tagLoving WivesFree Appliance Repairs Ch. 02

Free Appliance Repairs Ch. 02


A little background: For some reason "senior citizens" seem particularly attracted to my wife "T." This story is a sequel to another adventure where a retired appliance repairman discovers that there's more that one way to pay a bill.

Since our successful adventure with trying to get free or reduced prices when we had our clothes dryer fixed. It has continued to be a topic of conversation and has provided a couple of laughs, and some hot sex, especially when we received a "thank you for the business" card a week afterwards and every time we get a flyer in the mail that asks for our continued patronage.

T and I had talked many times about giving the old guy a call so we could get some more "service" from him, or should I say so she could service him? Unfortunately we didn't need anything repaired for many months so the previous adventure and thought of having another one faded from our minds until the day we ran out of hot water.

I had kept one of the old guys cards for repeat customers and gave him a call to see if he wanted to come out and have a look at the heater. He wasn't at home, so I left him a message and that evening he called and after I talked with him and explained what was going on he said he'd come by a couple days later for a "look see." I wasn't sure if he meant the water heater or T's tits, but I knew he'd most likely get a chance to see both!

When he arrived he seemed to be a bit nervous, and it was very evident that he had taken special care to wear nice clean clothes and he looked and smelled like he had just showered and shaved. He kept looking around as I showed him in and brought him to the basement to look at the water heater. I think that he was disappointed that T wasn't the one that had met him, and I think he was hoping that I would go away and she would be in charge of the transaction like before.

When she didn't show up right away I asked him if he was looking for my wife and after turning bright red he answered "yes." I thought I'd set the stage for later so I asked him if he was satisfied with the way we'd worked out the payment last time, and if he was interested in keeping that same kind of trade relationship going. He stammered and hesitated for awhile, but eventually settled down enough to admit that he was hoping that we would eventually call him back to the house, and that he wasn't really as interested in being paid for the work as he was in having some female company. I think he meant "sex" by that.

Now that we were all on the same page I told him to not worry, but T would be down soon so be his assistant. With that he went to the truck and got his tool box and by the time he's returned T had also come downstairs. She wasn't dressed very sexy, just a casual workout outfit with a zip up sweatshirt and sweatpants. What he didn't know was that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. However, he would soon find out!

He started to take apart the water heater and as he went to work I thought it would be a great time to start to snuggle and caress T while we watched him work. He kept glancing over at us, and seemed a bit embarrassed as we kept hugging and kissing right next to him. He could tell that my hand were busy underneath her clothes and when I started to unzip her sweatshirt he stopped working completely when he heard the zipper going down.

I didn't want to waste any time, or prolong his agony, so I just zipped it all the way down and open. I kept on caressing her breasts and while we kissed I made sure that he had a clear view of my pulling on her nipples, cupping her tits and lifting them so they pointed towards him. After a few minutes of this I quietly slipped off her sweat shirt so she was completely bare from the waist up.

He was doing the best he could to concentrate on the water heater, but we both could tell that our conduct was distracting him. I had just started to squeeze her ass and slide my hands inside her sweat pants when he got up and turned from his work. He stood for moment and looked at us so I turned T around and held her in front of me as we stood a faced him. I had my arms around her waist so her tits were pointed right at him.

He said he had some bad news, the water heater was "almost dead" and needed to be replaced. It would still work as is, but the supply of hot water would be limited. He tried to keep talking but lost track of what he was saying as I continued to cup T's tits and pull her nipples as we faced him. Finally he just stopped talking and watched as I stroked her tits.

T was getting quite turned on by now, and she could tell that I felt the same since my hard cock was pressed tight against her ass. It was also evident that our repairman was enjoying the show as he also had a hard bulge in his pants. I keep on caressing her as he watched and soon pushed her pants down over her ass. She quickly wiggled out of them and as she stepped out of them kicked them over to the side of the room.

She was now standing naked in front of our retired repairman. He sure was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off her freshly shaved pussy and it was almost comical to watch his eyes dart from looking at her pussy to watching as I puller her nipples. I gave T a little nudge and without having to reach very far she leaned over and grabbed his belt and pulled him close.

With that invitation he lost all his nervousness of having me in the room and quickly started to caress her body. I leaned back against the wall and as T leaned back on she spread her legs a bit to give him full access to her pussy. We stood that way for a few more minutes, locked in a three person embrace, until she reached out and once again grabbed his belt, only this time to unfasten it.

He just stood still, as if frozen, as she loosened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his knees. She had to bend down a bit to do this so quite naturally she grabbed a hold of his cock and gave it a few licks before she sucked it in completely. T is a very good cock sucker, and it's something that she really enjoys. She's often told me that she gets really turned on when she's got a cock in her mouth as she's totally in control, and this was not exception.

I thought he might pass out, or cum to quickly, so after a minute or so I pulled her back up and held her between us. I asked him if he wanted her to continue, or would he rather use a different part of her body? By now I had also discarded my pants so it was obvious that T was going to get it from "both ends" one way or the other. After a couple of moments he just said "continue."

That was all we needed as T bent forward to suck his cock I entered her from behind. By doing it this way T was left the option of sliding back and forth on my cock and at the same time she was able to slide his in and out of her mouth. We kept up this motion for a little while but soon our friend was starting to push against her mouth and had her backed onto my cock without any way to move back and forth.

He would pull off for a moment, but then push her back so she so quickly she didn't have time to move forward on my cock. Although this disrupted the motion she had established it was evident that he couldn't hold on any longer and with a couple of grunts and a sigh he started to fill T's mouth with cum. Now she's a good cock sucker, and almost always keeps it all in her mouth, but this time there must have been too much as she couldn't keep from letting it drip onto the floor.

Even though he was had already cum T keep on sucking and pumping his cock with her mouth. She likes to keep on sucking and doing the in and out motion even when she has a mouth full of cum. This gives her a chance to "fuck her mouth" and spread the cum around as she swallows some of it. She really enjoys the slippery feeling of sucking on a cock as her mouth is filled with cum.

During this I grabbed her by the hips and started to take her from the back side. Because we'd been playing around for quite some time now, and had also anticipated this time for a couple of days I couldn't last very long. As I started to fill T's cunt with cum I looked over and saw that our repairman had the biggest grin on his face. I don't think he'd every been that happy in his life!

After I was done we stood for a few minutes and just enjoyed the moment awhile longer. T was still stroking his cock which had gotten soft by now. Her mouth and chin were covered with his cum, and my cum was beginning to slide down her leg as it leaked from her shaved pussy.

Eventually he pulled up his pants and we stood back and watched as he gathered up his tools and testing equipment. He said that we needed a new water heater and indicated how much it would cost to purchase one. I offered to write him a check for t he would pick it up and install it. I also offered that we could once again make arrangements for T to pay off his labor if he was interested. This got a laugh out of everyone as he quickly nodded yes.

T was still nude, and her face glistened with cum as she watched me to write out a check for the water heater and give it to him. It was evident that she had no plans to get dressed until after he left so he relaxed a bit and enjoyed the last few looks at he naked body as I wrote out the check and gave it to him.

He thought it would be about a week before he could get back for the installation, and then suggested that since it was a big job and due to his age, he didn't think he could bring it in and install it by himself. He asked me if I would be willing to help. As quick as he asked, and before T could say anything I suggested that perhaps he should find another retired guy to give him a hand.

Installing the water heater went great.....but that's another story.

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