tagIncest/TabooFraternal Twins Pt. 07

Fraternal Twins Pt. 07


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The next couple of days had Slater and Karen working very hard to give their mother and father time together. They took the little ones out on the boat. They would stop in the middle of the lake and let them swim off the back. Either Karen or Slater would be in the water with them. They had fun. Loads of fun. The day came when they had to return the boat, so Slater and Karen bundled the little ones into the boat and motored across the lake to return it to the Johnsons. Of course, they filled it with fuel first. After returning it, they were hiking back to the house.

"Why do we have to walk back, Slater?" Emily asked. "Why couldn't Dad come and get us?"

"Because Karen and I like spending time with you three," Slater replied.

"I like spending time with you too, but I don't like walking," Emily retorted.

"Walking is good for you Em, look at you sister, she walks a lot. Isn't she pretty?"

"Yes, but what does walking have to do with her looks?"

"If she didn't walk a lot, she would look like Missus Phillips. You don't want to look like Missus Phillips do you?"

"God no." Emily kept walking.

Karen giggled at Emily. Then caught up with Slater and whacked him on the back of the head. He glared at her, then hugged her as they walked. Karen dropped back to keep the little ones on the path. It took them a good hour to get home. Once there, Slater kept them all outside while Karen went in to alert Mom and Dad they were back. Mom and Dad were sitting together in the living room kissing. Karen smiled as she cleared their throat.

"Oh, you guys are back," Dad said a little surprised.

"Yes, but if you would like some more time we can keep them busy somewhere," Karen told her parents.

"No, let them in," her dad said.

"Yes, let my little devils in please, I have missed their mischief," Mom giggled kissing her husband's lips.

Karen went to the front door and let everyone in the house. She smiled as the three little ones came running in and headed for the living room to tell dad and mom about what they saw and did. Karen grabbed Slater as he came in.

"Listen, I want some time with you," she said.

"When?" he asked. "I would like some too. I've missed you. Come to my room after everyone is asleep. I'll let mom know where we will be."

"Really? You would let mom watch us?" Karen asked.

"Sure. I've watched you and her. And you have watched me and her. So, why not let her watch us together?"

"Oh, I don't have any qualms about her being there. But she might."

"Well, she'll know what's going to happen and make the decision for herself."

"Sure, sure. I'll see your sexy body tonight then. I love you, bro."

"I love you, sis." Slater smiled at Karen. He did love her, lots and lots.

Slater and Karen kept the three busy until lunch. Mom and Dad got up and fixed them a good healthy lunch. Everyone sat around the table when it was ready and Karen once again said grace. Emily was impressed again by her older sister. Troy and Carl just put their heads down and started eating the minute Karen said amen. Slater chuckled as he started to eat.

When Troy finished eating he started to get out of his chair.

"Troy," Slater growled at him. He climbed back up in his chair. "If you want to be excused, ask," Slater told him softly. Troy nodded.

"Who do I ask, you or mom or dad?" he asked. Karen giggled. Slater scowled at her. Then Eileen was giggling. Jordan just shook his head and smiled.

"You just ask, someone will answer you. Okay?"

"Sure. May I be excused?" Troy asked.

"Of course dear, thank you for asking," Mom said to him.

"You're welcome Mom," he said getting down from his chair.

He went out in the living room to watch TV. Carl was finished eating next. He looked at Slater. Slater just nodded at him.

"May I be excused?" he asked politely.

"You may Carl, thank you for asking," Mom told him. Eileen was smiling brightly at her oldest son as Carl got out of his chair. Slater shook his head at her.

"May I be excused, Mama?" Emily asked.

"You may, thank you for asking," Mom said. Emily slipped out of her chair and went in the living room.

"How?" Eileen asked.

"I told you the other day. They weren't listening and I told them I would hold their heads underwater until they swallowed a gallon of lake water."

Eileen giggled and Jordan laughed. Karen giggled also. Slater just finished his meal.

"May I be excused?" Slater asked. Eileen's eyes got wide as she stared at her son.

"You may, dear," Eileen said giggling. Slater stood up and went into the living room.

Karen rose until her mother cleared her throat. Karen sat back down rolling her eyes.

"May I be excused?" she asked.

"You may, dear," Eileen said. Karen rolled her eyes again as she stood up and went to the living room. Eileen giggled at her daughter. "How are you feeling Jordan?"

