tagSci-Fi & FantasyFred, Just Dessert

Fred, Just Dessert


The author requests that the reader suspend his or her knowledge about human fetal development, evolution, and plumbing. The story has no moral other than Edith may have taken Fred more seriously and sought counseling.

On the day of their marriage Fred was twenty-three and Edith was eighteen. Edith wanted to rush away from their reception and escape to their honeymoon hideaway. Their wedding was timed for her fertile period and all she could think of was sex and her desire to conceive as soon and often as possible. When they arrived they entered and ripped off their clothes as fast as they could. Both were naked and Edith leaped on the bed; spread her legs; and displayed her hot, juicy, and eager pussy to Fred. His lust and her satisfaction required no foreplay. He kneeled between her legs and inserted his very hard cock. Giving her strong strokes he came quickly, shooting squirt after squirt of his sperm into her cunt where it soon reached her fertile womb. Through cuddling, caressing, and oral sex Fred was soon ready to do it again and this continued for most of the night until Fred had cum five times.

Fred was pissed-off. His wife, Edith, at forty-five, was still a very sexy woman in spite of having put on a few extra pounds over the years. Unfortunately for Fred, Edith has grown up in a home and religion where all learned and believed that sex was only for making babies. Fred and Edith had mutually agreed to stop with three children who were grown and had all left home. Although formerly very passionate, when Edith conceived their third child, and because of her upbringing, she completely turned off sex and passion.

Fred had a great respect for women and would have never forced her. He pleaded with her to go with him to counseling and get help solving their problems. Edith replied that they had no problems and suggest that they did was just an attempt to create problems. Fred was a CPA and had a good income. He offered to take Edith on romantic cruises or to exciting resorts. Edith would have none of it.

The next day at work Fred was in his usual depressed mood. Ed, his coworker said, "what's the matter, you look lower than a snake's belly."

"It's my non-existent love-life again."

"Ed, you're a good looking guy and I'll bet you could easily pick-up a woman if you go to the right places and then get laid." "Look, I'll make it easy for you." "My wife has a got a hot girlfriend and knows that she sleeps around with married guys." "My wife says she loves sex and wants to avoid commitment."

Fred said, "I could never do that because I have a commitment to maintaining the marriage bond."

Frustrated, Fred was constantly horny. He was only fifty and felt that he had another ten, or fifteen, or maybe twenty years of sexual potency left in him. Because of his commitment to the marriage bond, he turned to nightly masturbation, more even than he had as a teenager, and always after Edith was asleep.

"Frigid bitch," Fred said as he sat on the toilet, surrounded by his collection of magazines that contained all kinds of porn, and frantically stroked his dick. When he was about to cum he bent his dick down and came into the toilet. The same routine had happened countless times.

Fred and Edith lived on the second floor of their apartment house. On the first floor were several businesses. One of these was a fertility clinic.

Directly under the apartment house there was an eddy in the sewer that received all the wastes from above. By coincidence, the eddy had the perfect temperature, pH, and nutrients for what was about to happen.

One night, Fred had just finished and flushed a jerking-off session and the fertility clinic had dumped some expired ova. With a nearly impossible probability, one of Fred's fertile sperm met a still fertile ovum in the sewer eddy and fertilization occurred. Against astronomical odds the embryo began to consume the nutrients and slowly developed until it was a salamander-like creature about four inches in diameter, white, eyeless, and with vestigial limbs. As it grew it began to lose it's tail but retained the white, slippery skin. It also developed an outsized head that had a large mouth full of sharp teeth.

The creature began to feed on the local fauna, finally developing a special sense that detected heat approximating the body temperature of it's prey. It also used it's innate cunning, and graduated to the rats. It was always hungry and had enough intelligence to have two goals, the desires to kill and feed.

Fred was having one of his nightly masturbation sessions. The creature had previously detected some interesting substances in the discharging water and began to crawl up the sewer pipe, seeking their source. As it slithered upward it began to sense something ahead that had the temperature of its food.

The last thing Fred remembered was looking down in the low light between his legs and seeing a caricature of his face with an open mouth; and many sharp teeth. He felt a terrible, searing pain as the creature began to devour his cock and balls. After Fred was in small enough pieces, the creature dragged them down to the sewer, where they would be good to eat after the rats.

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