Frasier - Daphne's Night of Passion


Roz held her breath, not knowing what to expect when his massive cock penetrated her ass -- she regularly enjoyed anal sex in her many sexual escapades and adventures but she knew that this would be different. She lowered her body letting his cock slide into her ass hole and the effect was immediate -- at first she felt like she had been punched in the stomach, her lungs now almost devoid of oxygen. Roz hungrily sucked in air as his cock slid further into her ass hole, feeling her anal muscles constrict as if they were trying to push out an invader to her body, her breathing now in short rapid breaths. Slowly but surely their two bodies moved together, Leroy pumping slowly from below and her body moving up and down in time with his strokes. Her hands roamed her sweat covered body from her throbbing and tingling pussy to her ample breasts, moving in a random pattern, exploring, touching, feeling, squeezing and probing. The pain diminished over time leaving an almost sublime sexual feeling in her body as their two bodies almost moved as one -- in all of her sexual dalliances Roz had never been fucked like this, she was sure of that. Her moans, her cries of delight, loud and frequent were of pure sexual pleasure.

"Fuck me............god your black cock feels so good in my ass.......ohhhhh". Roz cries of pleasure descended into one long moan as her body moved up and down on Leroy's black cock.

Daphne had turned one of the chairs of the table near kitchen around to face them, her body slumped on the chair, her legs spread while her fingers played with her pussy. The chair vibrated as her fingers explored the wetness between her legs, such was the passion she felt -- her free hand played with her pert breasts, pinching and squeezing her ultra sensitive nipples. She listened to Roz's cries of pleasure as Leroy's cock pumped in her ass, thinking they sounded incredibly sexy and erotic in her husky voice and turning her on even more. "Finally Mr Crane's damn old armchair has finally found its purpose in life" Daphne though to herself as her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy and she found herself saying out loud "Fuck her.......fuck her...".

"Fuck me ..... oh god fuck me!" Roz screamed as his cock penetrated her ass hole, slapping against her bare ass with a slap. Her eyes scanned Frasier's apartment noticing Daphne, her naked body slouched on the chair in front of them -- her eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly as her fingers explored the wetness that was her pussy. "I should make a habit of coming here more often" she thought to herself as she watched her best friends body shake as she played with herself.

Leroy could not believe it -- experiencing the delights of two hot white bitches and he did not even have to use his charms to persuade them. "Oh yeah baby..... can you feel my lovin" he exclaimed as his cock slid into her ass hole. He had had his way with Daphne, tasting and fucking her sweet English body on many occasions but this woman here was different, her voluptuous body sending him onto a new sexual high, his ten inch cock straining at the leash to taste her ass and pussy. His hand found its way up between her legs, his fingers sliding into her pussy causing her to moan in pleasure. Leroy began to pump his cock at almost brutal pace determined to give her body the intense fucking she ever had, feeling her body shake with every stroke.

Roz let out the words "Oh fuck....." as she felt his cock penetrate her ass hole at almost incredible speed -- she stopped moving her body letting him do all the work, her body shaking from his brutal anal assault. Her hands gripped the armrests of the chair, her fingers occasionally slipping because of the sweat coating her entire body. Roz had never experienced anything like this before -- her whole body felt like it was going to explode as his cock penetrated her ass relentlessly -- when her orgasm did come, it crept up on her slowly like a mild heart attack. Her eyes rolled back in her head, the feeling the her whole body was tingling like she had stuck a finger in a power socket. In a flash her whole body was convulsing with the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt, her lungs feeling devoid of air. She hungrily sucked in air as her body vibrated as if she was experiencing its own earthquake -- it took a while for Roz to get any semblance of control over her body and when she did she rolled off his cock, dropping to her knees if front of the armchair.

Leroy could feel Roz as her body orgasmed, shaking and gasping for air as his cock pumped the last few strokes in her ass -- his cock slid out of ass with a 'pop' sound as she rolled her body of his, dropping to her knees in front of the armchair. His hand automatically slipped on to his throbbing member, sliding slowly along the length of his shaft as he picked himself off the tattered old armchair.

"Babe that was damn fine!" he said as he approached Roz, his hand now jacking his cock at furious pace. "But don't forget the cream!".

Roz smiled as he approached, his hand now jacking his cock almost in a blur, until he stood just in front of her kneeling figure. She noticed that he was now breathing is short rapid bursts as he put all his effort in jacking his ten inch black cock -- she lifted her head, her eyes trained on his throbbing member waiting for it to release its bounty.

Daphne slipped her body from the chair onto her knees nest to Roz, their naked and sweaty bodies together, waiting for Leroy to release his hot white bounty. Their eyes met, knowing that their friendship had changed forever -- suddenly with a grunt Leroy's cock sent a stream of hot white cum in their direction. Roz opened her mouth wide in hope, but the majority landed in her hair and the left side of her face, dribbling onto her chin. A short burst landed across Daphne's nose as Leroy's hand massaged his cock, trying to coax the last drops out.

