tagAnalFree Use Ch. 05: Lease Day

Free Use Ch. 05: Lease Day


This story is purely a work of fiction and based in an alternate setting where laws have been created that allow the "Free Use" of females sexually (all over 18) by males of the society. All characters and situations are purely fictional.


Lease Day @ Eighteen Rentals

'Today is going to be a nice little Tuesday' mid 30's "rich kid turned business success", Ryan Davis thinks to himself, walking through the front door of a plainly marked office at the front of a non-descript looking building. A simple 'Long term leasing' in block lettering stuck to the door is the only indicator to what the facility deals in. Walking through the lobby, to a plain, unmarked desk, occupied by a woman who looks to be in her early 20's, dirty blonde hair, good bone structure...not too thick, not too thin. 'Looks like about a 36C hiding under that top' he thinks to himself.

Upon reaching the desk, 'Laci' (noted from the nametag on her top) greets him with a warm smile and a bat of the eyes "Welcome to Eighteen Rentals. Do you have an appointment?" she asks in about as nice of voice as he can recall hearing.

"Yes, I'm Mr Davis, here to see Mr Eyler, for a lease consultation. I have an appointment" handing the young woman his business card in the process.

Her smile grows larger as she answers "I'll let him know you're here. Would you like to be fluffed while you wait?" Laci taps a button on her monitor, followed by another to confirm the arrival. A genuine thoughtful look comes across his face as he ponders for a quick second "Only if you're the one offering" is the quick return.

Standing up from behind her desk, she nods a yes and points to what would pass for a cubicle in a normal office, before he walks to the seat located inside. Dropping his pants before he takes a seat, the timing is just right as Laci goes softly to her knees and wordlessly engulfs his knob in her velvety, experienced mouth. A low hum escapes him as he picks up a datapad, skimming over a TIME magazine article while she slowly mouths his cock. A slow, wet rhythm moving up and down his shaft, enveloping his prick, while he reads up on a week old 'news' story. He figures that only about 2 minutes have passed, when a door opens into the waiting room, revealing Mr Eyler. With a simple wave, he signals for the younger man to come with him (as soon as he gets up).

A light tap on Laci's cheek lets her know that she's done her job, and she releases his cock with a loud pop. She sits back on her haunches before looking up at Ryan "You have quite the nice cock" and simply stands up, running her hands down over her crop top and skirt as she stands. Standing and arranging himself in his pants, Ryan looks around, not nervously...but conscious of the fact that his almost 7" cock is straining as he puts it away for the time being. A quick glance to his right has him notice another booth just like the one he's leaving, where he sees the back half of another girl on her knees, working at the same leisurely pace in another lap. As Laci walks in front of him, back toward her station, he grabs the back of her skirt, pulling it to her waist, for a good look at her butt. Noticing no underwear of any kind, he moves a hand to squeeze a cheek, admiring the firm yet full cheeks. "Very nice, Laci" before splitting off toward Mr Eyler and the open door to the rest of the facility.

Making small talk as they walk along the hallway, Ryan asks 'Jake', the owner of Eighteen Rentals how business has been, if he's had time to get his boat out lately, where he found the secretary that had been sucking his cock up until about 1 minute prior...the usual small talk at this facility. The answers are all mundane and ordinary, just there to take up time until they reach the consultation office.

Once the door to the office closes, the two men take a seat at a high topped table, with 2 pub style bar stools behind it. Once seated, a door at the far side of the 12 x 20 rectangular shaped room opened, and through it walks 3 girls.

The first is what they both consider a 'midsize', much like the receptionist. She's probably 5'3" and a 36C redhead, with a slightly slimmer waist and full ass. Decent legs and a prominent patch of red pubic hair above her pussy, shaved into a "V" shape. All in all, a pretty nice package.

The second girl through the door looks to be about a 5'7"brunette, petite frame with 34B's maybe, flat stomach, a small patch of pubic hair, puffy mound, and long legs to fill out her look.

The third is a tight little Asian, maybe 5'1", 32 or 34 B's, bald pussy and compact, yet powerful looking legs. Looking all 3 of them over, Ryan muses

"Added in an exotic this time."

As is company policy, the girls are completely nude, wearing only a collar with a numbered tag hanging from it, and a stick on name tag above the left breast.

