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Frasier - Daphne's Photo Shoot


Daphne Moon surveyed the contents of the dingy dressing room – all it contained was a small rack of clothes, a table and a tattered old leather couch. The room gave off a dusty smell, as if it had not been cleaned in years as she sat on the leather couch and she scanned the clothes that had been laid out for her. On one side of the couch, neatly folded in one small pile, was a white blouse, black mini skirt and black stockings complete with garter belt - next to them was a pair of sheer black panties and bra and to complete the ensemble, a pair of high heel shoes was on the floor in front of the couch. Taking a a deep breath as if to reassure herself, Daphne stood and with fingers literally shaking with nervousness she undid the zip of her dress, letting it fall silently to the floor. A cold shiver ran through her body when she slipped out of her bra and panties, and she nearly lost her nerve. It took her several minutes to compose herself and she quickly decided that she had no choice but to go through with it – she desperately needed the money. Daphne picked up the black lace bra and panties that had been laid out for her and her mind flashed back to why she was here.

Daphne had found the advertisement for the photographic studio by chance in the Seattle local paper. "Models wanted – top money paid" was all it said but it gave her a small lifeline out of her problems – she had amassed a small fortune in parking fines that she had somehow conveniently forgotten to pay on time. She was very reluctant to keep asking Mr or Dr Crane to help her out with a loan so she was forced to look at other means to get the money so she rang the number in the ad. Initially when she found out she was to pose naked for a men's magazine she declined, but when an she received a notice that if she failed to pay the fines in 14 days she would be taken to court she had no choice. She had made up a cover story saying that she would be away for the whole day caring for a sick friend – and here she was slipping on the black stockings about to pose naked.

Daphne had just clipped the garter belt to her black stockings when there was a knock on the dressing room door. "Are you ready Daphne? I start shooting in ten minutes" a voice said from behind the door.

"Yes I'm ready" she replied nervously and she slipped her feet into the high heels. Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself she walked to the door. Daphne opened the door to find the photographer Diane standing there, tapping her foot waiting for her to come out "Are you ready Daphne" she said - it was more a statement than a question and then with a smile on her face added "I'm on a tight schedule" and with that she turned walking towards the studio. Daphne followed careful not to trip over in her high heels, each step making a clicking sound on the floor boards as she walked.

Daphne followed Diane to the photographic studio which she found was set up with a bed, a fake fireplace and a leather bound chair. Diane picked up her camera and motioning with her free hand said "Ok Daphne I want you next to chair to start off and when I say smile give me the biggest sexiest smile you have!". Daphne walked over to the chair and waited as Diane adjusted a number of lights, one which shone almost directly into her eyes, nearly blinding her. "I will be taking a series of test shots first Daphne" Diane spoke as she circled Daphne, the camera glued to her eye, her finger pressing the shutter button repeatedly.

Diane lowered the camera from her eyes and her hand pointed to the leather bound chair "OK Daphne I want you sit on the chair with your lovely legs spread wide open. I want the first couple of shots to show a hint of your panties." Daphne settled herself on the leather armchair and studied Diane the photographer – she had short cropped blonde hair and was wearing a white tee shirt and figure hugging blue jeans, showing off an amazing figure. Daphne guessed her age at early forties and that with a body like hers, she must look after herself.

"C'mon Daphne open up your legs a bit more" Diane said, waking Daphne from her thoughts. She nervously opened up her legs, her black lace panties visible.

"I'm sorry I'm just a bit nervous" Daphne replied as Diane took photo after photo.

"Don't worry – everyone gets nervous but once the clothes come off, the nerves usually disappear" Diane replied "If you want I give you a drink to calm your nerves, but I only have scotch".

"Yes please" Daphne quickly replied. Diane walked to a small table at the side of the room and poured a large glass of scotch. She walked over to Daphne who accepted it with a shaking hand.

"Thanks" Daphne said as she took the glass "It's the first time I have done this sort of thing" and she gulped down the whole glass in one shot.

"Do you want another?" Diane asked bottle in hand.

"No thanks, I think I am OK now" Daphne replied, her whole body warmed by the scotch.

"Ok now" Diane said picking up her camera again " Daph I want you to stand and bend over the chair so I can see your lovely ass in those panties."

