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Freak the Freak Out


"God damn you, Darren. What's taking you so long?" shrieked Darren's wife Melissa. Darren ran down the stairs of their house carrying her purse. He nervously handed it to her as her friends looked on, smiling.

Melissa was a petite blond woman with amazingly deep green eyes. She hadn't gained an ounce since they'd met in college. Her small perky breasts and trim figure made her look like she was still that college girl ten years later at thirty-two.

Her friends with the exception of Helen were just like her. They looked like those women on all of those TV shows about MILF type women. All of the women remained slim and trim throughout their lives. Helen on the other hand was a bit chunky. Her natural dark brown hair unlike the others hadn't been bleached and she wasn't wearing a skirt that ended four to six inches above her knees.

Darren marveled again at why she hung out with them and vice-versa. He knew that Helen didn't drink and the others drank a lot including his own lovely wife. Maybe she was the designated driver.

It was the only thing he could figure out.

"Honestly Darren," said Melissa. "You should be glad that I'm going out. It lets me unwind after being trapped in this fucking cave all week." She was referring to their split level four bedroom ranch house. The same one that she'd begged him for five years ago.

"Besides my going out gives you some time to hang out with all of your little friends. But you'd better not bring a single one of those bastards into my house. Now give me some money," she said.

She took his wallet as he got it out. And she took all of his cash.

"If fortune smiles at you, and I'm not too tired when I get home, you might get lucky. That is of course if I haven't met someone else that I want to let get lucky." she started laughing and except for Helen, her friends did too.

Darren watched as Melissa and her friends got into the brand new Honda he'd just bought her, and drove off.

Darren straightened up things in the house and left too. He drove halfway across town after loading up his jeep with tools and some car parts he'd bought from the Internet.

"Melissa, why do you treat Darren so badly?" asked Helen. He must really love you to put up with your shit. Don't you love him? You treat him more like your butler than your husband."

"Helen whether she loves him or not doesn't matter. A marriage is all about control," said Danielle. Danielle was another very slim Blond woman in her mid thirties. Except for the fact that she was several inches taller than Melissa and had two kids they could have been twins. "Melissa is just trying to maintain control in her marriage."

"Helen still doesn't understand the Pussy Rules yet," laughed Sandra, the final member of the quartet, who looked exactly like the others.

"Helen," continued Sandra, as if she was speaking to a toddler. "The one with the pussy makes all of the rules."

Melissa herself was oddly silent. She thought about what the others were saying. In her own way she really did love Darren. They'd been together for over ten years. He worked very hard to support her and make her happy.

In fact ever since he'd starting courting her so many years ago he'd gone out of his way to do anything she asked. She knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he loved her deeply. But in her mind there were still questions.

It wasn't Darren's fault that he'd begun to date her while she was still reeling from a truly bad break-up. The other guy, Ryan had been one of those, big man on campus types.

He'd swept her off her feet and seduced her over the course of a few days. He'd complimented her, feeding her ego. He took her out for a romantic dinner at a very expensive restaurant. After dinner he'd suggested a walk on the beach. It was the perfect evening.

Then she'd given him her virginity, in the twilight, right there on that same beach. He had of course told her he loved her. While the sex hadn't been good for her, he'd gotten his. As she looked up at the stars while he humped away at her, she could almost see their future. They'd have two kids, one of each. And a beautiful split level ranch house in a nice neighborhood.

The pain of his sudden penetration and rapid pounding was mitigated by the pleasure of the future she imagined.

Afterwards he'd apologized profusely. Telling her that they probably should have waited until their wedding night, or at least until they got engaged. His only excuse was that she was just so sexy and he'd wanted her so badly that he couldn't control his passion for her.

He drove her home and gave her a very chaste kiss at the door of her dorm. He was smiling as he promised to call her.

"When will you call?" she asked.

Somehow the way that he said, "Soon," made her feel better. That night she dreamed of their wedding and their future. Hopefully the sex would get better as well.