"Ooh baby what a night" he said as the last drops escaped and he playfully whipped the head of his cock against their cum covered faces as the last few drops pulsed from his cock. "What a night!".

Daphne and Roz share a quick passion filled kiss, their cum covered lips meeting, both of them knowing that their lives had been changed forever.


Roz Doyle quietly closed the door to Frasier's bedroom behind her as she stepped into the hallway. Roz had stayed overnight in Frasier's room as she felt it was too late in the night for her to drive home. She had tried to sleep but she had found it next to impossible -- her body while sore from the nights events, was strangely energised, almost as if the nights sexual escapades did not fulfil her desires, leaving her craving for more.

She tied the sash securing her robe securely before she started to make her way down the hallway,. her bare feet barely making as sound as she walked. Her mind was a confusing mix of emotions, jumbled up in a mess that made it hard to think let alone sleep -- but she knew one thing for sure, he long time friendship with Daphne Moon had been changed forever. Her feet moved instinctively, without thinking carrying her silently to her destination, like a carrier pigeon returning home.

Roz stopped only once, pouring herself a drink and gulping it down before she before she continued, only stopping again once she had arrived at her destination. Roz Doyle stood before her best friends bedroom door, taking a deep breath before she pushed it silently open -- careful not to make a sound she slipped inside, before taking great care to close the door behind her. She walked to a metre to where Daphne lay, her head on the pillow, eyes closed illuminated by the clock radio on her bedside table.

Daphne had only just closed her eyes, her mind also ablaze with thoughts of the nights events -- her head had just hit her pillow when she sensed another presence in the room. Her hand fumbled around for a second or two trying to find the on switch of her bedside lamp, before finally it turned on illuminating Roz, standing before her bed.

"Roz?" she asked her eyes blinking in the dim light.

Roz stood before her bed, her eyes looking like they were staring into space.

"Roz?" Daphne again asked. "Is anything wrong?".

Roz's voice sounded nervous when she finally replied. "No no.......just couldn't sleep".

"Me too" replied Daphne. "Just closed my eyes now...nothing the matter I hope".

Roz took a deep breath before she replied "No......just thinking about us".

"Us?" Daphne queried.

Roz did not offer a reply -- her hands slid to the sash of her robe, pulling the ends of the sash and letting her robe fall from her shoulders, silently dropping to the floor.

Daphne watched as her robe fell to the floor, appearing to her to almost fall in slow motion, revealing a totally naked Roz Doyle standing before her. Startled just for a second, Daphne's eyes took in the naked form of Roz, her body reflected in the glow of the bedside lamp - her hands moved as if they had a mind of their own, lifting the bed covers, her face displaying a mischievous smile.

Roz watched as Daphne lifted the bed covers and she slipped her naked body onto the bed. They lay on their side, facing each other, their eyes aglow from the light of the bedside lamp, each of them waiting to see who would make the first move. Their lips met in a number of soft tentative, yet passionate kisses each one longer than the last. Roz let her hand slip underneath the bed covers, feeling the softness and warmth of her best friends nakedness, before their lips met again -- tongues slipped into each others mouths, exploring, feeling and touching in a kiss that was full of passion and desire.

Daphne felt Roz's tongue explore her mouth as her own tongue slipped into hers, playing their own game of tonsil hockey. Their tongues occasionally touched, sending electric like shocks through their bodies increasing their desire and passion.

Roz rolled her body on top of Daphne's as they kissed, her breasts rubbing against Daphne's, their sensitive nipples touching and rubbing togther. Their lips finally parted and a smiling Roz began to kiss her way down her best friends naked body.

"I've wanted to do this for the longest time!" Roz said, her voice barely above a whisper as if she was frightened to wake someone else in the empty apartment. Her lips kissed the soft skin of Daphne's abdomen tracing a path downwards -- the movement of her body dragged the bed covers back, revealing both their naked bodies for anyone who was to walk in. Her lips kissed the soft skin, feeling it warm on her lips, her hands gently slipping in between her best friends legs.

"Oh Roz" moaned Daphne, feeling her body squirm and writhe in pleasure as Roz's fingers invaded her private part. Her fingers tightly gripped the cushions on either side of her, as her best friends lips reached the soft skin of her pussy she spread her legs open, as lips and fingers worked together on her wet private part giving her pleasure beyond belief. Daphne had to stop her body from moving wildly about as Roz 's tongue and lips tasted her juices.

"You like that huh?" Roz asked as her lips and fingers worked together on the glistening pussy before her -- her tongue lapped at her pussy like an anteater looking for ants while her teeth and lips teased, bit and sucked on the soft skin.

