In June of 1992 I left home for basic training. I don't think I have ever been so afraid in all my life. After three days in a reception center, I was sent to my unit along with other recruits.

After the usual ass kicking we were sent to our bays to stow away our gear. The we had some free time to meet the people we would be living with for the next eight weeks.

I went to the rec. room and said hello to a few other women in the unit and sat down to write a letter home. I heard a voice beside me. "So you are the one that wants to stay in the bay and be anti-social." Before I thought it over good I replied. "I didn't come here to have a good time so why don't you find some one else to hit on." With his head hung down he walked away. One of the other girls told me he was Matt, and seemed to be a pretty nice guy he had been at the unit for a week. I began to feel really bad about blowing him off like I did.

The next day we had KP duty and I got a chance to tell Matt I was sorry. We discussed out situations and how we ended up in the military. I realized I was beginning to fall for this guy. The feeling was mutual every time he had to pass me I could feel his hard on through his pants. We had to work in very close quarters.

I didn't get to see him any more till the next day. Sundays were always a rest day and we had time to our selves. My friend Anita told me Matt was waiting for me in Bay 3. I went to meet him. Bay 3 was an unused area filled with empty bunks. My heart was racing at the thought of being alone with him. Matt whispered to me "Sandy come back here." I went to the back of the room.

We sat on the floor and began to talk. I couldn't stop looking into his gorgeous brown eyes. Matt Pulled the pins from my hair and as it fell to my waist he grabbed a hand full of t and kissed me lightly. "Can I make love to you?" he asked. With a trembling voice I answered" you already know the answer." He pulled me on his lap and kissed me slipping his tongue into my mouth. At that point I just melted. I couldn't stop a moan. We had to be quiet afraid the drill sergeants would hear. We kissed madly his hands on my chest, caressing slowly and making there way into my shorts and finding my wetness, rubbed my clit in slow circles. I wanted him so badly I slid off his lap and grabbed the bulge in this shorts. He gasped at my touch .

We undressed each other and I went down kneeling in front of him on my knees. i rubbed his cock till it was standing at full attention. I put the head to my lips and kissed it. It tasted so good. I worked it up and down till I had it all in my mouth bathing it with my tongue. I felt his body stiffen, he pushed me away so that he wouldn't come and laid me down on our clothes on the floor so the tiles wouldn't be so cold.

He pushed my legs apart and began massaging the insides of my thighs telling me how beautiful I was. I was so hot I hurt. I thought he was going to enter me but he began licking my wet pussy. A hot flash went up my spine and I arched my back. His tongue felt so good between my legs, I rubbed his neck and pushed his face into me, He sucked hard on my clit and I came all over his face. He came up over me and kissed me to quiet my moans. I could taste my sap on his lips.

I felt down between his legs and slid his large cock into me. He gasped in pleasure at he heat and tightness of my body as he worked his way in. His cock stretched me open so much it hurt at first. After he was in all the way I could feel his balls against me and it felt wonderful. I rose to meet his every thrust as we moved slowly at first I could feel every inch of him inside of me.

We moved together faster and I became delirious and started scratching at his back. This excited him even more I felt him go rigid as I felt an Icy fire starting at my center and Explode. I felt him come into me and We both held back screams. I blacked out for a second .e with a kiss asking if I was ok. I told him I had never had an orgasm before even though I had had two different men in my life before. That just made him even happier.

Matt and I tried to see each other as often as we could. Under the circumstances it wasn't easy. We would slip notes to each other. At one point we thought we would never see each other again, but like all things that are meant to be we have been married for nine years and have two beautiful children.

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