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Frasier - Daphne's Addiction


She let her finger trace a path along it's length, her finger gently caressing the roughness of it's surface. Her eyes stared at it as it wobbled before her eyes and she licked her lips at the tasty temptation that was before her -- she wanted to hold it, let her hands and fingers move along it's length, to feel the warmth of its skin as her slender fingers travelled along its shaft. It glistened in the soft light of the bathroom as her fingers gently wrapped around it and started to slowly move along its shaft. Not too quickly she told herself and her hand slowed almost to a crawl as her fingers could feel the warmth of the skin as they travelled along its trembling and shaking shaft.

Daphne Moon smiled to herself as her fingers travelled slowly along the startled and surprised waiters well endowed member. Her fingers tightly wrapped around his shaft as she ignored his protests and her hand started to move a little faster.

"I'm not supposed to be doing this ma'am" she heard him say in faltering nervous voice but she took no notice of him as he let out a small groan as her fingers moved up and down his shaft.

"Please ma'am ......stop" he said in a soft but firm voice, his back pressed against the wall of Frasier's bathroom but again she took no notice of his protests. Her eyes peered up at him, one of her hands pushing him against the bathroom wall, the other running along the length of his now fully erect cock.

"Don't worry this won't hurt a bit!" she said mischievously as she could feel his body tremble as she held him against the wall. Daphne had no control over her desire, over her insatiable appetite, over her overwhelming craving for sex - it was like a dependence on an illegal narcotic, she had to get her fix and nothing could stand in her way.

It had been another of Frasier's interminably boring opera parties, attended by a hoard of his friends and enemies from the stuffy and tedious opera world. Daphne had only attended partly out of friendship to Frasier but mainly because she had nothing else better to do. She had not had intimate relations for over a week -- for one reason or another her supply of willing sexual partners had run dry. She was in a desperate state -- her desire for sex had started to affect her life and work making her more irritable and she was likely to snap at the slightest infraction. Daphne felt like she was actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms from her sexual famine and she would anything to get another fix.

Daphne had first seen him when they crossed paths during the party -- she was immediately attracted by his chiselled good looks and his athletic body. Her eyes had followed him during the party, unable to focus on anything else, her desire and lust growing by the minute. She had to wait for the right moment, bide her time so they won't be noticed -- he had passed by her waiting at the bathroom door and she could not wait no longer.

"Excuse me could you help with something?" she had asked in her most alluring voice, her hand pointed towards the bathroom door. He had hesitated for a moment and she had thought she had not convinced him.

Daphne was about to speak again when he replied. "Yeah sure -- what's the problem?"

"Could you help me in the bathroom for a second -- I've dropped something and need help in clearing it up" - she lied to him. She had followed him in, careful so as they were not seen by anyone entering together. Once inside her lust and desire took over, pushing him against the wall, her hand expertly unzipping his trousers and freeing his member in one swift action.

Daphne let her hand move at a faster pace along his shaft, a satisfied smile on her face. Her hand could feel the heat coming off his erect member as his protests continued, his tone of voice less convincing.

"Please ma'am I have to go...........I shouldn't be in here with you!"

"Don't worry....no one will miss you!" she replied as she let just the head of his cock slide into her hungry mouth. She let her lips close around his cock, her tongue exploring the head of his cock with a series of rapid strokes.

He could feel her tongue make contact with the sensitive head of his cock, every touch of her tongue sending pulses of pleasure through his body.

"Oh gooo-." His loud cry of pleasure was cut off as Daphne, rising quickly to her feet, placed her slender fingers across his open mouth.

"We mustn't let people know that we are in here.....must we?" she whispered as her fingers released their grip on his mouth.

Daphne watched as the waiter shook his head. "No" he whispered, his eyes still nervously darting about the bathroom. She looked into his blue piercing eyes as they darted about, seemingly lost in their brilliant colour before she leant in, her lips meeting his in a series of quick passionate kisses -- their lips just touching on each occasion.

His eyes could see the passion and lust in hers as she leant in, this time her soft lips locking onto his in an almost airtight seal.

