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Frasier - Daphne's Passion


It was a hot Los Angeles summers day when he opened the door and they both entered the foyer of the movie theatre. Daphne Moon blinked a couple of times before her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, in stark contrast to the bright sunlight outside. She slowly turned her head, scanning the contents of the foyer - there were a couple of faded movie posters on the walls, a number of big potted plants that seemed to be all fake and the ticket booth just beside the doors that must enter into the theatre itself.

"Thank god its air conditioned in here!!" Leroy exclaimed, his hands adjusting his tee shirt that was slightly sticky with sweat.

"Does it always get this hot here in LA?" Daphne asked while scrounging around in her handbag.

Daphne Moon had just flown in to LA from Seattle the previous day - she had come partly for an holiday but the main reason why she had come was that she was going to film her second adult movie scene. She had enjoyed the first scene, perhaps too much she told herself and had little trouble deciding when the second offer came. In fact the only problem she did have was thinking of a reason to tell Dr and Mr Crane to take another week off work – she decided to tell that she was going to meet up with her brother Simon in LA. Daphne had decided that they can never find out that she had a secret life – she would be mortified if they did, not only because she was making adult films but because she loved having sex -

"Nah this is only a mild day, it gets way hotter than this!" Leroy replied a smile on his face. He watched Daphne produce a tissue from her bag which she proceeded to wipe her forehead.

"Your joking!" Daphne replied with a worried expression on her face. "It's so damn hot now! It's probably the only time I wish I had stayed in England!" she continued talking while wiping her face with the tissue.

Leroy studied Daphne as they stood in the foyer – she wore a white sleeveless skin tight top and a short skirt, which showed off her long legs very well and she wore a pair of high heels. Her hair was shoulder length and was blowing about in the air conditioned foyer. He had offered to show her around LA after they had met 'acting' in her first scene – they had met many times since as he had paid many visits to Seattle since her debut.

"You get used to it baby" he exclaimed "besides I don't want you go back to cold old England babe, I will miss you" he added with a smile and a wink.

"I'll bet you will!" Daphne replied, her face breaking out in a cheeky smile. "Now we better see something, we are in a movie theatre!". She turned to see what was playing on the board.

Leroy waved his hand to indicate he did not care "Pick anything babe, I just wanna cool down!" he said as he stood behind her.

Daphne picked a movie, a early 1980's action movie and they walked together to the ticket office, which was beside the entrance to the theatre – behind the counter was an attractive young blonde, her hair done up in two pigtails. Daphne guessed that she was around nineteen and she noticed that the young blonde's face broke out in a huge smile as she handed Leroy the change.

"Here you go" the young woman said a she placed the change in Leroy's big hand. Daphne watched her beaming face follow Leroy as they walked past to the doors of the theatre. "Enjoy the movie – it's a classic" she shouted out as they walked past.

Daphne followed Leroy into the darkened theatre, her eyes scanning the near deserted room, finding that there were only three other patrons. There were two men sitting together not far from them and one other man sitting down the front, close to the screen.

Leroy made his way to the second row near the back of the theatre and stopped near a seat. He turned towards Daphne "Here babe?" he asked.

Daphne nodded her head in agreement "Ok" she replied and they both sat down in the old leather seats.

It was around ten minutes later that felt his hand lightly brush against her leg and she brushed it away with her hand, as if she was shooing away a fly. Daphne felt his hand touch her leg again around five minutes later, this time travelling up her leg stopping just short of the hem of her skirt.

Daphne swatted his hand away, her head turning towards him "No stop!" she said, her face with a slight smile..

"You know you want it" he replied with a big smile on his face.

"No.......Not here" she replied, her tone of voice not at all convincing. "Not here!" she repeated turning her attention back to the screen. Leroy watched her as her eyes were glued to the screen and it was around ten minutes later when his hand moved again, this time landing on her leg with a barely noticeable

His hand travelled along her thigh, his fingers lightly touching her soft skin as if he was touching a delicate fragile object. Daphne felt his hand on her leg but did not stop him – she knew it was wrong but her mind and desire overruled her body. The touch of his fingers sent pinpricks of energy through her body, like small electric shocks as his hand moved up her leg and under her skirt. She opened up her legs wider, waiting in nervous anticipation as his had travelled slowly in between her legs - when his fingers finally touched her private part, it did so fleetingly as if teasing her.

