tagBDSMFreesiia and Her Master

Freesiia and Her Master


This is a story both true and make believe. You can decide which is which.

She was excited, nervous, and embarrassed all at once. As she waited for her master to come into the room she went down the list of instructions she was given. The first one was the most challenging for her; she was to shave her pussy bald – not just a trim between her legs – all of it. Top, bottom, inside and outside – all of it. She hated it way it looked, plump, pale, and mostly just bald. Oh well, he wanted it, now he got it, she figured tomorrow it was going to be covered with red welts and chafing from the razor, then we’d see how much he like it. The next instructions were not so hard, arrange his Toys as he requested – floggers lined up, smallest to largest, his shorter whips hung over the chair. Then she was to wait with her blind fold on. She could hear everything when she was blind folded. It was the most amazing thing to hear a flogger move through the air before it strikes your skin. You just can’t hear as well when you use your eyes.

She was sitting on the low ottoman when he entered the room. She could hear him breath, she smiled to herself, she could actually hear him pick up the first flogger. She was instructed to stand up and walk straight towards his voice. He lightly kissed her face and neck, while his hands ran over her breasts, lightly squeezing her nipples. She was a nipple wimp and he knew it. She took a slow breath waiting for the twist of pain in her breast. “freesiia, please do not tense up like that. You’re too stiff and you will hurt yourself. Kneel in front of me, and then sit back on your heels.” She kneeled as instructed and she heard him walk behind her. He started to lightly swing the soft leather flogger back and forth over her back. She could feel her nipples respond to the cool air he moved with the flogger. Lightly he tapped the flogger on her back and sides letting her feel the flogger before he struck her with it. The first swing brought the flogger against her side, then the other side. He hit her back in an easy swing left right left right.

He paused to change to a heavier flogger. He ran his hand over her back and felt her shiver and twitch. He swung the flogger wide, the ends wrapping around her shoulders striking her upper arms. He did the same to the other side, this flogger being heavier and the strips wider they felt more like small belts on her skin. He instructed her to raise her arms over her head and hold them there. He again swung the flogger wide, wrapping the ends around her chest striking her breast and nipples with the end of the flogger. Her breath was more labored and she struggled not to move or flinch. She swayed slightly as he continued hitting her with the flogger alternating between each breast, swinging the flogger against her skin.

“Stand up freesiia, and put your hands behind your head”. She did and he ran his hands over her body, she whimpered as his hands touched her breasts. “I did not ask for your opinion. Do not make a sound unless instructed.” He ran his hands over her breasts, squeezing her in his hands. Then he started to squeeze her nipples, twisting lightly – she started to rise up on her toes – he quickly struck her with a paddle. (She did not know he had that on his person) “I did not tell you to move”. He went back to his twisting of her nipples, squeezing harder, pulling. He ceased his tormenting of her tits. “Do not move. You are not to flinch or whine about how I play. What do you get when you complain freesiia? In a small voice “the paddle?” He replied, “Yes the paddle. Spread your legs so that you can brace yourself. Do not move away, or complain freesiia.” He hit her the first time with his hard wood paddle. God, she hated that paddle, it stung like fire. The second swat was difficult not to move away, and the third she started to cry and rock a little.

“Do you love me freesiia? “Yes Sir” “Did you deserve that?” “Yes Sir” “No more complaining, no more flinching” “Yes Sir”. “Stand up straight, drop your hands and place them behind your back.” She did and he started to use a raw hide flogger that he made from leather scraps on her tits. Each strike was a little harder than the first, “Raise your chin freesiia” and he continued to strike her breasts and nipples in a consistent pattern left right left right. She could feel the thrumming coming from inside her body; it starts in your head and spreads down into your chest, then into your arms and legs. Soon all over a small warm vibration begins to fill your body. You start to sway with the strokes left right left right. She almost fell over when he stopped. “You still with me freesiia?” “Yes Sir” “I’ve put the ottoman directly in front of you, kneel and lay over it” “Yes Sir” She kneeled over the ottoman. It fit directly under her abdomen; it had four small square legs that raised it about 4 inches off the ground. He had fed ropes under the ottoman and after she kneeled on it he wrapped it around her legs and tied her to the ottoman. The same with her arms; she could not move from this position without taking the entire ottoman with her.

