Free Wolf Ch. 05


"Exactly. I think maybe it's a part of our being mates. It's just natural." I realized we were on my street; the last part of the drive had flown by.

Kyle pulled into my driveway and grabbed one of our bags. I took the other and went to unlock the door. It was like déjà vu as Kyle pressed his hard cock into me while I worked the locks. Once the door was open he pushed me inside and pinned me to the wall. He devoured my mouth with his. My lips felt bruised when he pulled away to meet my eyes with his, full of lust and love.

"Go in the living room and wait for me, Tony." I nodded and went into the adjacent room. I waited with my dick hard and the blood pounding in my ears. I could hear Kyle taking our bags to the bedroom. He came back with the lube in one hand.

"I gotta piss, baby. I'm sure you do too, let's go." He turned around and went to the bathroom. I followed and he left the door open. We pulled our hard dicks out and I took his, wanting to hold it for him. I aimed it down, gently, until he would just make it in the bowl. When I had both of us aimed I let go and rolled my head back in relief. I heard his sigh of relief as his piss splashed in the toilet. It went on for awhile and I was amazed that even the sound of him peeing could turn me on. When he finished I stroked the last of the piss out of his shaft, starting to jack him off.

"Uh, not yet, baby." He tucked his dick away and moved behind me to pull my shorts up over my straining erection. He took my hand and led me back to the living room. He positioned me in front of the tv and cleared off the wide coffee table then sat back on the couch to watch me. I started fidgeting, waiting for him to make a move.

"Why don't you go and get me a beer, for the show, Tony?" My dick was so hard in my shorts it made every step painful, but the thought of serving him and putting on a show was worth the discomfort. I went into the kitchen and brought him his beer, opening it on my way.

"That's good, baby. Why don't you put something nice on the stereo?" I grabbed my iPod and turned it on, thankful I'd made a playlist of sexy songs. When the music came on I looked over to Kyle, who was sprawled out on the couch, with an expectant look.

"You know what I want, baby." God, the way he said 'baby' made my cock leak. I could feel my cheeks heating and a warm flush creeping onto my bare chest. I started swaying my hips to the slow beat. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of Kyle's shorts and slowly pushed them down. It was a bit awkward getting them off but I managed. Kyle kept his hot gaze on me.

I stood for a moment, unsure what to do next, and Kyle held up a hand to twirl one finger in the air. I started moving again, turning to show him my ass. It was killing me, but I danced for him. He had a big grin on his face.

"That's good, baby. I love the way you move, so graceful, like your beast. Why don't you climb up onto the table and shake your ass?" I couldn't believe how much this was turning me on. I still had reservations about willingly letting Kyle have his way with me but I couldn't deny the way I was reacting to the situation. I climbed up onto the sturdy little table, spreading my legs and gyrating to give Kyle short peeks at my hole.

He growled, pushing at his stiff meat still trapped in my shorts. I sensed the determination he used to pull his hand away and relax back into the couch. He watched me as I turned back to him and began stroking my cock. He sat up and swatted my hand away, "No, Tony. Your cock is mine. You don't get to touch it unless I say so. You got that?" I nodded at him, putting my hands behind my back. I thrust my hips back and forth, making my dick slap against my stomach and splashing pre-come across my abdomen.

"You're making me hot, baby. Why don't you lay back there, on the table and play with yourself." Feeling even hotter, I squatted down on the table and sat to let my legs rest over the edge of the table. I leaned back on one elbow and taking my cock in hand I stroked down to the base where I released it to knead my balls. Kyle was giving me all his attention so I blatantly licked my lips at him.

He gave me his sexy grin and growled out to me, "I didn't mean like that, Tony." I let go of my balls and went back to stroking my cock but he shook his head at me in the negative. I moved my hand up to rub and pinch at my nipples but he shook his head again, the sexy grin still in place. I gave him a confused look as I leaned back on both elbows.

"Lay back." He tossed one of the throw pillows at me. "Pull up your legs and let me see your hot little cunt. I want to watch you finger yourself." He tossed the bottle of lube over to me. "Make your pussy nice and wet for me." A shudder ran through me at his words.

I had to scoot my ass to the very edge of the table and I put the pillow behind my head as I lay back. I drew my legs up and could feel the cool air moving over my hole. I rubbed my fingers over the muscles at my opening, caressing the sensitive skin. Kyle had begun breathing through his mouth in quick panting breathes, his eyes glued to my fingers and ass.

