tagNonHumanFreedom of Flight Ch. 07

Freedom of Flight Ch. 07


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out, it's a nice long one, which I hope will make a lot of you happy. I would like to thank all those who sent feedback or who posted it. I would like to point to one particular posted piece of feedback from Chapter 3 listed as con-fus-ed. I don't really address the problems with immortals in Freedom of flight but with Bound by pride and Guarded heart. I hope you stick with the series and that your confusion leaves eventually, the main immortal characters in the first three stories are almost all very young and haven't lived a few hundred years of this kind of life style, in the next two stories much older immortals come in and I'll leave it there or I'll give too much away.

As always a big thankyou to you the reader and my editor for your support and all feedback is welcome.

Have fun

Alanna tossed in her bed, not being able to sleep. She kicked the covers off and took a deep breath. Her mind kept dwelling on what Jewel had told her that morning. She never would have guessed that Jewel had been abused judging from what she saw when Jewel was with other men and with Travis. No fear or defensiveness, she thought, bemused and a little envious, wishing she could be that uninhibited. She also longed for the day she could laugh and joke with the men who watched her practise her craft avidly, hoping to learn how she fought, but she simply couldn't let her guard down for that.

She sat up and rubbed her face wondering why she couldn't sleep. Part of the reason she knew was she couldn't seem to get pass Jewel's story but that wasn't the major reason; she knew her wolf had a hand in this as well. She closed her eyes and focused for a moment. Her wolf responded to the silent call and padded forward in her mind. They both appeared in the darkness, the place were woman and beast fought for supremacy of the body in which both inhabited. It was also the place were both minds could talk to each other. She barred her teeth at her human, her hackles up, she was not happy at her human half.

What's wrong, why won't you let me sleep? She asked the wolf.

She didn't respond... she just growled. Alanna watched her wolf, confused, what's wrong? Do you want to run? We are going for one tomorrow, she said trying to pacify her wolf.

She cocked her head for a moment then lunged and landed on her human. Alanna didn't fight or struggle against her wolf; there was no need. She just wanted to make her human side understand. The Wolf growled and filled her mind with mating and Tarval, telling her that she was done waiting for her human side to get comfortable. She wanted to claim him NOW before someone else tried to take him. As a human, Alanna was normally timid around others but that was because she still had ingrained fears. However, the wolf was never timid when it came to her own needs... not since she was freed and allowed to thrive. She wanted Tarval, her human wanted Tarval, she didn't understand emotional scars and why her human side was taking so long to claim their mate.

The wolf released her and backed away into her darkness, having made her point to her human self as Alanna opened her eyes. Her green eyes scanned the room for a moment before deciding on the course of action. Then she got off her bed and left her room. She walked silently down the hall, taking the right turns to get to where she wanted to go. She didn't bother to knock, just gently opened the door and was glad it wasn't locked. She closed the door behind her gently, making almost no sound and locked it with a soft click.

She approached the bed quietly, taking a deep breath to calm herself and slid her nightshirt off, letting it fall to the ground. Fear raced through her as she contemplated what she was about to do. She, however, felt her body stir, her heart quicken and heat pool beneath her skin. Guess my body has already decided for me, she thought wryly. She lifted the covers and slipped in before she lost her nerve and ran from the room naked.

Tarval felt the movement of the bed and he instantly went on alert, his hand brushed a glowing crystal set into the bed head that shed gentle light around the room. He blinked, for a moment wondering if he was still dreaming. I am not seeing what I think I'm seeing... am I? He thought to himself with a little shake of his head.

His vision leant forward and gently brushed her lips against his, assuring him AND his body that this vision was... indeed... very real. He still was not entirely convinced that he WASN'T dreaming, afraid that she'll disappear right up until he pulled her naked body to his. He felt like he was on fire, a fire he felt burning beneath her skin that was fuelling his own. His heart thundered heavily in his chest as his member started to rise. He broke the kiss and whispered, "Alanna..."

