Frasier - Daphne's Addiction


Zoe could feel his hot breath on her bare back as his cock slammed into her, his hands feeling wonderfully warm and gentle as the travelled over naked body.

"Oh god......." The moan escaped from her lips as she felt his cock slam into her pussy like a jack hammer, her head rearing up as she felt his strokes increase in speed. "Oh fuck.....that feels so good!"

Daphne watched as Zoe's young face displayed a look of pure sexual pleasure, her long blonde hair flying wildly about as the cock slammed into her. She smiled, as the thought popped into her head that this would be the face Frasier would see many times in the future during their intimate relations, during their numerous fucking sessions -- the thought leaving a tinge of jealousy in her mind. Her hand slid down her abdomen and slowly rubbed the soft skin of her pussy, listening to Zoe's moans of pleasure echo about the bathroom.

Zoe could feel her body shake wildly as he pumped his cock into her pussy, her whole body aflame with desire, every inch of her body awash with most intense sexual pleasure she had ever felt. Suddenly she felt him pull out, his cock sliding out of her with an audible 'plop' noise.

Daphne watched as he took one step forward, his erect cock swinging like a pendulum almost in front of her eyes. He extended his hand, grabbing her by the arm and lifting her roughly from her lying position on the toilet.

"Now it's your turn!" he said almost sounding bad-tempered as the words came out quickly from his mouth. "Let's get this dress off you!"

She felt his hands on her back and the zip of her evening dress being pulled down quickly. Daphne let her dress drop slowly from her shoulders onto the tiled floor, leaving her dressed only in her bra and high heels. She had barely time to step out of her dress, when with a squeal of delight he roughly bent her over and slid his cock into her pussy. Her hands grabbed hold of the edge of the toilet seat as he pumped into her, each stroke propelling her slightly forward.

"Is this what you want?" he asked as she felt his hands roam her nakedness, the touch of his fingers on her soft skin sending waves of pleasure through her body. "My cock fucking......your pussy?".

Daphne struggled to stay upright, holding onto the the toilet as each stroke threatened to topple her over onto the tiled floor.

"Yes fuck me" she replied finally as she spread her legs further apart to maintain better balance.

Zoe's eyes took in the view of Daphne, her naked body bent over at the waist as the waiter slammed his cock into her pussy at an almost frenzied pace. He was hunched over her body, her long legs struggling to stay upright with her mouth softly moaning obscenities in that sexy British accent of hers. She let her fingers trace a path along her soft skin feeling it shudder each time he pumped his cock into her -- she thought to herself how incredibly lucky Frasier was to be living in the same apartment with this English beauty, knowing that their bedrooms are very close and knowing that with a few short steps he could experience sexual ecstasy.

She carefully manoeuvred her body onto the toilet, her stockinged legs stretched outwards, with Daphne's naked body in-between them, her hands behind her holding onto the back edge of the seat.

Daphne's face broke out in a smile as Zoe spread her legs open a little more, revealing the soft skin of her young pussy, beckoning and glistening in the soft light of the bathroom. Her hands grazed the soft material of her stockings as they travelled up her legs, moving slowly, teasing Zoe by just letting her fingertips flick her wet pussy.

" with my.....pussy" Zoe pleaded, each word slipping slowly from her lips, her tone of voice like a young schoolgirl asking permission from her teacher as she slid her body downwards, her hands holding on to the edge of the seat supporting her weight.

Her body shuddering from the waiters assault on her pussy, Daphne lowered her head in between Zoe's legs and with her hands holding onto her stockinged legs, let her tongue taste her wetness.

Zoe felt her body shudder with pleasure as Daphne's tongue began touch, tease, taste and caress the sensitive skin of her most private area. She tried hard to suppress her shrieks and shouts of pleasure so as not be heard by the party goers directly outside the bathroom door, but occasionally a loud one was inadvertently released.

