tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFree Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 01

Free Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 01


A dark revolution happened in 2020. You don't need to know all the details, but many powerful men fed up with feminism somehow won control in America. They enacted the Female Role Act that stripped women of the rights over their bodies.

I will introduce you to Ashlee. At the beginning of this story, she is 18 at the time these new laws passed.

First you need to know what the new laws and world order looked like:

*All women 20+ are rated Class A, B or C based on their attractiveness

-> Class As: top tier women, beautiful, skinny, C cup minimum with round asses

-> Class B: average or minimally flawed women, decent looking but lack assets for A rating. Class B was still a good rating, for example - perky cute little tits could earn this rating.

-> Class C: below average women, anyone overweight of course, and any woman deemed less fuckable

*Women 20+ could be used for the sexual pleasure at anytime, of any man certified for the class.

*Men are also divided into 3 levels that could be bought for daily, monthly, annual or lifetime fees to the government. These levels made women want to Class As since only a limited number of men would have full access to their bodies.

-> Level A: allowed to use any Class of women in any way. Participated in rating and pre-evaluating girls at 18.

-> Level B: allowed to use Classes B and C in any way and only allowed to grope Class As. Can be granted permission to use Class As mouth by Level A man.

-> Level C: only allowed to use Class C women in any way. Can only grope Class Bs and can also be granted permission to use Class Bs mouth by Level A man.

*At 18 girls are given in planned rating for her 20th birthday. This way she had two years to improve her appearance. Physical and behavioral evaluations were conducted at high schools and special improvement programs are available for the most ambitious girls. Intercourse was prohibited but touching and filming were legal, along with hand and oral stimulation.


We meet Ashlee at 18. She is 5'6", 115lbs with 34B tits that seem to have stopped growing. She has dark, long wavy hair that just covers her nipples. Her face is beautiful and innocent. She's fit after years of playing volleyball and currently play varsity. Ashlee's ass was perfectly plump and round. Her waist was small and petite.

She is part of the first 18 year-olds to be evaluated after the new laws passed. Since local men couldn't be trained in time, five men from the Federal government came to her town to assign planned ratings. They were also in charge of enrolling high-potential women into improvement programs funded by the government.

Two days before the Federal Evaluators were scheduled to evaluate the girls at her high school a notice was e-mailed to her and her parents from school administrators.

It read:

"Please arrive at your Planned Rating Appointment clean, groomed and shaven. Successful performers will emphasize their sexual value and comply to all questions and requests without protest.

Any girl, family member or person unwillingly to participate or protests in anyway will be imprisoned for at least 25 years or life. Sentences determined by the Federal Evaluators - violators will not have judicial proceedings."

Ashlee is smart and outgoing and fairly popular at her school. She is a little on the serious side so didn't get around the social scene as much as some other girls. She is terrified and confused by the new laws, but she's always been a rule follower so didn't even know how she could protest.

The morning before her Planned Rating Appointment she got up and showered, taking time to carefully shave her body. She figured she needed to look her best to try to get through this easily.

She put on her best lacy thong panties and a matching push up bra. She picked a tight white tank top out that she tucked into a tight plaid mini-skirt. Ashlee hoped she could play up an innocent school girl look that would be enough for the Evaluators so they didn't need to ask any more from her. Unfortunately, she had no idea this could ever backfire on her. She really was more innocent than she realized.


"Ashlee, they're ready for you," the Federal Evaluator's assistant announced to the classroom of girls waiting. "You're the lucky first of the day!"

Ashlee got up nervously, walked into the Evaluation Room.

Five men in suits waited for her behind a long table. They were strangers, but almost looked familiar to her. They were middle-aged men like her father, family friends and teachers she knew. Ashlee noticed right away two were fairly overweight and ugly. The other three just barely average. There was special lighting stands around the room and several cameras set up.

Ashlee sat down in the single chair set up facing the panel of men. In her head she starting preparing to deliver an introduction and argument for a Class A rating.

"Ashlee?" one Evaluator asked.


"I'm Jason and will be leading today's assessment."

"Nice to meet you Jason, I'm Ashl.."

He cut her off before she could deliver her pitch.

"Ashlee, remove your bra and pull your tank top down so we can see your tits while you talk," Jason demanded.

Ashlee was stunned and couldn't process what she was told. She wasn't used to this treatment.

