Frasier - Daphne's Addiction


"Fuck!" escaped from his lips as her lips replaced her hands, her head bobbing up and down on his slickly coated member.

Zoe let her lips slide down his shaft at a furious pace -- if there was one thing that she was good at it was giving head and the one thing she love most about fucking was tasting and swallowing a man's hot white bounty. She could feel the pressure build up slowly as her head bobbed up and down sliding easily on his shaft, her hands massaging his swollen balls for added effect. She could feel his body start to shake and squirm, as if they were in a middle of an earthquake, when his cock exploded. A stream of hot white cum pulsed from his cock into her mouth, running directly down her throat.

She tried to keep his cock in her mouth as his cum shot out like a high pressure water jet, but most of it dribbled from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Zoe slid her mouth of his cock as the last spurts were erupting from his cock -- she closed her lips, ensuring she had a mouthful of his white sticky cum and she slid over to where Daphne lay, her stockinged legs sliding easily on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

Daphne watched as she approached, her sweaty naked body sliding on its knees, her chin covered in little rivers of cum running down her neck and on to her well endowed chest. Her smiling face appeared above Daphne's as she lay there, her head resting on one of the waiters legs.

Zoe slowly opened her mouth letting a drop of cum fall -- Daphne watched it fall almost in slow motion, appearing to swirl in the air of the bathroom. She opened her mouth but it was too late and it landed just below her mouth, starting to dribble down her chin.

Daphne quickly licked her chin clean with one quick swipe of her tongue before opening her mouth wide as the next drops fell, this time directly between her lips and onto her waiting tongue. She could see each of the frothy white drops form on Zoe's lips and then descend the short distance in rapid succession, each one landing on her tongue. She could taste the cum as it ran along her tongue and as the last drop fell into her waiting mouth, she swallowed the white milky mixture in one fell swoop.

They both stared into each others eyes for a moment, both ablaze with passion, before Zoe leant down locking lips with Daphne. Their cum soaked lips met in a quick passionate kiss, both of them tasting the cum as the soft lips meshed together with a passion and lust that surprised them both.

"I wish all of Frasier's opera parties were this exciting!" Zoe exclaimed as their lips finally parted.

Daphne only smiled, not needing to say word as she lay naked in Frasier's bathroom.

She had made it halfway through the room, through most of the party guests when she he heard his voice behind her.


She tried to ignore him and continued walking but the next time he spoke it was louder and more insistent.

"Daphne....Daphne Moon....wait!"

Daphne turned reluctantly to find Frasier standing there, his face displaying a frown, his right foot taping the floor nervously.

"Where the hell have you been, I've been looking for you for ages!" he said, his voice slightly rising in volume as he spoke.

Daphne was silent for moment - a cheeky thought flashed through her mind. "Maybe I should tell him I just had wild threesome with a waiter and his girlfriend while his beloved opera party was on!" - but she just smiled and brushed back her unkempt hair when she replied.

"Sorry, I wasn't feeling very well and I went to lie down for a bit!" she said still smiling. "Is that OK?"

Fraiser's frown softened before he replied. "Oh sorry about that -- hope it wasn't the food. I hope you feel better." He turned away from her, taking one step before turning around once more to face Daphne.

"Sorry one more thing -- you haven't any idea why the bathroom was locked for more than an hour?" he asked.

Daphne feigned a surprised look on her face as she replied. "Really locked! Sorry no idea at all!" She turned away, her face only breaking into a broad smile when her back was turned towards him and she started to make her way back to her room.

"No idea at all!" she shouted out as she walked away.

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