tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 6

Frat Boy Games Ch. 6


"Wakey, wakey Illyanna."

Anna woke up with a start. Her Captor leaning over her, his lips in a glaring grin that showed his teeth and his cold eyes staring straight into her soul. He was again in his white robe with white hood hiding half of his face.

"Time for Round Two. Today they all get toys."

Anan tried to move away from him but realized she was bound to the bed again. Instead of spread eagle, her hands were hand cuffed together and then bound with a black leather strap to the head board. Her legs had a spreader bar between them keeping them wide open.

"You drugged me!"

"Of course. You needed to eat, so you did. This way we wouldn't hurt you getting you tied down again and you wouldn't try to escape during the night. It was really for your own safety little one."

"You Bastard!"

"Such language for a Lady."

Anna spit in his face, then flinched expecting him to hit her. Instead, he surprised them both by chuckling. His hand mvoed to her naked breast and pinched ehr nipple hard. When she opened ehr mouth to screech, a hard ball gag was shoved into it.

"There now. Your first will be in shortly. Have a good day Anna."

The door opened and then closed behind him. Anna pulled at her ties, trying to escape but knowing it was useless. She wouldn't get free until they let her.

The door opened and a man stepped in. She recognized his build as "The Brutal One." He would delight in her pain and torture. She would cry and she would hurt. In his hand he had a vibrator, long and black at least ten inches and thick as her wrist. In his other hand she saw the glint of a chain and a whip with many lashes. She closed her eyes, trying to picture herself anywhere else.

The sting of the lash made her body buck and her eyes fly open. It had splayed across her stomach and breasts. Red welts appeared easily.

"Do not close your eyes. Keep them open and looking at mine at all times. Understand?"

Her nodded slowly.

"Good. Now, this is a chain. It has three alligator clamps. Each nipple will get one as will you clit. Clear?"

Again, she nodded.


He began to suckle and pinch her nipples, trying to make them stand. In her fear, they would not respond. Seeing this, the man became mad. He bit one hard, making her buck. When he left her nipple, it was hard and slightly bleeding. He quickly applied a clip to it watching her reaction.

Her eyes filled with tears and then spilled over. A paleness covered her body as her eyes rolled. He quickly slapped her face.

"Do not faint!"

She shook her head and held on. Things would get worse if she did faint on him.

He nodded his head as she responded, then repeated the process on her other nipple. This time, Anna managed to keep herself awake. She was dizzy, mostly with pain, but a new sensation started as he moved to her clit.

He lazily started to swirl his tongue around her clit, sucking intermittenly. Her hood receded as her bud swelled with blood. His breath was hot and she felt the moisture begin to gather in her loins. Her body betrayed her as she bucked her hips craving release.

His hand steadied her hips, then attached the clip to her clit. She bucked again and immediately began to cum hard. He moved his mouth lower and started licking her ass hole. The puckered little hole was tight as she clenched and unclenched her muscles. Turning the vibrator on low, he slipped it into her pussy coating it with the vast supply of her juices. he continued it there until she came again, then moving it, slammed it into her ass. She bucked again and he pulled the chain. Anan's body slammed back down on the bed in pleasure/pain.

"ohh, this will feel so good."

Grabbing hold of the spreader bar, he flipped her over, the shoved her knees forward until her ass was is the air. He had the perfect view of her pussy, her lips dripping and swollen. He pulled the vibrator out a touch, turning it on high, then slid it back in. She began writhing again, unable to control herself.

He pushed his thick cock into her pussy, filling her. He felt the vibrator in her netherhole and immediately began to cum hard. He brought the lash across her front making her buck to try to escape it. He continued lashing her, pulling on her chain as he thrust harder and deeper into her, cumming so intensely he wasn't sure he would survive. At one point, the lash hit her cunny, hitting him as he slid into it. It pushed him to a new level of orgasm. Every thrust he pushed at the vibrator in her. He could feel it at the base of his shaft.

Finally, he collapsed on her. She was still spasming with the vibrator in her. He pulled out, unable to take the ecstasy of the vibrator. He watched as his cum slid out of her, covering her thighs. He sighed and pulled out the vibrator, turning it off. With a quick yank, he pulled the chain from her body. She jerked and quietly passed out from the pain of blood returning to her most tenderest of spots.

The Brutal One wiped his cock clean on her back, gathered his toys and left the room.

To BeContinued...

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