She pulled him back before he could say anything else. He tried to resist but he had already been aroused by his dream and having her in his arms, making his dream real, was making him desperate to have her. The kiss became demanding as he slid his hands over her body, wishing he had a thousand hands so that he could feel everything all at once; a thousand tongues so that he could taste all of her. He broke the kiss and quickly started to nuzzle at her throat, trying desperately to tamper the mad want coursing through his veins.

His hand slid down her chest, with his lips following closely. When he reached his first destination, he gave a brief salutation to the twin globes of flesh before he gently sucked a pert nipple between his lips. She gasped in surprise and desire as the fire within burned hotter, surprise because she had never known his lips could generate such pleasure. Her gasp was misinterpreted as fear, and what felt like ice cold fluid was instantly injected into his veins stopping his desire in its tracks. He pulled away as he remembered what she had been through. He rubbed his face to distract himself from the sight she made in his bed, the one place he had wanted her when he realised he loved her. Frustrated with himself and the situation as well as trying to regain some measure of control, he asked, "Why are you in my bed naked, Alanna?"

She wanted to jump in with a snide comment but she didn't, knowing it might push him further away and that was the one thing she didn't want to happen tonight. She wanted him closer to her than anything else in the universe, as close as he was with her just moments ago, as close as her beast. She grasped for a way to show him what she wanted but she had no idea on how to seduce him, having freely chosen to deny her own sexuality. She quickly remembered her mother. Her mother had given her everything she needed in life, including this; she had given her daughter her memories. One of those memories filled her mind, a memory of her mother seducing her willing mate. She just hoped Tarval was as willing as her father was. Her hand slid down softly, barely stirring the blankets to make her intentions known. She let her hand stroke his manhood, tracing the semi flaccid member with fingers that slightly trembled. She was alarmed at his size and wondered how the hell he was going to fit. Her wolf however, was clearly delighted in her mind; it would keep his seed within her as well as a knot would.

His breath hitched as she gently stroked his manhood, feeling life surge back into it, chasing the cold from his veins. What more of a blatant invitation should she give him? He told himself. She was naked... in his bed... in the middle of the night AND stroking his rapidly hardening member.

Having completely analysed the situation, he whispered her name softly again before taking her lips again with a fierceness that should have scared her but didn't. He plundered her mouth for long minutes, their tongues sliding against each other as they mimicked the actions that their bodies soon would be doing, as he crushed her body to his. Then suddenly, he tore his lips from hers, fighting for control. He didn't want to just take her even if she was willing. He wanted to show her pleasure, wanting her to crave his touch after tonight and not think of this as one big mistake. She protested his action with a groan, wanting him back. He smirked and started to kiss and nibble at her throat, trying to slow things down. His hands roamed against her silky skin. He cupped and moulded a breast gently and stopped kissing her long enough to gauge her reaction. He glanced down and groaned as he watched the firm mound that was just big enough to fill his large hand. He leant down and sucked the irresistible light brown nipple into his mouth again, gently pressing his teeth against the tender nub.

He felt her tense even when she tried to curb her reaction before it became obvious. He pulled away, a little alarmed, and studied the breast he had started to worship; faint scars that were almost gone were present and explained her reaction. She had been bitten hard, painfully, in punishment for not complying or simply because whoever did it liked to inflict pain. All of a sudden he wanted to rage at the man or men who had done this to her but he knew she didn't need or want that, not now, not ever. She needed his love, his understanding not his anger. "Relax." He told her gently before gently sucking the nipple back into the warm confines of his mouth, followed by a little biting and twisting. In response to this new onslaught, she moaned and fisted her hands in the sheets, her body aching to encourage his mouth further. She cried out in objection when he released the nipple and gasped when he transferred his ravishment to the other proud nipple.

