tagGroup SexFreak on a Leash

Freak on a Leash


It's been about a month since the ship hit home port. Everyone has been relaxing, working their days and popping deuces to get home quickly. For you that just means chilling on ship though. You are making the best of it...but anything to break the routine is refreshing.

As you sit out on a deck area of a restaurant, your phone rings. Rolling through the names of people who actually have that cell phone number, you draw a blank.


"Siren, it's 'Xander." He uses our group names so I'd know him at once. I smile big, not expecting anything since we're in port and he has "obligations."

"You got plans tonight?" He growls and purrs into the phone at the same time, making your knees weak as is his talent.

"That depends on the offer..." You flirt back.

"Just a quiet night in a hotel room with a little wine and room service. But there are a few rules if you accept." His voice screams a thousand possibilities even as it rolls out silkily.

"I'll be there." You say, knowing the rules are always more fun than playing it safe.

"Good, I'm glad you still trust me. Meet me at the hotel I'm going to text you the info for. Be there at 8 pm in a tight black dress groomed well with no underwear on. Don't worry about bringing anything else and don't be late."

"I'll be there Master." You say without hesitation.

"Until then, Pet..." You hear the phone go still, his voice gone as quickly as it came.

Always a good time, you start thinking about what you have to wear and decide your best bet is a really sexy black mandarin collared dress you picked up in Japan on your last port call.

Smiling, you finish your lunch and go forward with your daily routine...hitting the gym for some PT, talking with a few friends as you meet them around base. Catching dinner, checking your e-mail before heading back to the ship to get ready.

As you hit the berthing you grab your showering things and head for the head to wash off the day's sweat and grime.

While you already showered after your workout, you hadn't had the chance to shave, so while you clean up you closely shave your legs and intimates, thinking on the night.

You get out, brushing out your hair and doing your make up. Walking around in your robe, you hunt down the dress and blushing softly slide it on over your smooth naked body. As you tug it this way and that it fits itself nicely, the slits up each leg exposing your soft thighs and hugging your curves perfectly.

You pull on some heels, trying them on and grabbing a small purse as you get ready to leave.

You check your phone and notice you received a text while you were showering. Typical...you go mad all day thinking about him and his text and he sends it when it suits his game. Loading up your GPS on your phone, you get to your car quickly and head out, making sure you have plenty of time to get there.

As you drive a thousand questions enter and leave your mind. "How did he...? What about...? But I thought...?" Finally you just decide to wait and see.

It wasn't a long drive and you find yourself arriving about a half hour early. Luckily there's a bar inside the hotel and you sip a cocktail to eat up fifteen or so minutes.

Finally you head up to the room number. You knock gently on the door.

"It's open, come in."

'How did he know it was me?' You think to yourself.

You push down the handle and slide open the door. The room seemed empty at first. You walk slowly forward, peering around.

You see a single lit lamp in the main area. He's sitting there quietly, fingers steepled. He's wearing a black silk shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. A silver chain with an ornate pendant hangs from his neck. You've never seen him so intense and collected. The look of his domain.

You pause mid step as she comes into view.

'Oh shit, this is going to be bad...'

She half sits, half lays at his feet, wine glass in hand. She's dressed in a black leather corset tied up tightly with leather boots that come up just below her knees. Crotchless panties show you a waxed glistening cunt and a choker with a rose design in rhinestones adorns her neck.

She looks at you with both interest and boredom, as a sated cat examines a new toy.

"Something wrong, Siren?" He smiles, happy as he knows I'm completely off my guard.

"I...um...I'm going to go...I..." You stammer quickly, feeling very much as if you stepped into a lioness' den.

"Stop!" He said firmly...I do...without any knowledge why.

"Come here." The command railed against everything I was thinking, but I turned nevertheless. I walked across the room and stood in front of them, heart pounding.

"Does she please you, my pet?" He asks running his finger tips across her neck.

"I don't know yet Master...does she follow instructions?" His wife, for that's who it was, purred softly.

"So true, let's test the thought," He said amused. "Siren, this is my true and only pet. She is loyal, devoted and mine. You however can be hers if she deems you acceptable. Does this intrigue you?"

You look at the floor, so as not to meet his gaze. You have never been asked such things and it unnerves you to be so objectified. Still, curiosity and arousal brought your head back up to stare into his eyes.

'Damn it! I still trust him, it won't come to harm.' Surer now, you nod slightly.

"Good!" He smiles, warming you. "Now, every pet must be thoroughly inspected by her Master or Mistress...to ensure proper attention to detail has been paid."

He nods to her and she stands, waling around me. I hold my ground, knowing I'd been trained for this.

She runs her hand over my leg sending chills up my spine.

"Well, that's smooth...good so far." She smiles at me and I feel a bit more at ease.

"Now, Siren, if you truly trust me, strip. Stand before your Mistress naked and ready for the final inspection."