The next day she sat by her phone, waiting for a call that never came. She told herself that he was just busy with classes and the team. The next day there was still no call.

That evening though, only 2 days after he'd told her he loved her. She saw him in a restaurant staring dreamily into the eyes of another girl. While he kissed the girl, Melissa felt tears pouring from her own eyes. She'd been a fool and she wasn't the only one who knew it.

The next morning in the dorm's community locker room, she heard two other girls talking. "Yeah he got her too. Fucked her on the beach the first night they went out. From what I heard, he said she was awful. The worst sex he's ever had. She was a virgin too. I really think he's going to win that contest they're having. And all she's got to remember him by is a torn up pussy and some sand in her panties."

Melissa ran into her room and cried the whole day. It took her several days before she even returned to her classes. For the rest of her term she didn't date at all. When she returned home for the summer she only went out on group dates.

The next fall, her senior year, she again refused to date anyone until she met Darren. He was so different from all of the other men who asked her out. He was so respectful, and clearly in awe of her. He was very nice, and good looking too.

Even her best friends told her that she'd be stupid to let him get away; unless of course, she didn't like boys.

Almost from the start of the relationship, she put almost unassailable hurdles in his way. When he went out of his way to climb over all of the obstacles she put in front of him, it only made her more determined to challenge him further.

Finally she couldn't find any reason not to date him. They went out with a group of her friends and she actually had a good time. He was trying so hard to win her that she had to give him credit for his persistence if nothing else.

Their first solo date ended not with a kiss or even a handshake, but with her solemn admonition that she'd had a good time.

When she got home she'd told her room mates about it and they looked at her as if she was crazy. He's a really nice guy, they'd told her. After pursuing her for a month, and being a perfect gentleman, what did he have to show for his efforts?

They assured Melissa that he probably wouldn't call her for a second date. He'd had to work too hard for nothing, they told her. And He's a nice looking guy with a good body. He's smart and has a nice personality. Some other girl will snatch him up.

Her roommate's words fell like the pages in the bible. The very next day, not only did Darren not call her, but she found out that one of the other girls in her own building had seen them coming back from their date, and asked him out herself.

Melissa searched her heart and decided that she wanted Darren, and wasn't going to let anyone else have him.

She called him and asked point blank why he hadn't called her. She told him that she'd been considering where they should go for their second date. He must have really liked her. He was also a very honest man too, because within an hour of their phone call, the other woman from her building was giving Melissa the evil eye.

Melissa knew that Darren must have called the woman and cancelled their date to go out with her.

Melissa then began the pattern that would characterize her and Darren's relationship. She was always the one in control. She had no intention of ever letting anyone use her again.

Any time that Darren balked at something she wanted or asked about, Melissa gave him a few bread crumbs to keep him coming back. She didn't let him kiss her until their 5th date. It took six months before she let him touch one of her breasts outside of her clothes. And needless to say they didn't have sex until their wedding night.

Even after being married for so long, it was Melissa who parceled out the sex, when she felt like it. Darren loved her so much that he had simply never complained.

Those friends of his had been changing his mind though. That fucking computer engineer and his wife were meddling in her marriage. Darren had an interest in cars and had bought himself some kind of car to work on. He met a few people who were interested in the same kinds of cars.

He'd begged her to visit the home of these new friends with him. She'd agreed. It had been mostly so she could see who they were and what kind of influence they might have over her husband.

The man, Tim Matthews and his wife, Elaine had a beautiful home and an adorable daughter, Christa.

Melissa was shocked at the way they acted. It seemed like neither one of them was in control of their marriage. They obviously loved each other very much. They were always all over each other.

Melissa had been shocked to watch Tim slap Elaine on her ass several times, right in front of them. All the woman did was to look at him and smile.

And she was obviously confused at how a marriage should be run. When they were all gathered on the deck, watching a beautiful sunset Elaine had chosen to sit in Tim's lap and start kissing him, while they had guests. The woman couldn't enough of the guy.