She felt as if a knot was tightening within her core with every suck, nibble, and pinch he applied to her nipples. She rubbed her thighs together and squirmed beneath him. He released the object of his attention and continued his trail down her body with his tongue. She tensed for a moment, as she didn't know what he was doing but relaxed as his tongue lazily circled her navel. He pushed her legs open gently at the same time and settled between them.

He glanced up at her as he felt her gentle quiver. "Trust me." He murmured.

She met his eyes; in them, she could see desire and want but even more important than that, she could see his love, a love that promised not to hurt her. This was the deciding factor so she nodded without hesitation; for the first time in her life, she trusted a man completely. He smiled tenderly at her for a moment before he shifted further down. She quivered as she felt him part her sex, exposing herself to his attention. He waited a moment, wanting her to relax before he tasted her. It took several moments but her muscles finally relaxed and her breathing evened out. He leant in and started licking her, starting from her core and making sure he struck every place of pleasure he knew was there before flicking against the nerve rich bundle that jutted out proudly for him.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when he struck that spot, her fingers instinctively finding purchase in his hair. He knew it wasn't to push him away; it was to keep him close; even if she didn't know what she wanted, her body and her instincts darn well did. His lips fastened on that bundle, that button of pleasure and sucked and nibbled and licked until she was groaning and pushing up in time to his tongues' antics. So intense was her pleasure that she didn't seem to notice when he started to pump one finger into her, slowly opening her for his body, or even when he added the second or the third.

Her fingers scrunched in his hair, pulling painfully as she felt him find a place, which made her jerk. She panted and cried out as the knot started to twist within her womb, growing and tightening with each suck and bite. He angled his fingers to stimulate her further, now that he knew he was in the right area; her cries of pleasure and want were music to his ears. His member throbbed in desperate need, wanting to be within her but he ignored it; tonight was for her and no matter how painful his body felt for denying himself, he would. She cried out as the knot within her exploded, unravelling with a force that made her entire body quake with exquisite after shocks and her thighs locked around his head, keeping her where she wanted him as the spasms rocked through her.

She released him a few moments later when she finally came down from her high. She didn't get a chance to savour the experience... the bliss that left her breathless and feeling boneless. He didn't back off to let her catch her breath, just kept going, pushing her higher, getting her into the height of her passion, to need him within her for completion. He removed his fingers and brought them to his lips to lick her essence from them. He watched her watch him, her tongue darting out to taste her lips. Thinking that he knew what she wanted, he offered his fingers to her and her tongue darted out to taste herself. He found the sight to be exceedingly erotic, more so when she slipped his middle finger into her mouth and sucked deeply on it... with her eyes seductively locked with his. He groaned.

"More," she demanded, wanting more of the delicious pleasure he had shown her. Nodding almost desperately at her, he crawled up her body to get into position to make love with her.

He watched the rosy hint of her release tinged her skin, her green eyes sparkling. He was pleased with the sated look in her eyes, which he had put there. "I know something better than my fingers," he told her softly, knowing that he might push her away.

"What?" she asked seductively but with a slight tinge of nervousness as well.

He grabbed her right wrist and directed her hand to touch his swollen member. He then released her wrist, wanting to see what she would do; if she pulled away then he would continue to do what he had already done and take care of his needs later when she was asleep. However, if she didn't pull away... he'll know that this is it; she's finally ready for him.

After a moment of hesitation, he felt her hand wrap around him and he groaned aloud at the green light. Although her fingers could not completely surround him, her pressure was firm but not painful, moving slowly over him, her eyes watched his, looking to see if she was doing anything wrong or hurting him. When she got to the head, she slid back down then back up, feeling something warm and liquid spill onto her hand. She pulled away to see a dribble of his desire on her skin. He waited with baited breath to see what she would do next. She looked at him inquisitively then brought her hand to her lips and licked it from her skin.