Daphne let out a soft groan of pleasure as his fingers began to rub against her panty covered pussy, running vertically between her folds of skin. She arched her back in pleasure, her eyes partly rolling back in her head and she made a feeble attempt to push his hand away, knowing that she really did not want him to stop. His fingers began to rub faster feeling her wetness, her hands tightly gripping the sides of the seat as if she was in danger of falling out.

Daphne's body was shaking, her breathing now in short rapid bursts when Leroy whispered almost directly in her ear "Do you like it babe.........do you want me to stop?"

Her lips formed the word no but her mind overruled her again "Yes......please don't stop....." she replied. His fingers slipped inside her panties and she let out a soft "Oh god" when his skin touched her skin – with one finger slipped inside her wet spot, his hand began to move up and down in almost brutal fashion, moving almost in a blur.

Daphne was afraid that her moaning would be heard by the other patrons but she could not help it – she had never been pleasured like this before. Her body was swept with the most intense sensations she had ever felt and they all seem to originate from between her legs. Her mouth repeated over and over again "Please......don't stop......" almost in a whisper as his fingers continued their assault.

Her body was ready to explode, when he slipped his fingers from between her legs and raised them to her mouth – dripping from her wetness, Daphne closed her lips around them as he softly pumped them in and out of her mouth. Her tongue and lips worked together to lick her fingers clean, tasting her juices.

Leroy face broke out in his customary toothy smile as he pulled his fingers from her lips – with a wink of an eye, he gestured with his head towards he lap he said "You know what I want now babe.......don't cha!"

Daphne did indeed know what he wanted – at that moment she wondered why he always called her babe but as her hands undid the button of his jeans she did not give it any more thought. Her fingers pulled the tab of his zip slowly down and she could already see the bulge in his jeans where his monster was waiting to be freed. Leroy released a soft groan as her hand slipped inside his briefs, her fingers feeling his black member.

Daphne's face displayed a smile as she sprung his black cock free from his briefs – her hand ran along the the shaft of his ten inch cock, as Leroy leant back in his chair.

"You like my fingers on your big cock?" Daphne exclaimed as both her hands jacked his cock.

"Yeah babe!" Leroy answered enthusiastically. "Fuck yeah!" he added as he watched her slender fingers run along his black shaft.

Daphne was working herself into a frenzy – her fingers ran up and down his shaft in a rapid motion, squeezing, pinching his balls and his cock head in the process. She shut the other patrons in the theatre from of her mind – she wanted to pleasure Leroy as he had pleasured her, to slip his ten inch cock into her mouth, to taste it, to feel it slide down her throat. Her hands travelled the length of his shaft in an ever increasing pace, her fingers feeling the roughness of his skin when suddenly Leroy rose from his seat.

His sudden movement confused and startled Daphne for a second and she watched as he turned towards her "C'mon babe – I've got a wild idea!" he said as he extended a hand towards her. She eyed him suspiciously, wondering what he had in store for her.

"Wh-What do you mean" she replied a little nervous, her mind racing with jumbled up mixture of desire and confusion.

"Trust me babe" he said with is hand still reaching out "you're in for a wild ride!". His smile became serious almost as if he was trying to calm her. "Have I ever let you down?" he added.

Daphne Moon stared at his extended hand – he had worked her up to a state of total arousal and she was desperate to feel his black cock inside her. She felt that her desire was so intense and strong it was like a ravenous animal eating away at her insides, trying to escape from her body.

Daphne nervously took his extended hand and he pulled her up from her seat and into the aisle of the theatre – she watched as fully erect ten inch black cock swung like a pendulum when he walked. He led her by the hand down the aisle towards the screen, carefully taking each step in her high heels in the dim light of the theatre.

Daphne's heart pounded with each step she took, not knowing what he had planned for her. She scanned the other patrons of the theatre as she passed them – at the moment their eyes seemed to be glued to the screen and they did not notice them as they passed by.

