tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFree Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 03

Free Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 03


"Welcome to my first primetime episode!" Ashlee announced to the cameras. She was on a soundstage, wearing high heels and a short, tight white dress that hugged her curves and let her tits hang out.

The cameras closed in on Ashlee as she read, "I have so much to share with you tonight. Over the past week, I've been used to please so many cocks.. I think I've lost count." She forced a giggle. The producers told her to pause here and play up her innocence. "Let's get right into the footage!"

A graphic montage covered the screen. The viewers saw pictures from Ashlee's first interview and spokeswoman announcement. In rapid fire they showed each clip of Ashlee getting cummed on. Then the words appeared, "Fuck doll lessons - Ashlee learns to obey"


The footage from Ashlee's last week filming the episode begins to play... Here's what millions of viewers saw...

She was outside on a busy street in a city, with lots of tall office buildings around her. She wore a frilly pink and white apron, a white garter belt and white thigh-high stockings. A big, childish pink bow was tied on her head and she wore tall stilettos.

The camera focused on her barely covered body and all then men staring at her on the street. She looked into the camera and smiled, "Today is my first day of fuck doll training. The goal of these lessons are to teach me out to blank out my mind and submit my body without protest. My instructions are to keep calm, pretend like nothing is happening and focus on being a real life fuck doll. I will be treated like property. I will do nothing unless told to by a man... I'm not sure what is in store for me today, but I'm here at the Female Role Act headquarters to find out!"

She'd been coached earlier on how to deliver this opening. Each time she messed up a line she was repeatedly slapped by the producer. They realized she needed to calm down. After consulting the Leaders, it was decided she would be given as many vodka drinks and medication as necessary to calm her nerves and boost her desperation for approval. It made her head fuzzy.

The cameras watched her stumble into the lobby and a few quick shots showed Ashlee in the elevator and then walking into the Headquarters. A man greeted her by slipping his hand beneath her frilly apron to fondle her breasts. He grabbed a tit and took her back to a large conference room set up with film lights, a table and a large bed.

Ashlee sat on the table as the cameras positioned around her. "Okay, my fuck doll training is supposed to begin now! Wish me luck!" Ashlee excitedly announced. Then she dropped her arms to her side, arched to back to stick out her tits and her ass. She made her eyes and face go blank.

A man walked into the room. It was Jason, from her Evaluation! He approached Ashlee and groped her tits. "Oh, sweetie, these turned out even better than I thought. Let's take off this apron and lay you down on the table."

Ashlee kept her face blank and focused on being as doll-like as possible. She let him undress her and push her onto the table. She kept her body stretched out and tits perked up, as she was told to do.

Jason moved her head to the side of the table and pushed his cock into her mouth. "Take this cock in your mouth, whore. Yes, just like that, take it in, baby. You should be used to it by now."

Ashlee held her body still and opened wide for Jason's use. She tried to remain expressionless while his member stiffened in her mouth and he roughly grabbed her big tits.

"You're so hot now," Jason grunted. "You know men look at you and want to fuck you, right? Yeah sweetie, no one thinks of you as a person anymore. Now you're just a fuck toy. I bet you like that, don't you?"

She held herself still while Jason talked down to her. She was used to dicks in her mouth, she told herself she could do this.

Jason held his erection in her mouth and asked, "Ashlee, are you a virgin? Go ahead and respond by nodding."

Ashlee nodded yes.

"Sweetheart, at what age does the Act allow men to use your cunt? Go ahead and speak," Jason commanded.

"20," Ashlee mumbled with his dick in her mouth.

"That's right. But what at what age is legal consent? Tell everyone."

"18," she responded.

"That's right, slut. Good girl," Jason smacked his hand across her face. She tried to remain blank. "You're 18 and our spokeswoman. You signed contracts that state your consent for any sexual activity. Do you remember that?"

"I don't..." Jason slapped her hard when she tried to respond.

"You stupid, stupid bitch. I didn't tell you to respond. Just do exactly as you're told. I didn't tell you to speak... Ashlee, have you thought about how it will feel to loose your virginity?"

She looked up and saw an evil grin on Jason's face. He motioned for someone to come into the room.

Ashlee saw a fat, hairy old man walk into the room. She recognized his hair, then his face. It was the President. He was the man that ushered the Leaders into the critical government positions. He was in his 60s. His naked body moved closer the table.

Jason took her face and made her look up at him, "I want you to keep your face to the side here, pointed toward me and this camera. Don't look anywhere else and keep being that good, blank fuck doll. Stay still, make yourself pliable."