"Oh fuck!" Zoe whispered as Daphne's tongue and lips worked their magic on her sensitive pussy. Her stocking clad legs trembled and her body squirmed uncontrollably every time her tongue came in contact with the soft skin of her wet area, at times making her position on the toilet tenuous and dangerous. Her hands clung on desperately to the edge of the seat, her high heels having an unstable footing on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

Daphne Moon could see her naked body reflected in the bathroom mirror nearby -- she could see the waiter as he pumped his cock hard into her pussy, his body bent over hers, each stroke gently pushing her body forward. His cock felt wonderful in her pussy, every stroke producing intense waves of pleasure that flooded her body. She did not care that barely ten metres away outside the locked bathroom door stood Mr Crane, Dr Crane and the other party guests possibly hearing their sexual escapades. The only thing she cared about was getting fucked by the well hung waiter, having his cock pound her until she came -- she needed to get her sexual fix like a drug addict needed to get high. To be joined by the beautiful Zoe, current flame of Dr Crane was an unexpected bonus.

"Fuck me!, fuck me!" was all she could say as his cock slammed into her pussy. Daphne' s eyes took in Zoe's naked body, with her body slumped down low on the toilet seat and her stockinged legs splayed wide open. She noticed how beautiful her body looked as it shook and trembled with desire as her fingers and tongue played with her wet pussy -- how the soft moans that escaped from her mouth seemed to happen in time with the fingers pumping in her pussy and how occasionally her body squirmed so much, that at times it appeared that she would fall to the floor.

Daphne could feel his hot breath tingle on her bare back as he planted kiss after kiss on her soft skin, tracing a path up her spine.

"God your cock feels so good!" she breathlessly exclaimed as he continued to pump his cock as if he was in a drug enhanced frenzy -- never letting up and never slowing down.

He could barely control his lust and desire -- his body viciously pumped his cock into her body, every stroke so powerful and strong her long legs buckled at the knees. He was amazed that she had not tumbled to the floor on many occasions during their sexual liaison as he had made up his mind that he was going to teach her a lesson, to fuck the shit out of her, to make her come again and again until she was left breathless, sore and exhausted on the bathroom floor. His hands roamed her naked body, exploring every inch of her soft skin while his lips kissed and sucked their way up her backside, savouring the taste and warmth of her skin. Finally he decided he could not wait no longer -- he pulled out of her pussy, taking a step backwards, his hand slowly jacking his now well lubricated cock. He watched as her vaginal muscles slowly contract her pussy opening to more normal size, her body still bent over, her head still in between Zoe's legs.

"C'mon I want to fuck both of you in the ass!" he exclaimed, grabbing Daphne by the arm and pulling her gently away from Zoe's legs. He watched as both women gingerly got to their feet, their naked bodies glistening in the soft light of the bathroom. His hand rapidly jacked his cock, eager, almost impatient, to let it slide into the each of their beautiful asses, as their high heels made a clicking sound on the tiled floor as they walked to the centre of the bathroom.

Zoe watched as Daphne laid two large towels on the tiled floor, before she dropped to her knees onto one of the towels -- she then placed the palm of her hands onto the towel, slightly lowering her upper body, leaving her ass in the air.

"You know," Zoe said as she dropped onto her towel, her voice sounding slightly nervous. "I have never had a man's cock ass." She dropped down onto all fours, adopting a similar pose to Daphne.

"You're a anal virgin?" he asked, a slightly bemused and surprised look on his face as if he did not believe her. "Never?"

She raised her head slightly and smiled. "Never ever" she replied. To emphasise the point she shook head softly as she spoke. Zoe watched as he approached, his hand still rapidly jacking his cock, a large smile appearing on his face.

He stood directly behind her, watching her body as her chest went up and down as she breathed -- her stockinged legs were folded up under her stomach, with her head resting on the towel, her bare ass protruding in the air.

Zoe waited, not knowing what he would do next -- she had resisted the almost fanatical male urge to slide their cock up her rear end, not even letting their fingers to slide into her ass hole -- until now. Her body trembled in anticipation, her mouth sucking in mouthfuls of air, her mind racing with a mixture of fear, desire and the unknown. She could sense him standing behind her and she began to wonder why was he waiting, what was he up to -- to try to calm herself, almost as if to reassure herself she began to try to breathe in a more normal fashion, imagining in her mind his cock sliding into her ass hole.

When he did speak it startled her a little, almost frightened her.

"Spread your ass cheeks open for me" he said nonchalantly.

Zoe slid her arms back, each of her hands grabbing one her cheeks and gently she spread them apart.

