Freaker's Ball


October ushered in the fall season with the general expectation of cooler temperatures. For a local swingers club that sponsored the annual Freaker's Ball, nothing could have been further from the truth. It was the one night each year when temperatures were most certainly guaranteed to soar.

Some two thousand members looked forward to the Halloween celebration, planning and preparing for it throughout the year. It was a theme-based event, a costume ball where the entertainment was supplied by the membership at large.

The premise was simple. Costumes were mandatory, and since it was a swingers' club, the general idea was to wear a costume that provoked a sexual idea. The twist was that the participants must act out the theme that their costume suggested. At the end of the evening, the entire body would then vote on the merits of originality and performance to elect the "best" of the participants.

Members were allowed to perform with the partner or partners of their choice, or as an alternative, they could accept a challenge where they were paired with an unlikely partner at the suggestion of another member. In order to issue a challenge, the challenging member must post a bond or bounty. The price of a challenge was one thousand dollars.

It was a charity event and at one hundred dollars per head cover charge, it raised a great deal of money for a worthy cause. Of course, cash prizes were awarded to the top three winners and first prize paid big. Ten thousand dollars cash was awarded to the first place winner or winners. The bounty money was donated in the name of the challenged performers to that year's chosen charity.

The event was a fun way of mingling, socializing, and in keeping with our traditions, promoting an alternative lifestyle. Plus, in previous years, we had raised as much as a quarter million dollars for various charities. It was a strictly private affair and only those with a membership of six months or more were invited to attend.

It was interesting to see the variety of costumes that people chose to wear, but it was even more interesting when challenges were issued and people began to partner off in anticipation of their performances. This event had a little something for everyone in the way of sexual entertainment, and this year promised to be the most uniquely entertaining one yet.

As the elected MC, I nervously tended to last minute details, checking props, lighting, and stage equipment before announcing the official opening of the Freaker's Ball. The crowd settled down and a hush fell over the assembly as the houselights dimmed.

The first actors were the more mundane ones who had voluntarily elected to perform with their chosen partners. They all believed that they had a shot at the coveted prize, but most of them lacked any real imagination.

For instance, the first actor was a soloist dressed as Napoleon. The young man masturbated himself while the crowd watched, hiding their yawns behind the backs of their hands. It was only when he finally shot a wad of cum across the stage that the audience responded with a resounding clap for his finish. Unfortunately, the man had an ego much larger than the talent and imagination he possessed. He was a shoe-in for last place in the contest.

Following his performance was a gay male couple, dressed as Robinson Crusoe and his faithful man Friday. Friday was a robust black man who fell to his knees before his white master and savior Crusoe. The audience responded with little enthusiasm to Friday sucking a white penis of no notable size or talent. The couple received only a polite and subdued round of applause as Crusoe ejaculated on Friday's face and tongue. They quickly exited stage right and disappeared into the crowd.

As the evening progressed, the talent began to improve and the audience began to thaw in more ways than one. Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara earned a resounding applause for their reenactment of the scene where Rhett soundly spanked Scarlet's ass before fucking her senseless.

Scarlet howled her way into the hearts of the audience, crying and flailing her arms at Rhett while he tore away her petticoats, and pulled her over his knee. They earned some shouts and whistles of approval when Rhett showed the crowd her red buttocks and then pumped her pussy full of cum.

There was a foursome of Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Tinman, and Scarecrow who played out a scene with Dorothy giving head simultaneously to two of her co-stars while the other bounced her up and down on his penis. The scene culminated with Dorothy gobbling down the cum of her co-stars from each of her ruby red slippers.

Lady Godiva rode in on the back of her "Pony Boy", complete with a bridle, saddle and ponytail butt-plug. She applied a riding crop to his rump, and put her stud through his paces before kneeling and allowing him to mount her from behind. He proved himself capable of plowing a deep furrow before cumming to an appreciative round of applause.

A black Pope appeared on stage with Madonna who gave a stellar deep-throat performance of the Pope's enormous cock. She gobbled down nearly twelve inches of black cock without choking once.

The act reached a crescendo when the rosary beads she fed up his ass while she performed that amazing fellatio were removed all at once, and he came on her glittery, cone-shaped tits. His massive cock spouted about like a fire hose, spraying so much sperm in the air that the floor had to be mopped before the next performers could take the stage.

A three-some of Hansel and Gretal, presumably brother and sister, were force at the hands of a wicked witch to "face" one another buttock to buttock, while anally sharing a colossal double-ended rubber dildo. They fucked like pros while the witch "cooked" their buttocks with hot wax and then demonstrated their gaping anus' to the audience who stamped their feet and whistled in delight.

