tagSci-Fi & FantasyFreedom Pt. 05: Limits

Freedom Pt. 05: Limits




Talos, Casiama, and Sigismund had been on the march for three days now, trudging along the southern shorline of the Villjord peninsula in northwest Isbrygga.

The region was harsh, desolate. Sterile. It reminded a man of the Badlands north of Solais, but of course colder. The snow pack made it quieter as well, so quiet that one could only hear the snow crunching beneath the footsteps of man and the waves crashing against the rocks below.

Jagged peaks rose to his right for most of the journey, blockading the peninsular inland from a wanderer's feet. The sea toiled endlessly to his left below a never-ending cliff face. An intermittent sprinkling of pine trees were the only features which broke up the isolated view, and the occasional deer or rabbit would offer sustinence.

There were no roads here, as the locals preferred to travel by sea. Yet the trio had still made good time in the past three days due to Casiama's forward scouting, as well as a pinch of support from favorable weather.

Until today. The wind howled, and snow fell on the party once more. The light was already setting behind the tall, sharp peaks before them, and Talos had asked Casiama to locate proper shelter for the night.

The trio luckily came across a small, unused cave in the side of a mountain as dusk neared, and decided to make camp there lest they find nothing better further ahead.

Casiama was just summoning the camp, willing her tents, sleeping rolls, and lanterns into their appropriate positions. Sigismund worked on the fire, a far easier task than had been anticipated on account of the large amounts of driftwood about. Talos relieved himself by the entrance of the cave, staring out over the icy sea as he wrote his name in the snow.

The fire finally roared to life, and Sigismund quickly added further kindling. When he was satisfied it would not burn out, the driftwood was added.

"Cass, I've been meaning to ask you. Why don't we just, uh, go to your... plane to sleep, instead of hoping to run across a cavern each night?" Sigismund asked.

Casiama spun on her heel, having just completed summoning her and Talos' bedroll. "Oh. I guess you wouldn't know, but teleporting people to my realm takes a lot of energy. It's tiring. I really only have the strength for it but once a week, and it's difficult even then," she explained calmly to the nodding, scarred man by the fire.

Casiama brought a hand to her mouth and giggled, realizing his ask had been the first sign he'd made of being uncomfortable in the Isbryggan wilderness.

"Ah. Just thought I'd ask," he replied hastily, returning his gaze to the fire.

"Anytime Sigi... we're good enough friends now, you know. You don't need to be shy around me," Casiama reassured. She heard Talos' footsteps on the stone behind her, and immediately realized the reason for his bashfulness.

"Say, Sigi," Talos said with a smirk, "remember years ago, when we were camped in Imperia with the Moons during that one winter? And I vowed to avoid the snow from that day forward?"

Sigismund nodded, smiling. "Yeah. That winter was... gods, I still haven't seen snowfall that bad in all my years." His eyes shifted to Casiama, who had almost tuned out of conversation as she rummaged through her pack. She smiled to display her attentiveness. "The snow must have been piled up to the first story windows of every building. The Emperor had to gather two dozen fire sorceresses just to clean up the streets."

"That's awful," Casiama pouted.

"though the worst part was sharing a room with Talos for a week. He used to snore terribly back then," he continued, the elf giggling sweetly. "and the whores, dear gods."

"Oh? Whores you say?" Casiama asked, eyes flickering slyly towards Talos.

Talos was seated, unlacing his boots for the night. "Sigi, don't get me in trouble now," he smirked.

"No, tell me Sigi," the elf asked with a squint. Casiama wouldn't be mad, of course, but she certainly enjoyed pretending that she would be. Sigismund did not know this, and deflected.

"Eh, forget I mentioned it. We were all hounds back then, Cass. And none were as fine as you anyway."

"Aw!" Casiama exclaimed with perked ears. Talos rolled his eyes, finally finished with his boots. The elf nudged him playfully with her foot, blushing. "Sigi called me fine."

"You already knew that, honey," Talos smirked. Casiama bent down with locked knees to place a wet kiss on his lips before rising once more.

"You know Sigi, there's plenty of room in our tent, if you want," the elf offered sweetly, having not summoned Sigismund's tent as of yet. He shook his head.

"And listen to you two whisper sweet nothings all night? Not a chance." Talos and Casiama chuckled, glancing at each other deviously. They knew he was right.