She was beautiful. She was slim but still curvy. She had bigger breasts than anyone in Melissa's group and an incredible ass. As she sat down on her husband and reached up to kiss him. Their daughter, who must have been about 3 years old, came out onto the deck, with a teddy bear, and headed for their garage.

As the girl got near Tim's bright yellow muscle car, the car's door opened and the little girl got into the car. The door closed with a resounding thunk.

Tim and Elaine looked at each other. Melissa wondered how the car's door had opened and closed but the child's parents didn't seem concerned so why should she worry.

She was more interested in the relationship between the parents. As Elaine sat on top of Tim, the man destroyed her dignity. He pulled her shirt out of her shorts and began rubbing her soft tummy right in front of them. And she crooned as if she was enjoying having him paw her in public.

Darren seemed to sense Melissa's shock, so he started talking to defuse the situation. "What's Christa doing?" he asked. It shocked Melissa that not only did her husband, know the child's name, but he was asking about her. Perhaps that was why they were there.

"She's tired," laughed Elaine. "She'll go curl up in Chrissie, until I put her to bed, or her Daddy does. Don't worry she's safer there than anywhere else."

Melissa noticed that Tim was still stroking his wife's stomach. Elaine seemed to have developed a case of the wigglies.

"She's going to have to get used to the idea of sharing her secret place before too long though," she said.

Melissa noticed that Tim's eyes got bigger and he stared at Elaine.

"You mean that you're...I mean we're...Uhm..."he stuttered.

"Yes handsome," Elaine smiled. "You put another baby in me. We're knocked up again."

After that the evening was pretty much over. Melissa noticed that Tim and Elaine, as cordial and friendly as they'd tried to be couldn't wait to get rid of their guests. She had an idea that they'd be in bed before she and Darren drove away.

Even now, weeks after she'd met them, the evening still haunted Melissa's thoughts. Hearing from Helen how much Darren loved her only further confused Melissa.

She did these girl's nights out whenever she and her friends wanted to. Of the four women, only she and Helen were married. Helen and her husband had an open marriage. They'd both had several affairs and were now starting to slow down and rediscover each other as they aged. Melissa thought there was something wrong in Helen's marriage but didn't pry.

The others were both divorced. Melissa hadn't actually cheated on Darren yet, but she wasn't about to let him know that. To be truthful she didn't really enjoy Danielle and Sandy's company, but she needed to go out regularly to let Darren know that she wouldn't stand for any cheating on his part and that she could get another guy easily. She needed him to know that because it helped her maintain control.

Still seeing Tim and Elaine had given her much to think about. She absent mindedly rubbed her stomach as she drove.

Chapter 2

Darren got out of his Jeep and started stacking boxes in front of Tim and Elaine's garage. When he was done, he trudged over to their front door and gently knocked.

Elaine opened the door and her face broke into a smile when she saw Darren. They'd only known each other for a few months, but he was already one of her husband's best friends. Anything that made Tim happy, made Elaine happy too.

"Hi Darren, Tim kind of had to work late. You can go ahead and get started though," she said.

"Uhm, maybe I'll just come back a different night," said Darren sadly.

"Any night you'd like. You're always welcome Darren," said Elaine.

"It probably won't be for a week or so, I don't get many nights to..." began Darren.

"So, why don't you stay tonight?" asked Elaine. "At least jack the car up and put your new rims and tires on. Your brake calipers look really good."

"I don't know how to say this, Elaine," began Darren.

"You're scared to go into the garage without Tim, aren't you?" asked Elaine smiling.

Darren nodded his head. He liked Elaine and Tim. He wished that his marriage was more like theirs. In fact he had arranged the dinner with them so Melissa could see the way they were together. But after the dinner Melissa had simply forbidden him to bring either of them to their home. She'd said that there was something weird about the two of them and Darren shouldn't get any ideas in his head.