Eventually, Hansel and Gretal overcame their tormentor and the witch was forced to swallow Hansel's special brew, while Gretal returned the hot wax favor. The witch melted into her own climax to the audience's roar of approval.

By far, the best of the performances were the challenges. The observers waited with baited breath as the first couple took the stage. I announced them as Peter Pan and his partner, a female Monster Frankenstein.

Peter was aptly named as he was an effeminate looking young man with a rather impressive cock. It was nothing extraordinary, just simply long and thick enough to impress the audience. Peter was elaborately bound when the curtains parted. The bondage ropes reached up to the rafters and it took little imagination to know where this scenario was heading.

Our female Frankenstein came equipped with all the proper human parts, including a large strap-on dildo, large enough to cause Peter to go rather pale as the she-monster strutted about the stage flagrantly waving it around. She had Peter kneel before her and swallow that sword-like plastic for several long minutes before she paused to hoist him into the air by the suspension ropes he was bound with.

While he dangled helplessly there, she generous lubed the strap-on, and a moment later was pegging poor Peter with his tights down around his ankles. She swung him viciously back and forth to meet her she-male like thrusts. Before long, Peter Pan seemed to go limp, but his penis stubbornly remained rock solid.

Mistress Frankenstein lowered the obstinate Pan to the floor again. This time, she ordered him to bathe her over-sized boots with his tongue while on all fours. While he bowed down to appease her, she produced a long, battery-operated wand and proceeded to jolt his anus. Peter squealed aloud and stepped up his efforts to shine her boots with more enthusiasm.

By the third zap of electricity, his cock jerked up and spurted all over the Mistress's clean boots while he collapsed face first at her feet. The audience rose with a clamor of applause. Peter was carried from the stage still looking dazed. At that point, the couple was definitely in contention for first place.

Staying within the theme of electric shock stimulation, the next couple to appear was a Mad Scientist and his companion, Sleeping Beauty. Beauty was suspended from the rafters by her ankles when the curtain opened. She was bound, both hand and foot, hanging above the stage floor seemingly in a sleeping trance.

The Mad Scientist hurriedly attached electrodes to clamps on both nipples as well as to a clamp on her clit. He turned up the juice from a metal box and electricity shot through the sleeping girl's privates. She remained perfectly immobile, without even flinching from the shock. Her partner nervously used an assortment of prods and tasers, but to no avail. The girl remained in her trance.

While Beauty's performance was amazing, failure to rouse her from her feigned sleep prompted about as much excitement in the crowd as it did in Beauty. The curtain closed without even a smattering of applause. The house was embarrassingly silent as the act ended without an effective finale.

The curtain opened next on the Great Houdini and the lovely Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. The audience was spellbound as Houdini performed several feats of magic. He began by making a magic vibrating wand seem to stand upright against Cleopatra's cunt. Cleopatra moaned as Houdini then made a string of large golden anal beads disappear inside her bottom. He inserted the first of the strand and then shielded the audience's view with a large handkerchief. The audience watched in awe as a few seconds later, he whisked the handkerchief away and the beads had mysteriously disappeared from view.

But, it was the vanishing pitcher of milk that he funneled into her gaping anus that made the crowd burst into applause. With a flourish, Houdini removed the funnel, and stroked her clit a few times with the vibrating wand. He simultaneously extracted the golden beads from her ass, while the Queen of the Nile squealed and squirted a long stream of clear liquid from her pussy, yet still retained the pitcher of milk in her ass. Houdini appeared to have turned an anal milk douche into a squirting orgasm. As Cleopatra's body shook with uncontrollable contractions, the audience rose to their feet delivering a thunderous ovation.

The last two performances of the evening were equally entertaining. Peter Pan's natural nemesis Captain Hook was joined on stage by a longhaired beauty that came dressed as Rapunsel. To the expectations of the audience, the Captain wasted no time in living up to his name.

He carefully inserted an anal hook inside Rapunsel's exposed ass while securing it to her long braided hair. With her head drawn back, she laid back on a wooden box with her head dangling over the edge. The Captain then bound her ankles and hoisted her only slightly in the air with her legs spread wide. She was thus displayed for the enjoyment of the onlookers while the more squeamish whispered to one another in admiration.

Being so bound, as a finale, Rapunsel swallowed down the Captain's cock, eagerly sucking it into her greedy throat with fervor while the Captain worked his fake prosthesis inside her cunt. It appeared to the audience as if Rapunsel was "hooked" in both holes.