I swallow, never having bared myself so vulnerably.

'I've come this far...might as well finish the game.'

You unzip your dress, sliding one arm out then the other, then you pull it down, first exposing your breasts, then the dress slides off your hips and falls in a pool at your feet. You step out of it, then untie your shoes and step down to the floor. Bare.

She walks around you again, an appraising look on her face. You find yourself growing wet and exciting, hoping...Surprisingly...that you pass this inspection.

"Turn and get on the bed on all fours." She says firmly.

I comply immediately, eager to please her.

"Do you want my Master's cock?" She asks boldly.

"N-Noo..." I lie, not realizing how obvious it is...

Smack! She spanks my ass, reddening the right cheek with her blow.

"Would you really lie to me slut? You have had Master's cock already and now you tell me no? Answer again!"

"Yes..." I whispered, fearing similar treatment.

I hear the smile in her voice as she spoke next

"Would you treat a Mistress as well as the one you called Master?"

"Yes..." I said softly.

Smack! Another firm slap, this time across my left cheek.

"Do you lie again or are you not sure? Do you want me or not?"

With that she climbed up on the bed and spread legged she laid on her back in front of me, dripping cunt inches from my face.

"Yes!" I shouted, my mind seized with a thousand impulses.

"Then please me, whore, and earn a better title."

I looked up, shocked but hopelessly aroused and she waited with an expectant expression.

I plunged in, licking and sucking at her lips and clit, fingers working in and out as I went for broke.

Gasping and moaning in surprise, she writhed under my attention. I hear a chuckle and spare a glance at 'Xander. He sits with rapt attention, still fully clothed but obviously in a state of arousal.

'Is it torture or foreplay?' I wonder.

I focus back on my task, sucking her clit softly into my mouth as I work her towards the first orgasm. I feel her body quake and squirm with pleasure before finally tensing as she cries out.

"Stop!" He commands suddenly. I sit up, taken aback. She sits up as well, red in the face and gasping.

"Come here..." He says, a look of darkness in his eyes.

She hurries to sit at his feet, eyes on the floor.

"Was it good?" He asked reproachfully. I sit up straight, wondering if he's truly angry.

"It was Master..." She said quietly.

"You've forgotten yourself, pet..." He grabbed her cropped hair and threw her forward onto the bed, ass up, pussy still wet.

"Come here, Siren, for you are not innocent either," He growled.

I come to the edge of the bed, taking cue and bending over it. A bag is produced and a cat o' nine tails is pulled out.

The toy flashes first across her ass, then back across mine. Red streaks instantly appear. I try not to cry out, knowing pleasure or pain might further the punishment.

Again the toy flashes back and forth, striking us oppositely than before. I feel the heat of the sting but pleasure strangely washes over me. Again he stings us and I twitch imperceptibly, a gasp escaping my lips. Knowing he heard this, he swings again, wanting a reaction.

He gets it, but not from me. She moans, the pain and pleasure too much to restrain. One more each and we both cry out.

He smiles, knowing he'd won.

"So sluts, you like the punishments of your Master?" He shakes his head.

"On your knees both of you!" We comply instantly.

"You," He points to me, "will take it gladly...and you," he points to her, "will watch her do it."

With that we kneeled at his feet as he undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He slid his pants down, then his black boxer briefs. His hard cock sprung free.

I took him into my mouth slowly, feeling her appraising eyes upon me. I worked up and down from tip to balls, feeling her fidget and gasp with pleasure. Smiling along his cock I'm caught.

"Insolent, naughty bitch!"

He grabbed the back of my head, thrusting himself down my throat, nearly making me gag. I work hard to try to swallow every inch of him but his fierce thrusts overwhelm me.

I see her eyes light up in pleasure, enjoying my discomfort.

Finally he's ready for her...but not done with me.

"Put this on..." He growled...a harness with a dildo inside.

Shaking...sweat pouring off me from my efforts, I take it from him and slide it onto my hips, position the rubber cock properly.

"Get on your back."

I roll over and she climbs on top of me sliding the dildo inside, a moan escaping her lips. I hear him spit as she begins to ride me. My pussy glistens as we grind.

He runs his hand up and down his cock, lubricating. Finally satisfied, he slides his cock into her ass as she rides me.

"Yesss..." She moans as we double penetrate her. Slowly at first, then faster and faster we fuck her. His balls slap against her as he slams into her ass. I come and come as the dildo grinds my pussy as she rides me hard.

Everyone tenses at once, he cums hard in her ass, growling and roaring savagely. She stiffens, clutching and grinding the dildo against me, orgasm breaking over her. I scream, my own climax rolling over me as we all fall to the bed exhausted.

As my eyes droop and fall I hear him say

"What do you think, my pet...?"

"She'll do..." She sighs against me as I drift to dream.

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