Daphne lips could only let out a short "Uh huh" as she arched her back in pleasure as Roz performed her magic on her pussy.

Roz had fantasised about this moment for a long time but had never the courage or opportunity to make it come true. She had often dreamt of running her lips and hands against her best friends naked body -- now her fantasy had been realised. Roz let her tongue and fingers work at a faster rate causing to Daphne to scream out "Fuck!". She let her hands roam Daphne's taut and supple body, while she buried her face in her pussy, her lips, teeth and tongue working overtime on the soft skin.

Daphne felt Roz's hands on both her ankles, lifting her legs into the air until her ankles almost touched her shoulders. Her hands grabbed hold of her ankles, while her lover buried her face between her upturned legs. Daphne found her body forced back against the wall of her bedroom, her hands holding onto her own legs, her body curled up into a tight ball by the ferocity and power of her lovers attack on her pussy. Her body quivered and shook with every touch of Roz's tongue on her sensitive clit, with every touch and feel of her fingers as they slid inside her pussy and ass hole.

"Oh fuck Roz!" she screamed unable to contain her pleasure. "That feels so good".

Roz peered up at her new lover and smiled before her head once again descended between her legs. Her tongue and mouth worked together furiously desperate to please her new lover -- making love to a woman was different she had decided. A woman's every touch was gentler, more caring and they of course knew the most erotic and sensitive parts of a woman's body, that is the right buttons to push to please a woman. Her tongue was lapping at her best friends pussy, savouring her sweet taste when she felt Daphne's hand gently push her head away.

Daphne dropped her legs back onto the bed, before she playfully pushing Roz's naked body, which dropped on to the bed softly bouncing once. "You can't have all the fun!" she exclaimed as her hands began to roam her best friends body, lightly touching her soft skin -- every touch of her fingers made her body tingle with excitement and desire, as they traced a path between her well endowed chest. Daphne stared at her chest, as it rose and fell each time Roz took a breath before her hands slowly massaged her breasts, on in each hand. Her lips closed around her sensitive nipples sucking and biting in the one motion causing Roz to cry in pleasure.

"Daph......" her voice began loud but faded to almost a whisper. " tits......".

Daphne lips alternated between each breast, her lips licking, sucking and biting, one hand squeezing the other hand travelled down her smooth abdomen, to slide in between her legs.

"Oh god....." escaped from her lips as her lovers fingers slipped into her wet hole. Daphne could feel her body buck wildly beneath her as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy, the bed shaking and creaking. Their lips met in a short but passionate kiss before Daphne's lips travelled slowly down her body, tasting and savouring her best friends soft skin.

Roz opened up her legs wider as her lips made contact with her pussy, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. Her hands reached out on either side desperately grabbing the bed as if she was in danger of falling out -- in all of her sexual escapades and adventures she had never experienced a pleasure like this before. Her whole body felt like it was aflame with desire -- every touch of Daphne's lips and tongue, every stroke of her fingers inside her pussy making her body shake uncontrollably.

"You like slut?" Daphne asked as her fingers pumped in and out of her best friends pussy in a blur.

Roz could only moan her approval as her fingers slid in and out, each stroke making a squelching noise. She nearly came when Daphne's teeth and lips stared to tease and play with her sensitive clit, causing her naked body to thrash about wildly, causing sheets and bed covers to fall to the floor. Roz could feel Daphne's fingers pump even faster in her wet pussy, when suddenly they slid from her wet hole.

Daphne raised them to her lips, which Roz accepted with relish. Her lips closed around her fingers, tasting and sucking her won juices as they slid in and out. The two overs eyes met, each ablaze with passion and desire -- their two bodies fell on top of each other, their nakedness colliding, skin rubbing against skin, their soft lips meeting in another passionate kiss. They would have presented a sight to anyone who would have happened to walk into the room. Sheets and bed covers strewn about the floor, their naked and sweaty bodies locked together in a passionate and erotic embrace. As their lips finally parted the both fell onto their backs, gasping and sucking in mouthfuls of air, but that was not the end of their wild night of passion -- arranging their bodies almost in a circle, they lay on their sides, each with their heads buried between each other legs, in a quasi 69 position.

Fingers slipped into and tongues lapped at throbbing pussies until the moment when they came, almost at the same moment, each with an intensity they had never experienced before. Cries of pleasure reverberated around the apartment, each one loud enough to be heard by their neighbours. Their final act of passion was to let their exhausted naked bodies fall asleep in each others arms.

Their lives had been changed forever by this one event, by this one night.- although still best friends their friendship had been transcended to a higher level -- that of lovers. Many a night and day was spent naked, their hands, fingers and lips exploring their nakedness and tasting each others juices. Every possible place was used as their sexual escapades -- the radio station, even the toilet during one of Frasier's boring opera parties. Life for both of them will never be the same again.

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