He then took a long stingy horse hair flogger and began warming up her back. When she was a light pink all over he grabbed the one pound horse hair flogger and in earnest started to pound her back. Since she could not move she lay loose and took the beating he was dealing her. She was once again riding the wave looking for a crest when he stopped again to switch toys. Now he took a innocent looking paint stirrer, you know the kind you buy to stir a can of paint. This one has never been used to stir paint, but it has paddled freesiia a few times. He tapped her bottom a few times so that she could feel what was next. Then he pulled back and smacked her right on the sweet spot, that spot where your ass meets your legs. Damn that hurts. He repeated that four times, by now she was crying. Not hard yet, but tears where in her eyes. Then he used a piece of lambs wool and rubbed all over her back and butt. She was twitching as his hands lightly moved over her welts. He then picked up a flogger and started to work her back. Upper back, then ass, left side then right. Back and forth – she was in heaven and hell. He would work her for a while then go back to his paint stick. Hit her ass 4 or 5 times then return to the flogger then go the lambs wool and rub her welted skin.

Now he stopped. The ottoman was a perfect height for some serious mouth fucking. And that was his favorite part of their play time. He had taken off his pants at some point and was not lightly rubbing his cock over her lips. “open your mouth freesia, I have something for you.” He knew how much it turned her on to suck his cock, especially when she was tied up and being ‘whupped on’. She opened her mouth and started to suck the head of his cock, licking it, sucking the underside and pulling him into her mouth. She moaned in her throat. “Yes baby, that’s it. Tell me how much you love my cock.” “hmmmmpphhh hmmmm” As he slowly pumped her mouth she moaned, reaching down with her tongue she touched his balls. “you may lick my balls freesiia, but be careful, do not bite me.” She moaned a barely understandable “No Sir” She licked his balls, lightly sucking them into her mouth, one then the other. Then again licking them, and back to sucking his cock. “You are such a good girl freesiia, I think I will reward you with a few more licks of my flogger” He pulls his cock from her mouth and again walks behind her to start flogging her again. But this time he has her very favorite one. Its red and black, the tails are two feet long, the tails are wide and heavy. He begins to hit her, its almost all thud, she starts to purr pushing her butt up as high as the ropes will let her. Arching her back she presses her pussy back and up. “Are you trying to tell me something dear? You want me to flog your pussy?” “Yes Sir” “ohhh now you can do better than that” “Please Sir, flog my pussy Sir” He reaches down and unties her hands and legs. “Turn over on the ottoman, upper body supported, your legs loose and knees bent” She did as he instructed. He tied the rope around her ankles and attached them to the feet of the ottoman. He wrapped the rope around her shoulders like a harness and tied the rope off. She was slightly bent, knees spread wide and unable to move her upper body. He once again started to swing that lovely red and black flogger, but now he was aiming directly for her very exposed pussy.

She jumped when it struck her first. “Be still”, he warned. He started whipping her thighs, moving around her so the flogger landed on the inside of her thighs then the outside of the opposite thigh. Then her stomach, then her breasts. He stops to touch her very wet pussy “you like this don’t you slave? You hate to agree with me, but you love having your pussy whipped.” He continues stroking her pussy, she starts to moan and grind her hips. He stops just short, he won’t let her come yet. He starts whipping her again, all over her body then back to her pussy. He lands 5 hard blows directly on her mound, it is starting to turn a light pink, he pets her again. She is moaning and grinding her hips “please master may I cum?” “no you do not have permission pet.” She tries very hard to control her body and not cum. “Master please, I cannot help it, if you don’t stop I will cum now.” “Please, please… “ He stops and starts again with the flogger all over her body. Now he stops and fetches his favorite toy.

She has no clue what he is doing until that loud crack of his bull whip. She nearly jumps out of her skin and in earnest starts to fight her bonds. “Be still freesiia, it’s my turn to play now.” She starts to moan and the first strike hits her on the inner thigh. She almost screams, but clamps down on it. The next strike is on the other leg, then her lower abdomen. She desperately tries to pull her knees together, but the ropes won’t let her. There are a few more really loud cracks over her head then the whip bites her breast. She flinches and moves her face away from the whip. “I won’t hit your face, do you not trust me freesiia?” He sounded almost hurt. “Yes Sir, I do” “Stop flinching then and relax.” She took a deep breath and tried to relax and not fight the bull whip. The next few strikes were just air puffs, he could do that. Stop the cracker just before her skin and ‘puff’ the air. It made you think that there were no more coming – then POP the next one hits you, one, two three in a row. She was crying again, but she could feel the heat again, starting to fill her body. The cracker hit her mound, then her lower abdomen again. She was almost gone – she was no longer there in her body. Starting to move away, softly moving on the cushions, grinding her hips and raising her pussy up to her master. He could do as he wished to her, she was his anyway.

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