tagNovels and NovellasFrat Boy Games Ch. 9

Frat Boy Games Ch. 9


It was dark and she was sore. Anna was barely able to move as she slid out of bed. Her legs barely held her as she managed to walk down the hall into the bathroom. There she started to fill the bath before she went to relieve herself.

She stared at herself in the mirror as the bath finished filling. She had bruises all over her body. Her nipples were bruised and cracked. Her cunt lips were so swollen she couldn't fully close her legs. Welts covered her torso from the lash. Cuts circled her wrists and ankles from the restraints. She shook her head and gotten into the frothy bubble bath.

As she sunk down into the lavender scented water, her body screamed protest. Everything stung. She ignored it and settled down, leaning her head back against the cool ceramic. She felt hands on her shoulders, massaging the stiffness from them. She leaned forward and another body slipped into the bath to support her.

A gentle lover, he massaged every inch of her, taking pride in her moans of pleasure. He was getting hard feeling her bottom against his cock and her breasts in her hands. Gently, slowly, he lifted her and settled her on his cock. He slid in easily, inch by satisfying inch.

His hands held her hips and moved her on him, slowly until they both came in a gentle wave of pleasure. She leaned back against him, their bodies slick with soap and water. His cock still embedded into her.

"When did you know it was me?"

"At the end, when I saw the scar on your chest, right before you attached the suction cups."


"Did both pledges make it?"

"Yes. The first one is nice and aggressive. He'll work if he can learn to control it. The second, well, he'll need to learn to be more aggressive."

"Hmm...you know, you really scared me."

"I know. But you liked it."

"Not at first."



He continued rubbing her gently, feeling her relax against him.

"I won't apologize. I liked it too much."

"Did you keep the machine?"

"Oh yea. I even brought it over for you, so you can use any time you like."

"Oh... Mark, what would you think if I moved into the frat house?"

"Why would you want to do that?"

"Because I don't think you can satisfy me by yourself."

Mark went still as Anna turned around. His long time study partner was a different person than the one he had known before. Perhaps his game had gone too far. Then, as he saw the lust come over her face, maybe it didn't go far enough.

"You're a real hellcat, aren't you slut?"

"You have no idea."

Anna slipped onto Mark's cock and rode him hard.

"No, I definitely need more than just you."

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