Casiama pointed opposite the fire, summoning Sigismund's tent for him with a flick of her wrist. Sigismund didn't look up from the flames, having grown accustomed to the deed.

"It's nice, though, you know? To see you two happy. I'd known Talos as a pitiful young exile from Evora for so many years, yet to see all that change in Rinoc when-" Sigismund paused abruptly, realizing what he was about to say. When he saw Talos with Alanna. He wasn't quite sure if he should mention it.

Talos cleared his throat a moment later, finishing the thought for him. "Yeah. The world's been pretty kind to me this year."

Another minute of silence. Casiama banished most of her armor, then pulled a thick white fur cloak from her ethereal storage and sat beside Talos, leaning against his shoulder softly. Sigismund spoke next.

"Cass, do you mind if I ask you something else? Something personal?" She nodded with a warm smile, her eyes fixed to his. "Vex... erm, told me that you had agreed to a... strange living arrangement. With Alanna."

Casiama blushed, but her gaze didn't waver. "She speaks true," she answered, draping her fur cloak over Talos' shoulders beside her. Her head fell atop his shoulder. "Alanna and I will love Talos equally. Is it really strange to you?"

Sigismund coughed. "Well, uh..."

"Yeah, Cass. It's pretty strange," Talos said with a smirk. She nudged his shoulder with hers.

"How so? Do human women not share?" Casiama asked innocently.

"I can't speak for all of humanity," Sigismund replied, shifting nervously on the floor, "but in the Empire, at least, it's unheard of."

"Could be considered strange, even," Talos added sarcastically with a raised finger. Casiama elbowed him under the furs.

"Don't complain!" she teased him. "I thought you would be the strongest proponent, honey." Casiama paused, drinking in her man's smile. She continued after a moment, explaining the situation further for Sigismund. "It's a... somewhat uncommon arrangement in Tor Valliya. An ancient custom, but one that has been dying out recently. My father still follows it, of course, like all kings. He has seven wives."

"Seven? Oh gods," Sigismund grimaced. The elf giggled sweetly.

"Yes! One from each of the other elven kingdoms, as well as one he couldn't be without. I... decided to repurpose the idea, after speaking with Alanna for a while. I explained it to her, she agreed. Simple, really."

"I'm happy for-"

"And when you say 'agree'," Talos interjected rudely, "how much of that was because you convinced her, and how much was her enchantment?"

Casiama shook her head, her lips parted in shock. "She didn't enchant me, Talos," the princess retorted. Talos sighed, then fell onto his back.

"How do you know that?"

"Because it was my idea," she answered softly, without hesitation. She fell backwards next to her lover, briefly glancing at Sigismund to note that he was pretending to have already tuned out of the conversation, eyes fixed on the fire. "Alanna's fated for you, just as I am. And who are we but fate's servants?" Casiama whispered into his ear.

Talos rolled his eyes. How many times did he have to explain that-

"Besides, you're only mad at Alanna because you cannot lie to her any longer," Casiama accused him, forcing him to rise from his back with a scowl. He almost got to his feet before the princess brought a hand to his leg, preventing a simple escape from her grasp.

"No, I'm troubled because I'm not in control of my own thoughts any longer," Talos retorted, deciding to settle on sitting while wrapping his arms around his knees. He stared towards the fire as he spoke.

"My mind races when I ponder on whatever the fuck she did to me, and yet, whenever I try to discover a solution I soon convince myself it isn't worth fighting against. But giving up, giving in? That isn't me, Cass. It's like she built her own avenue into my mind, and I've already assumed I'm powerless to do anything of it. Whatever vulnerable mage Alanna used to be, I'm convinced that isn't what she is any longer. She's an enchantress who can control someone without them realizing it, and that, Cass, is what I'm asking about. Is this what you truly want? Or is it what Alanna told you to want?"

Casiama rose from her back weightlessly, then snuggled against Talos. "If I cannot answer... does it matter?" she asked softly into his ear, causing him to shy away from her on reflex.

"What do you mean, Cass? Of course it matters."

Casiama didn't immediately reply. Two minutes of silence fell over the cave while Talos stewed to the sounds of a crackling campfire and the howling wind outside. The man had recently reencountered his daughter -- another enchantress -- years after her disappearance, and was appalled by the woman she had become. His daughter had been the most powerful enchantress he knew, and yet she had transformed into something carelessly evil because of those abilities.

"I was envious of you, Talos," Sigismund said gruffly to break the silence. "I'm not any longer."