"Ashlee, take that bra off and pop those tits out for us before you say another word. If you don't do this immediately, we will punish you as a protestor."

Ashlee blinked fast and in fear, she undid her bra and pulled it from under her tight tank top. Then she pulled her top down so her perky breasts popped out.

"Like this?" she asked nervously.

"Yes. And we'll need you to change your sneakers. You should only be wearing heels from now on. Go find your size," Jason pointed to a wall with stilettos in all sizes lined up.

Ashlee got up, embarrassed with her tits hanging out. Then men stared at her as she went to change into the slutty high heels. She put them on and started to wobble as she walked back to her chair. Then men chuckled at her, making her even more insecure. She needed to do well at this appointment!

"Pull up your skirt, we need to see your panties," barked the fat man to the left of Jason.

"This is Bob," Jason said. "He loves young pussy."

Ashlee already felt uncomfortable and objectified. She lifted her skirt as she balanced in her new heels.

"Turn around so I can see your ass. And bend over and put your hands on the chair," Bob demanded, almost laughing at her.

Ashlee turned her ass toward the middle-aged men evaluating her, lifted her skirt to her hips, then bent over and put her hands on the chair.

"Matt, get over there with your camera," Bob directed one of the younger looking Evaluators.

Matt walked over to Ashlee and starting filming her close-up.

"Arch your back and stick your ass up, bitch," Matt said as he walked over to Ashlee.

Ashlee did her best but she was shaking from nervousness. She'd never ever think to expose herself like this.

Matt walked up and slapped her ass. Ashlee nearly fell over from surprise. He pushed her lower back down and lifted her hips up so her ass and pussy could press against his crotch.

It was the first time Ashlee felt a hard dick press against her. Matt pressed his stiff dick against Ashlee's most private parts. He hooked up thumb around her thong and moved it aside. Lucky for her his suit pants were protecting her exposed asshole and cunt. He grunted as he dry humped her. The other Evaluators rooted, laughed and told him to calm down.

"Matt, she's only 18!"

"You have to keep those pants on!"

"Seriously? I won't tell if you use it a couple years early!"

Ashlee was mortified. These men were enjoying the way they could use her. They were excited at this new revelation- they could ultimately do whatever they wanted.

"Matt, calm down and come sit back down," another man commanded. "Ashlee, I'm Steve. You're doing great so far. Let's have you sit back down on that chair."

Ashlee sat in the chair, sitting up straight and scared with her tits still hanging out. Matt went and sat back down, too.

"We're here to assign your planned rating," Jason stated. "We need to assess your physical state and test your behavior for warning signs. We appreciate that you've been compliant so far."

"Ashlee, come sit on my lap while we continue to talk," Jason directed.

Ashlee obeyed. Jason was sitting in the middle of all the other men. They all pushed their chairs so they could be closer to Jason.

"No, sit so you're straddling me," Jason pushed Ashlee into position.

She was forced to sit with her legs spread wide across Jason's crotch and with her tits in his face. Ashlee was absolutely humiliated.

"Ashlee, I want you to bounce your ass softly on my lap while making these cute titties bounce in my face. Be sure to lean back and arch your back so you look good."

Ashlee started gyrating on Jason's lap and tried to make her breasts bounce in his face.

"Ugh, why don't these bitches know what to do?" Bob barked. "Hey, Cooper, help her get those tits bouncing.

Cooper walked over and held her arms down straight by her wrists. "Keep your body rigid and your ass popped out." He started pulsing her up and down on top of Jason so her tits finally started bouncing. "Yeah, good, keep that up."

Ashlee kept bouncing and grinding the best she could. She was terrified and wanted to do well. As she kept moving she heard the Evaluators all commenting on her...

"Damn, she's trainable."

"Her tight body is making me hard."

"Jason, are you sure we can't fuck her cunt?"

"She's not that hot. Her titties should be bigger."

"Her mouth would be more fuckable with bigger lips too.""Her ass is great though."

"Can we start evaluating, too, Jason?"

Jason grabbed her tits. "You can sit still now." He continued groping her chest.

"Get up a strip naked. The most important evaluation will start now." He pushed her up. Ashlee started undressing. The Evaluators all stripped down, too. Ashlee knew the law let them touch her and make her please them with her hands or mouth, but she started fearing they didn't care about that line.