Daphne stood by the leather chair and bent over, displaying her panty covered ass to the camera."Great ....fantastic.....you really have a nice ass Daphne" Diane said as he camera was working overtime.

A slightly embarrassed Daphne did not know how to take a compliment from a women about her ass, so all she did was smile and reply timidly "Thank you".

"Ok slide those panties half way down your legs, so I can you naked ass" Diane said the camera never leaving her eye.

"This is it, I am about to get naked!" thought Daphne as she nervously hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties, sliding them halfway down her long stocking covered legs. A slight chill ran through Daphne's body as she stood there, bent over a chair, her panties around her knees and her bare ass visible.

"Great shot Daphne just great" Diane said as she took shot after shot, including a number of close ups.

As the photo shoot progressed Daphne become more comfortable as she become naked, dispensing one item of clothing after another. She discovered what Diane had said earlier was true – that she would become more comfortable when she took off her clothing and got naked. Daphne found it a truly liberating experience posing naked and she imagined the men looking at her pictures in the men's magazine – it surprised her greatly that she become turned on when she thought of all those men that she did not know looking at her naked body.

The last series of shots were her spread-eagled on the bed, totally naked except for the stockings, garter belt and high heel shoes. She was in what previously to her was a totally immodest position for her - head on the pillows of the bed, her legs spread wide open displaying her pussy for all the world to see. Daphne become so comfortable during the last stages of the shoot, that she offered her own suggestions.

"Do you want me to rub my pussy or stick my fingers in?" Daphne suggested as Diane circled the bed, taking shot after shot.

"Whatever you want – it's your photo shoot" Diane replied. Daphne reached down with one hand and slowly began to rub her pussy.

"That's great Daph.... looks like your pussy is drenched.....how about we spice up the photo shoot?" Diane asked, dropping the camera from her eye for a moment

"What do you mean?" Daphne asked a quizzical look on her face.

Diane did not respond but pressed a button on an intercom on a table nearby. "Peter can you come in here please".

Daphne heard a door open and close somewhere and footsteps come closer and closer – she watched as a man appeared from behind the set and stopping only when he stood next to her naked form on the bed. Daphne made no attempt to cover herself as she studied the newcomer to the photographic studio – he was bare chested and wore only jeans and was bare footed. Daphne thought he was quite good looking, as she stared at his well muscled chest.

"I thought we might have a bit of boy/girl action" Diane said standing at the foot at the bed.

"What!" Daphne replied stunned "You didn't mention anything about this before!" only now gathering up a sheet to cover her naked body.

"I understand your surprise........look if you want I will pay you double" Diane replied. Daphne looked on stunned as Peter slid his jeans down his legs and off his feet, leaving him clothed only in his boxer shorts. She could plainly see a bulge in his underwear where his already erect cock was straining to break free against the material.

"Double?" Daphne asked and she was silent for a moment, her mind working overtime. "No No I can't do it" she added.

"Look I know you are horny as hell at the moment and I saw you salivating when he dropped his jeans" Diane replied.

She was right – Daphne did indeed salivate when Peter had removed his jeans and she saw the size of the bulge in his underwear - to top it all off she was horny as hell. She made a decision there and then that changed the rest of her life – she let go all her fears, all her doubts about what was happening faded in an instant. Daphne let go of the sheet covering her naked form and she slid herself to the edge of the bed, her legs dangling over the side.

"Ok I'll do it" Daphne replied, still amazed she was going through with it.

"Ok. Lets get rolling Peter!" Diane snapped as she raised the camera again.

Daphne watched as Peter slid his boxer shorts down his legs, releasing his member from its prison. She let out an audible gasp as she saw the size of his cock, now swinging to and fro like a pendulum as he walked the short distance towards Daphne. She guessed his member was around nine inches long and it's girth was incredible, much bigger than she had encountered previously.

He stood next to her, his cock erect like a flagpole waiting. Daphne's arm was literally shaking as she it stretched out, her hand grabbing hold of his cock. "I can't believe I am doing this" Daphne said, nervous as hell her whole body shaking.