Ashlee stared blankly into the camera, trying to separate herself from reality. The President stood at her feet. He grabbed her legs and slid her ass down to the edge of the table. She kept her body malleable. The President spread her young, thin legs wide open to expose her cunt. He slid his short, thick cock back and forth over her cunt and asshole. His fat stomach draped over her petite, innocent body. He moaned as he dripped precum across her slit.

The President started talking to the virgin in front of him. "You're dressed like a slut. I guess that means you want me to treat you like a cheap whore. Do you know who I am? I'm your President." He slapped pushed her thighs further apart, spreading her wide for the cameras. "Let those cameras get a good look at your hot body. Yeah, baby," he groaned.

Ashlee stayed frozen. She thought she wouldn't have to give up her virginity for two more years. But she realized at 18 and with all the documents she signed, she probably was legally obligated to get fucked.

The disgusting old man held the tip of his short fat cock on her pussy lips. "Ashlee, you are going to make America great again," he said as he slid himself into her virgin cunt. He held her legs open and leaned forward. His disgusting fat body draped over her small, fit body. He grunted as he pressed his manhood as deep inside her as possible.

"Good slut," the President moaned. He looked appalling. He was so old, pale and fat.

"Is this what you wanted, bitch? You wanted a cock in your pussy. Oh, it feels good. You have a tight cunt. You were telling the truth, you are a virgin, aren't you, slut?" He thrusted slowly in and out of Ashlee's pussy while she looked blankly into the camera. "I've fucked a lot of bitches in my life, but sweetie you're one of the best." He slowed his thrusts down and stood up and gripped her waist. "You like my cock inside of you? Yeah, yes you do, bitch. You're tremendous. A great fuck. You're going to serve your country well." The old man continued to slow fuck her cunt. "Oh you poor little thing... you're just so pretty and helpless..."

Ashlee couldn't stop herself from squirming. She felt violated. He was taking her virginity in front of the world. And it was by one of the most vile men in the country. He was a racist and bigot. Her body tensed up, her pussy tightened to try to push him out.

"Take it, bitch," the President barked. "Don't fight me. Do you want to be beat senseless? No, you don't. Your face is too pretty. You are so beautiful. I'm going to cum on that sweet face of yours. You're going to lick my cock clean, aren't you? You like when men cum on you, don't you, baby?"

The obese, old man fucked Ashlee's cunt faster. "Look at me, tell me you're going to show the men here a good time. Go ahead and speak," he directed while he fucked her.

"I'm going to show them a good time," Ashlee repeated with a blank stare into the camera.

The President moaned. "Bitch, your tight cunt is going to make me cum so fast. I usually last so much longer. I've fucked so many women. Do you like that my filthy cock popped your cherry tonight? You should be very proud. This is a big honor. I've fucked hundreds of women. Don't think you're too special, baby. You are precious but you're just another hole. You ready to drink my cum?"

He moved over to Ashlee's mouth and used his thumb to pull her jaw down. She stared blankly up at him and the camera over his shoulder.

"Get it in your mouth, bitch. That's it, take it. Taste your pussy." He laughed and looked over to the other men in the room, "Ha, I think there's even some virgin blood on there for her!"

Ashlee held her mouth open for the President as he shoved himself in. His big belly suffocated her when he thrust deep. It was hard to breathe.

"Yeah, baby, drink my cum up. Good girl. Swallow it, honey. Yes, good girl. You're no longer a virgin."

She gulped down his thick cum as fast as possible so she wouldn't gag. She kept her limp and stretched out for display.

The President kept his softening dick between her lips. "Sweetie, I am just the first of the night. There's a lot of men here that are going to help break your cunt in. I want you to a good slut, just like you were for me." He patted her on the head like a dog.

He walked out of the room and the film crew called cut. They threw her a towel and told her to clean up.

There was a lot more planned for her first episode...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/18/19

It's good

I wish u were a bit more subtle overall still a great read... but it's kinda killing my lady boner like another user mentioned lol.
Still a great read!!

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by Kitten123004/15/19


For anyone who doesn’t like it, don’t continue reading. Some of us are anxiously waiting new chapters :)

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by roseyfingers03/27/19

Political comment is ok but

this might have been a bit more subtle and DT is over 70.

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by Anonymous03/26/19

Thumbs up

Your political reference didn't ruin the story at all some obviously are just choosing to be a little sensitive

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by Anonymous03/24/19

sounds real

exactly how the dude would act. grab em by the pussy

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