The trio of Talos, Casiama, and Sigismund shared a meal of venison stew that evening, Casiama having fortunately come across a deer earlier in the day. The wind howled outside the small cave they occupied, yet the stone walls of their temporary abode insulated them from the worst of it. With fire raging, Casiama had even grown bold enough to change into her nightgown for the evening as the men talked idly by the fire in an attempt to get their minds away from the carnage they had left behind not a few days before.

Casiama returned from her tent, standing silently behind her lover. Sigismund coughed in surprise at the sight of her, the sheer nightgown doing nothing to hide the elf's willowy form in the flickering firelight.

"Like you haven't seen it all before, Sigi," Casiama blushed, suddenly feeling shame at his reaction. Talos turned to look upon her, eyebrows rising as he chuckled. He returned to look across the fire, chiding his old friend as Casiama sat cross-legged beside Talos.

"Gods Sigi, you really are too good for this world."

"Seen it or not, it seems a pinch inappropriate," Sigismund replied hoarsely, eyes transfixed on Casiama's breasts beneath the sheer fabric. Her nipples were stiff from the cold, stretching the gown ever so gently.

"You're not my father," Casiama replied playfully. The elf teased him when she noticed his gaze, squishing her tits together with her arms. His gaze flickered away from her as she laughed.

"N-no, but I'm practically Talos' father, by now," he stammered in defiance.

"Hells, don't degrade yourself by putting yourself in his company Sigi. You're a hundred times better man than he, even on your bad days," Talos said genuinely, wrapping an arm around Casiama. She whispered something lengthy and inaudible in Talos' ear, giggling as her face returned from his. Talos only grinned and nodded subtly.

A wash of embarrassment flooded through Sigismund. "Well uh, gonna hit the hay," he said gruffly as he leaned away from the fire with a thumb pointed over his shoulder.

"Hold on, Sigi," Casiama said slyly, piercing him with a stare. The elf rose to her feet swiftly, then strutted the three steps towards him around the fire. Casiama placed a delicate hand on her hip. "Don't tell me you're going to bed 'cause of this," she pouted, nodding down towards herself. Talos was chuckling behind her, although trying to remain silent.

Sigismund couldn't move his eyes from her toned body, the flames behind her silhouetting her every curve of her form through her dress. "N-no... early day, you know?"

Casiama shook her head with a warm smile, slowly strutting towards him then striding Sigismund above his lap. Sigismund's pants tensed immediately. "I feel that you're lying to me," she whispered playfully.

"Talos, what the hell is wrong with her?" Sigismund nearly shouted as Casiama found her seat atop him.

"Cass feels guilty that you're lonely, and wants to make it up to you," Talos chuckled. "You gonna say no, Sigi?" Casiama rocked gently against him, finding the hardness in Sigismund's leathers. She giggled sweetly, eyes transfixed to his.

"Are you going to let her?" the scarred man asked.

"Well I'd never tell her no," Talos answered through a chuckle. "And she isn't my property."

"It just seems awfully... suspicious," Sigismund squinted. Casiama lowered her face to his, kissing him softly on the lips as she held his cheek.

"I promise it isn't," Casiama whispered. "It's like you said. You're like Talos' father. No, better than that. And I know you well enough that you won't make things weird afterwards. So who cares?" Her hands slid softly down Sigismund's arms before finally resting on his crotch between her spread legs.

"I... do," Sigismund slowly answered. Casiama giggled.

"No you don't, Sigi. You're doing it for Talos' sake. And that's really kind of you," she said aloud, then pressed her mouth to his ear for a whisper. "But it's okay. Please?" Her tilted head allowed Sigismund to glance at Talos, who was now pressing his face into his palms to stifle his laughter.

Sigismund hastily pushed the elf off of him, letting her stumble onto her bare feet. He quickly stood as well.

"You two are serious pieces of work," he declared with a stern look and a pointed finger, enabling Talos to keel over with laughter. Casiama giggled delicately into the palm of her hand, then strode back over towards her lover. Sigismund trudged towards his tent.

"Night Sigi!" Casiama cooed through her hand. She summoned a flash of light in her palm, accompanied by a golden Talent. She flipped the coin towards Talos with a gentle huff, who spoke once Sigismund was out of ear shot.

"Knew he wouldn't do it," he smirked, pocketing the coin immediately. Casiama knelt in front of him, swiftly moving to unlace his pants with nimble fingers.

