tagRomanceFreedom Flight

Freedom Flight

byJulia Jones©

Brooke sipped her complimentary wine and settled back into her seat. She was on board a plane destined for Los Angeles; on her way to meet her cyber-lover. As she sat relaxing images of Steve and the fantasies she had had about him darted into her mind.

She visualised their eyes locking; them kissing; his hand gently stroking her face, her breasts, her...her.... Often when she thought of Steve, she lost all track of time. Her breathing quickened and she often felt faint. Often when she was alone at home, she would relieve the tension with rigorous masturbation. She sometimes found herself screaming into her pillow, out of the sheer frustration of wanting to be with him, to feel his arms around her body, to touch his flesh.

She thought back on the long conversations they had, about anything and everything, from her computer back home in Sydney. They had had cyber-sex several times over the nine months since they first met and to Brooke's surprise she found it very powerful and satisfying. She remembered him saying one time, "If you were here right now I'd fuck you good all night, honey." Soon, she thought, he would.

Thinking of Steve had aroused her. She slowly moved her hand under her blanket; unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. After a little effort she managed to manoeuvre her fingers into a position to caress her pussy. Holding back her moaning she played with her clit until she came. Repeating in her head, "Steve...ohhh...Steve." A little later she fell into a contented sleep.

She awoke with a start! Her seat had been knocked by one of the attendants who were doing the rounds offering passengers something to drink. When she asked Brooke what she would like she just sighed and waved her away. Only five hours to go, she thought. She could barely stand it. She'd waited so long to be with him--now five hours seemed like an eternity.

How would they react when they first laid eyes on each other at the airport? She wondered. Brooke had packed her prettiest dress, high heels and sexiest lingerie. She wanted to make a good impression. She planned to change into them before landing.

More food, more drinks, crap movies. She fell into a deep sleep. She awoke to the blaring of one of the flight attendants announcing, "We will shortly be landing at L.A. International Airport. Please put your seats in the upright position..." she heard no more. "Oh, shit, no!" she said aloud. "My dress."

Brooke grabbed her bag and trying to avoid being seen by an attendant, made a dash for the toilet. Thank God it was empty!

She spilled out the contents of her bag over the floor. Tore off the clothes she had on. And began to re-dress herself: Black lacy bra, suspenders, black stockings, the kind with the seam running down the back of your leg. She slipped her dress over her head. It was also black, tight and short with little pink flowers on it. She put on her high heels and looked at herself.

"Mmm, sexy," she said. She looked good and she knew it!

She quickly did her make up and hair and sprayed herself with perfume, including the tiny crouch of her g-string. As she made her way back to her seat, the attendant eyed her suspiciously. The "Please Fasten Your Seat Belt" sign was now flashing.

She looked out the window. Below she saw an enormous, sprawling city, covered with smog! "The City of Angels". Hah! She thought, all with bronchial complaints! The plane landed with the bump.

Then panic set in! Calm down...calm down, she told herself, as she did some deep breathing. Oh God, I'm going to see him soon. I'll be able to touch him, to smell him, to squeeze him...to...to, well, to fuck him!

She found herself a trolley and collected her bags. She made her way to customs. The queue seemed to take forever. She finally made it to the arrivals area. This is where they had arranged to meet.

Her heart was pounding as she looked around, trying to look casual, but no sign of Steve. Oh God, he's not coming. I just know it. He's changed his mind. Brooke's paranoia was starting to set in.

Then she felt someone gently touch her shoulder. She whirled around. Her heart skipped a beat. He was there.

"Hi, baby," he crooned.

She put her hand to her face. Tears came to her eyes. She threw her arms around his neck and managed to say the words in his ear, "Oh, God... Hi, honey."

Then she buried her head in his chest and breathed him in deeply, taking in his scent. He kissed her on top of her head and ran his fingers through her hair. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight to him. They stayed like this for a moment.

Brooke looked up at Steve. She looked into his warm chocolate brown eyes. She quickly studied his face, his hair and fair skin. She liked what she saw. Steve stepped back and looked Brooke up and down with hunger in his eyes.

"You're so sexy," he told her.

"Thank you," she replied.

"I'll get your bags then," he said reaching to pick up the heavy suitcase.

"Oh, ok, thank you," she said, giggling like a schoolgirl.

They made their way to his car. He put her bags in the back and they got in. She moved her hand and placed it on his leg and squeezed. He smiled at her. She smiled at him. They devoured each other with their eyes.

"I can't believe I'm here," she said.

"Hmmm I know, he replied as he reached out and pulled her towards him. "It's going to be good, honey". He kissed her softly and ran his tongue tip across her sensuous lips.

She wanted him right there in the car, but made herself wait. Just a little longer, she thought. A deep aching centred in her pussy.

They drove through heavy traffic, the like of which Brooke had never seen. As they pulled into the driveway, Brooke heard a dog bark.

"Is that Max?" she asked.

"Yep," Steve replied getting out of the car. "He wants to go for a walk to the park, but he'll have to wait now."

Brooke patted Max on the head and said, "Hello, boy, I've heard a lot about you."

They went inside. Hmm, she thought, quite nice. He showed her to her room: his room.