"I'm fine, just fine. Lunch was very good, my dear."

"You hardly ate anything at all," said Eileen looking at her husband's plate.

"What I did eat was very good," said Jordan chuckling at his wife.

Eileen put her face in her hands, she wasn't giggling. She was weeping. Jordan looked at her.

"I'm sorry dear. I didn't mean to upset you," he said softly.

"I know dear. I know. I love you so much and I will miss you terribly," whispered Eileen.

"Of course, I love you too. Let's go watch the children play, okay," said Jordan standing up, grabbing the table to help.

Eileen nodded standing and helped Jordan to his chair in the living room. He sat, smiling at his children. Slater leaned over and whispered in Karen's ear. She nodded and got up and sat on her father's lap again. The three little ones looked up at her. The boys smiled at her and went back to playing. Emily looked at her sister and frowned. She got up and went to Slater. She climbed up in his lap as her mom sat beside them. Emily leaned in putting her lips to Slater's ear.

"Why is Karen so sad?" she asked in a whisper.

Slater looked at Karen, she was smiling, but her eyes were once again filled with tears. He shook his head.

"I think she is missing her friends back home, knowing that she is here and then will be going away to school."

"Oh, that's right," Emily said. "Thank you "

Emily scooted off Slater's lap and went back to playing with her brothers. Slater chucked.

"What was all that about?" Eileen asked.

"Nothing...that's not true. She wanted to know why Karen was sad."

"What did you tell her?"

"That Karen was missing her friends from school."

"Oh. Quick thinking dear," Eileen lean over and kissed Slater's cheek. He smiled at her. "Listen, mom, Karen wants to get together with me tonight...if that's okay with you. You can be there too, if you would like to watch...us...I guess not, uh?"

"I'll think about it, but you two do what you want."

"Okay, mom. I do love Karen."

"I have no doubt that you do. You have always treated your sister with the utmost respect."

"But you don't think I am now?" Slater asked.

"Not at all. I'm the only one who knows, correct?"

"Yes. Karen, you and me."

"Then I don't think you are disrespecting her at all."

"Thank you, mom," said Slater, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

Eileen moaned as his lips touched her cheek. Slater pulled back and watched his dad as he dozed off. Slater elbowed his mom gently pointing at his dad and Karen. Eileen got up and went and whispered in Karen's ear. Karen nodded, getting gently up from dad's lap. Then mom woke him.

"Time for a nap dear," she told him. He nodded still a little groggy.

Eileen helped her husband up and down the hall to the bedroom. The door closed and Slater heard the lock click. Karen sat down next him and snuggled up against him while she watched the children.

"Did you tell mom?" Karen asked.

"I did. She doesn't know if she wants to watch or not," Slater said.

"Oh. Okay, I can live with that."

"Me too. See you tonight then."

"Can't wait."

For the next two hours, Karen and Slater took care of their three siblings. After about a half an hour they asked if they could go out and play in the lake. Karen and Slater got them changed into their swimsuits and then changed into theirs.

"Only on the beach, we are not going out to the raft yet. Maybe later when mom and dad can join in the fun, okay?"

All three answered okay. The three little ones ran down to the small beach that was in front of the house. When Karen and Slater were close enough, the three of them started to splash their older brother and sister. Slater and Karen splashed them back. All of them were laughing and have good old time. Eventually, the three little ones settled down. Slater was in the water sitting down, letting the three of them climb all over him. Karen was up on the sandy beach watching and giggling at her older brother.

For the next two hours, the five of them just goofed off. When the little ones got too rambunctious or too loud, he brought them back into line. He didn't even have to raise his voice. Karen thought he would make a great father for someone. She wished it could be her bearing his children, but that was out of the question. She shivered at the thought. Not only would it ruin their lives, but the mothers and brothers and sister.

Then mom was out with them. She gathered the three little ones to her and hugged them all at once. They were giggling and laughing and tell her they loved her. She said she loved them too. They each gave her a kiss on the cheek. She kissed them on the forehead.

"Is Dad coming out?" asked Slater.

"No, not yet...he's having a bad day," Eileen told him when she hugged him. Turning to Karen, she hugged her too and told her about dad. Karen nodded, kissed mom on the cheek and went inside.

"Where's Karen going?" Slater asked.

