tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 8

Frat Boy Games Ch. 8


She lay limp, spent and used beyond belief. Anna was covered in cum. It dripped from between her legs, a mixture of man and woman's. She had been used over and over. She did not believe her own body's reaction to this forced assault. Anna had liked it. No, she had loved it! Already she wanted more, remembering the joy of orgasm. Yesterday she had been a virgin, today she was the biggest slut.

The door opened and closed. She looked over, expecting to see Number Three. Instead, she saw her Captor.

"Well, my little slut. After seeing your performance, Number Three decided he couldn't win. It's my turn with you."

The door opened again and the other man in white robes came in.

"This is my assistant. I decided we could share."

Anna stiffened realizing that she would be taken again. Her captor had been cruel the first time. Would he be this time? Still tied with her hands above her head and spreader bar between her ankles, Anna was exposed for whatever torture he had in mind.

"We decided we're going to use the machine your friend used before. We want to feel what he felt."

Anna shivered in reaction. She was going to feel it again. Her nipples hardened at the thought. Her Captor noticed this and smiled, then bent over and licked teh hard pebbles. Then, a suction cup was attached to each.

The Assistant moved to the foot of the bed and grabbing her legs, flipped her over onto her stomach. He then wriggled his way up under. His cock was rock hard, pressing into her belly. He smiled wickedly and licked the suction cup that would attach to her clit. He pressed it there hard, making her moan into the gag.

She heard a switch and then a steady hum as the machine started. She forgot everything as she started to orgasm once again. She ground her hips against the Assistant's pelvis, wanting more even in her awesome release.

The hum increased as the machine was turned on higher. She barely recognized that a cock had been slid into her love. She only felt the fullness as she released.

The Assistant groaned and squirmed. It was almost unbearable the way she was contracting above him, around him. She had slid onto him so easily and now she was grinding her hips against his, asking for more.

The Captor had been watching this and now moved to kneel behind her on the bed. He had slicked his member with lubricant. Her ass cheeks were spread, giving him a glorious view of her ass hole and the pussy below it filled with cock. The Captor slid his cock into her easily, groaning at the tightness.

Her two holes filled, Anna's orgasm went higher, into another realm where she could barely feel her body. She could not acknowledge the invasion other than the fact intense plesaure came with it. Her body was not hers. It was another, larger vibrator that milked the two cocks for everything it could. Her orgasms carried on and on, unable to stop, unable to care. Then, she was filled more.

Both men had cum, the Assistant filling her first, the the Captor cumming when he felt the Assistant. With only a thin wall of flesh separating them, they felt each other's moves. Anna didn't care and continued to buck and cry.

Barely able to move, the Captor released her gag. The room was instantly filled with ehr moans and cries.

"More, oh GOD! More! PLease, don't Stop! I need More! Yes! YES!"

The machine was turned up another notch and then she couldn't speak, couldn't make a sound escape for her labored breathing. It was too much, too intense as her body came and orgasmed in such a frenzy that she would never be the same.

Both men continued to cum, filling her, wanting more themselves. Intense beyond belief, no one would ever be able to top this. They could not stop, could not move until the machine was turned off.

All three collapsed in a heap on each other. Anna was barely conscious of the two men still filling her. She just wanted to fill her lungs.

"This is dangerous if you don't have enough control to turn it off. You could keep going and be paralyzed to move until it somehow shuts off or you pass out. Even then, we you wake up, it's still going."

Anna cried out as the suction cups were removed from her.

"No! Please don't stop. Bring them back. Please! Please!"

But the machine was taken away. Anna started to weep as the men removed themselves and left. She was left, limp and crying on the bed, covered in cum and sweat and tears. So exhausted, she finally fell asleep.

To Be Continued...

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