If he thought he was on fire before, it was NOTHING to watching her lick his essence from her skin. His blood ran as hot as lava; it was only the memory of her treatment, which stopped him from jumping her. However, this didn't mean that he couldn't do other things... his lips were on hers before she had a chance to truly savour his taste. She moaned at his slightly rough treatment, while his body moved until he was cradled between her thighs, his shaft resting between their bodies, leaking his desire on her stomach.

His body pressed hers deeply into the soft feather mattress, his tongue continued to tease hers. She squirmed beneath him, wanting him within her NOW. She broke his kiss and stroked the lines of his face, "I trust you... I love you," she rushed out before capturing his face between her hands and kissed him. Her kiss started slowly, gently like the love she had felt blossoming for him but she quickly built the intensity to show him she was finally ready for him, for his love and his body to join hers in an act as old as time.

He growled and shifted his weight, taking hold of his throbbing shaft and moved it to her entrance, slowly pressing against her, letting his weight slowly slide him into her. Their eyes locked; him looking for any sign of fear or discomfort, her looking into his eyes was to look into his soul.

She felt for her wolf to bring her forward but her wolf was nowhere obvious to her. She had given her human side the shove she needed to be here and now it was all up to her. Her wolf would not stop or interfere with this; she had to feel his love uncorrupted by the wolf's point of view. Sex was a means to an end for her, it allowed her to reproduce and it gave her pleasure. She grew attached to her mate but only because he was a good choice to father her children. Her human side, however, needed love, not being able to live like the she-wolf. She needed closeness and love and she needed it without her interference. She would come through later to mate but the first time was for her human.

He felt himself sliding deeper into her, wondering when he would come across the barrier that guarded her womb and would stop him from completely joining their bodies. He met none as he rolled his hips to press the last of himself within her. He felt a rush of primal heat enter his veins; they fitted like two pieces of one puzzle, completely without even trying. It almost affirmed his choice... not that it would have mattered if only half of him had fitted within her. She was his and nothing was going to change that.

He held still within her, letting her adjust. He watched her for a moment, her green eyes were closed, but not in pain... in rapture, her head tilted back, exposing the long column of her throat with mouth open slightly. She let out a small contented sigh as her body started to adjust to his size. He leaned down and captured her lips, being gentle as well as intense. He was waiting for her, waiting for her to make her needs known but until then he just kept kissing her, letting her passion build.

In response, she moaned and rolled her hips, wanting his movements, needing them. Getting the message and with sweat dripping from his forehead due to the leashing of his desire, he slowly started to move, keeping his thrusts short and gentle, wanting to build on her pleasure. She broke his kiss and groaned, rolling her hips up to meet his grinding thrusts. His lips moved to her throat.

She gasped as he varied his movements; her head lurched forward and sunk her teeth into his chest, not hard enough to break skin but enough to leave a good bruise. She wrapped her legs around his hips, wanting him closer to her. His feathers brushed against her thighs and her arms went around him to hold her to him. She felt drunk as she licked a bead of sweat from his chest, his scent filling her nose, drunk on everything that was he as the sweet pleasure built slowly between them.

He growled, as he couldn't fight the need in him any longer. He slowly started to speed his thrusts, lengthening them as well. He was pleased that she was there for him, her need as great as his was. He groaned with her as their bodies slapped together lustfully.

She panted against his chest, her arms stroked and scratched at his back. He groaned and varied his thrust, pressing deeply just that little further into her and bumped against the entrance to her womb. She gasped as that was a different sensation and entirely pleasurable.

"Sorry." He told her, mistakenly reading her gasp as a protest and pulled back to not thrust as deep.

"No... again." She demanded.

He did as she asked but this time when he bumped against her cervix, she moaned. He smiled, pleased with himself and continued to thrust into her, every now and again he would thrust that much deeper. She moaned as she felt her climax build, making her tense and then it exploded out to fill her body with pleasurable shockwaves that made her whole body quiver and quake, her groaning against his chest. He gritted his teeth as her tight core rippled against him, his body wanted release but he wanted to coax one more climax from her before he finally let go.

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