There was something weird about them but it wasn't Elaine or Tim. It was their car. Darren had heard from several others that the car had been involved in accidents where people died. Some of them even thought that the car was responsible. At first Darren wrote it off to bad luck. After all it wasn't like the car could eat people or anything.

He'd heard of at least three cases including two in one day, and one recent case where the car, with no one behind the wheel had simply run over or crushed a person. In each case Tim had told him that there'd been a logical reason usually involving some type of mechanical failure.

But Darren had seen too many weird things with that car. Like the way it seemed to respond to anything Tim or Elaine said. And their daughter was worse.

There was simply no reason to explain why a three year old girl could walk up to a locked car and the door open itself to let her in and then close back. His wife hadn't caught that, but Darren had.

In fact the recent incident with the car, which Darren heard about from Tim's nosy neighbor, had involved Christa. She'd been out playing and had been in the driveway while her mother was sitting on the deck. Elaine never let Christa out of her sight, but she'd been tired and had just taken her eyes off of the child for a second.

The second was all it took. A man driving down the street had seen the child unattended and went after her. He'd only been out of jail for a few days for doing the same thing. He was a pedophile and should have been required to register his home address before moving into the neighborhood.

He looked around and didn't see anyone. He stopped his car at the end of the driveway and got out. He told the little girl, that he had candy in his car. She smiled and said she wanted some. He picked her up and put her in the back seat. He made sure he buckled the seat belt around her, just in case he was pulled over. Of course not having a correct car seat wouldn't be a good thing, but he could think up a plausible explanation for that. Besides, the chances of him getting pulled over were slim.

He walked back around to the driver's and had just touched the door handle when the Screaming Yellow Mustang slammed into him crushing him between itself and his car. His final scream was drowned out by the sound of the impact. The nosey neighbor had seen it all.

Elaine never even realized that her child was in danger. She reacted to seeing the brightly colored car rocketing backwards out of the garage.

She did see it hit the other car but noticed curiously that the impact had been strong enough to crush the man, but not hard enough to do more than jostle the other car.

The impact on the second car had dented the side body panels heavily, but the Mustang was not even scratched. Elaine knew about the car and wondered at first why the impact hadn't been more severe. It was as if Chrissie was trying to protect the other car.

When she got to the car and looked inside she realized why and smiled. She saw her daughter asleep on the back seat and called the police. The neighbor later lied to the police, by telling them he hadn't seen anything. He knew about the car and was afraid of it too.

Elaine got her daughter out of the car making sure she didn't touch anything. She woke Christa up and made sure she was okay.

"Chrissie, get in the garage," she said. She wasn't surprised when the car rolled back down the driveway into the garage.

She looked over the scene just as the police arrived. She told them how she'd heard crash sound from her deck. She'd run out there and found the man crushed against the car. She told them that by the time she'd gotten there the other car was long gone. She didn't see it.

The police checked over the scene. They got the man's wallet and identified him. They also found the candy laced with a sleeping drug in the car. They asked her if she had any kids.

They' told her how lucky she was when she told them about her sleeping daughter in the house. Elaine had thought to herself that she was even luckier that it had rained that morning.

On days when it rained, Tim drove Elaine's Chevelle SS to work. He couldn't stand the thought of his beloved Mustang getting wet unless he was washing it. If Chrissie hadn't been there, this might've been a tragedy.

Naturally the police looked the car over and the Mustang not having a scratch on it, removed it from consideration.

Since the man was a known child molester, Elaine didn't think they'd waste much time solving his murder. By the time Tim got home, the car and the body had been removed and life had moved on.

Darren didn't know anything about any of the incidents other than what he'd been told. But he knew enough not to want to be around that car alone. He'd never felt threatened by the car, but it did feel like someone was watching him whenever he was in the garage.

"Darren, how about if I sit in the garage while you work?" asked Elaine.

"That would be great'" said Darren, cheerfully.

Chapter 3

When Melissa and her friends walked into the crowded club, it was already full of people. They looked like a scene out of a bad teenaged dance movie, while walking to a table.

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