Daphne's hand wrapped itself around Peter's mammoth member and she began to nervously to travel up and down its length. 'Don't be scared it's not going to bite you Daphne" Diane exclaimed, all the while taking shot after shot. Daphne smiled a nervous smile as her hand moved up and down his shaft "It's so bloody big!" she exclaimed.

Peter let out a loud groan as Daphne's hand moved faster and faster along the length of his cock. "That's it Daphne, jack his big cock for me" Diane repeated over and over again, her camera working overtime. She could feel the rough skin of his rock cock on her hands as they travelled the length of his nine inch shaft, each stroke of her hand eliciting moans of pleasure from Peter.

Daphne slid from the edge of the bed onto to her knees in front of Peter, her hands still jacking his cock. "I can't believe I am about to go through with this...." her voice trailed off as she opened her mouth and slid his cock into her mouth. Slowly at first her head bobbed up and down on his cock, her mouth adjusting each time to accommodate his massive size. Peters breathing became laboured as Daphne's mouth and lips worked its magic on his cock, becoming more confident with each passing minute.

"Oh baby that feels fantastic..................take my cock deep in your mouth...........that's it" Peter exclaimed, his words tumbling from his mouth between his groans of pleasure. Daphne slid her mouth off his cock and she peered up at him with a huge smile on her face, as if she had received a compliment about her dress, before she again opened her mouth wide, taking his entire shaft in her mouth at once. Her tongue traced up a path up his shaft before she opened her mouth, enclosing only the head of his cock in her mouth – her tongue worked in conjunction with her lips, sucking and licking just the head of his cock, causing him to cry out in pleasure, before moving her mouth down his shaft, his entire nine inch shaft embedded in her mouth.

Peter turned his head towards Diane whose camera was working overtime, a broad smile on his face "Damn I knew she could suck cock Diane, look at her go!" he said, before turning his attention back to Daphne. Diane moved a few feet closer to them, her camera taking a few extreme close up shots when Daphne raised both her arms, grabbing his butt cheeks in each of her hands, squeezing them in time with her head bobbing up and down on his member.

"That's a good girl Daphne squeeze his arse while you suck his tasty cock" Diane said as she watched Daphne methodically deep throat his massive cock and then with a mischievous smile on her face added "Why don't you pick up the pace Peter"

"Sure why not" replied Peter and he placed his hands on the sides of her head and started to vigorously pump his full nine inch shaft into her mouth - such was the force of each thrust, that Daphne was pushed physically back off her knees onto her bare backside, her head coming to rest on the edge of the bed, her long stocking covered legs laid out on the carpet in front of her.

"Ooh face fuck, good boy!" Diane exclaimed as through the lens of her camera she watched as Peter repeatedly rammed the full length of his member down Daphne's throat again and again, each thrust making a "slurp'' sound.

Daphne's head was forced against the edge of the bed as Peter continued to ram his cock into her mouth, at times making it hard to breath as his fully embedded shaft reached the back of her throat. Her only chance to get a few breaths of air was when he pulled his throbbing member out of her mouth momentarily, before ramming it back into her mouth. This was a totally new experience for Daphne – sure she had gone down on many a man in the past, but she was always the one in control, here it was different - she was helpless as school girl as someone else dominated and controlled her.

Diane was hunched on her knees just a metre away as she continually snapped photos as Peter cock rammed into Daphne' s mouth and she watched as saliva sprayed from her mouth, dripping down onto her chin."Wow these are great shots" she said enthusiastically taking one close up after another. Diane stood up and lowered the camera from her eye "Ok Pete it's time you fucked her sweet little pussy – get her up on the bed" she said her hand patting the top of the bed.

Peter pulled his cock from Daphne's aching and sore mouth. "Whatever you say Diane" he replied and he bent down helping Daphne to her feet, holding her naked body close to his by wrapping his arms behind her back. Looking straight into her eyes he asked "Do you want me to fuck your pussy?". Daphne's face broke out into a smile and she replied "Yes please. I want you stick your big cock in my pussy and fuck me" - she was horny as hell and wanted nothing more to feel his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Daphne gave out a loud squeal as she felt her body lifted up into the air into a horizontal position, with one of his arms wrapped around her legs and the other wrapped around her bare stomach. Peter's hand felt cold against her stomach making her body shiver as he dropped her onto the bed with her back towards him, making her bounce once or twice on landing. He climbed on to the bed and positioned himself directly behind her letting the head of his cock travelled up and down her ass crack before stopping at the entrance of her drenched pussy.