"I hope you changed the sheets, Steve," she said, jokingly.

"Of course, my darling," he replied, grinning.

"Well, I think I'll take a shower, fourteen hours on a plane has made me feel a bit yuk. Hey, scrummy, I think you could do with a shower too!" She beamed.

He liked the sound of that! He moved towards her and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She closed her eyes and he softly brushed them with his lips. Her head fell back and she breathed out the words, "Oh, Steve," as he nipped at her neck.

He undid the zip on her dress and pushed it down over her shoulders. She let it drop to the floor.

"You look delicious," he said as he looked at her with lust in his eyes.

Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt as she kissed and softy bit his chest. Her tongue rolled over his now hard nipples.

She wrestled with the button on his jeans and unzipped him. She tugged at them, and they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them.

Brooke laughed, "Getting me out of this gear is going to take a bit more effort!"

"Lay on the bed," he whispered in her ear.

He undid her suspender clips and rolled down her stockings, kissing and licking her legs on the way down. She kicked off her high heels.

"Roll over."

She turned over. He admired her lacy g-string and her bare ass. He moaned slightly.

"Hmm, very nice," he said as he ran his fingers over the cheeks of her bum. Her spine tingled at his touch. He pulled her g-string off.

He unhooked her bra and she wiggled her arms out of it. She rolled back over to face him--naked. She then raised her arms above her head in surrender.

"I'm yours, Steve...fuck me now, babe...please," she said, almost begging.

Steve, being an obliging type, obeyed her command! With a feeling of urgency, forgetting the shower, he quickly took off his underpants.

He lay on top of her. They molded perfectly into each other. At her instruction he held her wrists tightly above her head.

Brooke wrapped her legs around his back as he gently entered her pussy. They were finally one. She started to move her hips, rising to meet each of his thrusts.

She nibbled his ear and ran her tongue around it. She bit at his neck, holding him tightly, never wanting to let go. It was a pleasure beyond words to feel Steve moving in her, claiming her as his own.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," he groaned over and over.

He thrust faster and faster. His body started to shudder.

"Do it, do it, harder!" she cried out.

She grabbed his ass and pushed him into her burning cunt as far as his cock would go. The bed was shaking. He was nearly there. With one final thrust he exploded into her. It felt exquisite to have his cum in her.

He rolled off her and they lay quietly together. They turned to look at each other. He touched her face.

"Your turn now," he rasped.

He wiped her pussy gently with a tissue; and ran his fingers through her pubic hair and kissed her mound. His lips moved to her inner thighs. He positioned himself between her legs. She spread them as wide as she could to receive his tongue.

He gently licked her clit. She groaned, running her fingers through his hair and pulled him in closer to her. Liquid fire ran through her body as his tongue entered her near melting cunt.

She was hot and couldn't lay still. She began to rub her pussy over his entire face, rubbing herself on the tip of his nose. He closed his eyes and let her do as she pleased with him.

It didn't take her long. He felt her pussy pulsating, as she moaned and oozed over his face. She released the grip on his head and let him up for air. She wiped one of his slippery cheeks and licked at her two fingers. "That's me," she said.

He licked the same fingers and said, "Yes, you taste good."

"Let's have that shower now," she said, coaxing him to the bathroom.

They moved to the bathroom, still clinging to each other. Steve turned on the water and adjusted the temperature until it was just right. They got in and let the water stream over their bodies. Looking up at him and smiling, she said, "You've been a dirty boy. You need a good clean!"

Brooke reached for the soap and lathered it in her hands. She washed his still hard cock, around his balls and turned him to wash his arse gently. She ran her soapy fingers up and down his back, over his shoulders he turned and lean against the tiles as she washed him down his chest. He moaned softly. He rinsed himself off as she watched, devouring him with her eyes.

"Wash me now, honey," she said.

He lathered the soap in his hands and massaged her breasts. He slowly ran one hand down her stomach and the other hand down her back, to wash her pussy and arse at the same time. She slowly gyrated her hips in pleasure. They tongue kissed each other letting the water run over their mouths.

"I'm so glad you're here, Brooke," he said.

At that moment Brooke felt a calmness sweep over her, she had just made love with her dream lover, and she felt wonderful!

With one towel around both of their bodies, they dried each other, and moved to the bedroom.

"Let me brush you hair," he said.

He sat on the edge of the bed. Brooke sat in front of him on the floor. He ran the brush through her hair. What an indulgence she thought--someone brushing my hair for me!

"You're so much better in the flesh, babe," Steve said with a laugh. "This leaves cyber-sex for dead!"

"Ouch!" Brooke squealed. "My hair's a mass of knots, after that session."

"Sorry, baby," he replied.

"You know, I was actually worried that we mightn't live up to each others expectations," Brooke continued.

"Oh, you worry too much, baby," Steve replied, trying to be gentle.

When he had finished, he nuzzled her neck and shoulders, kissing them tenderly. She turned to face him. She gently ran her fingers along his shaft, squeezing it just a little. She licked at the tip of his cock; then took him in her mouth. She sucked him softly until he came.

They then dressed, went to the kitchen, and drank coffee. Looking at poor Max, they decided to take him for a walk.

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