"Yes, yes... But, would you have let him, if he did?" she asked lewdly with a quick glance as her hands worked. The elf was already dripping from the insinuation, and her slick womanhood needed haste attention.

Talos was unsure how to reply, but did anyway after a second. "I'd never tell you no," he deflected instead. Casiama pushed Talos' pants down, and he slid backwards towards the furs of their tent with a grin. Casiama crawled forward to unlace his underpants, then fell on his lap.

"Mmm..." she moaned, pressing her covered slit against Talos' already throbbing member. "Sometimes a girl likes it when you tell her no, Talos."

Talos squinted, then smirked deviously. "Fine. Get off of me," he said with a chuckle.

"No... not now. I need you, Talos," Casiama hushed him sensually, spinning atop him to ride reverse. She bit her lip as she pressed her toned ass against Talos' cock, and brought a hand to her panties to push them aside in eager anticipation. Evidence of her excitement drooled from her slick womanhood.

"I'll do... uhn... all the work," the princess sighed lustfully, sliding down him slowly as his hands clasped around her waist. She arched an arm overhead, wrapping around his neck.

Casiama soon worked his manhood methodically, her toned ass jiggiling as it met his crotch on each energetic bounce against him. She ensured his cockhead slid against her favorite spots within her pussy as she rode him, and brought her hands to her own knees to support herself as she rhythmically pushed. The princess never once slowed down, her athletic body bouncing salaciously for minutes straight as she moaned whorishly.

Talos definitely appreciated the effort. His hands slide along her trim waist and toned thighs, but otherwise did not encourage her. He was already tensing up after several quick minutes.

"I'm just a hole for you right now..." Casiama purred, her eyes clenched shut as she felt her own climax approaching. She brought a hand to her button, rubbing herself hastily as she bounced on Talos' pillar. "Cum in me, Talos."

She knew the words always worked on him, and his coarse hands gripped her waist tightly in response.

"Yes, yes, fill me!" Casiama encouraged, her fingers quickening over her clit. She slid down Talos' pillar when he soon erupted inside of her, and was flush against his crotch as he came. She wiggled excitedly for a moment, bringing herself to her own orgasm with a groan.

Talos pulled her towards him, and she laid on her back atop his chest as she panted breathlessly. His member slid from her sloppily, and the elf pushed her panties back over her cunt with little fanfare to ensure his seed remained within her.

"Talos..." she mewled, squirming against his muscled chest beneath her back. He leaned his head forward to whisper into her ear, his breath tickling her gently as he spoke.

"The thing with Sigi... never do it again," Talos commanded of her, finally unrestrained from his lust. Casiama rolled over so she faced him, and gazed into his eyes. Casiama realized she had accidentally found the limit of Talos' carefree nature and pouted, feeling entirely idiotic. Or perhaps Talos had just learned of his own limits himself. She nodded while staring into his eyes, a heartfelt promise returned in her gaze.

"Okay. I'm sorry, Talos."


The fifth day of Hilde's imprisonment aboard the reaver flagship, the Mercy, went better than the day before. She had breakfast, washed the sheets of her new Master's bed, then napped against the wall as she patiently awaited his return. Her fingertips slowly rubbed her clit in anticipation of his arrival, knowing he would want to use her as he had a half dozen times already.

Hilde had learned in five days that there would be only one way out of her predicament. She had to lie to Master; she had to lie so well, that even she might believe it. She had to lie to gain his trust, so she would be left in his quarters as he slept.

Then Hilde could get the key to her collar from his sleeping body. And incinerate him in his sleep before anyone could stop her. She sighed as she felt the pleasure building deep within her.

The plan was sound, she knew. Sure, Hilde wouldn't see the light of day after she had done it. But perhaps she could burn the entire vessel down with the fury that built inside her, rage that only increased her flames efficacy. Then at least Hilde would have died an honorable sorceress, rather than the pitiful wretch she had transformed into in just five days.

The door to the cabin swung open. Hilde was happy to see Kjartan enter alone, having left One and Two down in the hull in their quarters. She crawled towards him on hands and knees, eyes cast downwards. To trick him.

"Three. It is nice to see you adjusting so well," Kjartan said warmly. He patted her head, a pat which she replied to with a smile and softly shut eyes.

"You may speak freely when we're alone here, Three," Kjartan offered. Hilde nodded, casting her gaze on his as he towered over him.

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