Daphne's tongue invaded her preys mouth, exploring, touching and feeling around like a blind man in a foreign room. She could feel that at first he struggled trying to break free, but his reluctance and nervousness diminished the more the kiss went on, with eventually his tongue exploring her mouth - occasionally touching sending pulses of pleasure through both of them.

As their lips finally parted, she took him by the hand leading him to the bathrooms toilet.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it?" she asked as she lowered the toilet seats until they were all down. He did not have time to reply as she gently pushed him down and he landed softly, his bare ass striking the toilet seat with a soft thud.

Daphne dropped quickly to her knees, her hand jacking his erect member. "Now this is where the fun begins!" she said as she let his throbbing member slip into her mouth. Her head began to bob up and down at speed, attacking his cock like someone who was eating their first meal after a three day fast. Saliva dripped from her mouth, slowly dribbling down his shaft in little rivers, her hands either moving up and down his member or massaging his balls.

He could only lay back, his head resting on the bathroom wall, his hands gripping the sides of the toilet as Daphne attacked his cock with her mouth, lips, tongue and hands. He could hear the sounds of the party just outside the bathroom door, but the sounds soon faded from his mind and thoughts as his desire grew. Saliva sprayed from her mouth as he watched her eyes as they peered up at him -- her eyes radiated and sparkled with a passion and lust he had never seen in a woman before, yet they were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. His hands moved as if they had a mind of their own, touching her body softly and tenderly at first, as if he was afraid she might jump up and devour him whole -- soon his hands were roaming her dress covered body, running through her flowing hair as her head bounced up and down in frenzy on his throbbing member.

Daphne could barely contain her desire and lust as his cock repeatedly disappeared down her throat. She could feel the coldness of the tiled floor of the bathroom on her knees through the material of her dress as her hands travelled up and down his throbbing shaft, feeling the rough skin on her fingertips. Her mind completely shut out the party outside, her thoughts and desires on only one thing -- pleasuring and satisfying this well hung waiter in Frasier's bathroom. She let her tongue travel the length of his shaft eliciting groans of pleasure from his mouth, before her lips once again closed around the head of his cock. Daphne used her teeth and lips to perfection, sucking and biting on the most sensitive part of a man's cock before letting it slide deep down her throat, repeating the process again and again.

It was then that she decided that it was time -- she had to feel his cock enter her, to feel it pump into her drenched pussy. Daphne let his cock slide from her lips, by now glistening in the soft bathroom light from her saliva.

She raised her body slightly and speaking directly into his ear whispered. "I need you to fuck me.-do you want to fuck me?"

Daphne noticed his eyes open wide like a deer caught in an approaching cars headlights before he nodded. "Yes..............I want to...... fuck you" he replied as he rose from his sitting position, his hand slowly jacking his cock. She slowly stood, her hands reaching down either side of her dress and rolling the material upwards, scrunched her dress up around her waist.

His eyes took in the sight of her long legs to her panty covered behind as she bent over giving him a perfect view of her taut, well rounded ass. His hand moved along his shaft at a much faster pace as he slowly approached before both his hands travelled up her legs, each hand only lightly touching her soft skin. She could feel his erect cock between her legs as every touch of his fingers on the soft skin of her legs made her squirm in pleasure and anticipation.

"Please fuck me!" she whispered.

He let his cock rub against the wet silken material of her panties and she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"Please". Her voice was barely audible as she struggled to contain her lust and desire, wanting desperately to feel his cock slide into her.

He let his hands do the talking as his fingers hooked into the elastic of her panties and slowly eased them down her legs. Daphne could feel the coldness of his fingers on her ankles as he raised each of her feet in turn, sliding her panties off her high heels.

Daphne stood with her hand holding her dress scrunched up on her waist, her body slightly bent over, naked from the waist down as her body trembled waiting in anticipation. She could feel the warmth of his cock as it slowly slid into her, contrasting starkly with the coldness of the tiled bathroom.

He started to pump slowly into her as he placed his hands on her hips, feeling her body quivering with every stroke. Suddenly they both froze as the sound of the turning bathroom door handle reached them -- Daphne suddenly realised that she had forgotten to lock the bathroom door after she had trapped her prey.

She watched as a figure of a woman enter, closing the door softly behind her.

