tagGay MaleFranks Gift of an Asset for my C.V.

Franks Gift of an Asset for my C.V.

byJack Gates©

Rape victims are not always women.

This is the morning after I lost my anal virginity. It is not only women who get date raped. I know for a true fact that we men get fucked without our consent too.

Last night started in a normal way. Me coming home from work, having a cooked meal laid on by my Mum who bombarded me about her days doings. Just like she normally did every working day evening.

After the meal I got washed and changed to go out to meet a guy from work who promised to show the new boy the sights. I had been with the firm just under two weeks.

I liked Frank a lot, Frank by name frank by nature was his motto. Although I had seen several of the guys at work giving me queer looks when they knew I was going out with Frank.

We went to a pub and played darts for a while and just after ten, Frank invited me to finish the night at his place. Fine. It was okay with me. I could not see why not.

We were sitting drinking beer and getting stuck in to a dish full of crisps. When Frank started to tell me some horny jokes which gradually switched from heterosexual to gay jokes. All the time the drink was affecting me more and more.

The fact that Frank was making homosexual advances towards me started to get through my booze-fuddled mind. His hand lightly stroking my cock made me get up suddenly and lift my fists up and challenge him to three rounds of pugilistics. He laughed, pushed me back down on the settee and he unzipped my flies and I felt his hand inside my trousers and my cock being pulled out of my pants. He took it into his hot mouth and started to suck me off and I was unable to ward him off. Girls had sucked me off many times. It was no different. I wanted it and I didn't. I was angry, or tried to be angry, I just did not have an ounce of energy to push him off me. It was like I was floating around just an inch from the ceiling. I had literally become a rag doll stuffed with sand. I was aware of him removing my clothes and the limbs of my body falling back down after being lifted for one reason or the other. It was sensual, I was thinking he was treating me as I treated women. His hands were all over me, even his mouth on my nipples when he bared them. I wanted to put my hand on to the back of his head and urge him on, but I was unable to lift my hand.

I lay back staring at him, watching him undress as if it was an everyday occurrence. When he took both my hands and pulled me to my feet I grinned at him and allowed him to support me all the way through to the flat's bedroom. I saw the bed and I just wanted to lay down on it. I wanted this. When he sat his bare bum onto my chest and offered his long hard penis to my mouth. I baulked at that. No way I was sucking another guys cock! Then I was thinking maybe a little lick. What would the gism oozing from it taste like?

I heard him telling me that cock sucking was good for me. That if I wanted to keep my job it, would further my career in the company as a whole lot of other guys would want me to suck their cocks too. Once again I thought this is a nice guy, he's constantly trying to help me. I opened my mouth and felt his cock enter. The taste was a bit salty and remember thinking that it was really the savoury taste I had been wishing for. It was nagging the back of my mind that I shouldn't aught to be naked on this bed with another naked man. I should not be letting him treat me like I belonged to him. Although sucking his cock was a little bit nice. It was then it dawned on me that he was busy too. His hand was moving up and down on my cock which was as hard as his for some unknown reason. My hips were moving up and down at the same rhythm that he was pumping my cock. This didn't feel too bad either. It was wrong, I knew that, but I didn't want to do anything about it just yet, maybe a bit later. Then I thought if my Mum was in on this she would be annoyed at me. She even made me smoke my fags on the back doorstep!

I was aware of a sudden cold draught in the room and I opened my eyes to see two more naked men in the room. They were vaguely familiar. I was too befuddled to be sure. Not to worry it's bound to come back to me later. Their cocks were hard and long like Franks and my own. Strangely I was relieved that we had company. Maybe they were going to have a fuck too! It was nice of them to make a party thing out of it. The bed creaked when they came onto it with Frank and I. More hands were on my body, gently caressing me. One was tracing a finger through my anal crack to my balls and back up again which made my bum cheeks contract. Four naked men together now. I felt a bit uneasy, why? I don't know why. Perhaps the Government had decided to ban men wearing clothing. Not worth fussing about. It was then I felt it! The man's finger inside my bum hole. Wow! Easy Mates! This wasn't right. My ass is a bit private to me, no one else!. Frank was holding my head firmly and moving his hard cock in and out of my mouth as I felt some thing cold on my anal button and then pushing in to my asshole. That made me jump. I suddenly had the premonition that I should be afraid. The anal penetration was alien to the right and wrong in my life. Just a tiny wee part was saying it was right and a huge piece was saying, 'Wait a cotton-picking minute! You are not on here!' What was happening to me? I made an all out effort to get off the bed and away. I actually got to my feet but my legs were like jelly I crumpled to a heap onto the floor.

I must have passed out, when I came to, I was back on the bed on my hands and knees. A penis in my mouth and another painfully in my arsehole. It was the other two guys who were doing the dastardly deed to me. Frank was laying on the other side of the bed watching the new boy getting it in the rear. He was just laying there, smoking a cigarette. He was smiling at me as if he had seen the boss-man to get me a raise in pay.

My feelings in that hazy moment were again mixed. I was being fucked and I had no thought of aversion. Just the opposite, in fact. There was a warmth in my rectum. The penis inside me was stirring up new feelings inside me which were not dislikeable. I felt as if I wanted to move onto the guys cock, so I did! It was the second cock in my mouth after Franks. I was actually sucking it and tasting it and dare I say it? Even though it did pong a bit. Liking it? 'Hey Mum! I was sucking a blokes cock today and guess what? I loved it!' - 'Was you, Dear? That would have been nice for you. Did you say thank-you to the nice Gentleman?'

Did every man who was broken in anally have these feelings? Is every man capable of being bi-sexual? Do we all like to fuck and be fucked? All the men who say that they abhor homosexuals, are they really latent homosexuals themselves? Surely not! Do homosexuals hate women because they hate themselves more? Do they realise it? - are they afraid of the truth? All these questions have got to be answered. Maybe a telly program should canvas guys in the streets and ask them, politely of course.

All I know is this, as I conclude this story, I realise that I do not know the answer. Like many men who are anally raped I did not think of involving the law. The stigma is far worse than the act. I usually go on the assumption that if you can't sit down over a cup of tea with your Mum at the fireside and tell her all about it, then what you have done must be real bad. Now I am going to get punny, Mums the word…….

According to Frank - and as he is my boss - I have to pay him some heed - he says what I did, could only have bettered my standing, made me an asset to the company. What he don't know is at the moment, it is a thought to sit down. From this instant of time I am going be careful and pick my company.

The word ASSET has taken on a totally new meaning to me now. I do know that according to Frank, I have an added ass-et to my C.V. What's a C.V?


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