Leroy continued down the aisle until they reached what look like a small stage just in front of the the large movie screen – the figures on the screen look distorted close up and appeared to be just a jumble of colours as they approached.

"Wh- what are you doing?" Daphne asked her voice partly coming out in a stammer because of her nervousness, her head quickly turning in a three hundred and sixty circle, scanning the almost deserted movie theatre.

Leory flashed his trademark toothy grin "Don't worry babe we are just going to put on a little show. Maybe they will join in later" . He gestured with his head towards the other patrons in the theatre.

He pushed her down to her knees by gently pushing down on each of her shoulders and she softly dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hand shook with nervousness as it reached out and grabbed his ten inch cock, stroking it gently.

"That's it jack my cock" he said as he let out a small groan of pleasure. "Maybe our friends will come and join us – have you ever had cocks in all your holes before babe – you know a gangbang?" he asked mater of factly.

"No .....never" Daphne replied, her voice just above a nervous whisper.

"Whoo wee you're in for a fun time!" he exclaimed as he pushed his member into her mouth. Daphne began to move her head up and down his massive shaft slowly at first, keeping one eye open, watching for the other patrons in the theatre. "Maybe they won't notice us" she thought to herself but their location in front of the movie screen produced large grotesque shaped shadows which flashed across the screen.

Daphne let her head bob up and down faster on Leroy's black cock, enjoying the taste and sensation as it travelled repeatedly down her throat. Her hands moved along his shaft as her head moved faster and deeper, swallowing his entire shaft in her mouth as the lights from the screen made for a lightly surreal experience, as if she was giving head in a discotheque.

"That's it babe suck my cock – oh it feels so good" he moaned, his hands holding onto her head as travelled up and down his massive black member. Daphne could not believe it – but having sex in such a public open space was turning her on and she found it intensely erotic know that people could be watching her. She attacked his cock with increased gusto, her head sliding easily up and down, saliva spraying from her mouth when suddenly she heard voices and footsteps from behind her.

"Damn you were right Pete, look at that" a voice behind her said. Daphne slid her mouth off Leroy's cock and turned her head in the direction of the voice, her eyes in the dim light recognising the men they had passed previously - they both stood just off to the side watching them as if they were performing on an erotic stage play. The men slowly circled the pair as if inspecting goods before a purchase – Daphne noticed that they both had bulges in the trousers, where there erect members were straining to be released.

"If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed you Mike!" the other man exclaimed as he undid the button of his trousers, before slipping them off each his legs. He stood still watching Daphne, his hand inside his briefs, rubbing his erect cock. "Would the lady mind if we joined in, I don't want to tread where we aren't wanted" he asked with a smile plastered on his face

Leroy looked at Daphne waiting on her knees, his erect ten inch black cock waving in front of her face before he turned back to the two men "I'm sure the little lady would love you and your friend joining in – wouldn't you babe?" he said.

Daphne did not reply straight away, her eyes scanning the faces of the two men – she was about to have sex with three men, something which she would not even considered, let alone let enter her mind three months ago. Her previous sexual encounters had always been with one man – now she was going to let three men fill her holes at once and possibly any more willing patrons in the theatre. But she could not escape the fact that she was titillated and aroused at the prospect – her face broke out in a wicked smile as she thought of these well hung men filling all her holes at once, giving her pleasures she had never felt or experienced before.

"I would love nothing more – the more the merrier!" she finally replied, a little nervously. She watched as the two men stripped naked to the waist, their hands rapidly jacking their now fully erect members, a look of lust in their eyes. Mike and Pete approached Daphne slowly as if she was a dangerous creature, about to rip their heads off and devour them whole. The three men arranged themselves almost in a semi circle in front of the kneeling Daphne, the flashing multicoloured lights from the movie screen producing an almost hallucinogenic effect on their minds.

Daphne let her hands replace theirs, jacking their cocks slowly, one in each hand. Mike and Pete both let out small groans of pleasure as her hand repeatedly travelled the length of their erect members.