"Well well what do you we have here?" Daphne heard the woman exclaim as she she stood near the door, watching both of them. She felt the waiter pull out of her and she dropped her dress to cover her nakedness.

The woman took a couple of steps towards them and Daphne recognised her as Zoe, Frasier's current object of affection -- he seemed to her that he had a new woman every week. Zoe was a twenty three year old cocktail waitress Frasier had picked up in a bar -- she had long blonde hair and a great figure and body.

"Naughty naughty!!" Zoe exclaimed, her index finger extended in the air, waving to and fro, as the waiter took a few steps backward.

His hands tried in vain to cover up his nakedness. "Please.......don't say anything" he repeated over and over again nervously.

They both watched as Zoe turned and walked back to the bathroom door. She stood by the door for what seemed to them an eternity but was actually just a few seconds.

Zoe turned the latch locking the bathroom door before walking back to Daphne and the waiter, who was still trying to cover up his fully erect cock with his hands. Her hands reached behind her, pulling the zip of her dress slowly down her back and it slipped from her shoulders, leaving them bare - with a wiggle of her hips her dress dropped silently to the floor.

"I won't say anything if you won't!" Zoe suggestively remarked as stepped out of her dress. They both took in the view of her standing before them wearing only a very sheer pair of bra and panties, together with a garter belt that was attached to a pair of white stockings.

Zoe let her hands run along the soft material of her white stockings, her body a quivering mess of desire and lust. She had only come into the bathroom by chance, tired of waiting for Frasier and trying to escape boring opera party, if only for a few minutes. Her eyes locked onto the waiter at the far end of the bathroom, his hand trying in vain to hide his nakedness and then onto Daphne who stood only a few feet away. She had met Daphne only a few times but had found her and her British accent incredibly sexy. Zoe felt her hands moving up her naked abdomen, every touch of her own fingertips on her soft skin causing small shock like pinpricks, then moving around her back and releasing the clasp of her bra.

Daphne stared as if hypnotised as Zoe let her bra fall softly to the floor, revealing the most perfectly formed breasts she had ever seen. She watched as her breasts jiggle and bounce about as Zoe let her hands run down her sides almost as if she was performing her very own private strip show. Her hands slowly slid down to her hips where her fingers slid under the elastic of her panties on either side of her well toned body.

"I was waiting for this party to liven up!" she exclaimed as she slid her panties down her white stockinged legs and raising each of her high heels in turn, slid them off her feet.

Daphne watched as Zoe, naked except for a garter belt and white stockings walked casually towards her. Throwing her panties behind her as she walked, her high heels made a clicking sound on the tiles that seemed to echo throughout the bathroom. Daphne could smell her perfume as she got closer, a sweet and alluring aroma that filled her nostrils, turning her on even more.

Zoe stopped just in front of Daphne Moon -- they stood no more than foot apart, looking into each others eyes, as if waiting for someone to make the first move. She placed her hands on either side of Daphne's face, before she leant in, their lips touching once or twice in soft passionate kisses.

Daphne felt Zoe's soft lips meet with hers, each quick kiss leaving her wanting more. Her body literally shook with anticipation as she stared into Zoe's green eyes, almost as if she was trying to see her own reflection. Their lips met again, this time in a much longer kiss, one more intense and passionate than she had ever felt.

Zoe let her hands move on their own, almost as if they had a will and mind of their own. They slid down Daphne's back, feeling every contour of her body through the thin material of her dress -- her fingertips pulsed with an almost electric like current as they moved slowly down her back, pulling up the hem of her dress, until it was all scrunched up around her abdomen. Holding the dress with one hand, the other slipped down between her ass checks.

"Oh god".

The words escaped softly from Daphne's lips as she threw her head back in pleasure, feeling Zoe's fingers play with the soft sensitive skin of her private part.

"You like that?" Zoe asked smiling, ones hand holding her dress up, the other sliding in and out of her pussy. Her fingers caressed the soft skin, pinching and teasing at her clit before suddenly they pulled out.

"Come with me Daphne!"

Zoe's voice was barely above a whisper as she took her by the hand, leading her to the toilet.