Naked Ashlee sat back down on Jason's bare lap. He moved her hips up so his hard cock could press up against her bare, shaven, virgin pussy. The other men started surrounding her. They started taking turns fondling her breasts, slapping her ass and lightly choking her throat.

"Ignore them," Jason instructed as he held her hips down on his thick cock. "I need you to convince me you could be a Class A. Recite your mission statement as defined in the Female Role Act."

Ashlee studied for this but was distracted and shaken by all the men touching her body. They were grabbing, pulling, slapping and pinching relentlessly.

In a broken voice she recited the law, "I am a woman made to please men. I will keep my body fit and make myself as sexy as possible at all times. I will serve all men with rights to my Class without protest. My responsibility to the Republic is to keep men happy."

"Good girl!" Jason said as he slipped a finger into Ashlee's pussy. She gasped in discomfort and shock. The other men stepped back and starting stroking their dicks.

"You are very obedient. I like that. But it looks like you're not enjoying yourself. Are you? Are you a virgin? What sexual experience do you have? Tell us the truth, I promise we won't be upset with the truth," Jason said as he moved his finger around Ashlee's tight cunt.

Ashlee didn't know how to answer. These naked men were staring at her body as they jerked their cocks.

Fat Bob walked her to her, slapped her across the face and slid three fingers into her mouth and down her throat. "Answer, you slow bitch," he yelled as he pulled his hand from her mouth.

"No, I don't really like this," Ashlee said softly as she held back her feelings of wanting to cry. "I'm a virgin. I haven't done much but I have given a few blowjobs," she admitted shamefully.

"It's okay, sweetie. We assume you don't like it. It actually makes us like it more," Jason grinned evilly as he slipped a second finger into her cunt. "Right now I think you have potential to be Class A. Do you want to show us you can be Class A?"

Ashlee nodded slowly, trying not to cry.

"Oh, so you know how to suck a dick off?" Bob asked as he grabbed Ashlee by the throat. He led her off Jason's fingers and pushed her to her knees. He slapped her face again. "Open your mouth." He slowly slid his hard cock into her mouth. "Look me in the eyes, bitch." Ashlee looked up as fat Bob grabbed the back of her head and shoved his entire shaft down her throat. She immediately started coughing and choking but Bob gave her throat a few more thrusts until he pulled it out so she could gasp for air.

All five men were circled around her now. They each took turns grabbing Ashlee's head and pushing their cocks down her throat. Then men waiting for her mouth took her hands and commanded her to stroke their dicks. Others groped her breasts, slapped her ass or fingered her pussy.

She was completely lost and overwhelmed. They continued using her mouth and playing with her for only 20 minutes but it felt like a lifetime to her.

Suddenly, Jason made the Evaluators stop and back up from her.

"I'm pleasantly surprised by you," Jason congratulated Ashlee as she kneeled in front of him while he slowly stroked his big, thick cock. "Do you want to be in Class A?"

"Yes," Ashlee nearly begged.

"You need a few improvements. Are you willing to do the work to improve yourself?"


Jason waived the other Evaluators over. They lined up, with the Steve towering closely over her left side and Jason moved to her right. Both waved their hard dicks inches from her face, just above her head.

"Gentlemen, I'm ready for us to give Ashlee her official Recommendations and Planned Rating. Let's begin with Point 1. Ashlee, tilt your head toward Steve and open your mouth. Look at me in my eyes only while I speak." Ashlee obeyed - her head looked up with her big brown eyes staring into Jason's while she dropped her jaw down to moved toward Steve.

Steve started jerking his cock fast. As he groaned and started squirting hot cum across Ashlee's face, Jason commanded "I want you to get breast implants in the next month to increase your tits to at least a D." As Steve finished milking the last drops of his cum into Ashlee's mouth, Jason asked, "please nod if you agree to complete this."

Steve slipped his dick into her mouth and pushed down so his balls were rubbing on her face. "Nod yes to Jason," Steve said as he kept her mouth full.

Ashlee nodded yes.

Steve pulled out and walk away. Matt immediately took his place and pushed his pulsing dick in her mouth. As Matt started, Jason resumed, "Do you have the means to fund your boob job? Just nod since Matt's in your mouth."

Ashlee nodded no. She felt so helpless.