I picked up the lube with my other hand, uncapping it, and pulled my balls up to hug the base of my shaft. I drizzled some lube just behind my balls to let it run down into the crease of my ass. As it oozed over my hole I rubbed two fingers into the slick stuff, spreading it all around, and pushed the tip of my middle finger into my opening. I groaned softly and pulled my legs up tighter to my chest, curling my ass up. Kyle tossed me another pillow and I pushed it under my lower back, murmuring gratefully.

I poured more lube into my ass and set the bottle down beside me. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feelings in my ass and as the lube ran down I pushed it inside myself with one finger. I started purring as I pushed my finger in all the way. I used my other hand to spread my cheeks, wanting Kyle to see as I dug another finger in. I pushed both fingers in all the way and gently started fucking myself with them. Easing them out a bit I scissored them to stretch the muscle at my entrance.

After a moment I pushed a third finger in. I held them inside for a minute, feeling the burn. I found my prostate and opened my eyes to watch Kyle as I massaged it. Then I started fucking myself with my fingers, moaning and wiggling on the table. He was entranced and watched me greedily.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer, "Please, Kyle. I need more." My voice sounded too loud in my ears, coming out wanton and thick.

"Okay, baby. You can come over here and take out my cock." I was already pulling my fingers out of my ass and moving from the table to kneel before him. "That's it. I want you to make it really hard. Mmmh, yeah. Just like that." I'd pulled his shorts down, he wasn't wearing underwear, and fisted the shaft of his dick. I stuck my tongue out to lap at the head and around the crown. I pulled the head between my lips and pursed them, making them look obscene, as I pushed the tip of my tongue into his piss-slit. It was drooling and I savored the sweet/salty taste of his pre-come.

Kyle was moaning, the muscles in his stomach contracting in time to the throbbing of his cock as I tortured him with my lips and tongue. He thrust his cock up and I was ready for it, I swallowed him whole. As he sank back into the couch, sighing, I followed him down to keep my nose buried in the hair around his base. We hadn't showered in days, except jumping in the lake, and he smelled ripe and fucking delicious. I swallowed around his cock as he stretched into my throat, making him moan and whimper.

"So fucking good...," he panted out. "The way you take my cock, so slutty, Tony." He ran his hands into my hair and held my face down on him. "Oh shit, I don't want to come yet." He yanked at my hair, pulling me up and off his dick. I sucked air, catching my breath, while he watched the saliva drip down my chin. He ran his fingers into my mouth and I immediately closed on them, sucking and caressing his calloused pads with my tongue. "You're so fucking beautiful, baby."

He stared into my eyes awhile, letting me feel the heat of his gaze. He stood suddenly, keeping me on the floor with one hand tangled in my hair and one in my mouth. He took his fingers from my mouth and grasped the base of his cock. He struck me softly about the face with his club-like cock and grinned as I tried to capture it with my mouth.

"Let's move this to the bedroom, baby." He raised me up with his hands under my arms and gave me a searing kiss. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He stretched out on his back displaying his cock as it rested on the silky hairs over his abs, reaching past his navel. I stood there uncertain and admiring him spread out before me. He'd grabbed the lube and took it now to pour over his cock.

He looked up at me with his sexy grin before speaking, "I want to watch you sit on my cock, baby. I want to see it sink into you." Kyle rubbed the lube into the skin of his cock as he talked. "Mount up, baby. I want to watch you fuck yourself on my cock." I climbed on the bed next to him, getting ready to straddle his thighs, but he stopped me saying, "Turn around. On your feet."

I turned to face his feet and got up onto my mine as I spread over his hairy legs. He held his cock up for me with one hand and used the other to bend me forward so I had to rest my hands on my knees. I slowly lowered my ass until I felt his cock pressing into me, right on target. He rubbed the head over and around my hole, making me whimper, until he held his big dick steady beneath me.

I took a deep breath, trying to stay relaxed, and sank down. The head and a couple of inches of his shaft tore into me and I gasped at his girth, amazed that I had ever taken him before. He put his hands on my hips and forced me down all the way. I moaned as I felt him invading so deeply into my body. Kyle groaned below me as his cock slid in to the hilt. I took deep breaths trying to accept him, trying to stop the muscles in my ass from spasming.