Always on his feet, Jake responds with a simple "you said you might be in the market last time", and an 'I told you so' look. A quick flip of his hand in a circle and "girls, turn please" from Jake, and the 3 of you do a slow turn, showing your bodies front and back, as I (Ryan) watch intently. Once you're standing facing us again, I point first at the Asian girl with "Jezy" on her nametag "turn around and bend over on the stand please". Referring her to turn away from us and lean her upper body on the flat topped stand behind her 'station', giving me a good 'rear-view' of her. Whispering out loud 'looks pretty good' before speaking out "spread please". At the command, she reaches back with both hands and pulls her cheeks apart, fully exposing herself to be inspected.

Looking over to Jake, I muse "she looks tight". His response is simple, straight from the information on his pad "only fucked a few times vaginally and anal virgin, before she got here".

"Thank you number 1, you may stand. 2, same thing, turn around, bend and spread please".

With this, you do a slow turn to look away, before seductively bending down until your stomach is flat on the stand. Then you reach back with both hands, spreading yourself lewdly open for me, your lips barely clamping together still, your tight little pucker looking just as inviting.

"That one looks almost as tight...how did she get to 18 as 'almost virgin'?"

Jake looks over his paperwork and gives the lowdown on how your father had you 'sheltered' during school, and always had a private car ferry you to and from classes once you turned 18. The only cock you felt before 'training' was of a boyfriend during your junior year in high school, and he wasn't quite experienced enough to fully take advantage of you. "Very good number 2, you may stand. 3, your turn".

Just as the words escaped my mouth, one of the 'trainers' walked through the same door you 3 had come in through, also completely nude, save for his shoes and his key card hanging from a lanyard around his neck. Both of us know Evan well, so it's not uncomfortable at all, as he walks around the ends of your platforms, closest to number 3.

I regard him with a quick "how's it hangin bud?" as he walks between Jake and number 3, who has taken her position bent over the stand, hands on her cheeks, spreading herself wide open. Ignoring her and the other two of you momentarily, shaking hands with the trainer that has just come over

"Oh you know...just livin the dream man. All about that daily grind" he answers. His not quite sarcastic, but dry tones mix well with his answer.

Where most people might think he has a dream job, breaking in lease girls for a living, I know it's not all fun and games. He has a grueling workout regimen he has to maintain just to stay in shape for the job. This along with the nutrition requirements, and the patience it takes to train new 18 year olds on the finer points of opening their throats, cunts and asses, when they're not used to doing it 'professionally' takes its toll on a guy. We've spent weekends out on the boat talking about the grind, and watching him turn down overly horny sluts, just to give himself a little break. All in all he spends 14 hours per day 'working', and during the week, he stays at the 'compound'...essentially being 'on call' 24 hours a day. Evan looks over at our collection of girls, and off hand, motions with his datapad toward the Asian girl "tightest asshole I've been in...kid you not". My interest piqued now, I have a question "What's with her name?" A slight laugh comes from both of them.

Evan takes care of the answer.

"Another girl's name is Jessi...she liked that, and she isn't too great with spelling...in English anyway. So she ended up spelling it like that."

Curiosity satisfied, a smile breaks out "Works for me".

Our attention momentarily broken away from conversation, I turn to see number 3 still obediently holding herself spread open. Her lips fully parted, showing the bright pink of the inside of her pussy, even gaping open a bit. Her asshole gaped open to about the size of a dime, I remark "so she wasn't a virgin when she got here" to a good solid laugh from Evan. Looking down at his pad, he sees the reason she's gaping.

"Training schedule shows she was with the Hammer brothers this morning."

An incredulous look comes over my face "Both of them at once?!" My surprise is warranted, as the 'Hammer bros' aren't actually brothers, just called that due to the size of their cocks. Both close to 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. A training session with one of them leaves a girl sore. Both at once, I could see doing this much damage.

Mr Eyler answers "Yes she's in the...advanced program. Very 'popular' girl all through school, early start, tested out high for the program...so she gets all the fun". A wry smile on his face almost matches hers as she peeks over her shoulder at us, full of pride at having both of them inside her holes at once.

"Both at once!" she beams with pride "all the way to the balls on each".

