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Freddie and Fannie



It had not been a good financial year for either Fannie or Freddie, they had both made some bad loans to some close neighbors, loans that these neighbors didn't pay back. Determined not to let their financial woes interfere with their evening together, Freddie made reservations at a nice, but not too extravagant restaurant for their date. He picked Fannie up in his Nissan Sentra and drove her to a small Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.

Like a perfect gentleman Freddie parked the car in the lot and hurried around opening the car door for Fannie and then held out his arm for her. Arm in arm they walked into the restaurant and sat down to a nice, candlelight dinner. After they ordered they sat in an uncomfortable silence for a while before Freddie took a sip from his iced tea and said, "I honestly think it's going to get tougher before it gets better."

"I know, it's the worst I've known in recent history," Fannie replied, reaching her hand out and placing it on Freddie's.

"I keep seeing pictures of people standing with furniture on the lawn. After being evicted what else can happen? I am afraid of the impact this has," Freddie said.

"Well I think we have take the right steps, I mean you are driving your Sentra now and here we are at this restaurant. We even ordered iced tea instead of martinis, we are toning it down."

"But I think we can do more Fannie, I think we should get married."

"Freddie, are you?"

Pushing his chair back from the table and moving over next to Fannie, he kneeled down and took her hand. "Fannie Mae, will you marry me?"

"Oh Freddie, I thought you'd never ask. Yes, yes of course I will marry you."

Freddie then reached into his jacket pocked and pulled out a small box. Carefully opening it he held out a beautiful diamond ring.

"Oh Freddie, it's beautiful. But it's too much, it must have cost..."

"Tut, tut, Fannie, don't you worry about that. I just called in a few loans and, well here we are."

"But what about the people in the lawn, with their furniture?"

"Oh Fannie, they aren't real, not like you and me," he replied.

"I guess you're right Freddie and it is so beautiful," Fannie said as she slipped it on her finger.

They quickly finished their dinner and Freddie led her out to his car, once again opening the door for her and then carefully closing it once she got settled. He drove her to her house where she invited him inside, to celebrate their engagement.

"Freddie, why don't you fix us a drink while I change," she said, pointing him toward the bar. Fannie then slipped into her room and changed into a very slinky nightgown. She then lit several candles around her bedroom and called for Freddie.

He appeared at her door with two glasses, but when he saw her in the gown he put the glasses down on a magazine and moved to her, embracing her. Fannie could feel his cock harden against her thigh. She reached down and grabbed it, squeezing it through the fabric of his pants.

"Do you want me Freddie?"

"Oh yes, Fannie," he replied, opening her gown and letting it fall to the floor.

Fannie climbed onto the bed and watched him undress. He then crawled onto the bed as she opened her legs for him. Reaching out she grasped his erection and guided it into herself, feeling him slowly fill her. She felt him slowly withdraw and then raised her hips to meet his thrust, once again feeling him fill her completely.

As they began to move faster and faster, Fannie felt the pleasure building inside her. She could tell by the urgency in Freddie's movements that he was getting close too. When he pushed into her, she ground her clit against him and then moaned loudly, "Oh Freddie, I'm coming."

Suddenly her body released and she felt her pussy convulsing around his cock. She then felt him arch his back and relax as his cock spurting his cum into her pussy. He collapsed upon her and remained on top of her until his cock slipped out of her pussy. They spent the entire night together for the first time that night.

Thinking back on that night Fannie had to smile, it was so beautiful and the only thing that would be more beautiful would be tonight, her wedding night. She looked into Freddie's eyes and saw him looking lovingly back at her as he said, "I do."

The preacher then said, "If anyone has any reason that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae should not be joined in holy matrimony let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Suddenly nine people in black robes stood up at the back of the room and raised their hands.


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