"Your dad wanted to see her. He's awake but not up to getting out of bed and he wants to talk to her."

"Oh. Do you want to take the little ones out to the raft?"

"Sure. Kids, get you vests and we'll go out to the raft."

The three ran to the porch and grabbed their life vests and hurried down to Slater for help getting them one. Slater smiled at the two boys and he helped them into their vests. Emily had run to Mom for help with hers although Slater was pretty sure Emily could get hers on herself. He just smiled at her and they all walked out into the water.

"Remember, straight to the raft," Slater growled.

The two boys nodded as they started to float. They kicked their feet and headed to the raft. Eileen swam sidestroke beside Emily. Slater was doing the breaststroke on the other side of the two boys. They all climbed up on the raft to catch their breath. Slater brought the bag with the blanket and towels up with him. He spread the blanket out for his mom. He shooed the little ones off until Eileen got comfortable. Then he nodded to them and they all snuggled up to mom. Slater sat there watching her. To him, she looked really sad. He so desperately wanted to talk to her. But didn't want to do it in front of the little ones.

Then Karen was there. Slater could see that she had been crying. He hugged her. She hugged him. Eileen looked back at her and nodded. Karen choked back tears. Slater wanted to hold her, but couldn't. Karen just looked at him. 'I love you' she mouthed. Slater nodded closing his eyes. He looked up at the house. Dad was sitting on the porch. He looked to be in pain.

"Should I go to him?" Slater asked his sister.

"No, no, he wants you to take care of Mom. He wants me to bring back the little ones."

"Oh. Okay. Now?"

Karen nodded. Slater nodded back.

"Kids, Karen is going to take you back, dad wants to see you all. Okay?"

"Can I say here with you and mom?" Emily asked.

Mom shook her head. Emily pouted but got up and went to the rafts ladder. She waited until Karen got in the water then climbed down. The two boys climbed down too. Slater moved closer to Mom.

"Is he in a lot of pain?" Slater asked.

"Yes." She was crying now. "Oh god, I'm going to really miss him."

Now Slater was crying. He wanted to pull his mother to him, but it was still only mid-afternoon, and dad was there.

"He thinks he may not make it the rest of the stay. Oh my god...I hope he does. I hope he makes it home, just this one last time." Eileen was sobbing, tears rolling down her cheeks to fall onto her chest.

Reaching out, Slater took her hand and gave it a squeeze. Slater looked back at the house. Everyone was inside. He could hear the kids squealing at something that tickled them. He wrapped mom in his arms and hugged her to him. She settled against him. He kissed the top of her head.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you," Slater whispered back.

They stayed like that for a good half an hour.

"I need to be with him," Eileen said.

Slater let her go. She stood up and dived off the raft into the water and swam as fast as she could to shore. Slater put the blanket and towels in the plastic bag and carried them to shore. They would need a good washing. When he got in the house, he found chaos. But, it looked like everyone was having fun, so he ignored it and went to the washing machine putting in the towels and blanket. He then sat down at the kitchen table where Karen and dad were sitting.

"Slater," dad said.

"Dad," said Slater back a smiled on his face.

"You have been so good with the kids. I want to thank you and Karen for taking care of them so Eileen and I could be together. Thank you, both."

"No problem dad, I enjoyed taking care of them..." he broke off when he was hit in the back of the head by a rubber ball someone had thrown. Karen laughed, Dad looked around for who threw it, then he was laughing too. "Mom, right?" he asked. Karen nodded.

Then Mom was behind him, hugging him and whispering in his ear, but not really whispering.

"I'm sorry, son, it got away from me."

"Well, yeah, that's what happens when you throw a ball. It gets away from you."

Mom kissed his ear and left giggling. Slater just rolled his eyes, causing Karen to giggle. Dad had kind of drifted. He was watching Mom and the kids play in the living room. Slater got up and went to the bathroom. He closed the door but didn't lock it. He put his face in his hands and started cry like a baby. Slater would miss his dad so much. And the heartache it would cause his mother, he hated to see her go through this. There was a gentle knock on the door. He wiped his eyes with toilet tissue and opened the door.

"Are you okay," Karen asked.

