickly followed by Samantha. We watched them warm up and head off at a steady pace. Frankie and I packed her a bag once they were out of sight. The cab was due any minute. She spotted the dust cloud in the distance and turned to me, her hand outstretched.

"We will not see each other for a two weeks my Master. Please leave me with the knowledge that my collar was placed on me by the man who owns me."

I took her necklace from her hand. Frankie smiled, turned and lifted her hair to provide me access to her neck. I attached it and she turned back to me for a hug as the cab pulled up alongside the cabin.

"I will see you in two weeks. Keep in touch with Mrs. Gillins. You have your card if you need anything. If you need anything beyond that contact her."

Frankie nodded her head and then burst into tears, her head in my neck and her arms wrapped so tight around me. After a moment she loosened her grip, we kissed and she grabbed her bag and ran to the cab. Both the girls were back within five minutes of the cab leaving, both wanted to ask questions. I simply waved them towards the shower. I waited in the day room for them both using that time to compose myself and ask for the thousandth time if I was doing the right thing,

"Samantha, Remove your collar."

Before she could say or do anything else I had the jewelry box in my hand. Red instantly recognized the box. Samantha didn't recognize it until she saw the contents. The necklaces were identical to both girls other than the letter S on the heart shaped Pendant. She took one look and forgot her mouth was open. I had Red remove Shannon's old collar and replace it with the necklace. It was also time to keep everyone off balance.

"As of tomorrow we are done here, Samantha. It's time for you to return to your home. I'm driving with Red back to Hollywood since this is her last time she will be doing this. I'm going to be spending time with Red before she goes back to work."

Red accepted my statement but Samantha needed more.

"Where is Francine?"

"You came here with your cell phone."

She nodded her head. I waited for her to acknowledge verbally.

"Use it to make your arrangements for traveling back home. You're leaving tonight."

It was plain to see that she wanted to say more. I just sat and stared at her. She got the message real quick.


On the two day drive back to Red's apartment I told her about Peggy-Sue's visit and her request. I waited for her to finish her rant and calm down before continuing. I told her what was going to happen and what I suspected would happen. I stayed with Red an extra week before taking the flight back. I dropped into in on my friends place first.

"We shut down the power to the cabin and swept both the cabin and the barn. It's all clean other than your own security system that you had put in. We left that alone. The target drove to the airport and boarded a private jet back to Salt Lake City."

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