Daphne could feel his lips kiss their way up her back and up her onto her arm until they reached her shoulder. "Are you ready babe?" he asked. She could feel his hot breath on her back as she answered half in a whisper "Yes ,,,,fuck me please..." and her pussy tingled as she felt him push his cock into her. She raised one leg into the air to allow him easier access to her pussy, as he slid the full length of his nine inch cock into her, fully embedding it in her wet pussy. "Oh god" she groaned as she could feel every inch of his cock inside her and she found it hard to breathe as he started to pump his cock in and out of her wet hole.

Daphne Moon was in her own private world – all that mattered to her at the moment was getting fucked by a man named Peter, a man she had met only half an hour ago – a man of whom she did not even know his last name. Her mind shut out everything sound from outside – the only sounds she could here were their own heavy breathing and the 'thwack' sound as his cock repeatedly rammed into her pussy.

Daphne's body was alive with sensations she had never felt before as Peter's cock created an almost airtight seal – she had never had a nine inch cock pound her pussy before and it throwing her whole body out of kilter, making her breathing difficult. At first the only thing should do was to repeat the words "Oh my god, Oh my god" over and over again, as his hands roamed her body exploring her long stocking covered legs to feeling her pert breasts, causing multiple erotic sensations to sweep through her body.

"Damn your pussy is tight, babe" Peter exclaimed as pumped his cock into her hole, literally resizing it with every stroke, his cock feeling like a bike pump, inflating a tyre. He had done this many time before for Diane – fucking the hell out of "virgin" women who had come to have to their bodies photographed naked for the first time, but this time was different. He had been attracted to Daphne as soon as she had walked into Diane's photographic studio wearing the little mini skirt and black stockings – seeing her gorgeous body naked and hearing her sexy British accent only heightened his attraction.

"Do you like my cock fucking your tight little pussy, babe?" he asked breathlessly, his cock now meeting less resistance as furiously fucked her, his throbbing member now entirely coated in her juices.

However Daphne was not able to give a very coherent reply "Oh god yes.........fuck me.......fuck my pussy........ fuck meeeee....." she muttered half in a whisper, overcome with desire, her words tumbling from her lips as if she had just learnt to talk for first time in her life. Her body trembled as his cock repeatedly slammed into her hole, her body was tingling, awash with erotic sensations she had never felt before. All Daphne could do was moan and plead to fuck her harder "Fuck me ......stick you big cock in my pussy....yes.....yes...fuck me harder.. I nee-"

She was cut off as suddenly she could feel Peter place his hands on her waist - then rolling onto his back, his cock still embedded in her pussy he lifted her until she was upright, riding his cock. She lent back, letting her hands rest on the bed and Daphne spread her legs for support as his cock continued to pump violently into her pussy. She let a very loud "Oh god", almost screaming, her body almost numb from the constant assault of Peter's nine inch tool.

Daphne scanned the room around her, discovering why Diane had been strangely quiet the last ten minutes - she was sitting in the leather armchair, which she had turned around so that it now faced them. Her legs were straight out in front of her, her jeans and panties now located around her ankles, her fingers playing with what Daphne guessed was an extremely wet pussy.

Diane smiled when their eyes met "You like me playing with myself, while I watch Peter fuck you?" she asked her fingers now vigorously pumping her wet hole.

Daphne did not reply, her eyes meeting Diane's with a sexy smile on her face. 'Why don't you play with those lovely tits of yours" Diane suggested, her gaze never leaving Daphne.

Daphne raised one hand from the bed, carefully balancing herself as Peter's cock pounded her pussy and started to rub her breasts, her fingers occasionally pinching her now fully erect nipples

:"Ohhh" Diane moaned "That's a good girl" throwing her head back onto the chair, her eyes still fixated on Daphne, her fingers alternatively rubbing and probing her pussy, making squelching noises as they slid in & out. "I love it when you pinch you nipples" she added her breathing now coming in short furious bursts.

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