"I see potential in you. I will grant you a surgery scholarship," Jason declared. With this special announcement Matt held Ashlee's head on his dick and shot his load down her throat.

She started coughing so hard Matt let her free. Ashlee started spitting up and gasping for air. They all ignored her distress.

"You must agree to 40 hours of community service, assigned by me to receive the scholarship. Do you accept this huge reward?" Jason asked.

Ashlee nodded yes quickly while she tried to wipe Steve's and Matt's cum from her face. She never broke eye contact with Jason.

Fat Bob was next in line and walked up to Ashlee. "I'm moving her to the table." Bob grabbed Ashlee's throat and led her to the table. He positioned her laying down so her head hung back over the edge. Jason moved onto the table, straddled her chest and laid his cock down between her breasts. He grabbed her tits and pressed them together so he could start titty fucking her. Bob tiled her head back started fucking her face. He was the fattest and his ugly hairy stomach hung over Ashlee's chin as she took his dick upside down.

"I want you to enroll and complete the Women's Training Academy." Bob started moaning and unloading his cum on Ashlee's forehead, eyes and lips. Jason continued explaining the Academy while Bob smeared his cum around Ashlee's face with his tired dick. "The Academy will train you to be the perfect woman. I can already tell you resent this treatment. Training will make over your look and ensure your hair, make up, clothes, and body are all styled to men's liking. You will learn fundamentals of how to be a Class A slut."

Jason paused and Bob stepped away. Jason continued rubbing his penis between the tits he was smashing together with a painfully tight grip. Last in line, Cooper walked up and started slapping his throbbing dick on Ashlee's cum smeared lips. He couldn't last, he busted immediately on her mouth and chin.

Jason continued, "Do you agree to complete Training at the Academy?"

"Yes," she whispered defeatedly.

Jason moved her down on the table so her head was no longer hanging off the side. Ashlee felt a deep sense of appreciation because her neck and face were aching from the rough face fucking she was receiving. And she just wanted to gag with all the cum on her face and in her mouth. It was dripping everywhere.

She knew it was almost over. It had to be almost over. Jason was the only one that hadn't cum. Jason stood up and took Ashlee from the table. He sat in his big, executive chair and commanded Ashlee to kneel before him.

"Suck my cock," he directed. Ashlee grabbed the base of his cock and began bobbing her head up and down. "I think you're going to be very successful if you follow through on my Recommendations. I will award you with Class A status if you complete my Orders. If you understand and agree, I want you to fit both my hairy balls in your mouth and recite your mission statement again the best you can. " Jason instructed casually.

Used, shamed and desperate to end the Evaluation, Ashlee awkwardly moved down and worked to fit Jason's big balls into her mouth. It was difficult, they were large and so hairy. She had to keep drooling on them as she wiggled her mouth side to side to take slurp up both. He kept giving her little coaching tips as she worked... "Gotta open wide, sweetie... no using your hands... look up at me... keep your tongue wide and flat and don't stop licking them..."

Once Ashlee finally stuffed both balls in, Jason waved Matt over. He had a camera in his hand and stuck it in Ashlee's testicle-filled face. Jason told her to look directly into the camera and begin her recitation of the law.

She mumbled her mission statement, trying to studiously form each word that best she could with her mouth full of balls,"I am a woman made to please men. I will keep my body fit and make myself as sexy as possible at all times. I will serve all men with rights to my Class without protest. My responsibility to the Republic is to keep men happy."

"Good girl, Ashlee," Jason commended as he brought her back up to his huge, thick dick. "Now, look me in the eyes and put the tip of my cock on your tongue. Yes, good... Open your mouth so I can see inside. Yes, Ashlee. Just like that. You're going to do a lot for the Republic, I can tell..."

It haunted Ashlee how matter-of-fact Jason treated the situation. He was just like her volleyball coach, directing her game and guiding her to improve. He had so much authority she knew she could never disobey.

Jason continued, "Hold your tongue down flat, Ashlee. There you go. Good girl... I'm going to cum in your mouth in a moment... Look at me, I'm about to dump my cum on your mouth... Hold your head still and use your hand to jerk me off onto your tongue..."

Ashlee looked up at Jason, scared, pumping his fat cock in her hand while she kept the tip positioned on the middle of her tongue. Matt came over with the camera again. He was getting close ups of the her cum-drenched face eagerly working to get more from Jason.

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