tagIncest/TabooFraternal Twins Pt. 04

Fraternal Twins Pt. 04


This is a copyrighted work by Zeb_Carter and is not to be duplicated or copied, in part or in whole, to other sites without the explicit authorization from the Zeb_Carter.

Authors Note: I have received several comments about bring mom into the dynamic of the twins love. Unfortunately, this was already written. Sorry.


Karen was awakened by loud squeals and laughing coming from Slater's room. The little ones were in the house. Karen sat up waiting for them to invade her room. She heard them as they stomped down the hallway. Then she had three giggling and laughing children climbing all over her. She was laughing so hard she peed herself and had to shoo the children out so she could change.

When she entered the kitchen her mom grabbed her and hugged her tightly. Then it was her dad's turn. He squeezed her tight then let go. She stood on tip-toes and kissed his cheek. Then she was hugging each of the little ones again. They squealed as she tickled them. They went running to their rooms to change so they could go in the lake. Soon, Karen and her mom were alone in the kitchen. Karen smiled at her mom. Slowly walked to her and hugged her once again. Mom kissed Karen on the cheek. Karen kissed her mom on the lips, hard.

"Love you mom," Karen said as she pulled her lips away.

"Love you too sweetheart," Mom said looking at Karen.

Karen looked her right in the eyes. Smiled. Then pressed her lips to her moms once more before turning to go help the little ones with their swimsuits. When the four of them came back through the kitchen, Karen's Mom was still standing where Karen had left her.

"Come on Mom, get your suit on and join us," Karen yelled.

Mon shook her head, smiled at Karen and grabbed a suitcase and headed to the master bedroom. She stripped and put on her very conservative one-piece swimsuit. She grabbed some towels and headed for the door.

Dad was sitting on the porch watching the little ones frolic in the water with their big brother and sister. When mom came out the door he smacked her on the ass.

"Nice suit there Eileen," he said.

"Thank you, dear," she said dropping the towels and headed for the shore where everyone else was.

Before she could get in the water, the little ones were splashing her. She was soaked before even getting her toes wet. She laughed and splashed them back. All of them just had a blast splashing and cavorting about in the shallows. After about an hour of horseplay, the three little ones were exhausted. Mom shooed them up to the porch with their dad for a little rest.

Mom took off for the raft, with Slater and Karen in hot pursuit. She won the race, only because they let her. The three climbed the ladder up to the deck. Karen then dove back in on the opposite side and came back up with the bag full of towels and a blanket.

"What a marvelous idea," Mom said as Slater spread the blanket out on the raft.

The three sat. Slater and Karen on either side of their mom. They all sighed as they dripped dried in the gentle breeze. Slater took his mom's hand in his.

"I really missed you all," he said.

"Me too. I didn't think I would, but I did," Karen said.

"I missed you two also," mom said looking out over the lake. "It's so pretty here. I wish we could live up her year around, but we can't."

"Why not?" Slater asked.

"Well, first of all, it gets too damn cold up here in the winter. Second of all, it gets too damn cold up here in the winter," Mom said laughing.

Slater hugged her to him and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She leaned against him for an instant, then sat up. Slater left his arm around her shoulder. She didn't shrug it off. Then the loud noise of motorcycles filled the air. Slater looked at Karen, then toward the house. He saw the glint from chrome.

"Karen, under the raft, Mom you're with Karen," Slater shouted as he dove into the water and swam at full speed to the short.

"Mom, come on," Karen said pulling her mom over the edge away from the shore.

Mom was trying to talk as she hit the water. She was sputtering and choking as she came to the surface. Karen grabbed her by her suit and pulled her under the raft. Karen found the platform and pulled her mom to it. Mom wasn't surprised by what she stood on. Karen looked at her mom and smiled.

"You finally found it," mom said. "Now what the hell is going on and what about the little ones," she yelled.

"Shhhh. They'll be fine. Slater will take care of everything. Just watch."

They both looked up at the house. The children were nowhere to be seen. Slater stood on the porch leaning against the wall, waiting. Two men came around the corner. They both jumped when Slater said something to them. They both put their hands up and started talking very softly.

"I'm really sorry about my brother again. It seems I'm always apologizing for him."

"Maybe you should stop. Maybe you should let him sit in jail. He and his buddy were going to try rape, my sister, again."

