Freddy and Lara

bySean Renaud©

It was well past six o'clock when I finished wrapping my tits in those damn bandages to make me look flat. It had taken me thirty minutes to tape my generous C cup breasts down flat enough that you didn't notice them through the sweater. I had to look like a boy if this was going to work out for me.

My goal was to pick up a girl at this years Halloween party. The idea of how to keep her convinced I was male after I got her into more private spaces was beyond me but I had brought my favorite dildo, it was packed into one of the cargo pockets.

You would never have guessed that I was a well endowed woman as I slipped my red and green sweater over my head and looked into mirror. The most important part of the transformation was yet to come though. My long hair was going to be a bitch to disguise. I twisted it up into the smallest bun I could manage and hid it beneath the over sized fedora. It was perfect; you couldn't even see a hint of my hair beneath it. The next step was the make up. My goal was to make me look like the star of the Nightmare on Elm Street slashed flick series and I have to say that I was pretty striking so far. The facial was pretty damn good once I slid those cheap mall props into my mouth giving me the sharp jagged jaw line of the child molester. Four years of being in drama had paid off as I seamlessly blended my own flesh tone into the bleeding wounds of Krueger's countenance.

One last look in the mirror as I put the yellow contacts into the place was enough to convince me of my skill. "Hello bitch." The snarl was so authentic it sent a chill up my own spine. "I can't wait till I get my hand on you." With one hand I reached down and grasped the decorative glove and slid it over my right hand. When I flexed my fingers I felt, for a brief second the way Fredrick Krueger must have felt. Invincible. There wasn't another way to describe the way I felt as I waved those bladed fingers before my eyes. I probably would have spent the rest of the night admiring myself if I hadn't set the alarm.

The invasive beeping nose started quietly as barely audible over my dark chuckle but it easily outpaced my ability increase in volume. Good thing too since I would have been more than a little pissed to have done all this work without anybody seeing it.

I have my self one last look in the mirror and let a wicked grin curl my lips upward. The only hint of who I was lay in the leather pants clinging to my wide hips. There wasn't a lot that I could do to conceal that award winning ass of mine but everything else was utterly convincing from the smirk to the swagger I'd spent weeks mastering.

It was finally time for me to go to the party. Every single year Robert threw the same party. It was usually more like an organized orgy, a bunch of drunken college students usually dressed in somewhat risqué costumes all looking to hook up.

Robert's party was only one floor beneath me so it wasn't like I needed to be concerned with what time it was. In all likelihood I wasn't even fashionably late as I strolled down the stairs. Just like Robert promised his party was the place to be. I'd only been there for a few minutes when I spotted Velvet, Karin, Chris Smith and the enigmatic Q standing around the punch bowl. They seemed to be exchanging tips on costumes but I only brushed past them so I missed most of it.

She was what caught my eye. Six feet of golden haired smooth legged busty beauty. She was unlike any woman that I'd every laid my eyes on. She had the most amazing figure, double D tits and a twenty four inch waist at the most. I was to busy gawking at the Lara Croft outfit to really notice her approach and press a plastic handgun to my chest. "Name?"

My heart momentarily paused in my stomach but it only took a second to glide comfortably into character. "You don't know who I am bitch?" I stalked around her dragging the cold steel claws across her bare midsection. "The Master of Nightmares!" I let my voice raise an octave as I rose up onto my toes to look over her shoulder. The scent of her perfume caught me by surprise at that range. My tongue twisted into a knot when she spun around to face me training her guns on me again.

"That supposed to impress me?" She asked twirling one gun around her finger and slipping it into its holster. The other she brought right between my eyes drawing my attention away from her chest. It was easy to be distracted by the ample flesh trying to burst its way free of their confines.

My hands moved to grasp at her chest pulling her firm female form against my own soft feminine body. "You should be impressed; I'm the stuff nightmares are made of."

"I'd rather have a wet dream." Lara replied leaning her head back so her hair rested on my shoulder. Her hair had no scent at all but it still sent a jolt up my spine when it grazed over my skin.