He just shook his head and sat on the toilet seat. Tears started to flow again. Karen closed the door. She went to him and held him while he cried. She was crying too. The next week would be hard for everyone. Karen kissed Slater's neck. They sat there sobbing. The door opened. They both looked up to see their mother's face. She nodded at them and closed the door. Slater shook his head, grabbed the tissue and dried his eyes. He handed it to Karen. She nodded and wiped hers.

Slater splashed cold water on his face. Karen did too. They dried their faces and left the bathroom. Slater went back to the kitchen. Karen went to the living room and herded the kids in front of the TV. Dad and Mom were at the kitchen table, talking softly. Slater sat down at the table. His parents looked at him, then resumed their discussion.

"If you don't feel all that well, then maybe we should pack up and go home," Eileen said just on the edge of sobbing.

"The doctor said I would have good days and bad days. Today was a bad day. Yesterday was a good day, as was the day before that. Tomorrow will be a good day, just wait and see," said Dad softly.

Slater was glad they were letting him listen to the conversation. After all, he was now an adult.

"Jordan, I understand. But if tomorrow is another bad day..."

"If tomorrow and the day after that are bad days then I will let you take me home. Is that okay with you Eileen?"

"Okay. Okay. But will you tell me if you are having a bad day?" asked Mom.

"I have before. I will never lie to you, Eileen. I love you more than you will ever know."

"I realize that and I love you too...but I don't want you to die here. You should be at home when you die." Now Eileen was crying. Her back was to the living room.

"I understand that my dear, sweet, Eileen." Dad had tears leaking out of his eyes too.

"Why don't you two go to the bedroom. Karen and I can fix dinner and take care of the kids," Slater told them.

They both nodded at him. Eileen looked at him. He saw love for him in her eyes. Dad took his hand and squeezed it hard. Slater nodded at him. They both got up and went to the bedroom. Slater sat there looking at Karen as she read a book to the kids. She would be a wonderful mother someday. She loved kids, not just her siblings. Slater rubbed his face with his hands, got up and looked in the fridge to see what was going to be for dinner. He saw ground beef sitting there. Looked like burgers tonight. The kids would love that. Now what to have with them. Beans, they had a big can of beans in the cabinet. He also saw several tomatoes and onions in the fridge. Now all they needed was buns. Yep, they were in the breadbox.

Slater started dinner. He also saw some hotdogs and hotdog buns. One of each for the kids and two burgers and a couple of hotdogs for the adults. Plenty of food. It took him about forty minutes to prepare dinner. When he was done, he went and knocked on the bedroom door. His mom opened it, looked at him with a smile. Her housedress was rumpled, her hair was tousled.

"Dinners ready," he said and walked away.

He and Karen took the kids into the bathroom and had them wash up for dinner. Then they went and sat at the table as Slater put the food on the table. Mom and dad came in and sat down.

"Oh Slater, this looks good, honey," Eileen said. "This is exactly what I was going to make. Thank you, sweetheart."

"You're welcome Mom," Slater said sitting down and grabbing a bun and forking a hamburger and putting it on the bun. Everyone else was doing the exact same thing. The big bowl of beans was passed around as were the hotdogs. Onions and tomatoes were passed around to the adults. Mom put a thinly sliced tomato on Emily's hamburger. She also put some diced tomatoes on her hotdog.

"Thank you, momma," Emily said. "Thank you, Slater."

"You're welcome, Emily." Mom and Slater said at the same time.

The family ate quietly. Dad took several bites of his burger and several of his hotdog. He even took a couple of fork full's of beans. He drank all his soda. Then burped loudly. The kids laughed. Mom giggled as did Karen. Slater chuckled as he took a bite of hotdog. Tonight it was mom that didn't eat very much. She was smiling but kind of just touched her food and put it back on the plate. Slater knew she was sad and that she would get sadder. He also knew she may never have another really happy day in her future.

Slater sat there staring at nothing and everything. He didn't take another bite of his food, even though his stomach was complaining a bit. He just stared straight ahead, not seeing anything. Then Emily was standing in his lap, looking into his eyes. She bent forward and put her lips to his ear.

"Why are you sad Slater?" she asked.

Slater put his arms around her and hugged her gently. She hugged him back.

"I can't answer that dear," said Slater.


"Someone told me a secret and I promised not to tell anyone, no matter what. The secret is making me a little sad."

"I'm sorry. Is it about a friend?" Emily asked.

"Yes, it is. A very good friend," said Slater smiling at his sister Emily.

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