"Oh yes that's it - beautiful ass!" he exclaimed. She could tell just by the tone of his voice that he liked what he saw.

He stared at her rear end, her slender fingers spreading her ass cheeks open, her puckered sphincter opening and closing slightly as if it was breathing. His hand moved on its own letting his fingers just touch her ass crack, running slowly up and down its length -- his fingers just flicked her ass hole, teasing her, each touch tickling her, causing her to suppress small fits of laughter.

She could feel his fingers just touch the entrance to her ass hole, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. Suddenly his fingers plunged into her ass hole, sliding rapidly in and out, causing her body to squirm and move about as if she had just received an electric shock.

"Ooh yeah we've got a live one here!" he said as he slid his fingers out of her ass hole. "Are you ready baby?"

Her body was still shaking as she answered.

"Yes." Her voice sounding breathless, like she had just finished running a marathon.

He opened up his stance a bit more, moving forward letting her body move under his legs -- positioning himself until he was directly above he ass, he guided his cock at a near vertical angle to just sit inside her ass hole.

Zoe could feel the tip of his cock rub against her ass hole, the sensation producing an unexpected but welcome tingling feeling through her body. She tried to prepare her body for his imminent entry into her ass -- taking a deep breath, she spread her ass cheeks wider with her hands, her fingers gripping each of them tightly. Her head rested against the towel on the tiled floor of the bathroom, her eyes trained on Daphne, who was on her knees watching, her hand between her own legs, furiously playing with her pussy.

He plunged his cock into her ass burying the full length before he started to pump, his legs pushing his body up and down for added power. He could feel her anal muscles envelop his cock, trying to push it out but he pumped harder and faster, as if he was trying to drill to the other side.

"Fuck yeah, nice and tight" he exclaimed as he pumped, one hand on his hip the other holding his cock as it slid into her now gaping ass hole.

She admitted later to Daphne that she was totally unprepared when his cock slid into her ass for the first time. It felt that all the oxygen in her lungs was suddenly gone and she tried to suck in rapid short breaths -- her hands dropped to the floor, supporting her body as his thrusts into her ass seemed to be pushing her body into one small ball on the bathroom floor. Zoe's mouth could only chant the words "Oh fuck" again and again as his anal fucking continued.

He fucked her with long even strokes, his cock now sliding in and out of her ass hole more easily. Her body trembled with each stroke and he could see her stockinged legs, which were tucked under her, but were now splayed out on each side of her naked body. Her long blonde hair seem to flay about wildly with each stroke, making the erotic scene, in his eyes, more beautiful.

Zoe felt like every inch of her body was on fire, pulsating and alive with a passion more intense than one she had ever felt before.

"Why did I wait so long to feel a cock up my ass - it feels so good" she thought to herself. Her hands rang along her stockinged legs as he he pumped his cock, the soft silken material feeling more sensual and raw under her fingertips.

Daphne Moon watched his cock slide in and out of her ass hole, every stroke producing moans of pleasure and softly spoken obscenities from her mouth. Her hand played with soft sensitive skin of her pussy, while the other played with her pert breasts, her fingertips squeezing and pinching her nipples in time with his strokes. She leant forward planting a series of soft kisses along Zoe's bare back, feeling her warm soft skin on her lips, feeling her body tremble with desire with every stroke. Her eyes took in the sight of Zoe's naked body -- her high heels and stockinged legs were on either side of her body, with the upper part of her body pressed down onto the towel covered bathroom floor.

"Fuck her ass, fuck it!" Daphne softly repeated over and over again as she watched his glistening cock slide in and out of her ass hole.

He was pumping in a frenzy now, his cock sliding in and out if her ass with a 'whoosh' sound on each stroke. He gave no thought to the voices her could plainly hear directly outside the bathroom, gave no thought to his job as a waiter -- his level of desire, of lust had risen to such a level that nothing else mattered but pleasuring, of fucking these naked beauties. His eyes took in the naked form of Daphne Moon, her fingers playing with her pussy, words dribbling from her mouth in her sexy British accent. He pulled his cock from Zoe's gaping ass hole, leaving her gasping for air on the floor.