Kyle nudged me up with his hips and I rose half way but suddenly felt weak and sank back down causing me to cry out at being impaled again. I leaned forward even more and put my hands on his knees to keep my balance. I squirmed my ass around on his cock and felt it pushing everywhere at my insides.

"Ride it, baby. Fuck!" He slapped my ass and the sudden pain made me rise up. "So fucking hot and tight, Tony. Fuck yourself on it." I slowly lowered myself and found the pain had lessened and the pleasure was beyond belief. The top of his cock was riding on my prostate, making my dick harder.

I set a punishing rhythm and rode his cock. He used his hands to spread my ass cheeks and watch me envelope his dick over and over. I was in heaven as I took control and pounded my ass brutally on his cock, taking him hard and deep. I could feel him thrashing below me, trying to thrust up and meet me.

My orgasm took me completely by surprise. All of a sudden long ropes of come shot out of my dick hitting me in my face and chest. I cried out, freezing in place. Kyle took my hips and made me ride it out. He used his legs and the brute strength of his big biceps and wide shoulders to force my ass up and down. I tried to tighten my hole for him but I was momentarily fucked out and loose all over.

He pushed me forward and I sprawled before him, whimpering at the twinge of pain as his dick literally popped out of me. He got on his knees behind me and dragged my ass up until I was on my knees before him. Holding me still he plunged his dick into me and I cried out at the new invasion in my sore ass. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up as he leaned down to whisper roughly in my ear, "We're not done yet, bitch." He pulled out and slammed back into me, "Not until I'm done with your cunt."

I whimpered but found myself immensely turned on by his brutal, almost violent, behavior. I surrendered to him and he fucked me hard with one hand in my hair to keep me from getting away. My dick started to firm up, reawakening. He grunted his words into my ear, "Remember what I said that first night? When and where I want. This. Ass. Is. Mine." Each word was punctuated with a hard thrust and at the end he cried out as he came deep inside me.

He didn't stop the assault but kept right on, churning his come inside me. I could hear it squelching in my hole as he pumped his dick in me. He was fucking me off the end of the bed and he realized just before I thought I'd go over. He pulled out hard and jumped off the bed. He was back on me in a flash and flipped me onto my back. He pulled me down until my ass hung over the edge and hammered his cock back into me.

I cried out as he fucked me, holding my legs at the ankles and spreading me wide. He pulled out all the way and thrust back in, repeating this over and over until I was sobbing with pleasure. A constant stream of sound escaped my lips as I moaned and cried out, whimpering and begging with every breath.

He fucked me until I slid forward on the bedspread and he had to crawl onto the bed with me. He never let up as he threw my right leg over his left arm, my knee at his elbow, and let the other rest along his side. Reaching down with his right hand he cupped my ass cheek and pounded into me as he pressed our chests together.

He sealed our lips together and thrust his tongue into my mouth. He pulled away to look at me and spoke determinedly, "Say it, Tony. Tell me what you want." The hand that had been holding my ass spread and his fingers moved into my crease. He pushed two fingers into my hole, alongside his cock, and rode me harder.

The final wall of my resistance crumbled and I yelled out what he wanted me to say, what I wanted to say: "Fuck me Kyle. Oh God, fuck me. Fucking rape me. Make me your bitch and fuck my pussy hard." He pounded into me, his whole body in motion, as his sweat dripped onto me. "Harder, Kyle. Wreck my cunt. Split me in two with your huge cock." I was babbling, beyond coherent thoughts. My fingers had dug into his back and were raking the skin away.

Another orgasm swept through me like fire. It started in my ass and spread out to encompass everything and my body spasmed, locking tight around Kyle. He howled and I felt his come pouring into me, backing up and running out over his fingers. He lost his rhythm and devolved into a rutting animal as my orgasm ebbed and flashed bright into a second, dry orgasm. I couldn't catch my breath and thought I would pass out as black dots washed over my eyes.

Finally he slowed down, pulling his fingers from my hole, his dick full and hot inside me. He pivoted around me so that we were laying front to back with his dick still inside me. He dragged a couple of pillows down. He wrapped his arms around me and sighed. Kyle kissed and nuzzled at my neck. As we began drifting off I heard him whisper, "I love you so fucking much, Tony." My last thought was that I was at peace for the first time in my life and that I was his.

*That's it. The End. Thanks to everyone who read the story and encouraged me.*

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