Eyler taps his pen on his pad before mentioning "I remembered you might be on schedule to replace one of your 'office girls' here in a month or two. She'll be through the program right about then."

"What did they all test out at, depth wise?" I ask, taking the testing numbers seriously.

Eyler answers as he points his stylus pen toward each of you "5.75 inches vag and 6.75 inches ass on Jezy, 6.5 inches vag and 7.25 inches ass on Lina, and 9.5 inches vag...11.5 inches ass on Anna here.

A lease girl's measurements are a very important thing to potential lessors. The service learned this very early on, and uses this as a way of differentiating itself from some of the more bargain basement outfits that just get girls in and offer them up for lease immediately. This is one of the reasons I use Eighteen Rentals exclusively, the extra steps they take to ensure quality.

"Shit I guess she's tight." I muse after hearing you and Jezy's test results.

Evan breaks in with a quick tip

"It took me a solid hour to get more than a finger in that one's ass (pointing at Jezy). You're going to need some patience. This one here, takes a little time to get opened up, but nothing close to Jezy (motioning toward you). Extremely energetic cocksucker. If I didn't know better, I would think she's on a cum diet. And this one (looking down at Anna, who's back to standing and facing us, her hand stroking Evan's dick)...I think she really IS on a cum diet."

With that, he gives her a simple nod yes, answering the pleading in her eyes, and she drops to her knees, immediately bobbing her face into his groin. Being a 'shower', his limp dick was still close to his full length, giving her plenty to suck on to get him hard.

Looking directly at you "number 2, come up here, please" watching you almost bound the two steps up to our small table. "So you love to suck, do you?" holding my right hand up, 2 fingers extended, signaling for you to begin sucking on them.

My left hand waves Jezy over, instructing her to stand right next to me, with her legs slightly opened. Once she stops beside me, I reach behind and under her, pushing my middle and ring finger into her tight little cunt, feeling for just how tight she is. She jumps at the intrusion, but knows better than to try to escape the fingers probing her. Hearing a little squeal come from her as the fingers work in past the second knuckles, I look up at you, now working diligently at sucking my fingers "testing yours next".

I hear a low addition to your hum, signaling you heard me. With that, I pull my fingers from Jezy's soaking wet hole, inserting the index finger only, before pulling it free and unceremoniously sliding it inside her tightest hole, eliciting a yelp and a little 'oww' from her.

"Clamp down" I order her calmly, feeling her squeeze tighter on my finger at the command. Only then does she answer an earlier question "Yesterday sir, trainer...had my ass...for a...session" as I finger her tightest hole, pushing as far as I can inside her. Looking over at Eyler, I see him smiling. He knows he as at least one lease guaranteed. "I'll take her. And are we still looking at a package discount?" I ask seriously while she continues flexing her ring on my finger, behaving like a good lease girl should. "Yup, same deal as last time if you get 2" comes his quick reply. A nod of my head signals that I'll be leasing you or Anna along with Jezy.

Releasing my grip on Jezy by pulling my finger free of her ass, I wave her back to her 'station' and nod for you to take her place beside my end of the table. When you take your place, I nonchalantly work 2 fingers into the tight grip of your cunt. Pushing past two knuckles, I feel your resistance tightening, my outside two fingers pressed firm on your lips, fanning you open. Noting that your lips haven't left my fingers yet, I give you a breather as I manipulate your tight little hole.

I pick now to begin interviewing you:

"When did you first suck cock?"

"14 sir, a boy took me to a school dance, and I sucked him off in the car in my driveway, while his brother waited for us to get done."

"Did your HS boyfriend get all 3 of your holes?"

"Yes sir, he was the only one in my vagina or backdoor until training started"

"How much did anal training hurt? And did either of the Hammer brothers get ahold of your asshole?"

"No sir, Evan, Mark and Jay were the only ones in my ass. One of the...ughhh (as I work my fingers into a curl and jam my fingers in harder for a couple strokes) of the Hamm...Hammer brothers trained my pussy, but he only...oohhh ugghhh...got halfway in."

Watching your body writhing in rhythm on my fingers during my questioning.

"What are your plans after being leased, and why did you choose this route?"

"I plan to...ohhhh goddddd...(propping yourself up on the table) management at a firm. With the service time...I ugghhhh...start at manager level, not as office holes"

"And why aren't you with your HS boyfriend??"