Zoe felt his cock slide from her ass hole, and she collapsed onto the floor sucking in huge mouthfuls of air at a time. She could only lay there recovering her breath, her body feeling like she had just gone twenty rounds in a boxing ring, yet still tingling all over - by the time she rolled over and onto her knees, she could see he had laid his body on his back on the towel next to her, with Daphne's naked body standing, straddling his.

Daphne slowly lowered her body by bending her legs at the knees and placing the palm of one hand on the floor to maintain her balance, guided her ass hole towards his erect and waiting cock.

"That's it, that's it" he moaned as his hand slowly jacked his cock as she lowered her body, stopping just when she felt the head of his cock enter her ass.

Daphne's mouth let out a "Oh fuck!" as she let her body drop, fully embedding herself on his cock. She lay on top of him not moving for a few seconds, feeling the full length of his shaft inside her tight sphincter before they both began to move together -- he pumped into her from below, while she moved her body slowly riding his cock.

Their bodies moved in perfect rhythm, his cock thrusting into her ass, the full length of his shaft disappearing into her.

Zoe watched as Daphne rode his cock, her hair flaying about as their bodies collided with the soft 'whack' of his balls against her naked ass. Her high heels slid against the tiled floor as she pushed with her body up by extending her legs, before letting a moan of pleasure escape from her mouth each time she lowered her body, letting his cock pump into her. She looked incredibly beautiful to Zoe -- a look of pure sexual pleasure was on her face, her taut and supple body almost glowing in the soft light of the bathroom, their naked bodies in the most natural and beautiful act on earth -- fucking the shit out of each other.

Zoe slowly leant in, letting her lips kissing their way up Daphne's abdomen, feeling her soft skin against her lips as she rode the cock in her ass, her hands squeezing and pinching her sensitive nipples.

"Oh Zoe," Daphne moaned as she rode his cock, feeling it penetrate her body, feeling it fill her anal cavity in an almost rhythmic fashion. She leant back, placing both of her hands on the tiled floor, letting him do all the work as he pumped into her ass. She was never as aroused, as horny as at this moment -- naked, getting fucked in the ass in Frasier's bathroom in the middle of an opera party, his naked and beautiful girlfriend part of the fun. The chance of getting caught never occurred to her nor did it concern her -- it was all part of the thrill, part of the fantasy of sex in a very public place.

His hands held her body at the hips as he pumped, every stroke made with all the effort he could muster, every stroke causing her body to shake with pleasure, every stroke slapping against her bare ass with a thwack. He had never expected to be in this situation when he reported for work this morning, to be naked pumping his cock willingly into the ass of a gorgeous English temptress, her naked blonde friend close at hand. His fear of losing his job had gone, disappearing in the orgy of naked flesh, vanishing in their desire and lust induced sexual escapades.

"Fuck me, fuck m-" Daphne's cries of pleasure were cut off as Zoe's lips met hers, their soft wet lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Her hands framed Daphne's face, as their kiss continued, their tongues trying to tie a knot inside each others mouths.

Daphne felt his pumping reach a crescendo, his cock sliding into her now gaping ass hole like a runaway piston in a motor. Her naked body shook visibly with each stroke, her high heels barely touching the tiled floor as he pumped into her ass with such force that each stroke lifted her body into the air. Their lips were still locked together when she came -- it crept up on her, building up slowly and exploding within her with a force that surprised her.

Zoe's kiss stifled much of her cries of pleasure during her orgasm and as their lips parted a cry of "Oh fuck.......yes" escaped from her mouth. Her body rolled off his cock, ending up lying on her back across his legs, sucking in mouthfuls of air, her body still trembling from the effects of the orgasm.

"Oh god...fuck" Daphne repeated softly as her body reacted from the last waves of pleasure, from the final effects of one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever felt.

Zoe's hand moved almost without thinking, grabbing hold of his still erect cock - her hand moved up and down his shaft easily, now thickly lubricated with saliva and their juices.

"That's it..........jack my cock.......make me come" he said as her hand moved faster, sliding on his shaft almost in a blur.

"Like this?" she replied, as she turned towards him with her face displaying a cheeky smile. She slid her other hand onto his shaft, both hands sliding up and down in unison.

His lips formed an O shape, but no sound escaped as her hands furiously jacked his cock. He could feel the pressure building as her hands expertly massaged his member, like a master baker kneading dough.

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