Slater turned toward the lake. He had heard splashing. He watched as his mom and Karen walked up out of the water.

"Maybe you should listen to Slater," Karen said as she stood next to her brother.

"I will young lady. Who it this, your sister?" he asked as Karen mom stood beside Karen.

"I'm their mother, Eileen."

"Well, Eileen, it's a pleasure to meet you. I won't take up any more of your time. Have a nice day," he said, turned and walked around the corner of the house.

"Who is going to explain..."

"I will," Slater said. "Karen why don't you go in and help Dad with the little ones."

Karen smiled at her brother, nodded and went inside.

"Come on Mom, we'll talk on the raft," Slater said heading for the water.

"I don't know...hell," Mom said following her son out to the raft.

When they got settled, Mom looked at Slater. He nodded.

"We were at Sally's for breakfast. There were these two ruffians in a booth make noise and causing trouble for Sally and the cook. He warned them. That's when they noticed Karen and me. They started making crude remarks about Karen. I went over to tell them to shut up and they started to get out of the booth. The first one out I decked. The second one out Karen took out."

"What do you mean she took him out?" Mom asked.

"She kicked him in the nuts," Slater said plainly.

Mom gasped, then started to laugh.

"I bet he didn't get up too fast," she quipped.

"No, he didn't. The sheriff arrived about that time. He shooed them away. I guess they got in more trouble later because he showed up at the house to tell us they got out of jail. Karen and I spend the night in. We put the car in the garage and had all the light off. It wasn't until the next night that they showed up. I don't think they even knew it was where we lived. I think they were just looking for a place to stay and thought the place was empty.

"Anyway, I got the shotgun from the safe and loaded it with..."

"You didn't kill them," Mom said her hand over the mouth and eyes wide.

"No, mom. I would never do that. I loaded the shotgun with the birdshot half loads dad used to teach the little one how to shoot."

"Oh. Okay, continue," mom said.

"They broke in. I told them to get on their knees. They didn't and came toward me, so I shot them."

"Oh dear. How badly where they hurt?"

"Not bad. Hardly pierced the skin."

"Oh, that's good. Are you okay dear?" she asked.

"I am, mom. No sweat. They were animals, so I treated them like animals."

"Oh sweetheart," she sighed and put her arms around her son.

Mom laid her head on his shoulder. Slater laid his head against hers. Slater thought as she hugged him, 'she even smells good all wet.' He moved a little and put his arms around her. She sighed again.

"Mom, I love you," Slater said.

"I love you too honey," Mom said.

They sat that way for a long time. Screaming coming toward them alerted them the little ones were on their way. Smiling Slater and his mom sat up and watched as Dad and Karen herded them in their life jackets to the raft. Slater laughed at them as he moved over by the ladder and helped them up on the raft. He also helped Karen up. She was laughing so hard she could barely move. Dad had gone around to the other ladder.

The little ones settled down hugging Mom and Slater and Karen. Dad sat behind Mom holding her in his arms as she held little Emily in hers. Slater had Troy and Karen held Carl. Everyone just sat looking out over the lake. The little ones looked exhausted and ready for a nap. Actually, Karen and Slater could use a nap. The family sat for about half an hour, just enjoying the feeling of being close and together. Of course, the view was nice too. It was Dad who mentioned he was hungry. The little ones seconded his motion. Mom smiled at everyone as she sighed.

There were now four adults to herd the little ones to shore. It still took a long time as the two boys always tried to get away, but Dad and Salter rounded them up and kept them on course to the house. When they finally got ashore, Mom, Karen, and Slater dried the little ones off, then turned to dry themselves. Mom went in to fix dinner, Karen followed to help her. Slater went in the with the little ones and played with them in the living room. Dad was in his favorite chair watching the little ones and Slater.

"Dinners ready," Mom called out to the exhausted children and her husband.

Dad and Slater herded the kids into the bathroom to wash up. Then they all went out to the kitchen and got in their seats. Mom and Karen were just placing the last of the plates on the table.

"Who says grace?" Mom asked.

"I will," Karen spoke up surprising Mom and Dad. "Our Lord in heaven we thank you for the bounty we have before us. We also thank you for our parents and our brothers and sister, who we love very much. Amen." Karen sighed as she still had her head down. She was still praying to herself. Then she looked up at her brother, Slater. She just stared at him, her lip quivering until Emily patted her hand.