Daphne studied the men as her hand jacked their throbbing members – Mike looked around thirty, was bit overweight and had black shoulder length hair, while Pete was thinner, around the same age and was nearly bald.

Daphne peered up at them as she opened her mouth wide letting Mike's cock slide into her mouth only once. "Mmm I love the taste of fresh meat!" she exclaimed as her head then started to bob up and down on Mike's member, her hands moving rapidly along his shaft at the same time. She could scarcely believe it – here she was giving head to a man she had just met, a man of whom she just knew his first name nothing more, yet she felt the whole experience strangely erotic and sensual. One of her fantasies had always been meeting a complete stranger and letting him fuck the hell out of her, only to disappear at the end of the night, never to be seen again Now had her fantasy been realised, but not only was she having sex with a complete stranger, she was doing it out in the open and in a very public place – never before had she felt so nervous yet turned on, aroused and sluttish at the same time.

Mike groaned with pleasure as Daphne mouth and lips performed their magic on his throbbing member. "On that's it....take it deep...with your pretty little mouth....." he exclaimed as he forced his entire shaft into her mouth. Daphne could feel his pubic hair against her face as her held his entire shaft down her throat for a few seconds, causing Daphne to nearly gag, before withdrawing. Saliva dripped from her mouth, to form in little globules hanging from her chin as his slid his cock from her gaping mouth

Daphne hungrily sucked in mouthfuls of air, all the time her hand rapidly jacking his saliva coated cock. "Is that all you got?" she retorted - it was more a statement than a question as she peered up at his surprised face. She slid her lips onto his cock head, keeping them there for a few seconds before sliding her lips slowly down his shaft until his entire member was lodged down her throat. She held the entire length of his cock buried in her mouth, her lips wrapped around his shaft almost up to the point until she was almost out of breath, when she slid the cock from her mouth – gasping for air she sucked in huge mouthfuls of air to replenish her lungs, before she repeated the process.

"Ohhhhhh gooodddd!!!" moaned Mike, his voice mimicking the low tones of Louis Armstrong - he had many a woman gone down on him in the past, but never like this. He could only stand while Daphne performed her magic on his throbbing tool, his body experiencing a pleasure more intense then one he had ever felt before. Mike placed his hands on the sides of her head as she repeatedly buried the full length of his shaft down her throat.- finally his cock slid from her gaping mouth, tendrils of saliva dripping from her face.

Daphne wiped hand across her mouth, before she flashed a mischievous smile. "Now that's how its done!!" she said as Mike watched as she slightly shifted her position, her hands taking hold of Pete's erect member. He stood as if glued to the spot, unable to take his eyes off her as if she was a virtuoso or superstar of cock sucking in action. Daphne's hands travelled rapidly up and down his shaft, the expression on Pete's face changing from a smile to one that was a mixture of surprise and utter sexual pleasure. Mike continued to stare as Daphne took Pete's cock in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down at speed, as if she was trying to draw oxygen out to refill her empty lungs - his eyes stared in amazement as Pete struggled to speak, his word tumbling from his lips in a whisper between his heavy breathing.

"Oh .......god.......that feels..........suck......it.........oh..........yes...suck" the words falling from Pete's mouth as his member was swallowed whole.

Daphne could not control her desire, her almost insatiable arousal – her mind returned to it's most baser instinct. All traces of Mr Crane, Dr Crane or Roz and what they told, taught or shown her left her mind as her mouth and hands performed their magic on the man meat that was before her – again and again her mouth opened wide, letting slip in cock after cock, her only aim and intent to give pleasure to the three men in the movie theatre. Daphne's head rotated and turned every which way as she alternated between Leroy's and Pete's throbbing members, her head bobbing up and down in wild abandon, saliva spraying as she did so.

Leroy flashed his toothy grin "Babe didn't I tell you you were going to party tonight, damn!!"

Daphne's eyes peered up at at him as she let his cock slide from her mouth. Her face broke out in a smile, yet she did not offer a reply as she let his ten inch black cock slide back into her mouth. Soon her head was bobbing at speed again, her hands busy jacking Pete's cock.

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