"I think that could be arranged." It's always amazing what sluts girls can be when we aren't being judged for it. This was a lot easier than I expected it to be though as I released her and stepped in front of her beckoning her forward with my clawed digits. Like a puppet on a string she followed behind me.

I lead her into the bathroom and shut the door behind us before I snatched up her hair yanking her into a brutal kiss. It was nothing like how I expected a girl's kiss to be, it was roughly and lusting probing my mouth. I loved it, her hands moved to grip my shoulders pulling me against her pillowy breasts as I grasped her firm taut ass.

Lara leaned over just slightly so I could shove my bare hand down the back of her pants. It's funny that none of the other signs got my attention before touching Lara's hairy ass. I should have known that real breasts aren't that soft, or that scentless dry hair is called a wig. It took me gripping his hairy ass to figure out that she was a he though.

Lara Croft was a man. Lara had a nearly nine inch long dick. I could feel the massive rod pushing against me through the fabric of his shorts. "You're a-"I whispered reaching my hand around to unfasten his shorts.

"But you aren't." He replied pulling my fedora off and tossing it aside. A moment later he'd pulled my hair loose and I'd gotten those ridiculously short shorts down to his ankles.

"No I'm not." It was a little disappointing; I'd meant to get a woman in bed with me tonight. Instead I was face to face with one of the biggest dicks I'd ever seen and I was salivating. It never ceases to amaze e how amazing a cock feels as it slips between your lips for the first time, the salty taste of musk, sweat and precum. The way you can feel the man jump with excitement as you inch your way down his cock. There was no way I was going to get all of that into my mouth but I was going to try my best.

Lara's hands twisted through my hair gently pulling me towards his cock. It bumped the back of my throat making me heave in response. Instead of pulling away I took a deep breath through my nose and pulled him closer to me. His prick tickled the back of my throat again forcing me to back away sputtering. A stream of spittle connected my lips to his cock as I looked up at him.

He pressed his plastic gun to the bridge of my nose and spoke. "Put your pants around your ankles." Without hesitation I obeyed the orders raising my hips up off the floor as I shimmied out of my leather pants pulling my thong down at the same time. I left them gathered around my ankles just like he'd told me to.

"Get up." I can't imagine how it would have looked if anybody had walked in on us right then. Freddy Krueger was bent over a sink grasping at the faucet as Lara Croft pushed her nine inch cock into his cunt. The absurdness of he situation was completely lost on me though as I tried raised on leg up on the sink so he could push his thick rod into my.

It was the first time a man had ever stretched me like that; it was an incredible feeling to have nine inches of flesh buried in my twat grinding back and forth. It wasn't going to take me long, not with a cock that big pushed up inside me spreading me apart. A more delicious pain can't exist than the feeling of a man like him gripping your hips and pounding into you.

I must have started moaning. I can't imagine another reason that he would have covered my mouth as he fucked me. He was getting close though, close to flooding my cunt with his juices as I pushed back against him. My eyes were closed tightly as I did my best to keep it down.

Lara's cock was buried inside me, throbbing, pulsing, expanding and thrusting with every beat of his heart. His heart beat was so strong that I could feel it throughout my body as I gripped onto the faucet harder trying to brace myself for the coming orgasm. He knew how close I was, he muttered something in my ear but I couldn't understand him. Not over the eruption of an orgasm seizing my entire body. If it was possible to rip a plumbing fixture from the wall I would have right then as my puss clenched around his throbbing penis.

Sometime while I was busy he came as well flooding my cunt with his hot sticky juices. I could feel them running down my leg as he pulled away from me and playfully slapped my ass. "That was a pleasant surprise." Lara said pulling me close for a brief kiss as he pulled the skintight short shorts over his ass.

"You're tellin' me." I replied grimacing slightly and sitting down on the toilet. He knew what expected of him, he took a wad of toilet paper and wiped off and left without a single word. Even as I forced the slimy concoction from my body I knew that Lara Croft was back on the dance floor hoping to get herself a man. Freddy Krueger wasn't far behind, hunting for a sexy long legged strumpet to take home with "him."

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