"That was very nice Karen," Emily said, then started eating.

"Thank you, Emily," Karen replied, her eyes filling with tears.

"This is really good Mom," Slater said taking everyone's attention from Karen. She smiled at him and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

The rest of the meal was filled with small take and jokes that the little ones tried to tell. Of course, everyone laughed at them even if they messed up the punch line. After dinner, Slater volunteered to help Mom clear the dishes and clean the kitchen. Karen nodded at him and took the little ones into the living room to play. Dad sat at the table still nibbling at his plate. He hadn't eaten much. But that could have been because he had a big lunch. Slater just watched him while he helped his Mom.

Dad finally pushed away from the table with a sadness in his eyes that Slater had never seen before. He went into the living room and sat in his chair. He did smile as he watched the kids and Karen horse around.

"Mom?" Slater asked.

"Yes dear," she replied.

"Is Dad all right?"

Mom froze where she was. Her shoulders started to shake.

"Mom are you okay?" She bowed her head, taking a deep breath. She looked at her handsome son.

"I'm fine sweetheart, but your father...your father is...sick."

"How sick, Mom?"

"Ah...can we talk about this after he goes to sleep? I need to tell you and Karen together."

"Sure, Mom, I can wait," Slater said, putting his arm around his mother's shoulders.

"Thank you, sweetheart," she replied, pressing herself against her son. "Come on, we're almost finished here."

"Sure, Mom," Slater said, letting go of her and helping her finish up.

An hour later, Mom and Karen got the little ones ready for bed. Karen, still dressed in her bikini, took Emily in the shower and helped her wash her hair. When Emily was done, Karen shooed her out and did hers. When she came out, the boys were waiting to get in.

"Geez, women," Troy said disgustedly.

Slater and Karen looked at him and laughed. Then Karen swatted his little butt. He mocks screaming as she didn't swat him all that hard. She was about to swat him again when he just scooted through the door into the bathroom. Slater and Carl were chuckling as they went into the bathroom. Slater helped the two boys wash in the shower and then shooed them out and took his trunks off. He showered and was just finishing when the water went cold.

Slater dried off and went in search of his Mom. He found her in the boy's room, tucking them in.

"Mom, there won't be any hot water for at least an hour. Sorry."

"That's okay, I'll be up until then anyway," she replied leaning down and kissing Carl on the forehead.

Slater nodded and headed for his small room. The house wasn't all that big, but he got a small room to himself, while Karen shared a room with Emily. He smiled as he closed the door and dropped the towel to the floor. He slipped on a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He shoved his feet into his sandals, picked up the towel and went to hang it up in the bathroom. Then he went out in the living room. When he got there he found his father dozing off in his chair. Slater smiled and sat quietly on the couch. The exact spot where his cum had oozed out of his sister all those nights they had fucked on that particular piece of furniture.

He was still softly chuckling when Karen showed up after putting Emily in bed. She sat next to him and smiled at her dad. Slater just shook his head at her. She looked at him a frown on her pretty face. Slater shrugged, then mouthed "Mom" at his sister. She nodded. Their Mom came out from saying goodnight to the little ones. She smiled at her husband, then closed her eyes tight and stood there a grimace on her face. Slater rose and went to her. She leaned into him when she felt his arms around her. She nodded at him as she opened her eyes.

"Jordan, honey," Mom said shaking her husband. "Jordan, please wake up."

"Huh! What?" Dad croaked opening his eyes and looking around. When he spotted Mom he smiled looking up at her with love in his eyes. Karen sighed.

"It's time for bed, dear," Mom said reaching her hand down to help him up.

"Oh, yes, so it is, thank you. The last time I slept in that chair I had a crick in my neck that hurt for a week."

Karen giggled, Slater chuckled, Mom just nodded at him as he struggled to his feet. Slater stepped up and helped his Mom. She smiled at him, nodding. The three of them walked down the hall to the master bedroom. Slater helped his dad to bed. He sat up, pulled his t-shirt off, then lay down on his side. Mom leaned over kissing him on the cheek.

"G'night dear, I love you," she said.

"Love you too, dear, 'night," Dad replied closing his eyes. He was snoring before they got to the door

Mom closed the door softly. She turned to Slater and collapsed into his arms. Slater picked her up and carried her to the living room. Karen jumped up when she saw her mother in Slater's arms. Slater set her down on the couch. She sat up, breathing softly.