Daphne followed willingly, her lust and desire for Zoe to explore every part of her naked body almost overwhelming. Zoe pushed her down softly, making her sit on the toilet, her legs pulled forward leaving her head low down leaning against the bathroom wall. Her hands lightly caressed Daphne's legs, pushing her dress up until it was all scrunched up around her waist, leaving her pussy exposed, glistening in the soft light in the bathroom.

Zoe took in the sight of Daphne Moon, her body slouched over Frasier's toilet, her dress scrunched up around her waist, her long legs dangling over the front, spread open revealing her pussy. She bent down, her fingers sliding into her wetness, her tongue lapping at the soft skin in between Daphne's open legs.

Daphne felt her body spasm almost uncontrollably, as her tongue come repeatedly came into contact with the wetness that was her pussy.

He had watched them from his hiding place at the back of the bathroom, watching Zoe and Daphne explore their naked bodies with a passion and desire he had not seen before or since. His hands no longer tried to hide his nakedness, instead he found his hand moving along his shaft at speed, feeling his hardness increase with every stroke. The waiter no longer cared or heard the party directly outside the bathroom door, no longer cared if he was discovered. He found himself moving carefully, as if not wanting to be heard or detected towards their moaning naked bodies -- approaching from directly behind Zoe's naked ass, he could see her white stocking clad legs spread open revealing her gorgeous pussy, her body bent forward at her waist with her head buried in between Daphne's spread legs. His hands moved up and down Zoe's legs, his fingertips feeling the soft silk like material of her stocking every touch sending static electricity shocks through his fingers -- finally he could wait no longer. He positioned himself carefully before slowly easing his cock into her pussy, feeling her vaginal muscles envelop and surround his member. Zoe could feel his cock slide into her and begin to pump slowly -- she lifted her head and turned, smiling at the waiter as he pumped his cock into her.

"What took you so long........oh fuck.....that's it......pump your big cock into my pussy" she exclaimed looking directly into his eyes before turning her attention back to Daphne.

The waiter's response, although non verbal, was in the affirmative as he placed his hands on her naked ass and began to pump furiously, his balls slapping against her with each stroke.

Zoe's head reared up between Daphne's legs as his cock pumped hard into her.

"Fuck!" The word escaped softly from her lips as if she was releasing pressure from her body. She held onto Daphne's legs as his speed increased, each stroke sending her body into an rapturous, almost overwhelming, overpowering sexual euphoria.

Daphne watched Zoe's young face as the waiters cock slammed into her -- her eyes were half closed, her lips were pursed and her long blonde hair was sent flailing about wildly by the power of each stroke. She extended her hands, gently pushing Zoe's head towards her own private part, desperately wanting to feel her tongue and fingers on the soft wet skin of her pussy.

Zoe let her tongue lap at Daphne's pussy, trying in vain to time each lick of her long tongue with each stroke of the cock in her pussy. She let fingers slide into her hole, feeling her wetness, exploring and touching every inch of her ultra sensitive soft skin as they pumped in and out.

"Oh god that ..........feels ......so good......so ...good!"

The words dribbled from Daphne's mouth as she felt the marked contrast of Zoe's cold fingers slide repeatedly inside her hot pussy. Her hands clung desperately to the tiled wall of the bathroom as her body squirmed and writhed each time her tongue came into contact with her pussy, threatening to send her toppling over. Daphne could see the face of the waiter as he pumped his cock into Zoe -- he had gone through an amazing transformation. No longer was he the nervous and timid prey, lured into the bathroom by a sex starved English seductress. Now he had gone on the offensive, using his well endowed cock to launch a ferocious, yet not unexpected attack on the two naked women before him.

He did not know what had come over him -- his hands roamed her naked body almost as if they had a mind of their own as he slammed cock into her incredibly tight pussy. He was not normally this aggressive during sex, he was the one that was usually being dominated. He decided that this was different however, feeling like he had been taken advantage of and it was time to get his revenge. He arched his back, letting the full force of his hips and legs to slam his cock into her with all the force he could muster, feeling her body shudder with every stroke. He could feel her the soft material of her stockings rub against his legs as they rubbed together adding another dimension to the unexpected erotic escapade of having sex in a bathroom.

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