Rapunsel proved herself to be another squirting female, but she maintained control of her climax until Captain Hook delivered the first volcanic spew of sperm into her waiting throat. He withdrew himself in order for the audience to witness the remaining spurts of cum he squirted on his partner's tits while she let loose with a long, steamy gush of her own. The audience came to their feet as one, clapping and whistling their approval.

The level of our actors' abilities escalated with each presentation and feat they mastered. The final enactment was a guaranteed crowd-pleaser performed by a man dressed as the Marquis De Sade, along with his challenge companion, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. It was an ironic twist of pairing and the audience waited, chuckling under their breaths to see what the team would do to top the other favorite acts.

While Mary waited, impatiently pouting on the sidelines, the Marquis did the unthinkable. He crossed the stage and beckoned for someone to join them. From behind the curtains stepped both Rapunsel and Captain Hook.

In a comedic improvised skit, De Sade welcomed Captain Hook to the stage, offering to shake his hand. The audience roared as Hook automatically held out the hook prosthesis which De Sade surmised as having been the one used in Rapunsel's rear. De Sade gave the audience a dubious look and after gingerly shaking the Captain's hooked hand, he deliberately wiped his own hands down the front of his costume. The audienced burst into laughter at his antics.

De Sade then bid both Rapunsel and Mary to bend over and grab their ankles, which they readily did without question.

De Sade turned to the Captain and asked with feigned innocence, "Could you lend me a hand here, Captain?"

Hook, ever eager to assist, fumbled with removing the prosthesis before taking two candles from De Sade. He inserted the candles in the rumps of the bowing beauties and lit them, stepping back as De Sade produced a long, leather bullwhip from under his jacket.

De Sade strode across the stage some distance from the women and turned. He unfurled the whip and with a fluid flick of his wrist, the whip made a cracking sound and both candles were extinguished at once. The audience exploded in applause as Hook removed the smoking candles from the behinds of the beauties and held them up expectantly awaiting the ensuing applause.

At De Sade's instructions, Hook placed nipple clamps with tiny dangling silver bells that tinkled when they shook on the breasts of both women. De Sade cracked the whip in rapid succession, making the bells play musical notes without leaving a single mark on his assumed victims.

De Sade requested one more volunteer from the audience, and a flood of females rushed the stage. He chose only one and guided her up onto the performance platform. He spoke briefly with his three chosen slaves and all three nodded earnestly in response.

The girls lined up in a row and bent forward again with their asses prominently exposed to the view of the audience. De Sade cracked the whip and indelible red welts appeared inscribing the name, "De Sade" one letter at a time across the cheeks of his assistants. Without a single sexual act, the anonymous master of the whip brought the house to its feet while he made an exaggerated bow of gratitude before disappearing from the stage. Hook ushered the ladies off stage as the houselights came up signaling the end of the entertainment.

Nearly two hours passed, as ballots were cast and votes were tallied. At last, I was handed the envelope containing the names of the contest winners. I took center stage and called for the participants to join me while the winning names were announced. The crowd turned their attention our way. Tearing open the envelope, I smiled as I viewed the results.

"I'd like to thank all the members for attending this year's event. And, a special thanks to our participants in the entertainment portion," I said waving my hand at the stage of actors. The audience clapped politely.

"This is quite a twist," I said beaming with delight as I waved the envelope at the audience and paused for effect. "Our third place, and winners of one thousand dollars, is the Marquis De Sade and Mary, Mary!" I said with enthusiasm as the crowd gasped in disbelief.

The Marquis and his companion stepped forward to accept the award. I shook his hand in congratulations while passing a check to him for the prize money. He pumped my hand up and down and smiled broadly at Mary as they shared their moment in the spotlight. I waited, as the audience grew quiet once again.

"Our five thousand dollar, second place recipient is... Captain Hook and Rapunsel!" The audience stood and applauded as the couple came forward and accepted their award.

A hush soon settled over the auditorium as I held the envelope up over my head and paused to add to the suspense. Then, I calmly announced the names of the first place winners, "Mistress Frankenstein and Peter Pan!"

The reaction was like an explosion of energy as both characters threw hands to their faces in disbelief. They hugged one another while they hopped up and down under a shower of confetti. I placed the check in their hands and quickly exited the stage.

It wasn't until several hours later, that I was finally able to look about the empty auditorium and reflect on the evening now behind us. It was an incredible night of fun and frolic for everyone. It had an unexpected outcome, but it proved the body of our membership had a true appreciation for ingenuity and imagination. Not to mention that Peter Pan had truly embodied the principles and spirit of our games.

Tonight, I was tired and this year's Freaker's Ball was over. Tomorrow, we would begin planning for next year's event. I couldn't help but smile just a little as I turned off the last light and closed the door behind me.

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