"Thank you, dear," she said looking up at Slater with tears in her eyes.

Slater sat down next to her and pulled her to him, hugging her gently. Karen sat on the other side of her mother rubbing her shoulder.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Karen asked. "I noticed earlier that you weren't yourself."

"Children..." she said closing her eyes. "Oh my god, how do I tell you? Your father is dying. He has about a month left..." she said breaking down after she told them.

Slater just held her while she sobbed. Karen was crying too, now. He was a little teary too, but he had to remain strong for his mother. Eileen was shaking with sobs as tears flowed down her cheeks. Karen was leaning on her crying and trying to comfort her at the same time. Slater just held her as she squeezed him, hard. For fifteen minutes they sat there crying and hugging.

"All right, I have to tell you two. The little ones don't know and we don't want them to know until...until...after. I promised Jordan...your dad. He has cancer, stage four lung cancer. He doesn't what Chemo, it won't do any good anyway and he doesn't want to go through all the pain and suffering," Mom said watching her children.

"How?" Karen asked. Her father was a nonsmoker.

"Just one of those things, the doctors say. He is in pain most of the time. He takes a painkiller, but it makes him drowsy all the time. So he struggles to stay awake. Oh god," Mom said crying again.

Slater still held her, he too was now crying, Karen was crying. The three of them sat there a good half hour. Then Mom pushed Slater away and she sat up straight. Her face was all red, her eyes were red. Karen's arms snaked around Mom's body. She hugged her mother hard.

"I'm so sorry, Mom," Karen said kissing her on the cheek.

"Thank you, dear," Mom said placing an arm on Karen's shoulders.

"Me too, Mom," Slater said.

"Thank you, Slater. God, you have been such a good kid. I just adore you, dear."

"Thank you, mom," Slater said hugging his mother. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Mom," Karen said.

"Oh my sweet little girl, I love you so much," Mom said kissing Karen on the cheek.

They were all crying again, hugging together. Ten minutes it took for them to settle down so they could talk. Slater let go of his Mom. Karen let go of her too. They all sat back on the couch, exhausted. They sat there staring up at the ceiling for a long time. Slater dropped his head staring down at his legs. He noticed his Mom's legs. Her skirt had ridden up to show a lot of thigh. He looked up farther, she had her head back, eyes closed. She was holding Karen's hand. Karen's head was on her shoulder. Karen's eyes were closed.

Reaching over, Slater took a hold of his mother skirt hem and pulled it down her thighs. Her head snapped up immediately. She watched her son as he covered her legs. Slater watched her as she watched his hand. Reaching up, Mom took hold of Slater's head and pulled his lips to hers. Slater kissed his mother, with all the love and passion he felt for her. She kissed him back, hard. Mom moaned. Karen lifted her head from her mother's shoulder. She watched as they kissed. Then she got up as slowly as possible and retreated to her and Emily's room.

Slater pulled his Mom against him. He had felt Karen leave. He was overjoyed he had his mother to himself. She kissed him a long, long time. Her breathing was rapid and harsh. Her body was shaking, her arms were around him now, pulling him to her. Slater couldn't help himself as one of his hands moved to her breast. She sighed as he touched her. He squeezed, she moaned. Then her breath exploded from her lungs and she was pushing Slater away from her. She was panting, trying to fill her labored lungs.

She looked up at Slater. Her face was a mask of lust. Her eyes full of wonder. Then she was kissing her son and forcing her tongue into his mouth. Slater was the one whose lungs exploded this time. She was sucking air through her nose not wanting to pull his lips from hers. They kissed even longer this time. Slater now had his hand up her skirt, running his fingers over her panty covered pussy. She was shaking and shivering.

"Oh god," croaked Mom. "My god. No. We...we shouldn't...be...oh god yes."

Slater pressed his lip to hers. He now had a finger on her clit, gently moving it around and over her pleasure spot. Mom's hips started to buck as her son kissed and made her shiver with pleasure. Then she was screaming into his mouth. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Hard. She was stiff as a board. Only her legs were shaking as she held them out straight in front of her. Slater pulled his hand away from her crotch. He pulled his lips from hers, looking down at her beautiful face. She looked so much like Karen, but more mature.

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