"He uhhhh leased...ugghhhh gooooood...leased his own girl. Didn't want to be...ohhh...fuckkkkkkkk" watching you writhe in tune with the fingers, with your eyes closed, lips pursed "be married"

"Can't blame him" I muse as I manipulate you through the questions.

"And does anal sex hurt much?"

"Yy-yyess, but I like the pain a little"

"Good" pulling my fingers free of your little cunt in one quick motion, watching you fall off your toes, back onto your heels, I push my index finger past your tight ring in one quick motion, sinking up to the 2nd knuckle and beyond. Watching you extend onto your toes, not yet completely trained out of trying to get away.

"Good reflexes. But try to fight that urge."

Speaking in a monotone voice, not angry or anxious...just advisory, watching you settle back down on my finger, your training coming back to you.

"Clamp down please" feeling you instinctively flex and clench up on my finger with your tightest hole. Wiggling my finger around inside you, I make my decision "I'll take this one too" as I motion toward you so Eyler can see me.

Only when you fully turn your shoulders toward me, ready to thank me for leasing you, do you see where Jezy went, dutifully on her knees between my legs, head bobbing up and down in my lap.

"Get it spit covered hunny. It's going in this one's little butt."

With that, Jezy opens her mouth a little, to throat and mouth my cock, leaving spit ribbons between the head and her lips each time. I remove my finger from your backdoor, before simply telling you

"Go over to your stand, bend over and spread".

Watching you take the two steps toward your 'station', I admire the ass I'm going to enjoy in a few seconds, as Jezy gets me pre-lubed with her spit. A simple pat on her cheek, and a 'good girl' tells her she's done her part, as I get up off my barstool and walk over to you, my almost 7" prick bobbing with the steps. You hear Mr Eyler in the background "I'll get the paperwork ready for your signature" and my response "And the digital copies to the work email as well, please". The response "no problem, and enjoy" comes from him as he leaves the room through another doorway not used as of yet.

I make my way to you, cock first, until the head presses against your tight little ring. A gentle push doesn't make its way inside. To which, I curl my finger at Jezy, motioning for her to come here and pointing at your tight little hole. She dutifully leans in to lick your backdoor for a good 10 seconds, hungrily lapping, before gently spitting out a large bubble of spit on your tightest hole. With that, I pull her gently back out of the way, pushing the head against your rim, feeling you open up as I push slowly but firmly up your back passage.

Feeling your heat and pressure wrapping around my knob, I exhale and shove forward until 3 solid inches are up your back passage. You flinch and squeeze involuntarily as I spread you open, making your hole even hotter and tighter. Giving you a second to adjust before I draw back and push another inch or two inside, I feel you clamping down the entire length of my cock.

"I probably won't last too long in here, hun. This is one tight little asshole you've got" breaking the quiet air, our breathing and the slurping noises of Anna being the only noise for the past minute.

Evan breaks in with "and the other one is EVEN tighter...think about that..." prompting a shy smile from Jezy, as she watches me working into your tightest hole, from inches away.

"Fuck man, I can barely think about anything right now" as my hand pats one of your cheeks, before gripping it, thinking it might loosen you up a tiny bit. True to plan, you loosen a tiny bit, allowing me to push another inch up your tight passage, leaving only an inch showing. Hearing your breathing coming quick and short, I pull back and start sawing into your ass, using you for my pleasure now.

You feel my length stretching you, pushing with authority each time, driving you open. The heat from my shaft transferring to you as you stretch. Feeling you clamp and release with each thrust, until finally, I'm looking down at my cock completely buried in your backdoor.

The breathing silence is broken up by Evan announcing to Anna that he's cumming. I look over, but you're too busy in the moment, feeling the pain and pleasure of my cock. With his announcement, she buries him in her throat, letting him cum straight down her throat, into her stomach. Watching in awe as her throat flexes around the cock widening it, before shifting my thoughts back to the ass trying to squeeze the cum out of mine...I feel the familiar feeling in my balls, signaling that it's almost time to cum.

"Fuckkkkkk I'm about to blow. Fuck your ass is soooo tight, it's milking me hunny. Keep squeezing it, squeeze baby...right now, here it cums!" My words turn into a grunt as my body takes over.

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