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Frat Boy Games Ch. 1


The game was an annual Pledge Week Ritual. Every year, the new pledges would prove themselves, their right to be in the Frat. The test was the same every year, with just a different woman. The woman was chosen based on her measurements and whether or not she was a "Queen." This year it was Anna.

Anna was chosen because of her coldness. She was beautiful, but she never even talked to the guys. She worked hard for her Senior Year Honor's Status, studying every night. A night's pleasure wasn't worth distracting her from her goal.

She had just turned 24. Her parents had been second generation immigrants. Her father, Russian, her mother, half Russian, half Czech. She spoke fluent Russian and French, as well as English. She looked delicate, with eyes the color of blue ice, white creamy skin with a touch of rose, and luxurious black hair that she wore up in a bun most of the time. Her real name was Illyanna.

She had been walking home from the library where she went every night when they took her. Knowing she had to walk by the dark alley, they waited there for her. As she walked by, she was suprised to see a man in a black mask standing in front of her. Anna opened her mouth to scream as he held out a knife. Instead, a strong arm grabbed her from behind, pressing a rag with a sickly sweet smell to her mouth and nose. Her hands rose and tried to pull the hand and arm away, beating and clawing at it. In her panic and struggles, she took a deep breath and fell into blackness.

"It's a good thing you wore the leather jacket and gloves or she would have left marks." Mark pulled the mask off his face as he moved forward to grab her legs.

"Tell me about it. Never thought she would be such a hellcat."

Jared stuffed the rag into his pocket and grabbed her under the arms. They moved her into the van that was still hidden in the alley. Jared climbed into the back with her as Mark moved to the driver's seat.

"I wonder if she'll be that frisky while she's getting off."


Illyanna awoke slowly. Opening her eyes, she moaned at the light and quickly closed them. Her head hurt! She went to bring her arms down to rub her eyes and felt the resistance in them. Panic set in as she realized she couldn't move them. Ignoring the light, she looked up and saw them tied to the corners of the headboard. It was then taht she realized her mouth was also gagged.

Panic became terror as Anna lifted her head to see herself laid out spread eagle on a bed, with only a light sheet covering her naked body. Her ankles and wrists had black leather restraints around them. Anna was almost surprised as she realized they were restraining but not painful. The bed was large and cozy. It was a four-poster, with silky white sheets and a lacy gauze hanging down the sides as the canopy. The room looked like a Victorian restoration. The fireplace was stone with a fire that had died to embers. If she wasn't tied down, she would be perfectly content to curl up on the bed and read a book.

Time crept by slowly as Anna waited for her captors to come. Spread out like this, she knew what was in store for her. She just wondered how many and for how long she would be raped. There had to be at least two of them to get her the way they did.

Was waiting part of the torture? It seemed like forever was going by. The sheet was not keeping her warm. She was hungry and her arms were starting to cramp. Feelings of fear started to recede as she got angry at whoever was doing this to her. Were they twisted and perverted? Were they brutal? A new thought entered her mind as she wondered if she would be killed. Fear returned so fast that Anna almost soiled herself. The feeling intensified when she heard the door open. Twisting her head, she saw them enter.

There were five of them. Three were naked except for their black masks covering their upper faces. The other two wore white robes and masks. Anna felt the cold hand of fear as the sheet was whipped off of her. Several gasps were heard as her body was displayed.

Anna was proud of her body. She was slim and trim. At 5'6", most of her was legs. She had a slightly rounded bum with just enough flesh to grab nicely. Her measurements were a sultry 35C-23-33. Her breasts were perky with creamy flesh that held a hint of rose on it. Her nipples and aereoles were a slightly darker rose, hard and puckered because of the cold. Anna kept her feminine regions waxed just because she preferred it. She was flawless.

"Well, Anna. Or should I say Illyanna. Yes, I found your license. Such a beautiful name, why did you shorten it?"

His weight settled on the edge of the bed and his hand started to trail along her cheek, down her neck, the side of her breast, down to her navel, where his fingers lightly circled.

"You will be here for two days Illyanna. These are pledges and you will help decide if they will be accepted. We will videotape everything for you to enjoy later, of course."

Illyanna looked over to the other white robe and saw him attaching video cameras to the corners of the bed. Each one had an angle of her that would allow everything to be watched. He smiled as he straddled her face, placing the last one directly above her. Illyanna saw up his robe as he did so and realized he was naked and very aroused. When the last camera was in place, she realized it was focused intently on her face.

"Like I said, there will be two days. Each man will have an hour each day. Today, they will use nothing but themselves. Tomorrow, they will be able to bring three toys each."

The man chuckled as Illyanna stiffened. His hand started trailing back up her body, his palm resting against her left nipple, warming it, caressing it.

"You can fight as you like. That is actually preferred. You will be released for half an hour between Man 2 and 3, at which time you will be fed and allowed to use the restroom. After the Third man, you will be released for the night, fed and will sleep in here. Of course, the doors will be locked and the windows are barred. A guard will be at the door."

He was rolling her nipple between his fingers now and noticed how her breathing had quickened. So the Ice Queen could be melted. He slid his left hadn down her body and slid his finger in just a touch. She was melting. Again a chuckle as Anna completely stiffened. She was also a virgin.

"Tomorrow, the men will begin again. You will be given the same breaks. The entire object of this is to test the Pledges, their resourcefullness and their determination. The whole point my dear, is to make you explode. We want you to orgasm until you pass out, then do it some more. Each Pledge will be "graded" based on how many times you orgasm, how hard and for how long and his creativity in making you do so. We will make you so horny that you will beg us if we remove that gag. You are going to be so sore that you can't even imagine walking again. We will split your cunt wide open and fuck you raw. Your nipples will bleed because they have been sucked and bitten for so long and so hard. We will take your virgin ass and have it for dinner."

Anna was again pulling at her restraints, straining to get free, scared beyond belief. Her head was shaking back and forth, trying to deny the undeniable.

"Don't worry, by the morning after tomorrow, you will be back in your bed, tired, but alive. We'll clean you up and send you home. We'll keep you fed and healthy. Which reminds me, time to put in your iv."

The man who had set up the video cameras came forward with a needle and the plastic tubing. He quickly found a vein in her arm and placed the iv, taping it many layers thick to prevent it's dislodging. Illyanna felt cold as the liquid poured into her.

"Don't worry, it's just saline to keep you hydrated. You'll warm up soon enough. The men have pulled numbers to decide who goes when. They'll do the same again tomorrow. For now, Anna, enjoy."

He stood from the edge of the bed, leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead. He licked his fingers to taste her sweetness.

"Number One, she's yours. Be gentle, she's a virgin."

The two men in white left, followed by the others as Number One smiled widely. Illyanna was starting to buck and squirm, trying to escape her fate. Number One just smiled wider as he went to work.

To Be Continued...

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